Templemore Parkrun Returns

For the first time since the 18th March 2020 Templemore Parkrun returns tomorrow. A day we have waited and hoped for, as it symbolises not just the return of Parkrun to us, but also a sign of better days to come as we continue to emerge from covid-19 and return to normality.

We cannot wait to see you all tomorrow, don't forget that the course has been altered since we last ran, it has also been totally resurfaced in the areas where it was a trail and gravel run, now our parkrun is totally on tarmac.

Tomorrow we are using the Volunteer Apps to time and scan the event, so please be patient as this may take some time to set up and get going, please allow for the 1 meter rule at the finish line. When you have been scanned and you have dropped the tokens into the token bucket please move on and leave the finish area as required under Parkrun Covid-19 rules.

Today we want to thank Kenny Franks, our outgoing Event Director. Without Kenny there would be no Templemore Parkrun. He has been a cool, composed and calm presence behind the scenes, even if he wasnt running or acting as a Run Director on the day you knew he was only a call or text away and able to sort things out.

We also want to thank Tom Lupton, who was our Event Director, Run Director, Results Processor and everything in between for the Templemore Home Run which he has run for us since last summer. The home runs provided community connectivity and a much needed break from the bad days that we have endured.

Hopefully those days are gone now, but the days of Parkrun have returned, so lets run, jog, walk - whatever way you want to do it, lets make tomorrows one a day to remember.

Welcome back!


Run Report 160

Run 160 was finally reached on another breezy, chilly Saturday with a field of 84 facing Director Frances Long and her team of volunteers. As has become the norm in recent times there was some celebrating to be done before the start. This time it was two ladies in the limelight with Marian Hughes joining the "50 Club" and Deirdre Royce being inducted into the "Florence Nightingale" or "Centurions Club". Both ladies were stalwarts of athletics in their own right long before Parkrun became a fixture. Both are regular volunteers for good measure. Well done ladies.
Then it was up up and away and what a great selection of colours was to be seen as they travelled along the edge of the Lake and by the lovely "Sensory Garden". Beyond that you have the machines involved in the Mall River drainage project creating their own colour. So, you see now that Parkrun is about a lot more than a race but can become a whole range of "adventures" !!! Exercise at one's own pace, a nature outing, an opportunity to catch up on local works, or time for a little chat as the journey unfolds. Is it any wonder that our times vary so much from week to week !!
The front runners were not out to take in the sights or smell the roses with a few right battles being waged. The big one was the 2020 version of the "Battle of Kilkenny" with Matthew Kavanagh 19.15 edging out Graham Bourne 19.25. Tom Lupton 20.25 was in the middle with another "ex Cat" Paddy Bowe next in 20.41 followed by Meath native Damian Mc Donnell 21.17 and Enda Dowling 21.22. Young Oscar Duggan clocked 22.55 just ahead of John Callanan 23.03 and the legend that is Lesley Smyth in 23.19. Some contrast in age grades there lads !!! Graham was completing his 224th run with the vast majority being in Kilkenny. Leslie on 117 would also be a Kilkenny regular. A word for our own regulars with John now on 142 while Tom is on 105. The first 9 finishers now have an even 800 runs between them. That's a fact unless my Maths is wrong !!
Oh yes, there were ladies out on Saturday as well. Leading the charge for them once again was Una Crowley 24.10 on her 72nd run. Relative newcomers Aisling Stapleton 24.59 and Mollie Kavanagh with a PB of 26.03 were next with seasoned competitors Jacqueline Hughes 26.07, Deirdre Royce 26.25, Sharon Cantwell 26.26, Siobhan Harrington 26.40 and Joanne Slevin 27.30 next in line.
Overall, there were just 4 newcomers bringing to 1,392 the number that have completed the Templemore Run. There were just 6 PB's recorded so well done to Steven, Rory, James, Mollie, Katie and Marian.
In the middle of all this we had our 10,000th finisher with regular Tim Shanahan claiming that accolade on his 87th run. Well done Tim who is also a valued volunteer.
For the record the following are those who clocked up the various thousandths since the start;
1,000 - Rita Dempsey Run 7 25/02/17 6,000 - Marie Maher Run 106 02/02/19
2,000 - John Campion Run 30 05/08/17 7,000 - Johnny Mc Inerney Run 119 11/05/19
3,000 - Kenny Franks Run 54 27/01/18 8,000 - Nicky Maddock Run 133 17/08/19
4,000 - Larry Stapleton Run 73 16/06/18 9,000 - Cathy Keane Run 148 30/11/19
5,000 - Declan Gorman Run 92 27/10/18 10,000 - Tim Shanahan Run 160 07/03/20.
With the increase in numbers over the past few months the milestones are coming much quicker with the most recent one coming over just 12 runs. Hopefully the current embargo on outdoor gatherings, as they relate to Park Runs, will be lifted sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, keep safe and healthy and fit for the next day out "beside the lake and beneath the trees".
The Scribe


Run Report 159

A couple of teasers to start things off this week !! ??
! What have siblings Dennis, Emma Hannah and Ophelia have in common ?
2 What is the connection between the numbers 41, 59, 118 and 159 ?

Another fine crowd turned out for Run 159 on a breezy, but thankfully dry, Saturday. Laura Bradish had her volunteer team ready for action early and soon had the 88 strong field up and away. Each week the volunteer team on their way over to the "Finish" gets a chance to see the leading runners through both the 2 and 3k marks and offer words of encouragement to those who might be finding the going tough. Great opportunity for the odd photograph as well.
There was not a lot of time for looking though because the pace was quick with Pierce Harte 20.30 leading the field home from Adrian Bourke 20.40, both PB's, with J P Mc Sherry third in 20.46.. Ladies were flying too with Eileen Mc Cullagh 20.49 and Louise Mahony 20.54 having a great battle while Evelyn Maher was third lady in 22.06. Mark Fahey 21.10 got a PB in 6th place.
Overall there were 14 PB's with 3 newcomers to Templemore. Cathal O' Riordain completed his 196th over 74 venues both home and abroad with Ann Higging now on 132 at just 53 venues, while Aidan Harte, brother of Pierce perhaps, has moved on to 4 Runs !!
Well done to all for their committment to the "cause" which is made easier with the bigger crowd because there is always somebody feeling just as bad or even worse than you !!
1 - The names of weather events that caused Runs to be cancelled.
2 - The Run numbers that were cancelled due to 1.
By the way (59 x 2) = 118
and 118 + 41 = 159.
Numbers are a curious study really !!!

The Scribe


Run Report 157

Park Run 2020 continues to attract the crowds, not only in Templemore with events all over reporting increased numbers. There are many factors involved but the record will show 98 finishers in Run 157 on a breezy but dry La Feile Bride. There were a further 11 first timers to the venue with 21 PB's recorded. The majority of the PB's - 19 in fact, were recorded by people having completed 10 runs or less. Over time these letters become more difficult to achieve but they do act as a wonderful motivator for those on a fitness crusade. Well done one and all and do keep it up. Rumours of mentors and pace setters being engaged are only that, I presume !!!
Nicky Maddock was in charge of affairs and having dispensed the usual pre run instructions and introduced and thanked the loyal Volunteers had a number of other tasks to perform. First, there was the induction of Caroline Kennedy into the "50 Club" which represented a personal triumph for her and her family, a number of whom were there to share the moment. More on that another time. The world of comedy had Laurel and Hardy, the criminal world had Bonny and Clyde, the cartoon world has Tom and Jerry but Templemore Park Run has their own double act in Jane and Simba. From our early days they have been part of "the group" with Simba acting as "timekeeper" for the Director's pre run speech. Run 157 saw Jane inducted into the "Centurions Club" with 89 runs in Templemore with the other 11 completed at 9 "tourist" venues. Jane reckons Simba has at least 96 done but he has no barcode !! We all know what that means. NO BARCODE NO TIME.

With all that done Nicky had the field away and a mere 19.51 later Padraig Looby was home, with a PB for good measure. Damian Mc Donnell was next in 20.25 and the in form Eileen Mc Cullagh claiming third overall and leading lady in 20.56. Great running all round. Then came the bunch of Sean Mulholland 21.11, J P Mc Sherry 21.16, Larry Stapleton 21.23, JFK 21.33 and Noel Kennedy with a PB of 21.38. Jim Cummins clocked 22,19 and struck a blow for the "elder statesmen" of the field with Dara Purcell 22.27 and John Callanan 22.54 giving him great support. Frances Long 26.11, Deirdre Royce 26.12 and newcomer Claire Clohessy 26.13 teamed well together to fill female places 2nd to 4th.

In all, there were just 3 "Unknowns" which is a tribute to those taking part but also to the diligence of the Volunteers and Results Processors in doing that extra bit.
See you all, and more next Saturday. We are getting very near the 10,00th finisher. It could be you but you gotta be there first of all !!!

The Scribe


Run Report 156

For just the 7th time in 156 runs the century barrier got broken with 109 people turning out on another great morning for exercising.  Even the "swan family" on the Lake got in on the act with a noisy take off just before the official "OFF".  Times reflected the conditions with 22 PB's and 12 first timers to Templemore.
A few random stats to emerge from the result sheet - there were 59 ladies and 50 gents broken down as follows;

    AGE                                                                                       RUNS
0 to 20 years     12 finishers                                                 1 to 10       43
21 to 30 years   10 finishers                                               11 to 20         9
31 to 40 years   13 finishers                                               21 to 50       21
41 to 50 years   29 finishers                                               51 to 100     24
51 to 60 years   23 finishers                                               over 100        8
over 60 years    15 finishers                                                unknown       4
unknown             4 finishers

So while we have a varied group of "full timers" there has been an upsurge in participation with 9 debutantes. Nearly half the field have completed less than 20 runs which typifies the appeal of these non competitive events. In all 1,361 people have sampled the run at least once with many returning week after week.  The 105 official finishers on Saturday have accumulated 3,709 runs between them.

Declan Gorman was in charge of matters and reminded all of the need to attend promptly each week and not to forget the "auld barcode".  With the volunteer team in place the field was away in the knowledge that finisher 18 was destined to clock kilometre 48,000.
Aisling Harrington became that person and clocked a PB of  23.34 for good measure.
Young Dylan Mc Laughlin began his athletics life as a sprinter of note but has taken to the longer distances like the proverbial duck to water.  He is now 3 from 3 after clocking 18.33 and had a bit to spare over Matthew Kavanagh 19.05. with JFK next in 20.06, again just short of a significant personal barrier.  Alex Crowley 20.26 was next with PBers Shane Dorney 20.37 and Enda Dowling 20.51 just behind. The Duggans had a lovely family outing with young guns Oscar 22.04 and Luke 22.08 having a great duel, with senior Seamus 22.17 cast slightly adrift. Rerun next week will be all ticket no doubt !!!

Eileen Mc Cullagh 21.13 was again leading lady ahead of Laura Mahoney 22.47, Una Crowley 23.17, back in PB territory again, "thousandaire Aisling, Laurs Bradish 24.33 and Deirdre Royce 25.45 next in line.
Another great chapter has been written. There are plenty more to come with the 50,000th kilometre next up. When will that be ?  Based on recent attendances that could be sooner than expected. In fact it could even be as soon as Valentine's weekend. Who said there was no romance in running ? !! See you all on this Saturday for starters.

The Scribe

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