August parkrunner of the month

Following a unanimous decision we have voted for Una Ní Chribín as St. Anne's parkrunner of the month for August. Since her defection from Malahide to St. Anne's, Una has been a regular runner of the course, a regular volunteer for the run in a multitude of roles and she was also the first multiple winner of the now famous "#98" token.
in the events where dressing up in costumes was to the fore, Una was most likely the supplier of tutus, boas and many other items.
So we say congratulations Una on being the latest member of the club, it is wel deserved and topped off by running your 50th parkrun today.
Read more about Una's parkrun experience below.


Name: Úna Ní Chribín

Club: Running chick with Forget The Gym.


Home parkrun: I have two homes, Malahide and St Annes.

Occupation: Public servant (shh)

Number of Runs: 49

Favourite Volunteer Role: Marshalling, I get to cheer and shout without anyone telling me to be quiet. Most of the runners like a cheer along the way.

What do you do at parkruns?: Steal token 98, take photos and organise skipping with the funnel rope. –  I run too.

How has parkrun changed your running? It's hard to believe now but the coaches had to coax me to park runs. Then I refused to register for the first few months.  I've changed from a self-conscious "unknown" runner to completing 49 official runs, while also enjoying being  the park run poet and the token 98 bandit . Park runs now helps every stage of my training, whether using it for "speed" work, preparation for a longer run or to simply chat with some running buddies. The coffee afterwards is always good.


What do you like about parkrun?:  The camaraderie. Parkruns are for everyone. The young, the not so young, the sprinter, the crawler. Everyone is encouraged to reach  individual goal in a friendly and supportive way. Park runs are usually where our coaches bring the newcomers for their first 5k. I love the excitement and emotions that is built around those events. Who doesn't remember their first 5k.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: The funniest moment has to be winning St Anne's first ever "token 98" award. The thief proof token is still the "must win" prize for a lot of regulars and causes many a bewildered look from newcomers.


St. Anne’s parkrunner of the Month – June 2015

St. Annes parkrun would like to congratulate Sean Power on being the latest entrant to our parkrunner of the month club!

Most of you will recognise our June winner from our weekly run. Sean has completed over 55 parkrun runs with us (and other parkruns in the UK) since his first parkrun that was St. Anne's inaugural event in September 2013.  In addition to this, Sean still finds time to be an active volunteer!

Read more about Sean and his parkrun story below.
Name:  Sean Power
Club:  Not Affiliated
Age:  67
Home parkrun:  St. Anne's
Occupation:  Accountant
Number of Runs:  55

Favourite Volunteer Role:  Scanning - you get to meet other runners face to face as opposed to just seeing their backs.

What do you do at parkruns?:  I arrive just in time for the briefing. No warm up just in case I might not make around the 5K.

How has parkrun changed your running?: Having finished playing football in 1977, I took a short break in exercise until I started running in 2009. When you have two speeds - slow and dead slow, there is not much to change.

What do you like about parkrun?:  Meeting all sorts of runners of all age groups and the positive and supportive attitude of all involved.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: My most memorable run was my 50th run earlier this year in St. Anne's when I was joined by my daughter Lisa from London and my grandson Joseph for the finish.


St. Anne’s parkrunner of the month – May 2015

St. Annes parkrun would like to congratulate Orla Byrne on being the latest entrant to our parkrunner of the month club. Most of you will recognise our May winner from our weekly run. Orla completed her 50th parkrun on 23rd of May this year and is also a regular as a volunteer. Also we would like to wish her a happy birthday for 31st May.

Read more about Orla and her parkrun story below.

Name:  Orla Byrne 
Age:   37 on Sunday!
Home parkrun:  St Anne's, Raheny
Occupation:  HR Manager
Number of Runs:  50
Favourite Volunteer Role:   Funnel manager - particularly in the freezing cold & driving rain - asking people to "mind the muck"
What do you do at parkruns?:  Usually I like to arrive by 9.15 and do some warm up stretches.  I like to chat with the run team, all of whom I've got to know well since the event kicked off.  I then psyche myself up for the 2 laps and try to build in personal challenges along the way - such as digging deep between the dog park and the tennis courts on Lap 2 which always seems to take the wind from my sails a small bit.  
How has parkrun changed your running?:  I would actually credit Parkrun with making me a runner.  Prior to that I had run periodically but not consistently.  I really enjoy the structure of running early on Saturday mornings, it feels like you get the weekend off to a great start.  I started in St Annes on the second Saturday back in September 2013 and have been attending ever since.  Since then, running 5k is the norm and I have also completed the Raheny 5 mile for the past 2 years and now regularly complete 10k runs.  I will run the Womens Mini Marathon again on Monday next.  My next personal challenge will be a 10 mile run and then take it from there - maybe to a marathon some day, who knows!!
What do you like about parkrun?:  Parkrun has become a big part of my life as it is a real family event now.  I am part of Team O'Connor (although I haven't taken the name!) in that my husband Richie, 2 brothers in law, sister in law, baby nephew in the buggy some weeks and our resident family blow in Rusty all meet up on Saturday mornings.  We run, volunteer and chat and then head for coffee afterwards and there is never any competitive element!!!!!!  I also really enjoy the camradarie that has built up with the wider Parkfun family, the Run Directors and volunteers.  It is such a friendly atmosphere and one that I really feel a part of now.  Parkrun is such a great community based events that attracts all ages and abilities.  It is competitive to a point,  but never to preclude anyone and I really like that.  We have such an amazing facility in St Annes and it is a pleasure to run there each week.  I am from the area and am so proud of the great crowd that St Annes Parkrun attracts each week.  
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?:  Lots of memorable moments such as when runners dress up for occasions such as Christmas, Halloween etc.  Personally I was proud of the day I reached my lowest PB (still chasing it by a minute or so) and also of Richie when he was inducted into the Run Director Hall of Fame and when he won 2014 Volunteer of the Year.  His back injury prevented him from running so he faithfully showed up each week to volunteer.  


St. Anne’s parkrunner of the month – April 2015

The latest runner to be inducted into the St Anne's parkrunner of the Month Hall of Fame is Deirdre Byrne. Our April winner is a St Anne's regular runner and volunteer. With an impeccable record of 20 runs and 20 times being 1st female across the finish line with 18 overall top ten finishes and 1 overall first place finish.
Read more about Deirdre below:

Name: Deirdre Byrne

Club: Sli Cualann

Age: 32

Home parkrun: St Anne's Parkrun

Occupation: Teacher and Running Coach at

Number of Runs: 20

Favourite Volunteer Role: I like scanning the barcodes at the finish, even though there's usually a big queue due to my inability to operate the barcode scanner effectively. There's a definite knack which I have yet to master!

What do you do at parkruns?: I usually run over and do a few stretches. Then listen to any announcements before the fog horn goes off. The St. Anne's Parkrun is 2 laps which I like. There's always great support as you are running around.

How has parkrun changed your running?: I love doing the Parkrun on Saturday mornings and it has definitely become part of my running routine. I'm not naturally a morning person so sometimes when the alarm goes off I spend a few minutes convincing myself to get up. I have yet to regret dragging myself out of bed!

What do you like about parkrun?: It's amazing to see the numbers that turn up every week to it and fair play to the race directors for all the effort they have to put in to making sure everything runs smoothly every week.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Most memorable was being there to see my friend and colleague Martina complete her first 5k. She is an absolute inspiration to anyone thinking about taking up running.


St. Anne’s parkrunner of the month – March 2015

The latest runner to be inducted into the St Anne's parkrunner of the Month Hall of Fame is Rob Clarke. Our March winner is a St Anne's regular runner and volunteer. Read more about Rob below:

Rob Clarke

I'm currently available on the transfer market.


Home parkrun:
St Anne's, Raheny

IT Consultant

Number of Runs:

Favourite Volunteer Role:
Marshall, definitely. It's the just the right level of responsibility for early on a Saturday morning and also let's me offer 'friendly encouragement' as friends jog by!

What do you do at parkruns?:
I seem to spend a lot my time at parkrun drinking coffee and talking about running! When the hooter goes off, I like to run as fast as I can for the first lap and then slowly crumble on lap 2. Like I said last year, I think this could be the year I get my pacing right.

How has parkrun changed your running?
Running for me had always been a solo activity. Parkrun has turned my group of friends from hardened pub-goers into hardened race-goers. It's shocking to think we're all far fitter now than we were in our 20s! Having friends who are prepared to show up in the wind and rain definitely helps with the motivation to put the runners on and get outside the door.

What do you like about parkrun?:
I think it's fantastic that a free, community driven event has been so successful and become part of the weekly routine for so many people. It's also the social aspect that keeps us coming back week after week.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?:
I was overtaken on the home straight by a guy running in sandals! There's nothing like being dressed for the occasion.


St Anne’s parkrunner of the Month – December 2014

Name: Connor Jennings

Club: Raheny Shamrock AC

Age: 44

Home parkrun: St Anne's

Occupation: Insurance Underwriter

Number of Runs: 83

Favourite Volunteer Role: Pre-Event set up as I still get to run

What do you do at parkruns?: If volunteering, arrive at about 8.45am to put out the signs. Then try and get around as fast as possible. There are usually quite a few running from the Club so there is a lot of friendly rivalry. Afterwards back for coffee in the Red Stables Café,swapping gossip with the Sportsworld gang.

How has parkrun changed your running?: No more lie ins on Saturday mornings! I have been running for about 4 years now and the 5K on Saturdays is a good warm up before the long run with the Club on Sunday mornings.

What do you like about parkrun?: Fosters a great community spirit & encourages people of all running abilities. A few people that started out doing the 5K parkrun have now progressed onto running marathons and many have joined their local athletics clubs.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Aoife Talty beating all the lads & finishing in 1st position last January.


St. Annes parkrunner of the month – March 2014

Name:  Anne Mc Comish
Club:   I don't run with a club just me myself and I !
Age:   I’d like to put 21 but Im 45 :( but feel like I’m 21 does that count !!
Home parkrun:  The greatest park run venue ever...... St Anne's.
Occupation:  Accountant
Number of Runs: 7

Favourite Volunteer Role: So far I’ve done token sorter, finish tokens and bar code scanning I like all the roles particularly when you get to meet people and see how pumped they are after their runs, you get a great buzz of people's reactions when they have completed their very first 5km run and are so chuffed with themselves.  I also like that you can volunteer by doing the token sorting and still run while lending a hand and having a coffee afterwards with your fellow token sorters !!

What do you do at parkruns:  I get up early on a Saturday morning and get myself organised whether I’m running or volunteering the correct clothing is essential as it can get windy and cold up in St Anne's.   I usually head up early to get my parking spot or if my hubby is run director I head up even earlier to help him get set up.  Then before the race say hi to the great people that are involved in Park Run.  Then if I’m running I get my tunes ready I need my music to keep me going and get my watch ready for the "ready steady go" (I’m getting very professional now with my watch !).  I usually pick someone along the run and try and stay with them I know a few faces now that come in around the same time as me or before me so unfortunately yes I stalk a few of the runners I'm afraid ! But it gets me a BP !! After the run we generally head over for a coffee to the Red Stables where a number of the park runners meet up and help out with token sorting and catch up on how our Jantastic logging is going or if anyone is doing any runs coming up. Ive met some really nice people through Park Run.  You always feel great after the run and ready to take on the rest of the day.

How has parkrun changed your running:  While I ran before I wasn’t a dedicated runner, I would come up with every excuse under the sun, "it looked like it was going to rain" " it was raining" " it was cold" " I didn't feel like it" " I'd run tomorrow"  "it was Wednesday !" I used to think my husband was having a mid life crisis training for his marathon going out in lashing rain, early mornings, on holidays I couldn't understand it.  Since joining park run and particularly doing the Jantastic as a park run team I suddenly found myself running in the rain, setting my alarm for 6 am so I can run before work in order to get my run in, bringing my running gear on weekends away so I can get my run done I really can't believe it.  But once you committed as a Park Run team to log the runs I felt that I had to continue and do it (I even got gentle reminders at home and from friends if I hadn't logged yet that week).  I am now training for my first half marathon which I’m doing on Good Friday, I never thought I would do a half marathon yet here I am already at 12 miles in my training.  Park Run St Anne's is still very much part of my running routine now and I've improved my time since I started, I feel great after running and I have so much more energy.  I think I’m hooked!

What do you like about parkrun: I like that there are experienced runners who would probably lap me every week and there are beginners who struggle to finish it, yet it’s an event for everyone, every level, every size, every age and we all do it together and get different things from it, some get pb's, some get the joy of finishing their first every 5 km, some just like that it gets you out of bed every Saturday morning and makes you feel great for the weekend.  The fact its run by volunteers is great as well they are all passionate about the park run being a success and therefore it is and we all feed off that whether you're volunteering or running.  It’s great!

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:
Most memorable moment has to be last week when I smashed my pb it was a great feeling. Funniest moment has to be during our jantastic logging for park run it was valentines night and there was me and my husband running a 10 km in the rain and cold as we passed a restaurant full of loved up couples.... Who says romance is dead !!!


Not long to go!

With just over 3 weeks to go, we’re very excited about the start of St. Anne’s parkrun. Don’t forget to register (link is on the main St. Anne’s page), and print out your barcode ahead of the first run on the 28th September.  

‘Like’ us on facebook to keep up to date with St. Anne’s parkrun.


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