St. Anne’s parkrunner of the month – October 2015

Congratulations to Declan Robinson, parkrunner of the month for October.

Name:  Declan Robinson

Club: Raheny Shamrocks

Age:  28

Home parkrun:  St. Annes

Occupation:  Insurance

Number of Runs:  56

Favourite Volunteer Role: Tough one; I love photographer, but when you're pacer, you get to run as well as volunteer. Plus I love seeing the thrilled faces (and the odd hand shake) when they will have gotten a PB.

What do you do at parkruns?: I am usually in turmoil most Saturday mornings. I make it out of the bed 90% of the time. Usually being a volunteer or agreeing to meet a friend guilts me into exiting the warm bed. I parkrun as an opportunity to meet up with friends. Post-run we always go to the market for some well earned almond pastries, coffees and catch up. Conversation usually overflows to whoever is sitting beside us and it goes from there. As a result of these events, I have ended up doing "MC" for a quiz night in aid of another parkrunners charity, who was effectively a stranger at the time!

How has parkrun changed your running?: parkrun has given me the confidence to join a club. I was struggling to run on my own and the social part of sport is the bit i love most. I am with my club 5 weeks now and I cant believe why I didn't make this decision sooner.  They cater for all levels, shapes and sizes and is a great laugh.

What do you like about parkrun?: The community. You arrive at parkrun having never met anyone before. You may have brought a friend. You quickly realise there are no strangers. Everybody is together sharing the same feel good ethos. These people have never met you, they may never meet you, yet they are shouting encouragement at you,
willing you on, taking your photo and congratulating you on your achievement.  What a wonderful experience.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: Even though I have run many parkruns since. My most memorable moment will always be running the very first St. Annes parkrun on the morning of my wedding; 28th September 2013. Here's hoping I can do the same for the Ruby!