People of parkrun April 2018

Name : Kevin McDaid

Age : 68 (69 next week but I'm not boasting about it !!)

Local parkrun: St Annes

No of parkruns completed :3

No of times volunteered : 36, I've become a serial volunteer because I can't run !

How did you get involved in parkrun :

Well, it was recommended as part of my parole conditions! No seriously, it was thanks to some of my friends in Raheny Shamrocks that I first heard about parkrun.
What do you  love about parkrun?
It gets me out in all kinds of weather, I get to meet lots of nice, friendly people & it keeps me reasonably fit & out of trouble. I participate with my wife Mary Lynch ( not much choice there!!) I have got to know so many through parkrun I now feel part of a big family & look forward to it on Saturday mornings.