The ABCs of Taking Part in parkrun – St Anne’s

A - Register at;

B - Print your personal barcode and bring it with you on Saturday morning;

C - Arrive warmed up and ready to go to the finish area for the parkrun briefing which takes place at 09:25.....course map can be found at;

D - Following the pre-run briefing head to the start line;

E - When the gun goes off run like you stole something for as long as it takes!!!!

F - After crossing the finish-line collect your parkrun finish token in the finishing funnel;

G - Take the finish token and your individual barcode to the scanner;

That's it all done. You can then enjoy the rest of your weekend and look forward to the next parkrun...............PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR FINISH TOKEN BEFORE HEADING OFF TO ENJOY YOUR POST RUN COFFEE :)