Desperate Dan’s Diary – Run Report 270

1 volsFirst things first, I would like to again thank all 26 amazing volunteers who came down and helped me run a very smooth operation this morning. They are as follows:

David BUTLER • Siobhan KEARNEY • Pat SHEEHY • Pauline CAMPION • Catherine BURKE • Jane LYNCH • John CONWAY • Majella DISKIN • Tony HIGGINS • Frances QUINN • David RATH • Stella O'SHEA • Moira HORGAN • Mary SHEA • John ROBINSON • Dan PIERSE • Linda O SULLIVAN • Jemma O'SHEA • Sinéad HEALY • Ellen Mulcahy LYNCH • Darragh M. LYNCH • Josie O'SHEA • Ciara MURPHY • Amy ROCHETEAU PITMAN • Breda CASEY • Patrick ROCHETEAU PITMAN

cm drThis morning we had David and Ciara doing the timekeeping, while Catherine, David and Sinead were scanning the barcodes.
cb db

12 md pcThanks also to Pauline and Majella for handing out the finish tokens to everyone who took part this morning. Unfortunately, finish token number 37 never made it home (sad face). Check your pockets! Don’t worry, I’ve checked my pockets too! Ellen was our Communications Person and helped recruit some more volunteers for the next few weeks. We are very lucky that we have another healthy-looking roster for next few weeks, but we’ve got a few more roles available so if you have never volunteered or haven’t done so in a while, please give your name and barcode number to our communications person Helen next week.

Breda took some fabulous photos of everyone this morning and you can find these on our Facebook page. Ellen also doubled up as our second photographer (while free from communications) and her photos can also be found on our Facebook page.

Without our volunteers, there would be no Tralee parkrun. So, if you haven’t volunteered yet or you haven’t volunteered in a while, I would encourage you to do so! It’s a great opportunity to give back, but also an opportunity to meet new people! Fun Fact; to-date, we have had 710 individual parkrunners volunteer on over 5,718 occasions! Let’s keep that number rising!

When I arrived down to the town park this morning at 7.45am, Tony was already out performing the event day course check and reported that the course was clear of debris, so we were good to go! Pat and John soon arrived and helped set up the finish funnel.

We did have a few isolated showers while setting up, but as Pat predicted, these showers soon dissipated, just in time for parkrun!

2 yann fqThanks to Frances, who was ably assisted by Yann, in delivering the first-timers briefing this morning. We had eight people doing their first parkrun ever and we also had nine people visiting us from other parkruns events. We hope you all had a great morning and we look forward to seeing our first timers back again next Saturday for more parkrun fun!

Mary was our marshal this morning and took their post over by the dog-leg, making sure our parkrunners didn’t take any shortcuts this morning! Thanks Mary. As always, Billy was here this morning by his corner at the back of Siamsa Tire, encouraging everyone along the route. Thanks Billy.

9 jemjosOur Tail Walkers this morning were Jemma and Josie O’Shea. Moira was our #parkwalk leader this morning, welcoming anyone who wished to walk this morning. Thanks to all three ladies for making sure all our parkrunners made it around the course safely.

I checked my watch at 9.23am and it was time to get the show on the road, as I knew we had a lot to get through. I reminded all of our regular parkrunners and our visitors about the importance of keeping left while taking part in the event and allowing those parkrunners who are that bit faster than us to overtake on the right hand-side. I was happy to hear all went smoothly this morning.

2mprI gave people two fun facts this morning; the first being parkrun Ireland had hoped to hit 2,000,000 parkruns this morning, however, we some events cancelled due to the poor weather, we look set to break this record next Saturday morning.

We did however break our own record here in Tralee! We broke 5,000 finishers with 17 first timers this morning. Paul was our 5,000th person to finish at Tralee parkrun.

With my RD briefing complete, it was now time to move on to the presentation of this weeks certificates (my favourite part of the day!). We had plenty of certificates to present and thanks again to Jane for assisting me this morning. Jane is one of our stalwart volunteers at Tralee parkrun. Fun Fact, she has volunteered over 103 times at parkrun events…so far!

4b scSo, first off, we had the Junior 10 certificate - congratulations to Abbie! Next up, we had the 50 club. Congratulations to Breda!

LHThen, we had the 100 club. Congratulations to Liam!


6 sgWe then had one person join our unofficial 150 Club. Congratulations to Catherine!Now, we usually don’t recognise a person running their 99th parkrun in Tralee, but this week we had Sean from Hartstown running with us again; he has run over 15 of his soon to be 100 parkruns in Tralee. Congratulations Sean!

DSC_2815 LYNCH Caroline PIERSE DanFinally, after all our certificates were presented, I took a moment to recognise Caroline Lynch, one of our core team members here in Tralee. For the past 24 months, she has been traversing the byways and highways of our fine country, on a mission to complete all 96 parkruns in the Republic of Ireland. And so she did, completing her journey last week in Malahide - the first parkrun to be set up in Ireland. Caroline joins Bertie and Bairbre Hickey, who were the first couple in Ireland to complete the challenge.

With all the certificates and presentations made, it was time to get parkrun #270 motoring! With my timekeepers David and Ciara at the ready, I blew my whistle and our 229 parkrunners headed off!

Those few rays of sunshine must have done wonders for some of our parkrunners; we had 16 parkrunners set new PB’s this morning! These included Abbie, Anita, Anne Marie, Cathy O'B, Cathy S, Denise, Eleanor, Enda, Jimmy, Joan, Joe, John Joe, Masud, Pat, Robert and Veronica. Well done to all!

Remember, parkrun is just a run and only a race against yourself, not others. Fun Fact: to date we have had 7,949 individual PB’s in Tralee alone!

7 smOur first finishers this week were Mary and Stephen. Well done to both of ye!

A big thanks to Stella and John for their assistance in processing the results afterwards in the Brandon Hotel.
You’re in good hands next Saturday! John Conway will be taking the helm once again and it promises to be another great parkrun!

Slán go fóill! (Bye for now!)
Dan Pierse


parkrun#269 Storm Dennis … Dancing In The Rain.

Denis is a menace with his “anyone for tennis?”…. This was supposed to be my introduction song today but fate conspired against me and maybe it was a good thing, I could have created a stampede away from the start line prior to the official start! It would have been almost as fast as the rush for Mary’s brownies, specially delivered by Tom as the course was inspected early today.

9 tc th sos-2Thanks to the super Creans and also to Tony who had all eventualities catered for given the inclement conditions. DJ Tony even had a super rainy Valentine’s playlist ready, compiled by Tralee parkrun’s Facebook fans … does this man’s talent know any bounds? Tony your tunes went down a storm.

11 139-2As storm Dennis threatened to sweep us all off of our feet, Tralee parkrun volunteers showed him who was boss and all were in place in plenty of time to welcome 139 parkrunners who braved the elements  and ran, walked, waded, swam, steeplechased and danced their way along the 5K route.

12 vols-2
Each volunteer this morning took to their roles like ducks to water… and we had plenty of that! Great credit is due to all who showed up today, given that it is Valentine’s weekend! Stormtroopers indeed are ye!

1 fts-2A big welcome was extended by Hilda to our three First timers all the way from Tralee (Vivian), Poppintree (Ron) and Donegal (Roisin) .. the weather is not always this hair raising here we promise.
3 hilda hair

4 swimming hatIt was a morning that will stand out as “one of the wettest” in our memories and also one where everybody did what they had to in order to ensure that another Tralee parkrun would take place against the odds that weather threw at us! Tralee parkrunners came well prepared for the rain, some wearing swimhats and swim goggles, others donning red and love hearts for Valentines .. good woman Betty!
5 bB

8 jdEven our first man across the line clicked his heels three times thinking “there’s no place like home” as the rain poured down! All pictured in the Facebook photos, thanks to Carmel and Siobhán…. CONTRA designers take note.

The run passed off without any casualties except for the two tokens that went missing, their parkrunners must have been feeling under the weather and they forgot to hand them back.  Please send them back us  as we need them for next week’s run.

2 LOS KJ-2Prizes for today’s best dancers have to go to our timekeepers Linda and Kathy. They faced stiff competition from myself, Ed and Josie along with Pauline and Siobhan who strutted their stuff, (trying to steal the timekeepers’ thunder), through the showers. If you missed them, maybe you can join the crew in the coming weeks as a volunteer. The salary is excellent and you get paid double if you get soaked to the skin like we did today …. Naah! We do it because we love it.

6a SKI was blown away today… (get it?) by the volunteerism of those who offered to take away tokens and hi-vis’ to dry them off… Siobhan and Agnes, ye are legends!

crean maeveLet’s not forget Tom and Maeve for holding the umbrella over volunteers as the communications book was almost washed away from Anne as she tried to write on a page disintegrating before her eyes in the deluge!

7a lake-2Come rain or shine, Tralee parkrun will take place next Saturday when the itsy bitsy spider will rise from the flood before 9.30 to do it all again.

OK …. Serious bit coming …..As the rain fell today I was reminded of a quote that has helped me enormously in the past, fitting  indeed that I was run-director today, given its significance to me.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!”

Until next time … Stay safe parkrunners!

Stella O Shea  A1700589
Swim Run Director






parkrun #268 – The Referee’s Report

6 268-2
268 is the number of runs at Tralee parkrun since it commenced 5 years ago. It is also the number of participants who turned out at Tralee on Saturday. Even though it was also polling day in the General Election the crowd turned out to give their No. 1 to their local parkrun.

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who assisted. People have adapted to the various volunteer roles very well. Please considering volunteering if you have not done so already. March 7 is International Women’s Day so why not try it girls and help your sisters, there are a few volunteer spaces still available.

1 firsttimers
First timers Geraldine Donoghue, Brenda Dyland, Ellen Marbyn and Paul Quirke from Tralee were welcomed. Eoin O’Grady from Causeway was also a first timer. We look forward to you all returning again. Kevin Scully visited Tralee parkrun from Watford.

2a cos
Claire Sullivan and Anne Gallivan were congratulated on doing their 50 parkrun. It is great to see these milestones being achieved by people who probably just turned up on the first day to see what was happening and then came back repeatedly as they enjoyed themselves so much.

3 gm
Gary Moriarty is the seventh Tralee parkrunner to have completed 200 runs.
4 mf
Mary Fitzsimons was missing for last weeks Prizegiving and received an award having been first female on the most occasions, indeed it is a good week for Mary who is celebrating a birthday and had a Pb also.

6 cf nq
Carmel Foran and Noreen Quirke were named parkrunners of the Month for January.

8 start line
On the whistle 268 joggers and walkers were on their way.

7 tf om mf ct
Tim Francony was first male finisher followed Oisin Murray. Mary Fitzsimons was first female finisher again and also had a PB. Mary was followed by Ciara Tierney. Mary then helped with scanning after completing her run. A total of 26 Pb’s were recorded. All in all a very good day in the park and weather obliged too. Thanks to all who helped store away equipment.

Results were processed in the Brandon Hotel. My thanks to Triona and Malachy for their guidance. The results were late going out due to a problem outside of our control. Tokens were sorted and none were missing.

As I sit here doing this week’s report I know a lot of people will be aware that this week’s Tralee Junior parkrun was cancelled due to weather conditions. Safety of participants either at parkrun or travelling to parkrun is our primary concern.

Next week I am off to Mountjoy (Progression parkrun) for a rare TPOT parkrun. Stella will be your Run Director and she demands silence for the briefing or there could be detention.

Pat Sheehy
(Photos: Gerard Treanor)


parkrunners of the month – January 2020

POTM Jan 2020 800pix


Noreen Quirke & Carmel Foran



1 NQ D72_4805 QUIRKE Noreen FORAN CarmelName: Noreen Quirke

Club: Born to Run

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupations: Home Maker

Number of runs: 145

4 NQ TWFavourite volunteer role: Tail Walker

What do you do at parkrun? Run and walk! I gather as many as I can to join me.

How has parkrun changed your running? It has given me a weekly routine and has become something I very much look forward to.

What do you like about parkrun? The social aspect and the rivalry to beat my weekly time

3 nQ PBMost memorable or funniest parkrun moment? My daughter Jennifer was due to give birth to her first baby any minute. I ran my absolute best run time in anticipation of a phone call that she had to go in!! Funnily she kept us waiting another week and I have not beaten the time since

How did you get involved with parkrun? I just turned up one Saturday over three years ago and I am there ever since.

Thank you again for this wonderful recognition.



6 cfName: Carmel Foran

Club: Born to Run

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupation: Home Maker

Number of runs: 110 approximately

9 CF BODFavourite volunteer role: Guide runner with Barry who is visually impaired. A fantastic experience and I really enjoyed our run together.

What do you do at parkrun? Walk, run and lots of chat.

How has parkrun changed your running? It has improved my confidence.

9 cfWhat do you like about parkrun? The friends I have made.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? It is the fun I have guide running with Barry. We make a great team little and large. While he burns the steps running I burn the ears talking.

7 cf bk

How did you get involved with parkrun? It was my friend Noreen who introduced me to parkrun and to Born to Run.

8 cf nq



Tralee parkrun #267. The big birthday bash.. “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

1 bannerWe love to celebrate at Tralee parkrun and what better occasion than on our 5th birthday. We were all set for a perfect day... a fine, dry morning (Pat Sheehy’s magical powers must be back), a rosterful of wonderful volunteers, 344 walkers, joggers and runners, morphman (!), singing and of course cake... lots of cake!

2 touristsColm and Jane Lynch welcomed first timers to parkrun and tourists. We had VIP tourists from the UK joining us for our special day: Don and Sue Esslemont, Nigel Cronin and his parkrun partner in crime Simon Gooch, and Linda and Pat, former Tralee parkrunners now living in England (more on Linda later) all lined up for our 5th birthday parkrun.

3 j10During the briefing I presented Junior 10 certs to Saoirse and Patrick.

4 eddyRunning his 100th parkrun today was Teddy Foley.

5 lindaWe had the aforementioned Linda Yates who loves Tralee parkrun so much that she travelled from England especially to join us to celebrate her big milestone.

6 janeIt was a special day for junior parkrunner Jane as not only did Jane run her 100th parkrun  she also volunteered for her 100th time at the First Timers Briefing. The future is bright for parkrun with juniors like Jane at the helm.

7 kerryAlthough not official milestones Geoff Stacey ran his 150th and Kerry Constant ran his 200th parkrun.

D50_8702I took the opportunity to thank all of  our  core team of volunteers at the briefing. We are very fortunate to have a  loyal   and hard working group  of rds at Tralee for the past five years  who ensure our parkrun runs seamlessly from week to week.

Thank you also to our hosts in the town park, Kerry County Council and to Kerry Sports and Recreation Partnership  for their ongoing support of parkrun.

We could not let the day go by without our Annual  Birthday Awards. This year our awards went like this:

8 sophieAwesome Volunteering Award – we agree that all our volunteers are awesome but the award for the most awesome volunteer went to junior parkrunner Sophie who likes to volunteer with her family and she  always does an excellent job. Thank you Sophie.

9 hilda geoffBest parkrun couple.  This award went to Geoff and Hilda Stacey. As Geoff took ill recently after parkrun and he was looked after by Hilda who gave him important first aid and  got him to the hospital on time. We are all  glad to see both of them back at parkrun in the last couple of weeks. Hilda’s message at the briefing... was to please tell your partner if you’re not feeling well. It could  save your life.

10 kathleenRD Debut of the year  –  This went to Kathleen Curtin who took on the role of run director with great initiative, gusto and a sense of fun on the week of the Born to Run volunteer takeover.

11 aliceLast year we had parkrun pin-up... this year we went one step further with the Rear of the Year Award which went to Tim O'Connell for his unholy exposure at our hospital volunteer takeover last year. Alice coillected for him as he was ashamed to show his... Face!

12 johnnyMaster Baker Award… this went to John Conway who is famous for his torte and who for the second year in a row made our birthday cake. It was totally delish and disappeared in no time rapidly.

13 jamesRunning Awards.Most first finishes: James Daley and Mary Fitzsimons. Mary couldn't be here this week and will collect her award next Saturday.

14 majellaMajella Diskin for setting an a new Tralee age grade record: 89.67%!

15 warblersIn the last  five years we have ran a total of over  263,000 kms which is equal to 6.6 times around the world. We have had 703 different volunteers look after 4976 walkers, joggers and runners and we have had 7878 PBs!! The statistics  are fantastic but it is the friendships made and the sense of fun and community felt that compels us to return to parkrun again and again and that feeling of wellness was in abundance all throughout the morning. Not least of all at the end of the briefing when we had a musical treat from Sharon Condon and her parkrun Warblers with our own version of  “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” ... this brought warm fuzzy feelings all round and perhaps a few teary eyes.

We have a lot to thank parkrun's founder Paul Snton-Hewitt for as our Saturday mornings  have changed for the better forever. Thank you Paul.

We had a big turn out this week  and we were just 6 shy of our overall attendance record which stands at 350. Over 50 people walked the course and as Park Walk at parkrun continues for another three weeks please encourage others you know to come a long and join us and remember parkrun is a run not a race... everyone covers the same distance.

16a oisWell done to Oisin, Stephen Moore and Luke and to the ladies, Ciara Tierney, followed by Sinead Healy and Majella Diskin.
17a ciaraWe had 22 pbs today .. so a big well done to all of them. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tralee parkrun Results Page.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-01 at 13.25.13-2Afterwards we went along to the Conference Centre of the Brandon Hotel for a hot drink and some of John Conway’s birthday cake. A big thank you to everyone who dropped in home made goodies and treats and thanks to Tony for the photographic slide show bringing back memories from the last five years. Thank you also to staff at the Brandon Hotel who always look after us very well.

Our hi vis heroes this week were: Don ESSLEMONT • Siobhan KEARNEY • Jane LYNCH • Colm LYNCH • Fiona COOKE • Oisin MURRAY • Elaine FOLEY • Triona DALY • Tony HIGGINS • Frances QUINN • Emer LARDNER • Mary KILKENNY BARRETT • Denis BROSNAN • Madeline BROSNAN • Monica DILLANE • Rachel FOLEY • John ROBINSON • Tom CREAN • Majella PIERSE • Dan PIERSE • Kathleen CURTIN • Martin TIERNEY • Gerard O'CARROLL • Yann O'CARROLL • Billy LYONS • Fiona KELLY • Grainne COLEMAN O' KEEFFE • Padraig O KEEFFE

We currently need a timekeeper and a barcode scanners for next Saturday’s event so please get in touch with your barcode if you can help out. We would especially love to hear from anyone who has not volunteered in a while or who has never volunteered.

That is all for now everyone. Here is to the another great year of parkrunning in Tralee.


Looking forward to next week already.

Siobhan Kearney, A1055159.

P.S. I will leave you with the parkrun Warblers version of  Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you've got;
Taking a break from Trump and Brexit
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away

Sometimes you wanna do
parkrun where we all know your name,
And we’re always glad you came;
You wanna be here in Tralee,
Your friends think just the same;
You wanna be where everybody knows your name.
You wanna be here in Tralee,
Your friends think just the same;
You wanna be where everybody knows your name.

Roll outta bed, and get well fed
The morning's looking bright;
You got your barcode in your pocket
This just feels so right.....
That PB might be in sight......


There’s one place in the world
Where everybody knows your name,
And we’re always glad you came;
You wanna go where people know,
Tralee we’re are all the same;
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.
You wanna go where people know,
Tralee we’re are all the same;
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.




parkrun #266 – Jimmy’s Report

Text message: 07.38 am. ‘Pre-event set up is complete, I am off to Mallow’. The job of Run Director at Tralee parkrun is made very easy when you have Pat Sheehy (thanks Pat).

6 vols09.00 am Job is made even more easy when volunteers appear, ready, very willing, and enthusiastic. Training is very straightforward and everybody pitches in to make sure we are all set for first timers briefing, cert presentation, and send off on time at 09.30 am.

5 MR50
(Maeve was at our first ever parkrun!)
Milestones achieved this week were: 100 parkrun by Maeve Ryan, who splits her runs between us and Dublin, and 50 runs by Mary Buckley. Congrats to both.
2 50 mb

8 start308 runners, walkers this week. First finisher was Arthur Fitzgerald in a blistering 17.23. First female was Mollie O Donnell in a pb of 20.36.
Great performances also by junior runners Oisin, Jack and Lucy. All the results are here and there are lots of photos taken by Mikey on our Facebook Page.

9a DC IM
(Darragh's target - 24 minutes. Finish time 23:59! Ian wasn't so good this week, he was a second late!)
A strong team of pacers were on hand to guide the ambitious. Special mention to junior pacer Darragh.

Thanks to all our volunteers.

This Saturday we celebrate our 5th Birthday - time flies - see you there. We would love people to bring along some Home Baking or other goodies, you can drop them to The Brandon between 08:30-09:00.

Jimmy Laide


Run Report #265 – Pauline D!

9 setup boys
As well as the fabulous bright, frosty weather, Saturday got off to a great start with John, Tony, Pat and Dan setting the stage in the park. Such was the early start and heavy lifting, that Dan had to take a nap in his car before the crowd began to arrive.
2 dp


3 ftPark Walk started this week and we were delighted to welcome first timers Eithne, Sean, Amy, Liz, Janette, Mohamed, Johnny, Gavin, Aoife and Cathy.

5 JWExcitement was building and the chatter was raucous. John Walshe did not like being told to stay quiet during the briefing so he shimmied over to the start line to join the rest of the rebels.

10 certs
Three runners, Kirstie, Patrick and Martina did their 50th parkruns this week, and Josie celebrated her 100th.

Timekeeper, Mike Houlihan forgot his phone with the parkrun app and had to run home to get it, arriving back just in time for the whistle.

8 sorchSorcha did one lap before I stalled her Mum to ask if she could give up the remaining two to help out with token support. Herself and Liz Gallivan proved to be a formidable team accounting for funnel duckers, missing and disorderly tokens. Throughout the 340 finishers, they remained focused and calm, as did the timekeepers, Mike and Ursula and the three scanners, Sharon, Mikey and Emer.

D50_7467There were 25 PB's achieved this week. Ellen Mulcahy Lynch was amongst them. Under strict instructions by her daughter Emer to not talk to anyone, just run, she reaped the rewards.

7 BODBarry O' Donnell compiled the music list this week. It was the perfect complement to an upbeat atmosphere.

1 mk mfFirst male through was Maurice Kelter who also achieved a PB. First female through was Mary Fitzsimons with yet another PB!

Many thanks to the 30 volunteers who made it all happen including Jane who took the photographs.

Jimmy Laide is in charge next week. Timekeepers and scanners make sure your phones are fully charged and primed to go with the parkrun volunteer app!

Run Director


Run Report #264 – January 11, 2020

As I arrived into Tralee on a dark, gloomy morning at 8.30 am, I found that the townpark had already been set up for the parkrun by Tony, Pat, Siobhan and Cora. It was a very wet morning and there had been a lot of rain overnight, however that did not deter our 26 volunteers and 175 runners from taking part in Saturday's parkrun.

D50_6150 first timersYann welcomed the First Timers and explained the route. I started the run briefing at approximately 9.25 am. We didn't have any parkrun tourists but we welcomed back frequent visitor Bob Quinn from Poolbeg Parkrun.

D50_6183 MOUNTHAWK Couch25k CARRIGG Cora MORIARTY GarryWe welcomed a group of students and staff from Mounthawk Secondary School who were embarking on a couch to 5K, in conjunction with Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership. We look forward to seeing them again at parkrun along with some of their friends who ducked out because of the rain!

D50_6636 O'SHEA Stella Funnel DuckerSpeaking of DUCKS!!, it seems that Mrs O Shea from Mounthawk is going a bit QUACKER'S, since she turned 50, and we all sang Happy Birthday to MRS QUACK!! I mean Stella O Shea!!!

D50_6176 STACEY Geoff O'CARROLL Yann HEASLIP DOnna Hilda O'SHEA Stella DILLANE Monica JONES KENNELLY EIleenWe were all delighted to welcome back Geoffery and Hilda Stacey. Geoffrey was looking a picture of health and we also wished him a Happy Birthday, coming up during the week (70 Years Young!)

D50_6187 MORIARTY Garry STACEY GeoffDuring the briefing my mind wandered back to my home County, the Great County Of Cork!! and I thanked Cork County Council instead of Kerry County Council for their support to our parkrun. I was quickly corrected by Kerry County Council Engineer Colm Lynch!!

D50_6193 WALLACE David HORAN Tommy GALLAGHER ROss MOSS Ian O'MAHONY patrick175 runners and walkers proceeded to do their three laps of the parkrun and enjoyed the run despite the puddles and wet conditions.

FFinishersStephen Moore was first finisher in at 19.08. Mary Fitzsimons was the first woman at 21.44 and Mary proceeded to do barcode scanning after her run. On looking at the results page I clicked on 'Sort by Age Grade %' as opposed to position and found that Mary Fitzsimons was first overall with 82%, Phyllis O Herlihy was 2nd at 81%, Stephen Moore joint 3rd at 74% with Marian McElligott also at 74% and 4th then John Mitchell at 73%.

D50_6553 GEARY Cathal_Cathal Geary a first timer started his first parkrun just as some of the faster runners were starting their 2nd lap and acheived an age grade of 40%, safe to say he will improve on this if he can get out of bed on time!!

D50_6487 KEARNEY Siobhan CAHILL Darragh Sadhbh JohnOur event Director Siobhan had her own personal pacer today – 12 year old Darragh, and Darragh was the perfect gentleman leaving Siobhan cross the line before him.

Well done to all parkrunners, Walkers and Volunteers today.

Just a Reminder to next week's volunteers to download the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app to your phone and charge your phone for Saturday when Pauline Dennigan will be Run Director.



Back To The Future #263

D50_5133 ASHE Michael DALY Anne marie SCANLON Noel QUINN Frances RATH Bris DALY Triona EMERSON RObert Hugh-2It was the 4th of January and all was back to norm,
Christmas and the New Year Start were suddenly just gone (puff !!!)

My Team of Volunteers showed up One by One,
All Training and Aspirations for the New Year had begun.

Two Time Keepers, Timekeeping, Four Barcoders, Barcoding,
Finish Tokens and Support,
Communications Book and Tail-walkers..

One Marshal, Three VI Guides, First Timers Briefing and Token Sorting.
A Photographer and Pre-Event set up, Everything was going Awesome..

D50_5064 O'CARROLL Yann FIRST Timer's GERARDVisitors from Ballymac, Kilflynn and Tralee,
It’s easy to see that word of mouth has spread within the Different Fields..

50sCerts were in Abundance,
Three Fifty’s and Two One Hundreds.100s


150sTwo special Certs were given out for completing a 15Oth.

D50_5102 O'CARROLL Yann Gerardparkrunners of the Month,
A Father and Son Duo, Ultimate in Multitasking and Always Helping out for Sure..

A mention of the Finish Funnel, Please only Once go through,
In order to keep our Times and Tokens in Sync - Not Muddled or the results may be Misconstrued.

Always keep to your Left, overtake on the Right and make sure to wave to the others it’s nice to be Polite..

D50_5486 QUINN Frances O'CONNELL MaryMusic was by ABBA, I sang for a bit..
The parkrunettes would never hire me.. some people were seen to block their Ears..

I was given the running out of time ‘T’ signal,
I Thanked All who assisted me,
Remember Volunteers are Essential And such a Necessity..

We had only one Token missing number 193,
Do not take our Tokens Home they are required for next week,
When Garry Moriarty From Bere Island is in Charge, so all that’s left to say is DFYB !!

Best Regards
Frances Quinn (R.D.)


December parkrunners of the month – Yann & Gerard

POTM Dec 2019DSC_8219 O'CARROLL yann GerardNames: Yann O Carroll and Gerard O Carroll

Ages: 19, 58

Home parkrun: Tralee

Occupations: Yann is a student at Kerry College of Further Education in Tralee, Gerard is a lecturer in Early Education in IT Tralee

Number of runs: 76 each

DSC_6268 O'CARROLL Yann GODLEY Agnes Gerard-2Favourite volunteer roles: Yann especially enjoys meeting and greeting at the First Timer's Briefing. Gerard is flexible and enjoys most volunteer roles apart from that of fast pacer!TP175-339 O'CARROLL Gerard Yann-2

What do you do at parkrun? We try to run the best we can with a lot of help and encouragement from our new parkrun friends. We also encourage new people to avail of the wonderful opportunities parkrun offers to all.

D72_4826 O'CARROLL YannHow has parkrun changed your running? Yann likes to sprint at the finish line especially when there is an attentive audience and music. Neither of us had ever run before joining parkrun so for Yann, it is a good habit to learn early and for Gerard, better late then never!

What do you like about parkrun? It's a great reason to get up on Saturday morning. There are always friendly faces and encouraging voices. It is not a race and we feel very much part of the event by now. It's a safe and very sociable environment for Yann and we enjoy the post-run chats over breakfast.

TP155_0244 O'CARROLL YannMost memorable or funniest parkrun moment? One of Yann's best memories is getting his first T-shirt (white for 10 parkruns) from Gary. He also loves looking up the great photos that are posted after each parkrun on Facebook. For us both, the chance of getting that elusive new PB is always something to look forward to. For Gerard, who has a sweet tooth, the frequent availability of home baking after the run is always a temptation.

TP#143-195 O'CARROLL Yann FALVEY Stephen-2How did you get involved with parkrun? Milosz, an athletic friend from Poland introduced us, accompanied us and practically dragged us around the park to start! It's all his fault and he subsequently returned to Poland where he continues parkrun in Gdynia and where he will make us welcome should the urge take the Tpots to visit the Baltic coast (preferably not in winter he suggests).

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