St Annes parkrun Event #110 – 12th December 2015


It is days like last Saturday to remind me why I enjoy being part of the parkrun family so much and what an amazing movement it is. On a day that I wouldn’t even leave the dog out I was joined by 93 parkrunners @ St Anne’s parkrun, 82 runners, 9 volunteers and 2 double jobbers both running and volunteering. When Dermot Coffey one of our double jobber this week returned from the course inspection with his runners and socks soaked through we agreed that while the course was safe there would be no way for parkrunners to get around without getting a similar soaking. So during the pre-run briefing we up dated the parkrunners and made them aware of the level of surface water they would encounter on the way around. Not one batted an eyelid or headed for the exit they were already in for a penny so why not be in for a pound.

From the off the group which contained a number of “Forget the Gym” runner taking on their first 5K run, was led by Andrew Hyland on his 50th parkrun in the company of pacer extraordinaire Damien Martin. Andrew eventually finished 2nd to first finisher Declan Robinson who crossed the line in a very respectable 18:12. First female finisher was Lucy Barrett in a time of 19:50 followed by parkrun tourist Andy Galway from Oxford in the UK in 21:41. Runners continued to cross the line for the next 20mins not one complaining about the conditions but instead many smiling and laughing in the rain about the puddles they had just splashed through. To be honest I was a little jealous as it sounded like great fun. There was a level of community spirit in evidence last Saturday that sometimes you miss on the good weather days with 250+ parkrunners buzzing around.

This spirit was never more evident than when two of our regular parkrunners (sub 17 pace guys) came back down the finishing straight on their cool down flanking one of our first time runners and encouraging her every inch of the way to the line. She finished smiling and was congratulated wholeheartedly by her honour guard. Shortly after this the Forget the Gym crew, each of them soaked through, gathered to support the last of their runners across the line. These two runners, Marie Daly and Grace McRandal, finished their first 5K with high 5’s all-round. There was a rumour that a few tear may have been shed as well, after all you only do your first 5K once. To top it off we were treated to celebratory shortbread cookies courtesy if the FTG support crew. Thanks Folks.

The rain may have poured and the ground may have been very wet underfoot but there was nothing damp about the atmosphere in St Anne's parkrun on Saturday.

Well done to all our runners who venture out and in particular, to our parkrun volunteers on the day.

Anne MC COMISH  •  Carol GLEESON  •  Declan CARROLL  •  Dermot COFFEY  •  Gary KENNY  •  Gillian KENNY  •  Kate CARROLL  •  Mark MCCOMISH  •  Molly KENNY  •  Niamh DONNELLAN  •  Una CHERRY

Legends one and all!!

See you all Saturday and hopefully, we will be treated to less rain than last week and less wind that the week before.

Have a good week.


Mark McComish, Run Director.

Male placings:
Declan ROBINSON (SM25-29) of Raheny Shamrocks AC, was first over the line in 18:12 - first time in 32 appearances.
Andrew HYLAND (JM15-17) of Fingal Triathlon Club, was second over the line in 18:22.
Conall MURPHY (SM30-34) of Piranha TC, was third over the line in 18:29.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Alan O' FLYNN (Raheny Shamrocks AC) 919 pts.
Andrew HYLAND (Fingal Triathlon Club) 834 pts.
Keith FLEMING (Unattached) 766 pts.

Female placings:
Lucy BARRETT (JW15-17) of Raheny Shamrocks AC, was first (8th overall) over the line in 19:50 - second time in 2 appearances.
Andy GALWAY (VW45-49) (Unattached) was second (22nd overall) over the line in 21:41.
Jenny COLBERT (VW45-49) (Unattached) was third (27th overall) over the line in 22:42 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Una CHERRY (Garda Athletic Club) 941 pts.
Mary LYNCH (Unattached) 905 pts.
Gillian KENNY (Raheny Shamrocks AC) 820 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Mary LYNCH (VW60-64) was graded 83.52% for the time 24:16 (41st overall).
Lucy BARRETT (JW15-17) was graded 77.14% for the time 19:50 (8th overall).
Michael GYGAX (VM50-54) was graded 76.17% for the time 20:00 (9th overall).

St Annes parkrun started on 28th September 2013, and since then 4,962 different runners, including participants from 168 athletics clubs, have completed 25,138 runs covering a total distance of 125,690 km, and there have been 5,532 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Aoife TALTY who ran in a time of 00:16:51 on 2013-09-28 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Mark KIRWAN who ran in a time of 00:15:03 on 2014-07-26 (event number 41).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mick TRAYNOR who recorded a 91.78% run (15:49) on 28th September 2013 (event number 1).

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the St Annes parkrun Results Page.