2019 – Our parkrun year!

Here's a look back at some of the great moments of 2019... We had dozens of different people volunteering as photographers over the course of the year, I'm sorry we can't credit each one individually! Thanks for the memories...

20190101 D5O_6448 KEARNEY Siobhan trippers (150 Garry O'Sullivan)

01/01/19 • Our New Year's Day parkrun was the biggest Tralee parkrun ever, with 350 runners and walkers and another couple of dozen volunteering. It was also marked by a "mini-milestone" when our Supreme Leader ran her 150th! She can't be far off 200 by now...

20190112 DSC_3388 GALLAGHER Ross LYNCH Ellen O'MAHONY Máiréad Ellen

12/01/19 • During 2019 both Ross Gallagher and Mairead O Mahony reached their 50 milestones - hopefully they'll both be joining us tomorrow.


20190126 D72_1760 LYNCH Ellen Jane

26/01/29 • The pure joy of parkrun! (Part one)

20190205 DSC_4506 STACEY Geoff

05/02/19 • A great photo of Geoff Stacey at his best! He had a setback later in the year but updates us regularly on his great recovery and we're looking forward to having him back!

20190209 D72_2696 BROWNIES DEVANE Mary

09/02/19 • Undisputed (well, slightly disputed) Queen of Brownies, Mary Devane-Crean.

20190216 D5O_8091 VOLUNTEERS LYNCH (Shane Lynh)

16/02/19 • The first of our "Takeovers" this year was a "Lynch Takeover", with Jane as our Run Director! Well done to Mohamed Lynch-Eldahab for all his volunteering this year.

20190216 D5O_8144 JACKSON Peter Kate award

16/02/19 • Peter and Kate were honoured with a fun Award for "best parkrunners on wheels" - they feature later in the year too.

20190216 D72_3056 WALSH Deirdre CREAN Olivia copy

16/02/19 • Deirdre, like everyone in the local Media, has been a huge supporter of our parkrun - she and Olivia were our parkrunners of the month for January.

20190223 D5O_8903 O'FLYNN Marie (Fiona Kelly)

23/02/19 • In February we welcomed 5KYourWay - Move Against Cancer to parkrun - where we welcome patients and carers every week but especially on the last Saturday of the month.

20190223 D5O_8963 GALLAGHER ROss-2

23/02/19 • A great photo of the start line with Ross Gallagher ready to go as always and a slightly nervous looking Joan Ryan thinking she's about to be mown down!

20190228 REGIONNAIRE Certificate Bairbre March 2019

28/02/19 • We missed Bairbre and Bertie when they were on their travels - Bairbre was the first Tralee parkrunner to complete all the parkruns in the Republic of Ireland (Bertie caught up with her later in the year). They're off to another new one this weekend.

20190302 TP217-012 SHEEHY Pat LYNCH Ellen (Mary KB)

02/03/19 • How could you not love the great Pat Sheehy?

20190302 TP217-041  HAYES Gráinne O'DOHERTY Claire
02/03/19 • Tail Walking is great fun too!

20190303 tjp#117-030 AHERN Majella MARSHALL Neil (Oisin Murray)
03/03/19 • parkrun Ireland Administrator Neil Marshall paid us a visit (well, he was a day late so volunteered at Tralee junior parkrun) and got to meet our resident parkrun leprechaun.


20190309 D5O_0552 HORAN Trish KEARNEY Siobhan Susie Joanne GODLEY Agnes LYONS Billy HIGGINS Tony (Mohamed)09/03/19 • One of my very favourite parkruns - pacing the legendary Susie Kearney (yes, of the Carndonagh Kearneys!) to an Age-Category record (her record was subsequently eclipsed... See below!)

20190309 D72_4153 DALY Triona QUINN Frances Park Walk_2
09/03/2019 • Park Walk has been a great initiative to encourage more people to enjoy parkrun as walkers, there will be another six-week programme in January.

20190309 D72_4838 JONES Hilda HOLLY Mary CURTIN Kathleen (David Kissane)
09/03/19 • Pretty in Pink

20190323 TP220-023 COPPINGERS Regina Ruth LAMBE Lucy Martina Aisling
23/03/19 • A visit by the Seven Sisters - the whole Coppinger Family are involved in parkrun and it was a great honour to have them visit us!

20190330 TP221-022 DEPT OF JUSTICE BYRNE Stephen30/03/19 • Stephen Byrne brought along a group from the Department of Justice - we were all on our best behaviour.

20190406 D72_5772 ESSLEMONT Don GALLIVAN Elizabeth O'BRIEN Helga

06/04/19 • Don Esslemont was our first "Guest Run Director" for parkrun #222.

20190406 D72_5810
06/04/19 • We have no idea whether Stella was trying to tear the clothes off Thomas or getting him to cover up...

20190420 D72_5830 BOYD Martin dinosaur
20/04/2019 • Well, he's not Under-11 (he's about 10,000 years old) but surely he should be on a short lead?

20190504 TP#226-BF-217 O'MAHONY Sean Ciara

04/05/19 • A new Course Record for Conor O'Mahony

20190511 TP#227-029 VOLUNTEERS KERRY ETB
11/05/19 • Another Takeover - this time Kerry ETB with George Emerson in the Blue Hi-Vis.

20190518 DSC_0277 CONWAY Family John Ann Philip Andy18/05/19 • Where would we be without the Conways?

20190525 DSC_0828 KENNY John O'SULLIVAN Eileen
25/05/19 • Eileen & John from Hartstown parkrun joined us for a Pre-nuptial parkrun - little did they know Pauline had a special Run Briefing/Wedding Ceremony for them!
20190525 DSC_1125 O'SULLIVAN EIleen KENNY John
The couple that parkruns together, stays together!

20190601 TP233-007 O'SHEA Josie_ JONES Hilda hug
01/06/19 • Hugs all round.

20190608 TP231-042 LYONS Billy
08/06/19 • Billy hit 50 times manning "Billy's Corner".

20190615 TP232a-441 POWER Pansy KERINS Anne Woods HIGGINS Tony -2
15/06/19 • Pansy Power (Caroline's mom) came down to set an Age Category record!
20190615 TP232a-442 POWER Pansy15/06/19 • And joined our very unofficial "Senior 10" Club!

20190615 TP232b-032 TOWN PARK15/06/19 • How many of us have realised what a gem we have in the centre of Tralee since we started coming here every Saturday morning?

20190629 D5O_3061 O'BRIEN Michael O'SHEA Stella
29/06/19 • Mike and Stella are our two Ambassadors for 5KYourWay

20190713 DSC_3249 MOSS Adam FERREIRA Emilly13/07/19 • Another parkrun wedding! This time Adam and Emilie ran with us and brought their families and friends along.
20190713 DSC_3279 MOSS Erin Adam Alannah Deirdre FERREIRA Emilly

20190720 D5O_4370 AHERN Majella LYNCH Caroline KEARNEY Siobhan HICKEY Bertie
20/07/19 • A great show of support for the re-booted Killarney House parkrun for their inaugural event. It's on our doorstep, it's a beautiful location, and has the most stunning finish straight of any parkrun - a great place to stary your parkrun tourism.

20190720 DSC_4008 HARAKOVA ANgelina SUGRUE Susan
20/07/19 • We said goodbye to Angelina from Belarus who won't be back next year - she loved her visits to Tralee parkrun and junior parkrun.


20190720 DSC_4019  VANDELEUR crew
20/07/19 • We're not the only mad yokes who tour around - this is our friends from Vandeleur parkrun - Kilrush who visited us in July. If you havent been there, make that one of your New Year's Resolutions.

20190803 DSC_4891 JONES Hilda CURTIN Kathleen

03/08/19 • The Joy of parkrun - Part Two

20190817 D5O_6487 UHK Takeover

17/08/19 • Another Takeover - this time the staff of University Hospital Kerry - our Angels of Mercy!20190817 D5O_5891 VOLUNTEERS UHK Takeover20190817 D5O_5715 O'CONNELL Tim
17/08/19 • And, apparently, one of their escaped patients!

20190818 D72_0658 KEARNEY Siobhan HIGGINS Tony AHERN Majella PIERSE Dan
18/08/19 • Four of Tralee parkrun's five Ambassadors with their favourite sweets - the fifth was off on her travels and missed the Ferrero Rocher!

20190928 DSC_8457 O'CONNOR Nora CAHILL Majella O'HALLORAN catherine-2
28/09/19 • The Joy of parkrun - part three

20191005  hivis washed Emer Lardner

05/10/19 • Emer Lardner's back garden (Note to self - don't be Run Director on a very wet day!)

20191012 TP249-0009 BORN TO RUN-2

12/10/19 • We had a visit from a huge gang of our friends from Born to Run, Tralee Marathon Club - they repaid our hospitality in spades with their great takeover in December.

20191012 TP249-0028 SHEEHY Pat HORAN Tommy BYRNE Noel (Kyle Hellstrom)

12/10/19 • You'd know Pat Sheehy is a referee. There was no way parkrun was going to start until Tommy Horan got his toes behind that line!

20191019 D72_1460 250 parkruns

19/10/19 • 250 parkruns - now that's a real Milestone!

20191019 IMG_E6503-2

19/10/19 • Call of Duty - Dan Pierse setting up by the light of dawn.

20191029 HICKEY Bertie Batman

29/10/19 • Our favourite Superhero returns after conquering parkrun Ireland! He's also pur second scariest Run Director. (After John Conway, of course!)


20191104 D72_2668 KEARNEY Siobhan MORIARTY Jack John O'SULLIVAN Loretto BYRNE Sandra04/11/19 • Superheroes of a different kind - all ran or volunteered at this year's Dublin City Marathon.

20191116 GALLAGHER Ross LYNCH Ellen
16/11/19 • Ellen was the first person ever to get a PB while guiding! Not that she knew too much about it! Who's guiding who?


20191130 D72_3656 WORLD AIDS Day
30/11/19 • We marked World AIDS Day in November. The park was a sea of red T-shirts.


20191207 D5O_2207 JACKSON Peter kate 50
07/12/19 • Kate was our first buggy-runner to reach 50... All the while dragging Peter around!


20191214 D5O_2987 SANCTUARY RUNNERS LUSHABA Dudu KHUMALO Sinikiwe HICKEY Bertie Bairbre HIGGINS Tony Maeve GUDADZE Ketevan
14/12/19 • Sanctuary Runners finally get up and running in Tralee! Huge thanks to Pauline Dennigan for all her hard work.


20191221 D5O_3089
21/12/19 • No parkrun year would be complete without the parkrun Warblers! Sharon Condon updated yet another Christms Carol for us at our pre-Christmas parkrun. Sharon was composer, choreographer, conductor and lead vocals! 


20191228 1 btr vo;s
 28/12/19 • The Year finished on a high note with yet another Takeover - Born to Run, Tralee Marathon Club Under the stewardship of Kathleen Curtin who did an amazing job!


Let's hope 2020 is just as good! Happy New Year everyone!


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