parkrunners of the month – August 2018

POTM August 2018Ellen, Sean, Darragh & Emer Lynch

1a ellen

Name: Ellen Lynch

Home parkrun: Tralee, it's my favourite

Occupation: Nurse

Number of runs:  61

Favourite volunteer roles: Truthfully, all of them once I can chat & have fun. Volunteering at Junior parkrun is most enjoyable, the children are super.

What do you do at parkrun?  Chat, meet friends, make new friends, have coffee & cakes and try to run the 5k while chatting! Volunteering is always lots of fun
How has parkrun changed your running?  I never ran until I joined parkrun. I started the 5k parkrun last year by walking and gradually improved to running and walking. Sometimes I can run it all! I don't ever feel that I have to compete with anyone except myself and I just love getting over that finish line.

What do you like about parkrun?  Everything! The friendships, the banter, volunteering, meeting new people, travelling to other parkruns, the fun, the encouragement, the music, the milestones and mainly the people... in Tralee parkrun we are like family. Also, it gives Sean, Emer, Darragh & myself a chance to enjoy time together.  I love running with Sean, it's our catch up time.


1b ellen

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? Lots of great moments from fancy dress, Christmas morning parkrun, New Years Day Double and running my 50th with Darragh & Sinead, even completing the full 5k without stopping but the most beautiful day was in the snow with pristine paths (thanks to Tony & Pat Sheehy), the park looked like a scene from "Frozen", icicles on the trees and the grass glistening, it was magical.

How did you get involved with parkrun? Tony & Mohamed were singing the praises of parkrun, especially Tralee parkrun, so Emer & I decided to give it a go. Sean & Darragh joined soon after. We have all been hooked since!



2a sean

Name: Sean Lynch

Club: None

Home Parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: Portering Manager

Number of runs: 37

Favourite volunteer roles: Marshal, token sorting

What do you do at parkrun? Run a little, sweat a little, ache a little, laugh a lot!!!

How has parkrun changed your running? It hasn't really because I never did any running until I joined up but it definitely introduced me to running at a pace I am comfortable with.

What do you like about parkrun? It keeps me some little bit in shape especially over the winter. The cup of coffee afterwards is always something to look forward to. However, the best thing is the friends I have made along the way. The parkrunners are amazing people who will always encourage you and there is always such a banter. The trips abroad to other parkruns are always something to look forward to.


2b sean

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? I would have to say the park run in the snow during last winter was the most spectacular and most memorable. The park looked amazing that morning.

How did you get involved with parkrun? I definitely got the bug from Ellen. She persuaded me to go the first day and I have not looked back since.



3a darragh

Name: Darragh Lynch

Club: None

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: Student

Number of runs: 64

Favourite volunteer roles: Token sorting because I can do my run and then volunteer after.

What do you do at parkrun? I do my 5k run, chat with some people and go for tea and coffee afterwards in the Brandon.

How has parkrun changed your running? I never really liked running until I started Tralee parkrun. I did two 5k's with my school and I found them very tough. Now, I love running and try to get out three or four times a week.

What do you you like about parkrun? I like that it is not competitive and the other runners and volunteers give lots of encoragement.


3b darragh

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? Trip to Bushy parkrun as I got to know lots of new people. How did you get involved with parkrun? I was in the middle of my junior cert exams and my mom made me go for some excercise.




4a emer

Name: Emer Lynch

Club: None

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: Student

Number of runs: 49 (50th on Saturday!)

4b emer

Favourite volunteer roles: Loved volunteering as a VI guide and hope to do it again. Also I love marshaling on a Sunday morning at the junior parkrun as you get to encourage and cheer on all the children. Looking forward to trying out other volunteer roles that I haven’t already done.

What do you do at parkrun? I run and volunteer. It’s a great excuse to get up early on a Saturday morning and get some exercise! I like to volunteer too because without volunteers, parkrun would not happen!

How has parkrun changed your running? Before I started parkrun I was very unfit and wasn’t doing much exercise. But now I feel guilty if I miss parkrun any week! It has changed my lifestyle completely and now I feel much healthier, fitter and happier after starting parkrun.

What do you like about parkrun? Of course I like how great parkrun is for both your physical and mental health. However, the best part for me is meeting and socializing with people and I enjoy going for the cup of tea and catch up after the run with everyone.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? One of the funniest parkrun moments was when we were visiting Bere Island parkrun. I was volunteering as a Tail Walker and because it was taking us a good while to finish, for the last few minutes someone had to take over my role where we had to run to the finish line and run to the bus because the ferry was leaving. Nearly 20 of us all crammed into a mini bus and the driver flew down the narrow bumpy roads while we were trying to hold the door of the bus closed. It was a great trip that I will always laugh about!

How did you get involved with parkrun? One day my mom suggested that we tried parkrun out some Saturday morning as people in the hospital were always talking about how great it is. So I convinced her that we would give it a go and we haven’t stopped going since then!




parkrunner of the month – October 2016

POTM Oct 2016

Our parkrunner of the month for October 2016 is Evan Knight

NIK_7854 KNIGHT EVanName: My name is Evan Knight

Club: I run with LDS club

Age: 11 years old

DSC_6860 KNIGHT Dominic Evan

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: student, 6th Class, Killahan National School

Number of runs: 34 since August 2015

DSC_7100 KNIGHT Evan

Favourite volunteer role: My favourite volunteer role is timekeeper but I also like being photographer (Evan has volunteered five times at our parkrun).

What do you do at parkrun? I love to run around the park but I also love to volunteer so I can talk to the other runners and cheer people on.

How has parkrun changed your running? parkrun has got me in to a better rhythm and I can pace myself better, it also gets me outside every week.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? My favourite moment was when Tony Higgins dressed up as a pirate with a duck on his shoulder instead of a parrot.  (Evan, it was a Kookaburra, not a duck! - Tony)

How did you get involved in parkrun? I got in to parkrun through my mum she did it first and then the rest of us joined her so now all 6 of us do it as a family, which is great.

DSC_4556 KNIGHT Evan Dominic Ashley-Ann Lauren

You can see all our previous parkrunners of the month here.

DSC01087 KNIGHT Evan


parkrun #089 – Run Report October 15th, 2016

jimmy rd NIK_2536Unusually for our ever-growing parkrun, we had no-one reaching a running or volunteering milestone this week, so Run Drerctor Jimmy Laide's briefing was concise and to the point, and 178 runners, walkers and lots of buggies took off a few seconds early, such was the enthusiasm today! Martine Lawless shadowed Jimmy today, preparing for the jnuior parkrun which is coming soon (of which more later!)



We'll make up for that next week, with two runners due to do their 50th, one a former parkrunner of the month, the other one of the earliest members of our Junior 10 club! And we might have another junior runner doing her tenth next week, having sneaked away to Clarisford to do her 9th today! (Our spies keep us informed...) Our Event Director Siobhán Kearney was sporting her well-earned "50 Club" T-shirt for the first time this week.



Dawn O'Brien chose the soundtrack this week, having enjoyed the 50's and 60's music last week she chose Elvis to keep us going this week. Anyone got any suggestions or requests?


T1234There were of course lots of First-Timers to welcome, and tourists from Naas (Darragh O'Donoghue - third across the line today!), Oranmore (Fergal Coffey) and Burnley (Matt Ridge and Victoria Maude). Matt and Victoria joined us in The Brandon for coffee afterwards and promised to return next year. Hopefully the local first-timers will be back next week and the tourists will spread the word about Tralee parkrun.
IMG_2714aFTThere's no need to ask if the newcomers enjoyed themselves... of course they did! Jimmy's briefing included a reminder to parents that under-11s must be accompanied for the parkrun.

Tralee's junior parkrun is due to start up within the next couple of months, this is a 2k parkrun for 4-14 year olds which will share some of our course but will be held on a Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Tralee junior parkrun will be the fourth junior event in the country. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details. Children who are already registered will not need a new barcode to join the junior parkruns and unlike the Saturday parkrun, under-11s are not required to be accompanied by a parent and for this reason there are more marshals required on the route.


Our first finisher today was Derek Griffin (who just two weeks ago placed 6th out of over 800 runners in the Cork-Cobh 15-mile race!), and our first lady was junior parkrunner Eimear O'Sullivan, doing St. Brendan's Athletics Club proud with a time of under 23 minutes on only her third parkrun.

buggy Equally impressive was our first buggy-assisted finisher James Pierse, also of St. Brendan's - he and his two passengers crossed the line in just over 27 minutes - imagine how fast they would have been if the wheel hadn't fallen off the front of the buggy on the first lap, necessitating a pit-stop in which James fixed the wheel in Formula One time and carried on!

PB123We had plenty of PB's this week by runners who were running without the aid of a buggy too, notably John Walshe with his first sub-20 minute run, Monica Dillane who has now taken a full ten minutes off her first parkrun time, and Teddy Foley who has bettered his time every week for nine consecutive weeks since his first run in August!


We have lots of great volunteers every week in Tralee, but there's always room for more. Please give your name to the Run Director or Communications Person next week and let them know when you can help out.

As well as our parkrunning vounteers, we would also like to thank Anthony Moran of Kerry County Council who sets up our course wevery week - he was in the park getting the course ready at 9:30 this morning.

James Stack was missing from Tralee today, he's our latest "Tralee parkrunner on tour"!

Full results of this week's run are here and there are lots of photos taken by Bertie Hickey and Sandra Barsciauskaite on Facebook, which will find their way to our archive site here in due course. (We will of course immediately remove any photographs on request).

Next week could be a busy one - we are looking forward to a visit by the Transition Year students from Causeway Comprehensive - their predecessors joined us last year and had a great time. If any other TY classes want to try someting fun and different, you will be very welcome at Tralee parkrun, it costs nothing and everything is already organised - you just have to register and bring your printed barcode. In charge next week is Fiona Cooke (warning to Causeway students... Fiona is well-used to keeping unruly kids under control!)

Tony Higgins


parkrun #069 – 28th May, 2016

DSC00247 copy
     My time-keeping Guardian Angels!
Well, after all the months of intensive training from Siobhán and others, meticulous preparation and a great team of volunteers, what could possibly go wrong on my first parkrun as Run Director? And sure enough everything went like clockwork. Everything, that is, except... well... the clockwork! But thanks to our two timekeepers (new to the job!) who spotted within a couple of moments that "someone" (the new Run Director) had given them the stopwatches incorrectly set up, the error was corrected and no-one was any the wiser and all runners got the correct times! Thanks John and Linda!

Other than that, all went smoothly... I think! A good few of our regulars were away for various events this weekend, but we still had a very healthy turnout of over 150 runners on a beautiful summer's morning. We had six volunteers making their debut today, you can see Cliodhna and Niamh's photos on Facebook and on our web-page here, Dara was helping out Bridget on Finish tokens, and Kerina was making sure no-one was taking any short-cuts at the dog-leg! There are lots of empty slots on the volunteer roster over the next few weeks (below), so we would love to get some new people on board: just e-mail or give your name to the Run Director after your run any week. There are some jobs you can do and still have your parkrun fix, like pacing which we have on the last Saturday of every month.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 16.27.41

We had a few tourists today, including Geraldine Prendergast who usually runs at the Father Collins parkrun in Dublin, and Eoin Mulvaney who joined us from Killarney (where he has been first finisher twice!) to run 20:25 today and beat even Oisín Murray's super PB into the second placed junior spot. Well done Eoin.

DSC00254Before the start, we were delighted to induct Robert Emerson into the Junior 10 club - he can now claim his free T-shirt to join the many others who have done ten parkruns in Tralee.

And we also had not one but two new members of the 50 Club. Jason Gavin has been running with us since the inaugural run in January 2015 and Clodagh Donnelly joined us just a couple of weeks later, and between them they have now run 500 km around Tralee Town Park. Clodagh is the second member of her family to reach this milestone, after Mary did it a couple of weeks ago.

Jason was pacing today, along with Sean Lacey and Michael O'Regan. As you know, there is a Garda crackdown on speeding this weekend, so we thought it best to ask Michael to pace 22 minutes to avoid penalty points! He's usually about four or five minutes faster!

Our last (but not least!) pacer was the legendary Pat Sheehy.
     No, it's not pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, Pat is just having his pacer time attached!
Pat's name was on the volunteer roster for the fiftieth - yes, 50! - time today, second only to our Event Director! Thanks Pat for everything you do for parkrun, he's a former parkrunner of the month too! He's also the most photographed of the Tralee parkrunners, but it did surprise me to see how many different women he has his arm around in the photographs!
Collage Pat Sheehy-a

So no penalty points for Michael, but I'm afraid the Gardai will be issuing fixed penalty notices to some of our runners for mobile phone use, barcode scanning with eyes closed and taking short cuts!


Our First Finishers today were Derek Griffin, nearly two minutes ahead of Gareth Fereday and Noel Cronin, and Sharon Cahill (welcome back!) in her usual First Lady spot just over the 20 minute mark. That's fifteen in a row now! Siobhán Kearney and Nicola Sheehy were the next ladies to cross the line.

You can see the full results from this week's parkrun here.

Thank you to all the volunteers who keep parkrun going every week. We look forward to seeing everyone back next week, and don't forget your barcodes!

Tony Higgins
Run Director




parkrun #65 – May Bank Holiday

A beautiful morning as I entered Tralee town park to get preparations underway for parkrun. With all volunteers including pacers on the ready, we began the briefing to the crowd when the clouds became too heavy to cope, giving us a pre-run shower with pretty strong water pressure!

     Our tourists included Gary and Niamh from Griffeen parkrun in Lucan, occasional visitors to Tralee, when they like to keep up their regular voilunteering - Gary paced today and Niamh helped out with results processing. Thanks to you both and we look forward to seeing you back in September.

Our hardy runners nevertheless listened intently, welcoming our visitors from Finland, London, Carlow and Dublin and first time parkrunner Grainne NíChonchúir. She assured me she was definitely not a first time runner though as she blazed through the finish line at 22 min 57 sec. Louis Smyth from from Sudbury Court R.C in London was here for a wedding. He insisted his family stay in Tralee because he wanted to complete the parkrun here.
     Megan and Michael joined the "Junior 10" Club!

James Daly was the first man and overall winner at 18.38, a phenomenal run. Fiona Kavanagh was the First Lady at 22.31, with a very strong finish. In total we had 30 personal bests achieved this morning, so a big thank you to our pacing team for helping people achieve this. A major source of personal satisfaction, so more power to you all! We had 15 first timers to parkrun in Tralee who I hope had a great experience sharing their run with their fellow athletes and will come back for more.
perfect pacing
     Our Event Director was among the pacers!

If you want to see more about this week's run, here's Randall Wharton's blog reportfull results are available here and there are lots of photos on our Facebook page. Scroll down for some more statistics from today's run.

See you next week:)

Pauline Dennigan,
Run Director.

     Just a small few of this week's volunteer team

Below are some of todays stats:

Tralee parkrun: Event number 65
30th April 2016

Male placings:
James DALEY (SM30-34) was first over the line in 18:38 - third time in 7 appearances.
Aidan MCCARTHY (VM35-39) of Farranfore MaineValley Athletics Club, was second over the line in 19:37 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions.
Roland ROGERS (VM45-49) was third over the line in 19:50 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Roland ROGERS 1466 pts.
John WALSHE 1240 pts.
Zach WALSHE 1190 pts.

Female placings:
Fiona KAVANAGH (SW18-19) was first (13th overall) over the line in 22:31 - third time in 10 appearances.
Anne KELLIHER (VW40-44) of Born To Run, was second (16th overall) over the line in 22:50 - was first to finish once before.
Grainne NI CHONCHUIR (VW40-44) was third (18th overall) over the line in 22:57.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Noirin MCCARTHY (Marathon Club Ireland) 1273 pts.
Michelle HOARE (Farranfore MaineValley Athletics Club) 1162 pts.
Pauline WALSHE (Unattached) 1152 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Tommy HORAN (VM55-59) was graded 74.18% for the time 21:26 (10th overall).
Geoffrey STACEY (VM65-69) was graded 73.89% for the time 22:55 (17th overall).
Roland ROGERS (VM45-49) was graded 72.02% for the time 19:50 (third overall).

This week there were 153 runners, of whom 15 were first timers and 32 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different athletics clubs took part.

Tralee parkrun started on 24th January 2015, and since then 1,621 different runners, including participants from 68 athletics clubs, have completed 8,481 runs covering a total distance of 42,405 km, and there have been 1,958 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Sharon CAHILL who ran in a time of 00:19:43 on 2016-03-05 (event number 57).
The male record is held by Michael O'REGAN who ran in a time of 00:16:21 on 2016-04-09 (event number 62).
The Age Grade course record is held by Geraldine O SULLIVAN who recorded a 87.08% run (21:40) on 23rd April 2016 (event number 64).


parkrun #56 – Run Report

     Fiona delivers this week's briefing

The sun shone and the daffodils bloomed in Tralee town-park today for our 56th parkrun.

This week, there were 215 runners, of whom 21 were first-timers and 73 recorded personal bests. 20 of these PBs were by junior parkrunners; so fantastic running by everyone.

     "If only I'd woken up two seconds earlier this morning!"
Well done to the Moriarty family, especially Junior runner Billy, with PBs all round. Dad, Garry, missed out on his personal target of 20.00 by just one second! Representatives of 11 different athletic clubs took part and we had parkrun tourists from Wicklow and London.

first finishers
     This week's first finishers
Aidan McCarthy was the first male over the line and Sharon Cahill the first female. Congratulations! Sharon's age-grade percentage (85.4%) was the highest recorded in Ireland in her age group this week!

Margaret Wharton was presented with her parkrunner of the month award. She did Tralee proud with her great interview with RTE for Operation Transformation last Saturday, and you can read Margaret's parkrun story if you scroll down! Welcome to two new runners to the Junior 10 parkrun club - Ailbhe Ní Dhálaigh and Ciara Rath.

     Perfect pacing!
Thanks to the seven pacers who assisted this morning in helping runners achieve their goals.

     Some of today's team of volunteers
Special thanks to all today’s volunteers, who made my job so easy. Without them, parkrun wouldn’t happen. Why not put your name down to volunteer for a Saturday in March? You will be trained on the day and know that you have contributed to making parkrun the success that it is in Tralee.
This week's volunteers: Bríd O'SULLIVAN • Danny MURPHY • Deirdre MOSS • Den MCCARTHY • Denis CAHILL • Fiona COOKE • Frances QUINN • Helen FALVEY • Ian MOSS • Jerry SULLIVAN • John V LAWLOR • Loretto O ' SULLIVAN • Maeve HIGGINS • Mary MULLINS • Maryam Javid BUTT • Michael O'REGAN • Michael O'REGAN • Noirin MCCARTHY • Pat SHEEHY • Roland ROGERS • Sarah GLEESON • Sharon CAHILL • Tony HIGGINS

Check out all the photos here. Well done Sarah Gleeson on the multitasking duties of photographer and timekeeper. All finish tokens were accounted for. Thanks!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tralee parkrun Results Page.

See you all next Saturday and have a good week. Thanks.

Fiona Cooke
Run Director


parkrunner of the Month

POTM Jan 16

CONWAY John 050915

Name: John Conway

Club: When it existed, The Tralee Jogging Club.

Age: 65, 66 in March, born in Leicester England

Home Parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: Retired since July 2015, trained in TV and electronic repairs in Leicester, returned to Tralee in 1978 and opened a TV repair shop in Courthouse Lane. I worked there until 2005. I got a job the following week at Beru, now BorgWarner as an operator and fortunately for me they were shortly looking for a Technician and I was promoted to Staff.

Number of runs: 42, in total: 35 in Tralee, 1 in Marlay Park Dublin, 1 in Newcastle England, 4 in Perth Australia and 1 in Sydney.

parkrunning in Australia
Beiber Lake, Perth is a circular lake of about 4 miles circumference. I ran this parkrun on two occasions as on the second time we would have been too late to reach a different parkrun. There are nine parkruns in the Perth area.
Because of the distance around the Lake the start and finish are not in the same place, this is also the case at Canning river parkrun, different Start and Finish places.
The other Perth parkrun that I ran was Rockingham a fabulous setting on the sea shore, blue sky blue sea.
All of the Perth runs had a table and chairs for the tab and bar-code reading which seemed very civilized.
Sometimes we are advised that the Tralee course may have water or a slippery surface, in Australia we were told to beware of snakes as it was Spring time and the snakes were coming out of hibernation, all creatures that have poison in Australia have very toxic poison.The one that we were to look out for was the Death Adder!. At Canning river there was a large warning sign with a picture of a snake that stated "I live here this is my home - Beware!"
All parkruns begin at 8.00 am because of the high temperatures there.
At all of the parkruns everyone was very helpful and talkative and I think overall runners everywhere are fairly amicable and I enjoyed all of the experiences.

CONWAY Collage

Favourite Volunteer Role: Any role is fine except the marshall at the dog-leg. It's so lonely!

What do you do at parkrun? Run is the plan, meeting friends and generally enjoying the atmosphere.

How has parkrun changed your running? I collapsed in the road while out runnning in 2011, the day before my son's wedding, I was really lucky as a girl who had just completed a CPR course saw me fall and came to my assistance, a local doctor happened to pass at that moment then an ambulance arrived and I was in an induced coma for 3 days. I have a defibrillator fitted since then. I was frightened to go out running on my own after that incident and I didn't run again until the parkrun began in Tralee.

CONWAY John 230116_3

What do you like about parkrun? It gets me out of bed early on Saturday and for the remainder of the day I feel as if I have accomplished something.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? I walked the first two parkruns with my wife (of 45 years) Ann, I ran on my third visit and at the corner of the dogleg I got my sleeve caught in a piece of wire that was sticking out of the fence this stopped me and banged me off of the fence.
How did you get involved in parkrun? Mike O'Brien who is a regular runner at the parkrun is the Health & Safety Engineer at BorgWarner, he introduced the parkrun to all the employees when the Tralee parkrun first began and encouraged all to take part. Over the past 12 months many from BorgWarner have taken the challenge and he also organised 4 teams to race against each other over this period. He is one of the unsung Tralee parkrun members. Please forgive him for having a Man U season ticket, we all have our faults. Mike got me involved in running again because of the security of being with people while running. I was a regular marathon runner, having completed 21 Dublin marathons, 5 Belfast City marathons , Cork City, Galway City, a national marathon in Clonmel, London City Marathon and finally the Paris City Marathon, 31 marathons in all. Then there were 1/2 marathons and my favourite run was the Cork to Cobh 15 mile run. The target for the marathons was always for a time of under 3 hours which I never accomplished. I was 3 hours and 3 minutes on two occasions in Belfast.

John Conway


December parkrunner(s) of the Month

parkrunners of the month dec 2015

parkrun is all about families, and this month we have nominated a mother-and-daughter pairing as our joint parkrunners of the Month for December 2015!

Quills BW

Yvonne & Shannon have been running with us since our very first run, and are regulars on the volunteer roster as well as frequent runners. Shannon has over twenty parkruns under her belt, she's been first finisher on a number of occasions and is usually in the top five ladies. Yvonne has run almost thirty times now, which puts her just one spot ahead of Shannon in the Points Placings for 2015! You can read more about Yvonne's running here on St. Brendan's AC web-site!

Name: Yvonne Quill
Club: St Brendan’s AC / Fit for Life
Home parkrun:Tralee
Occupation: Medical Secretary
Number of runs: 29
Favourite volunteer role: barcoding
What do you do at parkrun? Hope it doesn't rain and hope for a good run!

How has parkrun changed your running? Even though I run to keep fit, I try and better my time each week. It doesn't always happen but I keep trying. It gets me out of bed early on a Saturday morning, it’s done in half an hour and I feel so glad I did it. It has become a good habit. I also meet people I wouldn't normally see during the week and we have a chat and a laugh. Then I enjoy my tea and scone after.

What do you like about parkrun? The atmosphere and encouragement. The volunteers each week are brilliant and every person that finishes are treated the same no matter what their time. The volunteers make it for me. No matter when you finish they say well done. Also dress-ups throughout the year were fun, such as St. Patrick's Day, Halloween and Christmas runs. It’s important to me to have an element of fun.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? I don’t know if I should say it but one week a guy running in front of me obviously had a problem with his shorts because they kept falling down, he seemed to be running at the same pace as me and wasn't taking too much notice, to the point I thought they would land around his ankles. OK I need to move I thought. Well that got me to speed up and pass him out. I never looked back but no one was arrested that day so they must have stayed up. I laughed all day.
How did you get involved in parkrun? I saw it advertised on facebook and decided to try it. It almost seemed too good to be true, but it is fantastic, fun, timed and regular. Again thank you to the organisers and volunteers. People I knew already and those I have met throughout the year. Keep up the good work!! Keep running!!


Name: Shannon Quill
Club: St Brendan’s AC
Age: 15
Home parkrun: Tralee
Occupation: Student
Number of runs: 21
Favorite volunteer role: Barcode Scanning
What do you do at parkrun? I run and volunteer
How has parkrun changed your running? I only started running in 2014 and started training properly this year. The first run I ever did was a Schools 3k in Tralee, and after I won that without training, I moved on to a Killarney 5k and also won that so I started gradually training and built up my endurance to a 10k. parkrun has kept me motivated to keep training and I enjoy it on a Saturday morning
What do you like about parkrun? I like to mostly run with other people, even if I don’t know them. I prefer not to run on my own and at parkrun there are usually a few people around me. I also like how supportive the volunteers are every week and I enjoy their company.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? It was probably when someone nearly tripped my ma one morning at parkrun. I know I shouldn’t laugh but it was hilarious.
How did you get involved in parkrun? I saw it on facebook about a week before it started and I was eager to give it a go. I didn’t know it would become an addictive part of my life every Saturday morning

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