St Anne’s parkrunner of the Month – November

Name: Paul Duffy

Club: N/A

Age: 43

Home parkrun: St Anne's, Dublin,

Occupation: Civil Servant

Number of Runs: 90

Favourite Volunteer Role: Pacing (usually 29 or 30 minutes). Getting fellow parkrunners over the line for a pb or a milestone is a fantastic reward. I enjoy the personal challenge of setting and holding a steady pace to get home in the scheduled time.

What do you do at parkruns?: I like to head down a bit early for a 'pre-parkrun-run' with one of my parkrun buddy's. We then head round to the start line for a quick catch up and meet 'the gang'. I'm not a fast runner and regard myself as a parkrun jogger, but some weeks I will try a faster pace.

How has parkrun changed your running?: I was never a runner previously and started parkrun in January 2014. My running improved and distance increased and in October 2015, I completed the Dublin Marathon. Without a doubt St Anne's parkrun got me there. I met new friends, got brilliant advice and even picked up a few fantastic run buddies along the way (you know who you are!).

What do you like about parkrun?: It has something for everyone, from competitive runners, to the fun runners and joggers. I love the ethos of parkrun. What Paul Sinton-Hewitt started in the UK in 2004 has been more valuable than any govt. health policy (Paul Sinton-Hewitt was recognised with a CBE in 2014 for 'services to grass roots sports participation'- C'mon Queenie- Give that man a knighthood!) On a personal level I love starting the weekend with some exercise, the chats with my pals along the way, a coffee and then home with some cakes to keep the wife and kid happy!. All done and dusted by 11am.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Most memorable moment would be in March 2015, when parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt came to visit our little event and I got a high 5 from him as I ran down the avenue on the 'old course'. I love the photo opportunities every week and can usually be spotted adopting a pose with one or two other messers!