Back To The Future #263

D50_5133 ASHE Michael DALY Anne marie SCANLON Noel QUINN Frances RATH Bris DALY Triona EMERSON RObert Hugh-2It was the 4th of January and all was back to norm,
Christmas and the New Year Start were suddenly just gone (puff !!!)

My Team of Volunteers showed up One by One,
All Training and Aspirations for the New Year had begun.

Two Time Keepers, Timekeeping, Four Barcoders, Barcoding,
Finish Tokens and Support,
Communications Book and Tail-walkers..

One Marshal, Three VI Guides, First Timers Briefing and Token Sorting.
A Photographer and Pre-Event set up, Everything was going Awesome..

D50_5064 O'CARROLL Yann FIRST Timer's GERARDVisitors from Ballymac, Kilflynn and Tralee,
It’s easy to see that word of mouth has spread within the Different Fields..

50sCerts were in Abundance,
Three Fifty’s and Two One Hundreds.100s


150sTwo special Certs were given out for completing a 15Oth.

D50_5102 O'CARROLL Yann Gerardparkrunners of the Month,
A Father and Son Duo, Ultimate in Multitasking and Always Helping out for Sure..

A mention of the Finish Funnel, Please only Once go through,
In order to keep our Times and Tokens in Sync - Not Muddled or the results may be Misconstrued.

Always keep to your Left, overtake on the Right and make sure to wave to the others it’s nice to be Polite..

D50_5486 QUINN Frances O'CONNELL MaryMusic was by ABBA, I sang for a bit..
The parkrunettes would never hire me.. some people were seen to block their Ears..

I was given the running out of time ‘T’ signal,
I Thanked All who assisted me,
Remember Volunteers are Essential And such a Necessity..

We had only one Token missing number 193,
Do not take our Tokens Home they are required for next week,
When Garry Moriarty From Bere Island is in Charge, so all that’s left to say is DFYB !!

Best Regards
Frances Quinn (R.D.)