Run report run no 94: 08/06/19

And that was number 94! We’re getting closer and closer to Poolbeg parkrun number 100! Some numbers for you: Since we started the last weekend of August in 2017 3,185 participants have completed 11,919 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,595 km, including 2,185 new PBs . A total of 271 individuals have volunteered 1,247 times.

Speaking of volunteers-see those smiley faces of some of the volunteer from today?


Volunteering puts a smile on your face as it just makes you feel good! We were scraping the barrel this week for no particular reason but thankfully got a full complement of volunteers. Without them no parkrun so please consider volunteering in the upcoming weeks if you haven’t done so in a while! Today’s volunteers made it possible from 157 people to run, jog and walk around our lovely course. 20 of you were first timers (come back!) and of those returning 35 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.


Run report run no 89: 04/05/19

May the 4th be with you! That was certainly the case for our 187 participants this morning who were treated by a course baking in fresh sunshine! It was a bit of a scramble to get our volunteer roster completed but in the end we got there and 14 volunteers made it possible for Poolbeg parkrun no 89 to go ahead.

We had visitors from Norway volunteering on our famous/notorious hill, a visitor from South Africa who joined us for his 50th parkrun and ran a PB at that (well done Unis!!!) and the same could be said for TV3 weatherman Deric who also ran a PB. In fact we had a grand total of 40 PBs today as well as 28 first timers! Representatives of 14 different running and triathlon clubs took part.59423207_639971069759499_6711824751569928192_n

Next week’s volunteer roster is looking good already, which is nice after the scrambles of the last week. Even if you do DIL at 4.15 come down to run or support as we also will pay some extra attention to mental health week.
Enjoy your long weekend and see you next week!


Run report run no 73: 12/01/19

Attendance record breaking numbers this morning in Poolbeg! A total number of 227 runners, joggers and walkers turned out this morning for the 73rd Poolbeg parkrun. These extra numbers mean we need 1-2 extra volunteers but the roster was expertly managed by Eamon and his team of 12 volunteers. Without the volunteers no parkrun so many thanks to all that helped out!
We have introduced a funnel manager to deal with the larger numbers which is working well. Eager to try out this new volunteer role? Let us know!

Of the 227 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, 63 were first timers and of those returning 32 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 22 different running and triathlon clubs took part.
One of our regulars Richard came to do his last parkrun (for a while anyway) with us today and said his goodbyes as he is moving onto new adventures in the States. We expect you to set up a parkrun there Richard


Updated parking advice January 2019

To avoid your parkrun day getting spoiled, please do not park within 100m of the traffic lights at the entrance to Seán Moore Park on Beach Road as you are at risk of getting clamped.
The GAA car park is also out of bounds for parkrunners so while Beach car parks may be a bit further away, they remain a good alternative if you are looking for parking.


Start 2019 with a parkrun

This year we will be hosting a special New Years day parkrun at Poolbeg! We'll be teaming up with Cabinteely who will also organise one that day so that people can go for the unique double of 2 parkruns in 1 day! In order for people to make it across we will start at the UK start time of 9am. Mark your diaries now and start 2019 as you mean to go on!


AED fund-drop in your blue tokens!

Remember us mentioning that we are fundraising to get our own AED earlier this year? Apart from asking for a small donation, we’ve been working behind the scenes to sourcing funding and are delighted to have been picked as one of the local charities in the Tesco community fund! You can find ‘our’ tube for your blue tokens in Tesco Upper Baggot Street so if you are in the area and have a few tokens going drop in and put them in!!! We’ll be there for a few months so no need to hurry down but if you think off it when passing in the next while...
Many thanks from your Poolbeg parkrun team!


Run report run no 36: 05/05/18

Another beautiful morning at the most scenic parkrun in Dublin! Hats off to David who has been part of our core team from the word go but stepped up today to take on the role of run director for the first time! Well done David!
David and his team of 10 volunteers made it possible for 108 people to run, jog and walk the course. 23 of the 108 were first timers and of those returning 32 recorded new PBs. Some of those PBs were achieved by regular volunteers which shows that volunteering pays off and you get kudos for your next run!!! Representatives of 9 different running and triathlon clubs took part.
Enjoy your long weekend and the weather we’re having and see you next week!
If you are doing DIL at 4.15 next Saturday morning why not come out and volunteer with us after? Drop us a line here or at Have a good one!


Run report run no 37: 12/05/18

Another beautiful morning for a run or jog around the parkrun course that is the most scenic in Dublin, where else than in Poolbeg.
A big shout out to John who took on the role of RD for the first time this week. He was helped by 13 volunteers, who made it possible for 110 people to run, jog or walk! 21 of the people taking part this morning were first timers and of those returning 24 recorded new PBs. Some of our runners and volunteers were out for their second 5km of the day after taking part in various Darkness into Light runs and walks at 4.15 this morning - kudos to you!
We had visitors from abroad and also from Griffeen parkrun who sent out their Event Director Paul :). Representatives of 9 different running and triathlon clubs were represented this morning.
We're heading out to enjoy the sun, see you next week for more parkrun pleasure at Poolbeg!


Run report run no 33: 14/04/18

It was a beautiful morning and the sun even made an appearancw for the 149 people that ran, jogged and walked our beautiful course. 47 of these were first timers and of the ones returning 33 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 10 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

We were joined by a group of our friends from the Polish Runners Club Ireland as well as visitors from various parkruns in the UK, some of which even extended their stay to be able to come and join us. Thanks for your visit guys, hope you enjoyed it!

We’re still fundraising for our own dedicated AED, any donation no matter how small is welcome. Donate via the about section of our website.
See you next week for more parkrun fun!


Run report run no 30: 24/03/18

Wow what a beautiful morning that was! The sun was shining on all our participants ensuring that all got a healthy dose of vitamin D along with the usual good feeling of having completed a parkrun!

This week 13 volunteers made it possible for 122 people to run, jog and walk around the course. We were joined 36 were first timers and of those returning 20 recorded new PBs. 16 different triathlon and running clubs were represented.

We picked up some lost property in the form of a pink-ish hoody which will be available for collection next week.

For next week we are also already recruiting volunteers, why not start the weekend of chocolate indulgence on a high by helping us out before the madness of Easter egg hunts starts! We might even have a small hunt ourselves...

We are continuing to fundraiser for our own AED-thanks a mil to those who have already contributed, donations can be made here:

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