Run Report #264 – January 11, 2020

As I arrived into Tralee on a dark, gloomy morning at 8.30 am, I found that the townpark had already been set up for the parkrun by Tony, Pat, Siobhan and Cora. It was a very wet morning and there had been a lot of rain overnight, however that did not deter our 26 volunteers and 175 runners from taking part in Saturday's parkrun.

D50_6150 first timersYann welcomed the First Timers and explained the route. I started the run briefing at approximately 9.25 am. We didn't have any parkrun tourists but we welcomed back frequent visitor Bob Quinn from Poolbeg Parkrun.

D50_6183 MOUNTHAWK Couch25k CARRIGG Cora MORIARTY GarryWe welcomed a group of students and staff from Mounthawk Secondary School who were embarking on a couch to 5K, in conjunction with Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership. We look forward to seeing them again at parkrun along with some of their friends who ducked out because of the rain!

D50_6636 O'SHEA Stella Funnel DuckerSpeaking of DUCKS!!, it seems that Mrs O Shea from Mounthawk is going a bit QUACKER'S, since she turned 50, and we all sang Happy Birthday to MRS QUACK!! I mean Stella O Shea!!!

D50_6176 STACEY Geoff O'CARROLL Yann HEASLIP DOnna Hilda O'SHEA Stella DILLANE Monica JONES KENNELLY EIleenWe were all delighted to welcome back Geoffery and Hilda Stacey. Geoffrey was looking a picture of health and we also wished him a Happy Birthday, coming up during the week (70 Years Young!)

D50_6187 MORIARTY Garry STACEY GeoffDuring the briefing my mind wandered back to my home County, the Great County Of Cork!! and I thanked Cork County Council instead of Kerry County Council for their support to our parkrun. I was quickly corrected by Kerry County Council Engineer Colm Lynch!!

D50_6193 WALLACE David HORAN Tommy GALLAGHER ROss MOSS Ian O'MAHONY patrick175 runners and walkers proceeded to do their three laps of the parkrun and enjoyed the run despite the puddles and wet conditions.

FFinishersStephen Moore was first finisher in at 19.08. Mary Fitzsimons was the first woman at 21.44 and Mary proceeded to do barcode scanning after her run. On looking at the results page I clicked on 'Sort by Age Grade %' as opposed to position and found that Mary Fitzsimons was first overall with 82%, Phyllis O Herlihy was 2nd at 81%, Stephen Moore joint 3rd at 74% with Marian McElligott also at 74% and 4th then John Mitchell at 73%.

D50_6553 GEARY Cathal_Cathal Geary a first timer started his first parkrun just as some of the faster runners were starting their 2nd lap and acheived an age grade of 40%, safe to say he will improve on this if he can get out of bed on time!!

D50_6487 KEARNEY Siobhan CAHILL Darragh Sadhbh JohnOur event Director Siobhan had her own personal pacer today – 12 year old Darragh, and Darragh was the perfect gentleman leaving Siobhan cross the line before him.

Well done to all parkrunners, Walkers and Volunteers today.

Just a Reminder to next week's volunteers to download the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app to your phone and charge your phone for Saturday when Pauline Dennigan will be Run Director.



Short but Sweet – Triona’s Report #231

1 setup team
On arriving in the park I knew we were on to a winner when the figures of Pat Sheehy, Malachy Kelly and James Prendergast strode in the gates. Set up begin as the well-oiled machine kicked into gear. They effortlessly had all in order in record time.


8 volunteers

Flags flying, banners blowing and music pumping the wonderful team of volunteers began to hit the park. Hi-vis heroes all, they took up their positions and got themselves ready for another great parkrun.


5 malachy

Malachy took the first-timers and tourists through a tour of our parkrun. We had Fozzy and Sophie visiting from Watford in the U.K and Kyle from Tralee who was doing his very first parkrun. A warm welcome was extended to all.


4 Kieran

A bit of hush descended as the briefing began. It was with great sadness that we had a few moments silence for Kieran Behan from Abbeydorney who passed away during the week. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.


3 50 club

On a lighter note we had two parkrunners who joined our 50 club. Congratulations to Bob Fitzsimons and Shane Roper on a great achievement.


7 start

The talking all finished, it was time to begin. 185 runners took to the line and with a blow of the whistle they were off on parkrun 231.



6 oisin caitriona

Caitriona Murphy led the ladies home and Oisin led the men (with a minute ahd a half to spare!).

A big thank you to all the volunteers, without whom parkrun wouldn’t happen.

Tríona Daly
Run Director


Tralee parkrun #188 – August 25, 2018

10 majella
There was a bit of a chill in the air this morning, not sure if it was the temperature or is it the fact school starts back next week. On arriving at parkrun the music was playing - oh to go back to the 80's!


A big thank you to the volunteers as it is because of them this event can happen every week. If you haven't volunteered already I highly recommend it, and training will be given.


1 pacers
We had pacers this week Roland 20 , Jason 21, Padraig 22, John/Zach 23, Mark 24, Ian 25, Sharon 28, Deirdre 30, John 32 and Pat 35 minutes. Again thanks to all the pacers. Why not consider pacing - we are always looking for walkers to do pacing. This week there were over 40 runners who scored new Personal Bests - some no doubt thanks to the pacers!


3 ross darragh
Darragh took up the role of VI guide this morining with Ross and did a fantastic job. Well done Ross on being one of the runners achieving PBs again this week!


4 first timers
We had 12 first timers in Tralee and Tony did the first timers briefing. Our visitors included Clare from Killarney, Mark, Mary, Max and Grace Turner from Bromley, David Weldon from Chelmsford, Jeff and Jenny King from Donabate.


2a 50s
We had a number of milestones this week. Tracy Corkery, Hilda Stacy and Stephen Falvey all ran their 50th parkruns this weekend.


9 tim o'c
And after a few weeks off, Tim O'Connell returned for his 100th parkrun.


8 first finishers
Our first finishers (leading all the way!) were Marie McKenna and Stephen Moore. All the results are here.


5 start
Well done to our 222 parkrunners

Dan Pierse is in charge for the first time next week, #loveparkrun

Majella (A3052946)
Run Director
7 majella


Run Report #187 – There’s Something Else About Mary!

0 ed
Sometimes we're just a bit too laid back at Tralee parkrun.

It was supposed to be a special occasion, but it started badly. On the double. First, the carefully collated playlist, much of it suggested by our parkrunners, was copied on to a memory stick... which was duly left at home by the Run Director! Maybe it's just as well, it's possible that some of the tracks might not have gon down too well. "(Lyin' in the ) Arms of Mary" from The Sunderland Brothers and "She's Got Legs (and Knows How To Use Them)" by ZZ Top might be better at a different event! Still, there was plenty of music when it was needed!

The second minor disaster was more easily rectified. Among all the other jobs he did on Saturday morning, Pat also bought three helium balloons "100" for Mary. I sadi to Pat: "You know Pat, you'd need to tie a weight to the end of those strings". Seconds later, I took this photo:
1 balloon
(That's a zero, by the way.) The only consolation? Almost certainly a 5000m PB, and vertically at that! (Needless to say, Pat nipped out to Mr. Price and had the balloon replaced before we even knew he had gone!)

But we'll come back to Mary later. There was lots more happening this week. Maybe it's just as well we didn't have the Roses or the Escorts this year, if we did this Run Report would be even longer!


2 tourists
As usual, we welcomed newcomers to our parkrun - at least 23 of you picked this weekend for your first ever parkrun! That's not counting those who didn't have a barcode, hopefully they will all be back. In all, at least 35 people were running our course for the first time.


3 dowlings
And with the Festival in full flow, we had lots of tourists of course. From all over Ireland, and further afield. I was particularly delighted to welcome the Dowling family from Bromley parkrun in the UK. Not their first visit to Tralee and hopefully not their last, I had the pleasure of meeting John, Emma, Jacob and Daisy in Listowel last weekend. Inch Beach next weekend maybe? Other tourists joined us from Birkenhead (the fastest John Joe to finish this week), Monaghan, Dundalk and Cork.


4 stu nem
Our "tourists" weren't all running this week - our volunteer roster included Stuart and Nemone Van Der Bliacke who are co-Event Directors of Ireland's next junior parkrun in Wexford. Stuart is also a parkrun Ambassador for a number of events in the Sunny South East, and they both returned on Sunday to help out at our junior parkrun and no doubt pick Caroline's brains for tips and tricks we have learned along the way.


5 ang ker pat
Angela Collins is one of our own, of course, but as she's moved up to Wicklow we'll classify her as a tourist this week too. Angela is still very much involved in parkrun, of course, and is due to make her debut as Run Director at Russborough in the next couple of weeks. As well as timekeeper, Angela also processed this weeks results for us!

One of our all-time favourite "voluntourists" is the parkrun and general running legend Kerry Constant. Kerry came all the way from Cork just to volunteer for us, thanks Kerry. As a small thanks - he's done this several times before - we had a collage of photos from his runs with us to present to celebrate his 150th parkrun which he did a couple of weeks ago!

Also visiting this week was Patricia Buckley, Event Director of Casterea parkrun. She visits us about once a year to see if everything her sister says about Tralee parkrun is true!


8 bob Q
And we just HAVE to mention Bob "The Builder" Quinn, he loves Tralee parkrun so much that he has promised to join us for his 100th (be warned Bob, not everyone gets as much cake as Mary Ross!).


9 brief
After the welcoming of the newcomers, there was the usual waffle from the Run Director about the route and the under-11s and the buggies and the dogs... and then it was on the the good stuff!


10 j10
We had "Junior 10 Club" certificates for Liam, Grace and Karolina - sorry Liam and Grace, we missed you the day you did your tenth so we were delighted to welcome you this week!


11 50s
Anne Hussey actually ran her 50th last week. Anne was a regular runner with us but more recently she has been running in Listowel - and as it happens I called out her name in Listowel last week fully expecting to surprise her with a certificate there! Meanwhile, she had returned home to roost, and was probably thinking "What about me?" I'm glad to put things right. Denise Joy was also running her 50th today, she is a "parkrun passionista", having done all 50 here in Tralee.


And then it was the time for The Special One. Mary Ross has been part of our parkrun since long before it started, and it was great to see how delighted everyone was to celebrate her 100th parkrun with her.

Mary has played a huge part in our success, much of it behind the scenes. Apart from the balloons, there was of course lots of cake... and plenty of hugs!
13a hugs


18 start
And after all that, it was time for a parkrun. Space was tight at the Start/Finish, and with 271 runners it was very snug for the first few hundred metres. Thanks to everyone for their care and understanding and thanks also to the Festival Committee who have enabled us to stage our parkrun every Festival weekend - many events are forced to cancel their parkrun when these kind of events coincide!


14 pbs
Despite the congestion, 18 runners acheved personal bests - these included Stephen Moore and Adam Moss (his 13 runs include 8 PBs) in the first five finishers, and the amazing Majella Diskin whose time of 22:32 puts her into 3rd place in our all-time Age-Grade table!


15 FFs
None of these PB's were enough to better Tim Francony - who didn't put any clear space between himself and James Daley until the third lap - or Sinéad Healy, our fastest Male and Female finishers. Tim and Sinead are both near the top of the "Most First Finishers" table.

You can see the full results of the day here and we had no less than three roving cameras so our Facebook is bursting with photos!

It was another great Tralee parkrun. But the last word on this week's parkrun doesn't come from me, nor from Mary (not short of a word or two usually), but from the aforementioned James Daly who had these very kind words to say:
16 james review
Thanks James and see you all next week. Majella will be in charge, there will be pacers (let us know if you'd like to pace a particular time).

Tony Higgins
Run Director.




Tralee parkrun #165 – St. Patrick’s Day 2018

Today’s report hasn’t any rhyme or Gaelic. The most terrifying part of being the Run Director is not standing in that circle at the Start line but trying to write the run report!

1 wigsThe morning was really ideal for running and the forecast of the mini-beast didn’t arrive until Sunday, a big thank you to everyone who made an effort to parade the Green, there were some really silly wigs.

2 spider
We even had someone in a fantastic all encompassing costume and what came to mind was an Irish Spiderman!

7 10sWe had the highest number of “milestones” ever. Two runners, Kate Mulgrew and Jack O'Donoghue, joined the "Junior 10" Club.

3 KC
And no less than seven participants attained the magic 50 parkruns, a special mention and congratulations to Kathleen Curtin who achieved a unique double: 50 parkruns and a PB on the same day.

4 milestsThe others hitting 50 this week were: Aidan McCarthy, Ann Conway, Denis & Madeline Brosnan, Donna Heaslip and Michael O’Sullivan.

NIK_2275 REEN Rory
Another unique double was achieved by our parkrunner of the month, Rory Reen (he was completely taken by surprise at the announcement) - spurred on by this, Rory also achieved a PB today by a big margin. (You can scroll down to read Rory's Story here).

     Some of this week's First-Timers and tourists after Bertie's New Runners' briefing
Tanya & Roger Ferris from the Richmond parkrun were our furthest away parkrun visitors, they thanked me profusely for our great Irish welcome and for having such a great parkrun. Dermot Weldon from Cootehill in Cavan has completed 70 parkruns and Tralee was his first run away from Cootehill. Other visitors for the record included: Eamon Byrne (Finsbury), Jacintha Moore (Bushy), Fiona Melrose (Tymon), Anthony Bailly (Gunnersbury), Shay O’Donovan & Deirdre NiDrisceoil both from the Castle Demesne parkrun (Macroom).

A special thank you to a Tralee Parkrun stalwart Margaret Wharton who was the only one to run in the tricolour, well done Margaret.

I went to see the run in the wetlands on Sunday, biggest mistake ever, the cold was intense with a slight tinge of intermittent snow. Many of our regular park runners took part in the various distances all I can say to all of you is Bravo.

Pauline D cake
A big thank you to Pauline Dennigan for the incredible cake that she presented to me on the occasion of my birthday.

11Did you all see Mary Ross jigging with Bríd Rath, have a look at her face, could you tell that face that you hadn’t done your homework!!!!

Thank you to all our volunteers. This is just a few of this week's team.

All of this week's results are here. Next week Majella Ahern makes her Run Director debut for the 5K parkrun, we look forward to welcoming you all. We won't have as many milestones next week but there will be one very special one!

John Conway
Run Director

12 photogs
Photos by Bertie Hickey & Siobhan Kearney


Tralee parkrun #163. “The Beast from the East.”

1 Day before
     The Day Before... Town Park looking good, but not looking so good for parkrun!

The Beast From The East” – it had to have been a Dubliner that came up with that saying surely? What with “The Time in the Slime,” “Tart with a Cart,” and “Stiletto in the Ghetto”, it just had to have come from the Irish Capital.

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that Tralee came off quite lightly compared to other Irish counties such as Wexford, Kildare, Laois and Dublin. Granted we did feel his breath for most of the week and he did hit us plum with a couple of snowballs on Thursday evening, but all in all we escaped the worst of a bad week.

Or was it case of the beast realising that if he did enter this part of the south west he might just be biting off more than he could chew? Waiting in the wings was our own “Schick from the Arctic” (well it's really Donegal, but for Irish purposes it’s arctic).. was  the Beast really going to get the better of us? I’m not so sure!

4 RD
     Our Run Director arrived in style - and jumped for joy when our parkrun went ahead!

Had we experienced the elements that our eastern counties had encountered, what might have been the outcome? Would we have seen one of the gang commandeering a JCB and rather than demolishing the nearest German emporium, turning its attentions to clearing Town Park paths at some unearthly time in the morning? Had that not been possible, could we have seen Ireland's first ski-run? For those of us not lucky enough to have a pair of skis, then snow shoes or tennis racquets being compulsory with the lure of an Easter egg for anyone who could attain a new personal worst time? Although we’ll never know I’m sure that this well-drilled team had something up their sleeves.

2 snowy paths
     Before and after Pat Sheehy!

As it was none of the above was necessary. All that remained in Tralee Town Park from the Beasts best efforts was a light dusting of snow on the green areas and a pretty much a well-gritted but safe path way, thanks to work in the early hours of the morning by Pat Sheehy and Tony Higgins and lots of help from Kerry County Council...  and with some of our own grit and determination on board it was business as usual.

6 FFs
For the record, parkrun 163 attracted a healthy 128 participants with Oisin Spillane arriving home after three laps of the park in pole position with a lung-bursting time of 17.39. First Lady was Shona NiFhloinn who came all the way from Limerick to celebrate her dad Séamus's 50th parkrun - there were four others hitting 50 too! 3 50s



As ever the music and entertainment were in abundance. I personally took time to put the world to rights with Johnny Hoare for 45 minutes of chat and hard walking. 7 dave john

Finally, a good 25% of the field retired to Mary Ann’s tearooms for some well-earned teas and coffees and the obligatory sustenance. What a great way to round off the morning!

Dave Elton
Saturday morning cyclist (and sometimes Tralee parkrunner)


David's book, "Cycling Kerry - Great Road Routes" is a great collection of cycling routes for cyclists of all abilities and aspirations.
kerry cycling book


Tralee parkrun #162 – “Absolutely Perfect”

The Morning did not need Adornment - It was Absolutely Perfect for parkrun #162

The Volunteers were Amazing they helped to make it all happen,
the set up was without a doubt a credit to those present.

I mentioned how people should keep to the left and most important to show each other respect,

To other parkrunners and town park users this community event must remain a friendly gathering.

I introduced the ‘pacers’ there were ‘eleven’, each named with their time to guide the people to PB heaven.

Operation transformation is still in force we weekly welcome this encouraging bunch.

A reminder too, not to park on Bus places the Brandon car park has ample spaces.

Please stay with an Adult if you're under Ten - a Result is not given to those who don’t comply or repeat offend.

A 50 Cert was given to regulars Daniel Pierce.
Mark Walshe had his 100th he is a regular pacer, if you stick with him someday you may become a Racer!

jason 25
Thanks to Jason Gavin for his 25th time volunteering - these are amazing credits.

Jason helped Luke O'Callaghan to his first-time, First Finish! (All the results of the week are here)

Music was supplied by Tony, it made me do a Dance, a Free for all to look at on short video at a glance.

first tiumers
We had Eleven first timers, parkrun tourists from Co Clare, and a little boy from I can’t remember where.

No. 95 Token is missing please return it to the stack, all will be forgiven when the ‘Magpie’ brings it back.

We would ask you to Volunteer at least once a year, you will find it very rewarding and you would be spreading positive good cheer.

Tom Crean is at the Helm next week for parkrun number 163, I’m on the Communications book so please check in with me.

Music is from ABBA John Robinson's Favourite Band, so come and join us early in this magic parkrun at Tralee.

First Timers : Steven Dever, Stephen Connors, Therese Enright, Cedric Knee, John Nix, Mike Gentleman, Marie Keating, Maria Connors, Jennie O'Connor, Trish Horan, Liam O'Connor Collum.

Frances Quinn
#loveparkrun #parkruntralee #DFYB


Tralee parkrun #161 – A Musical parkrun

Jimmy RD

Another great parkrun under the direction of Jimmy Laide. 254 runners and 17 volunteers! Perfect conditions for our 161st parkrun. As it was Valentine’s Day during the week, we asked for suggestions for an appropriate soundtrack and some of the selections were spot on:

1a FM

You Win Again” – The Bee Gees
Yes, we know you can’t “win” a parkrun, there are no winners (well, there were 254 today, actually) and certainly no losers, but it’s still nice to celebrate the athletes at the front who spur us on to greater efforts. This week’s First Male Finisher was Donal O’Kelly, his third time running with us. On his first occasion he finished third, last week he was second to Derek, and this week he was first past the line in a time of 18:46, his third consecutive PB. It’s worth noting that that time included three of our (in)famous “dog-leg” hairpin turns and during Donal’s 5K he overtook approximately 180 other runners! Well done Donal! Our First Lady today (we are getting used to this!) was Sineád Healy, with yet another PB! Sinéad is now up to fourth in our First Finishers table, although she has some way to go to match Sharon Cahill!



Why Don’t You Try Me?” – Ry Cooder
There’s one thing about all the photos I have of the great Pat Sheehy – he’s never alone! Usually it’s just a woman on each arm, but today he excelled himself!


4 John Zach

I’ll Find My Way Home” - Jon & Vangelis
John Walshe always has good suggestions for musical accompaniment, but after well over 200 parkruns between them, there’s not much chance of John & Zach Walshe getting lost in the Town Park! Even though the tempo of this great song wasn’t quite right for fast running, it was enjoyed by everyone.


5 Maj Hil

Love Is In The Air” – John Paul Young
Majella Ahern’s request was this classic from 1978. Today, Majella was our Tail-Walker with Hilda Jones, keeping everyone safe and encouraging those who were finding the going tough.


6A NIK_9919

Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green
We love tourists at Tralee parkrun. We had lots of parkrun celebrities this week, including Ger (“Harry”) Harrington, Event Director of Glengarriff parkrun, who crossed the border in the early hours to join us. He’s running a longer distance tomorrow, so it was Maria who did the running while Harry did the minding this morning. Glengarriff is one of the parkruns that’s within striking distance of Tralee for a day trip, and it’s well worth a visit, a spectacular setting in the beautiful Forest Park just outside town. I’m told this song was played at their wedding!



She Drives Me Crazy” – Fine Young Cannibals
Also travelling from West Cork this morning was Mary Hourihane, her first trip away from her home parkrun, Castlehaven. The fact that Mary completed her parkrun today two minutes faster than any of her 64 at home fills me with dread – we are planning a trip there next weekend! It has a reputation for being a tough course (click here for some interesting facts!), but people also rave about its beauty. We’ll report back next week.


8 McCORMICK Mark DALY Sharon

I’m So Excited” – The Pointer Sisters
We had other tourists too, Mark McCormick and Sharon Daly from Oranmore parkrun. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark and Sharon last year in Oranmore and one thing that struck me was their passion for parkrun. As well as being a core team member (with Sharon) for Oranmore’s event, Mark is also Event Director for Oranmore’s great junior parkrun! By coincidence, our junior ED Caroline Lynch was in Oranmore today, but she’ll be back tomorrow and both Mark and Sharon will be on the volunteer roster.


2 JC

Heart on My Sleeve” – Gallagher & Lyle
One thing’s for sure with Johnny Conway, what you see is what you get! He was whispering sweet nothings in the Run Director’s ear as he passed the finish line but we’re not sure what he said! John is getting ready for his next stint as Run Director in a couple of weeks.



Burning Love” – Elvis Presley
We all love Stella, a recent parkrunner of the month and even more recently featured on parkrun’s blog with her account of our trip to Bushy Park. Stella was a deserved winner of a free trip to Bushy, and that was the catalyst for 100 more of us to join herself and Sean on a romantic weekend in London!


10 BERTIE Majella2

How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?” – Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
Our playlist wouldn’t be complete without a bit of good old-fashioned Country, and this was Bertie’s selection this week! Has it something to do with the fact that Bairbre was away again this week, Cabinteely parkrun this time, on her steady climb up Ireland's Most Events table - she's just overtaken the legendary Matt Shields!


11A BYRNE Stephen 50

Much as we enjoyed the music, there was a lot more going on today. No less than three runners did their 50th parkrun – Stephen Byrne, Gráinne Hayes and Luke O’Callaghan.


12A McCABE Shane 50
Two other runners received their certificates for that milestone, we missed out Shane McCabe last week and Michelle Hartnett a few weeks before that (sorry!).
NIK_9746 BRICK Marc Liam
And unbeknownst to us, Marc Brick completed his 10th 5k parkrun - as he hadn't been around for a couple of months, we hadn't been expecting him this morning. Well done Marc!


We had our juggler, Malachy Kelly, whose exploits have been entertaining international audiences as well as our own in recent weeks!


15 adam leo

And of course we had newcomers, hopefully they enjoyed the morning and will be back next week and every week. Among them the ones who attracted most attention were Adam (in the buggy and Leo (on the lead)!

All the facts and figures from today's parkrun are here and there are photos by Séamus Cadogan and John Ryle on our Facebook page.


13A Jerry tokens
And as always, we like to mention the great group of volunteers that make our parkrun so great every week – of course, it’s a different team every week and you can join that team! We are fortunate that our roster is nearly full next week (would someone like to try their hand with the camera?) but there are lots of chances to volunteer in March. You can check the roster here and give your name to the Communications Person any Saturday morning.

token sorters
Of course, when the run was finished, there was more... A trip to The Brandon for delicious scones - it was so busy this morning that extra help had to be drafted in, even Orla couldn't keep up! There was Lemon Drizzle cake to mark Stephen's 50th, and while Jimmy & Bertie sorted out the results, the dynamic duo of Darragh Lynch and John Robinson sorted the large stack of tokens in double quick time - thanks to John's secret method! (Oops, have I given it away?). There's a couple of tokens missing, check your pockets and return them if you have them.

Walk Left Pass Right v2
Finally, a request. We don't want to be victims of our own success. As it gets busier, the course can get a bit congested. Could we ask runners to keep left and overtake on the right, especially on the “dog-leg” and where the path is narrow. And for the faster runners, remember that it is a run, not a race, and we want to ensure that runners and walkers all enjoy the morning equally, whatever their speed.

The fun continues next week. Same time, same place. Frances Quinn will be the boss. We’ll have pacers next week, get in touch ( if you’d like to pace (or if there’s a time you’d like to see paced).

Tony Higgins







parkrun #160 – The Perfect Bake


How to make “The Perfect parkrun”


Preparation time: 30–45 mins Cooking time: 18–50 mins Serves: 300 +

Key Ingredients:

• 2 pre-event set up
• 1 run director
• 2 time keepers
• 2 barcode scanners (use 3 if you find you have too many on the course)
• 1 finish token distributor
• 1 finish token support
• Other (yoga warm up) this is optional
• 1 Marshal
• 2 tail walkers
• 2 token sorters
• 2 photographers
• 1 results processor
• 1 communications person
• Post event close down
• Run Report writer
• 225 mad people up before 9am

• Prepare and clear a clean space in which to work in. A luscious green park is always a good option. Today, we would like to use Tony Higgins and Pat Sheehy to prepare our space. Tony, because he works well under pressure and Pat because he can take a lot of heat and withstand high temperatures.
• Optional - yoga warm up for those who want to start at room temperature, Maeve Ferris is our Go To person for this.
• Next, brief the time keepers (Mary Ross & Fergal Buckley) and demonstrate the use of the stopwatches. Brief the barcode scanners (Tom Crean & Pauline Campion) and again demonstrate how to use these. Instruct the finish token (Kelly Anne Nix) and finish token support (Vaishali Khandelwal) on their duties. Mix together gently and line the entrance, middle and end of the funnel with the mixture. These ingredients always complement each other & work well together.
• Put a marshal (Margaret O'Callaghan) in place to ensure your mixture stays within the baking tin!


• Start your timer and watch as your 225 mad people take off, heating up gently. Caution! Be sure not to overheat or burn out as this will leave a bad taste.
• Use your two photographers (John Ryle & Garry O'Sullivan) to keep a watchful eye on this delicate process.
• Supervise the duration of the run using three reliable tail walkers (Peter Jackson, Elaine Linnane & baby Kate). Usually expected to take 18–50 mins.
• When you are happy with your result, clear away all equipment (Majella Ahern) & clean-up work space.
• Remove the contents from the Town Park and place within The Brandon Hotel.
• This dish tastes best when served with tea, coffee, scones, cake (Majella Ahern) and parkrun banter.
Don’t forget! Process and communicate your results (Siobhan Kearney) so as to improve next bake.
While processing results, sift through run tokens (John Conway & Bridget Moore) to make sure all are present and accounted for.
Write up Run/bake report and post on parkrun website!!!!!!!!

Happy Baking.
Bridget Moore,
Chief Cook and Run Director.


Poetry in Motion

The day was so dreary

My eyes were all bleary

     But then I remembered with glee

At last it was here

I let out a cheer

     parkrun in Tralee is now 3

I donned my warm leggings

Put my feet in their peggings

     And my thermal layer under my T

Put my hat on my head

And jumped out of bed

     Saying watch out Town Park here comes me


The Volunteers were all happy

The photos were snappy

     While we listened to Director, Pauline D

Our feet were hip-hopping

Our eyes were now popping

     We really were ready to flee

Siobhan’s absence lamented

The awards were presented

     The start whistle set us all free

No confusion did emerse

As we ran the course in reverse

     Completed by 283 hardy runners you’ll agree


After the run we then fled

To the Brandon for a huge spread

     Of cakes, chocolates, coffee and tea

We sat and we chatted

Some backs were well patted

     This day to be repeated again next Feb-rua-ree!!


Anne Kelly

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