St. Anne’s parkrunner of the month – February 2016

Home parkrun: St.Annes

Occupation: School

Number of Runs: 56

Favourite Volunteer Role: Token sorting,you still get to run and its in the warm cafe

What do you do at parkruns?: When I arrive I'll usually do a quick warm up to get ready for the run. Then after the run briefing I'll go to the front of the start line and get ready to go. After the run I might go to the market for a cake or two before heading off to train again.

How has parkrun changed your running?: Before parkrun I did no running but after my first parkrun I started to train more and more as the weeks went by and slowly got better and better.

What do you like about parkrun?: It gives you a platform to improve your running as you can see weekly if your improving or if you had a bad week of training. You also meet other runners of your ability who you can chat to and run with.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Beating my 'running partner' and friend in a fiercely competitive run. He led for the first 3k but then I caught up and we were neck and neck until the last 200m when I decided to make an early sprint and luckily I just about held on for the win!