Park run 21st April

St Anne's parkrun
Event number 229
21st April 2018
It was a cracking sunny day for all 443 park runners and most welcome. The park looked amazing, the sun brought out the best in everyone loads of happy smiling faces. A large enthustic volunteer group made the event run very smoothly and contributed to the great atmosphere on the day. They also made my job a lot easier. Thank you all.
Pia Penser celebrated her 100th park run. Christy Reilly got a special mention for park run person of the month. He couldn’t help himself but after his run helped in ensuring the smooth running of the funnel. With big numbers it is hectic in the funnel until all the runners come through the finish line.
This week 30 runners or walker were first timers and 44 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by the following 24 volunteers:

Connor JENNINGS • Robbie BEGGS • Christy REILLY • Sean HESSION • Brighid SMYTH • Meryl DIAB • Simon DIAB • Laura BRAYDEN • Colin GRIFFIN • Adrienne ATKINS • David O'CONNOR • Jean DUNNE • Geraldine STRUTT • Dylan EVENDEN • Richard O'DRISCOLL • Kevin MC DAID • Tara CLEMENTS • Sharon FEERICK • Andrew MURPHY • Michael GOODMAN • Francis STRUTT • Alannah BRAYDEN • Grainne HEALY • Frances KINSELLA
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Anne's parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Aoife TALTY who recorded a time of 16:51 on 28th September 2013 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Mick CLOHISEY who recorded a time of 14:46 on 6th May 2017 (event number 181).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary LYNCH who recorded 92.68% (22:33) on 13th May 2017 (event number 182).
St Anne's parkrun started on 28th September 2013. Since then 9,530 participants have completed 65,215 parkruns covering a total distance of 326,075 km, including 11,818 new Personal Bests.

Run Director,

See you in the am,

Laura Brayden


People of parkrun March 2018

Name: Christy “Smooth Operator” Reilly

Age:  61

Local parkrun:  St. Anne’s parkrun

Number of parkruns completed:  53 parkruns (41 of these at St. Annes)

Number of times volunteered: 32 times

How did you get involved in parkrun?

I got involved with parkrun as I am life long member of local running club “Raheny Shamrocks”. St Annes parkrun started up in the local park and what better way to incorporate a weekly 5k into your training runs.

What do you love about parkrun?

People, Atmosphere, the sense of real community spirit, the parkrun buzz. The post run chats over a cuppa in Olive’s Room.

Who do you participate with?

I participate with my fellow parkrunners and my club mates. That’s the beauty of parkrun, you can just turn up, do a little warm up & run amongst all other parkrunners. Don’t be afraid to turn up on your own, you can run, walk, jog it and there are plenty of people to participate with. It’s not a race, it’s a fun run.

How has parkrun impacted positively on your family outside of 9:30 am on a Saturday?
As Declan Robinson would say “a Model Husband” I make the breakfast every Saturday morning for the family before I leave to head out for the parkrun

What was your best funnel experience?

All 32 times that I have volunteered at parkrun, as I am “King of the Finish Funnel”

What advice would you give to someone looking at getting into funnelling?

If you are getting into Finish Funnelling you have big shoes to fill, ONLY JOKING ….. but my advice would be watch out for the Funnel Ducker, this is the runner who crosses the finish line and ducks out from the funnel and does not take the finish token. Tip is don’t be a Funnel Ducker continue through the funnel and take the unwanted finish token and return it to the scanners tubs.

Also don’t be a Double Crosser, a Double Crosser is a No No…. This is when parkrunners run through the funnel, then they run back to help/encourage and motivate fellow parkrunners in true parkrun spirit, however, they get caught up in the moment and come through the finish funnel again!

Qualities needed to be a successful funnel manager –

1) you need to be a smooth operator,

2).your need eyes in the back of your head

3) Tour Guide to remind parkrunners which direction they need to go

4). you need a big voice as the role includes communications between timekeepers and
finish token volunteers to make sure all running positions are in sync..


Run Report Event 227 – Easter Weekend Celebrations


Run Report for Event 227 – Easter Weekend 2018



******REMINDER: St Anne’s parkrun is cancelled next Saturday due to BHAA 10k race taking place in the park********



Cracking weekend for our Pacer Saturday & Easter weekend parkrun.


This week we had 393 fabulous parkrunners who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 59 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.


Thank you to all volunteers & the huge number of pacers - you are all AWESOME


The event was made possible by 33 wonderful volunteers:

Geraldine CLEMENTS • Aoife QUINN • Ann Marie GRAHAM • Connor JENNINGS • Jenny COLBERT • Sean HESSION • Damien MARTIN • Tommy CRAMPTON • Anne MC COMISH • Dan WALLACE • Gary KENNY • Gillian KENNY • Mark MCCOMISH • Colm KERNAN • Keith FLEMING • Úna NÍ CHRIBÍN • Caroline FARRELLY • Melissa CURRAN • David O'CONNOR • Michael FARRELL • Jean DUNNE • Dara MAC DONAILL • Molly KENNY • Mary BARRETT • Lucy BARRETT • Patricia LORIGAN • Carol GEOGHEGAN • Ciaran MCGOWAN • Kevin MC DAID • Paul KELLY • Patricia OCLEIRIGH • Grace HAYDEN • Grainne HAYDEN


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Anne's parkrun Results Page.


Lots of celebrations to acknowledge :-

Best Wishes & Huge congrats to Brian Connors who took in a parkrun before he made his way up the aisle - many congrats on your WEDDING DAY. We hope you all had a fabulous day.




Huge Congrats to our 100 Milestone recipient Maria Pertl who completed her 100th parkrun pushing her baby in the buggy ;)




Our 50th milestone awards were awarded to Geraldine Clements, Derek Brunicardi & Caroline Hynes.


Regular St Anne's parkrun runner Michael Clancy hit the 50 mark last Saturday at the Russborough parkrun.  Congrats Michael.



Our latest member to the Token #98 Hall of Fame is Robert Lynch.



Since it was Easter, we had a bit of fun with few spot prizes for parkrunners who finished in 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th and 250th place. Well done to Niamh Walsh, Christy Reilly, Kevin Devine, Elaine Staveley and Maria Pertl.


1st Male was Peter Fitzsimons


1st Female was Adrienne Atkins



Congrats to all our parkrunners who participated in the Battle of Clontarf ;)


The female record is held by Aoife TALTY who recorded a time of 16:51 on 28th September 2013 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Mick CLOHISEY who recorded a time of 14:46 on 6th May 2017 (event number 181).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary LYNCH who recorded 92.68% (22:33) on 13th May 2017 (event number 182).

St Anne's parkrun started on 28th September 2013. Since then 9,433 participants have completed 64,274 parkruns covering a total distance of 321,370 km, including 11,715 new Personal Bests.


Thanks for making the event so much fun guys.


Remember we won’t be here next Saturday 7th April but we will be back on Saturday 14th were the lovely Ann Marie Graham will be looking after you.



Gillian Kenny – Run Director



RUN REPORT – St Anne’s parkrun # 226 – 24/03/2018

Spring definitely sprung in St Anne's last Saturday. Absolutely gorgeous morning and I donned the RD Vest over my apricot T thinking back on the snow and ice from the previous weekend.........the world really is gone mad.

There was nothing mad about the 392 parkrunners that ran, jogged and walked the course on such a fabulous morning. Our numbers included 27 were first timers to St Anne's and 48 parkrunners who took advance of the super conditions to recorded new Personal Bests.

Not sure how many parkrun tourist we had but we had 3 brave enough to make themselves known and get their pics taken for mark their trip. These were Aidan Mahon (Lincoln UK), Karen Hoskin (Eastbourne UK) and Martin Colclough (Sheffield, UK)

We had one milestone which to my shame I failed to announce. So please accept my humble apology and my wholehearts congrats on completing your 50th parkrun, Fiona Donnellan. If you are there on Saturday I will ask Gillian to take the traditional embarrassing feather boa milestone pic for the archives. Well done Fiona!!

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers without whom it just wouldn't happen. So I big thanks for this week's HI-VIS HEROS:

Denis MURPHY • Connor JENNINGS • Catherine GILLANDERS • Mark MCCOMISH • Colm KERNAN • Maire O'MAHONY • Keith COMISKEY • Brian HANNEY • Patrick COOKE • Mary BARRETT • Mary LYNCH • Lucy BARRETT • Carol GEOGHEGAN • Kevin MC DAID • Sharon FEERICK • Erin MINCHIN • Brian CUNNANE • Patricia OCLEIRIGH • Sean KELLY • David BOYLE • George MCSHEFFREY

The stats stuff is below and the full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Anne's parkrun Results Page.

All that is left is to remind you that it is PACER Saturday this coming weekend and to wish you all a very enjoyable lalalala...long weekend whether you are parkrunning with us or elsewhere or even if godforbid you are not parkrun at all :o

Have a good one, folks.

Run Director - St Anne's parkun


The female record is held by Aoife TALTY who recorded a time of 16:51 on 28th September 2013 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Mick CLOHISEY who recorded a time of 14:46 on 6th May 2017 (event number 181).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary LYNCH who recorded 92.68% (22:33) on 13th May 2017 (event number 182).

St Anne's parkrun started on 28th September 2013. Since then 9,399 participants have completed 63,881 parkruns covering a total distance of 319,405 km, including 11,656 new Personal Bests.


St. Annes park run 17th March 2018 St. Patricks day

Event number 225

It was a chilly day for all the 313 runners and 21 volunteers who took park in the park run on this special day. It will be the year 2029 before St. Patrick’s day falls on a park run day again. Not to mention the fact that this day will go down in history as the day Ireland beat England to win the grand slam. it was also great to see so many people going green for the run and getting in to the festive spirit. even though festivities moved alsong very quickly to Olives for some nice hot refreshments.
We had 2 mile stones Valerie Clinton and Richard O’ Driscoll who celebrated their 50th park run. Congratulations to them. Jonathan Boyle was a 98th park run finisher. We also had 2 visitors from Stockholm who helped out and 1 visitor from Valentines park run in London. Some great phhotos are on the facebook page.
The event was made possible by these great volunteers who stood out in the cold and the light snow (a few little flurries) to ensure you all had a good run.
Connor JENNINGS • Shane ROE • Orla BYRNE • Laura BRAYDEN • Richie O'CONNOR • Fiona DONNELLAN • David O'CONNOR • Keith COMISKEY • Jean DUNNE • Agnes FLYNN • Lucy BARRETT • Kate BIELINSKI • Carol GEOGHEGAN • Ciaran MCGOWAN • Paul KELLY • Andrew MURPHY • Nicholas WOOD • Francis STRUTT • Alannah BRAYDEN • Louise MAHER • Henrik ISAKSSON
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Anne's parkrun Results Page.

Run director,
Laura Brayden


February parkrunner of the month

Name:Sean Hession



Home parkrun: St. Anne's Dublin

Occupation: Singer/Advertising Manager

Number of Runs: 171

Favourite Volunteer Role: Token Sorting

What do you do at parkruns?: I try to get there by 9.10, warmup and say hello to the nearest stranger and the usual suspects. At 9.30 I'm ready to run. Afterwards, it's coffee and token sorting.

How has parkrun changed your running?:
I never was much of a runner but when I joined a military fitness club at a local park with like-minded people I became somewhat fit. Long distance swimming is also a big interest for me. About 4 years ago I heard about parkrun and tried it out in Malahide. I found it hard but persevered. Feeling a great sense of achievement, I returned the following week. I discovered St. Anne's and every week I look forward to finding out if I can come close to my PB. Usually never! I recently signed up for the Battle of Clontarf 10 mile on Easter Monday and intend to do a half marathon this year.

What do you like about park run?:
I like the friendly nature of each event, the fact that there are so many varied parkruns all around Ireland and beyond and that everyone is a welcome participant, particularly beginners, wherever you might find yourself. To date, I've enjoyed taking part in Poppintree, Marlay Park, Ardgillan, Glengarriff, Ballina, Ennis, Sligo and further afield in Gunnersbury Park, London. No matter where you are on the island there is usually a parkrun nearby. Parkrun tourism is becoming a big thing in Ireland and overseas. Volunteering is important and balances the indulgence of just running every week. It's nice to be able to give back a little of your own time to the very event that has enabled you to become a runner. I'm very grateful to be part of the whole thing.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Beating 25 minutes for the first and only time so far! Running with my son at parkrun. He now has 25 to his credit. When he started at the age of 13 I used to beat him easily - now he leaves me for dust.


January parkrunner of the month

Name: Laura Clarke

Club: Raheny Shamrocks

Age: 32

Home parkrun: St Anne's

Occupation: Insurance Admin

Number of Runs: 57, 41 of those being at St Anne's

Favourite Volunteer Role: Marshal. It's a great chance to see people you know and offer encouragement to everyone who came out that morning. I'm mostly on my bike so one RD always puts me at the point on the course that's furthest away!

What do you do at parkruns?: Most of my parkruns are very social, done at a pace to have the chats with whoever has turned up that morning! Descending en masse then at Olives for more chats and a nice of cup tea goes without saying as well

How has parkrun changed your running?: Whenever I'm away for the weekend it's now one of the first things I do to see if there's a parkrun in the area! Unless I have something else on Saturday morning it's assumed that parkrun will feature, it's made my running much more social.

What do you like about parkrun?: How open and inclusive it is to everyone, no matter what you want to get from it and that you have an opportunity to contribute back as well through volunteering. They're great community events and the amount of people I've gotten to know from my local one is incredible. No matter where you turn up on a Saturday morning, or Sunday at juniors, there's always a friendly atmosphere to welcome you.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: The funniest is probably at my expense, which some regulars who were at a recent one before Christmas could attest to so I'll go with the most memorable! As a regular visitor to West Cork Bere Island was on the list for a while. Getting the parkrun package for the ferry over and the bus on the island was very different to my usual cycle to the start line. The weather was miserable but the encouragement from the regulars there was superb, and it was really well organised with a chance to catch up with locals and other parkrun tourists over a cup of tea before the return ferry. I randomly ended up bumping into some of the same people at St Anne's the following week.


Run Report – Event #219 – 27/01/2018

Our morning started off with 446 parkrunners arriving to run their weekly 5k fix. 43 were first timers and 60 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

We all welcomed the Operation Transformation crew who where attending our wonderful event at St. Anne’s parkrun. We had our local Operation Transformation Leader Felicity Moroney in attendance accompanied by Kathryn Thomas and Rebecca Fox who were onsite to encourage and support Felicity every step of her way. Such an inspirational morning. Everyone at St. Anne’s parkrun is so proud of you, well done Felicity.

The atmosphere was electric as our pacers lined up to guide everyone around the parkrun route and encourage you all to reach your target goals. Thanks to Damien, Michael, Dylan, Keith, Richie, Eleanor, Una and Laura who all did a fabulous job.

Huge celebrations for our parkrun milestone recipients. A stalwart and Run Director on our Core Team, Ann Marie Graham celebrated her 100th parkrun in style with husband Greg, her sister Sarah and pal Christina to enjoy the run alongside her.

Philip Harrison also completed his 100th parkrun today, 77 of these runs where completed in the lovely St. Anne’s park.

Simon Diab and Pawel Luczejko both completed their 50th parkrun milestones. Simon has completed 43 runs at St. Anne’s and Pawel has completed 41 runs.

Well done to the students from 100 minds for Temple Street who completed their 5k run at this mornings event.

Our Hi-Vis heroes this week are,:- Carol GEOGHEGAN • Caroline FARRELLY • Connor JENNINGS • Damien MARTIN • Dara CARR • David CHERRY • Declan BOYLE • Dylan EVENDEN • Eleanor SAMMON • Frances KINSELLA • Gary KENNY • George MCSHEFFREY • Gillian KENNY • Jean DUNNE • Karen BROOKS • Keith COMISKEY • Keith FLEMING • Kevin MC DAID • Laura CLARKE • Lucy BARRETT • Marie UI IARNAIN • Mark LACEY • Mary BARRETT • Mary LYNCH • Michael FARRELL • Michael P CLANCY • Patricia LORIGAN • Paul DUNNE • Richie O'CONNOR • Sean HESSION • Sebastian CHIRITA • Sue O'TOOLE • Una CHERRY • Jamie KILLEEN • MERYL DIAB

Thank you for making our run a huge success

Graham O’Dwyer for 1st male and Hannah Craddock was first lady.

Newest member to our 98 Hall of fame is James Hyland.
Best of luck to all our parkrunner’s who are participating in the local Raheny 5 race today.

Same time, same place next week – see you all then.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Many thanks
Gillian Kenny – Run Director


Park run run report Saturday the 13th January

St Anne's parkrun
Event number 217
13th January 2018
A blustery day for our 389 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.
We had a number of mile stones Jean Dunne who is a regular volunteer at both Junior and Senior park runs. A number of park runners also celebrated their 50th park runs. Congratulations to Trish Gormely, Brigid Smyth, Catherine McGowan.
We also had a visit from Liam O’ Haire from London. Over 300,000’s km have been covered by park runners in St. Annes with 60,000 finishers. Position 223 Robert Shields completed the park run in 60,000 position. Figures supplied by Richie. Alan McGettigan was the 98th park runner today.
The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Connor JENNINGS • Alan KILMARTIN • Jenny COLBERT • Eamon TRAYNOR • Christy REILLY • Laura BRAYDEN • Richie O'CONNOR • Adrienne ATKINS • Alasdair BROWN • Eppie JONES • Ollie POWER • Sue O'TOOLE • Keith COMISKEY • Paul DUNNE • Eamonn DUNNE • Geraldine STRUTT • Kate BIELINSKI • Caroline CONNAUGHTON • Colm O'TOOLE • Francis STRUTT • Alannah BRAYDEN • Mark LACEY • Patrick WATTS • Robert GULMANN
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Anne's parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Aoife TALTY who recorded a time of 16:51 on 28th September 2013 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Mick CLOHISEY who recorded a time of 14:46 on 6th May 2017 (event number 181).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary LYNCH who recorded 92.68% (22:33) on 13th May 2017 (event number 182).


parkrunner of the month December 2017

Name: Jenny Colbert

Club: Raheny Shamrocks AC

Age: 48

Home parkrun: St. Anne's

Occupation: Civil Servant

Number of Runs: 118

Favourite volunteer role: I like all the roles actually but my number 1 has to be marshaling because you get to pay back all the support and encouragement that you receive when you're running the course yourself. I believe all my shout outs help people to give it that extra bit that they didn't think they had as I know I find it hugely motivating when I'm on the receiving end.

What do you do at parkruns?: Chat and catch up with friends! In between chatting and catching up with friends I either run the best I have in me on the day or I volunteer but the chatting and catching up is just as important.

How has parkrun changed your running?: I started running for fitness 5 years before I tried parkrun, during which time I did almost all my runs solo. St. Anne's parkrun started up literally on my door step on 28 September 2013. I popped down to that first event to see what it was all about as a running friend was trying to get me involved for 10 months without success. I just didn't get it until I tried it for myself and discovered a whole community of like minded people who also enjoyed getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning and running regardless of the weather.

What do you like about parkrun?: I just love that it's free and frequent, attracting all levels of walkers & runners. Because it's weekly and timed, with all the historical data at the touch of a button, it's a fantastic opportunity to map personal progress and development. Then when you attend regularly you get to battle it out with other frequent runners around your own level. It's a great sense of achievement when you pass someone that you are normally following...even if you find out afterwards that they're injured or exhausted! I also love that you can stay connected by volunteering when you're not running.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Last April I completed my 100th parkrun which was a personal milestone I was really looking forward to. However the bigger achievement on the day was persuading my Husband and 3 teenagers to get into the spirit and join me, which they all did, albeit some of them very reluctantly...