People of parkrun May 2018

Name : Marianne Fanning

 Age : SW30-34 :)

 Local parkrun: St Anne's parkrun

 No of parkruns completed : 117 and 104 of these at St Anne’s parkrun

 No of times volunteered : 15

 How did you get involved in parkrun :

My best friend Aoife brought me along to my first parkrun. It was my first ever attempt at trying to run. Aoife took me around the 5k route. We jogged and walked for most of it. Honestly I thought I would never go back and now I am 117 runs in! The feeling you get when one day you go from not being able to run 5k to competing with yourself for a PB is very exciting.

 What do you love about parkrun :

The people, the volunteers and the run directors. There is not a minute that goes by during a parkrun that you don't get a cheer or a good morning from a fellow runner. I have made lifelong friends as a result of parkrun. The atmosphere and the kindness of other runners (who help me achieve a PB on pacer Saturdays) make parkrun my favourite pastime.


Who do you participate with :

 My fiance Ollie who is my biggest supporter. Attached is a photo of a trophy he gave me for my 100th parkrun. I participate with so many friends - its a big family to me now.

 How has parkrun impacted positively on your family outside of 9.30 on a Saturday :

I now compete in other local runs because of parkruns and I am also a member of the local running club Raheny Shamrock AC (talk to Pat Hooper at the finishing funnel for more info!).

I love the energy running gives me and of course not forgetting the lovely cup of tea from Olive's and maybe a cheeky almond croissant or Pauline's lemon slice