St. Anne’s parkrun – parkrunner of the month, July 2015

St. Anne's parkrun would like to congratulate Rusty Keogh on being our latest parkrunner of the month! Shy and retiring, most of our runners may not have ever seen this guy who goes about his business quietly every Saturday morning. Rusty did feel that he deserved parkrunner of the month, and admits that he has gradually been reducing the length of his shorts each month in an effort to get noticed. Thankfully we got to him before he brought out his denim cut-offs, a throwback to his days as a Wham! superfan. Meet the hero this Saturday at 9:30am where Rusty will be volunteering.

Read more about Rusty and his parkrun story below - this is well worth a read!

RK Unicorn

Real name: Bruce Wayne
Club: Gotham athletics
Age: Nearly 5 in dog years
Home parkrun: St. Annes!!
Occupation: Office monkey (future olympian)
Number of Runs: I think its 42 next week?
Favourite Volunteer Role: Pacer, it feels like a sneaky way to get a run in and still say 'ah aren't I a great fella for helping?'
What do you do at parkruns?: I irritate EVERYONE. Runwise sometimes I take it easy and enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in Dublin and other times I push harder than normal and hate my life for 21 minutes or so
How do you deal with all of the attention that comes your way at parkrun?: I don't get enough, I've started wearing headbands to try increase my presence and I recently purchased a flaming unicorn t-shirt but *its not too important if people don't notice me*

*this is a lie

How has parkrun changed your running?: Parkrun started me running, I did a parkrun nearly two years ago and embarrassed myself so badly I trained all week to not be so bad, the next week I did slightly better...and the 12 weeks after I just kept progressing and long story short I'm currently training for my 3rd marathon in a year and that is all thanks to parkrun.
What words of inspiration do you have for those who would like to follow in your footsteps?: Get a good audiobok and some headphones, you get lost in the chapters and also can't hear yourself screaming for long run trick ever.
Which of the O'Connor brothers do you prefer?: For love John, for good times Richie and for walks in the sunset Paddy
What do you like about parkrun?: There is no standard needed and a constant great energy. It feels more like a team than a race I find, not many occasions can gather over 200 people in sideways Irish rain at 9.30am and maintain a great vibe.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: MY most memorable is when I ran my p.b and was absolutely convinced I was about to drop dead for 10 minutes after I finished, I was so tired I was looking around for emergency exits (from a park)
Any messages for your legions of fans?: 'Sippin on coke and rum I'm like 'so what I'm drunk' its the freakin weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun' - ABRAHAM LINCOLN (2014)