Run report run no 103: 10/07/19

Guest run report by Mark Williamson:

Well what a weekend to report on. We left South Wales and drove to Birmingham on Friday for our flight to the Emerald Isle for a weekend which promised only to be dampened by the weather forecast. 99% chance of rain in Dublin it said and it was 100% right. Refuge had to be taken several times in the area of Civic Hall through to Temple Bar. Carbo loading for parkrun and Sunday's half was my excuse. Having recced directions on the parkrun site and taken advice on travel we resolved to come by taxi and go back by bus. Stupid plan. The taxi driver got lost. I had to type Beach Road into his Sat Nav and then he drove to the end of the park before I insisted he let us out at the lights. We asked a passing jogger for directions so found our way to the start. Phew! I'm glad we left early.
I had been exchanging notes with a few tourists before coming over and we had agreed Poolbeg was the place to be. I had met Chris Lee of Worth Way Runners at Waterstown parkrun prior to the half two years ago and this was our third meet in Dublin. I love the parkrun family which lets you forge new friendships and maintain them all over the place.Chris was there with Nura and both were running the half on Sunday. Julie was there for the 10K and Shane Chapman another tourist I'd been swapping notes with was also there for the half. This was his third country and he will be in Copenhagen soon to get membership of the world tourists group. I was christening my world tourist shirt today so was in the smug zone.
I saw David was busy doing RD stuff and walked over to Marijke in time to hear her ask Shane if he was me. Unfortunately he's younger and faster than me but it's an easy mistake :-)
We chatted happily amongst ourselves around the set up area and waited for the parkrun fairy to come out to play. It was threatening drizzle but having decided that there were enough cancellations in the UK (60ish) due to weather she said that we we could have it dry and not to breezy on the sea front. Result.
We applauded RD and 50 milestone parkrunner Mark and also Clare Morgan on her 11th visit to Poolbeg as she to qualified for the red t-shirt.
We were called to the line and soon we were off. I planned on a sub 25 as I have to run to heart rate due to a couple of inconvenient conditions so settled down and set out to enjoy the course. It's quite tight on the way down to the path to Sean Moore Park and it was quite busy at the mid to front pack but everyone was well behaved and also very friendly.

In amongst the 34 first timers I found Patrick Flood all the way from Princess Elizabeth parkrun South Africa via Barcelona where he now lives. 15 locations and 104 events mean he's well travelled on his journey and he now grabs parkruns when he can as there are none in Spain. Que? Nice to see you sir. Going round the park and heading back to the start I bumped into Brendan sporting his #GT5 souvenir shirt. He's doing it again this year. parkrun is obviously a good way of keeping in shape for corporate challenges. He really looks like he's enjoying his run back down the hill later on!

image (4)
Down to business. I could see the photographer ahead so it was time to look windswept and interesting.Patricia caught my good side and captured the back of my world tourist t-shirt. Thank you. Nice to see you Sunday too.

image (1)
Great cheers went up as we went back through the start line and on our way out to the nature reserve and a little hill. I was really enjoying this. You have such glorious views across the bay and the iconic towers are a joy to behold. Chris Lee was really impressed because he's an avid U2 fan and had seen them on a few videos and album covers. On and on and round and up and up and up and oh just over the crest a welcome sight...turnaround marshal time. What goes up must come down and so it was time to get some flying feet. A quick word to warn certain people of the coming ascent gave me cause to smile as did the look of determination on the face of the father pushing the buggy. I hope the wheels didn't get caught in a rut. Fair play and good effort.

image (2)
A gentle breeze kept us cool on the way back but taking the second corner in Sean Moore Park it dropped and the humidity turned that area into a mini sauna. Where did that come from?
I picked up with John Devaney on the way back out to the home straight. We focussed on a few people in front and worked our way back towards the finish. We managed to sneak up a few places as he worked hard to complete his 6th event. Apparently he'd had a couple of weeks off but another Mark said he'd been secretly training hard. Nice to meet you guys.
Notes were swapped with a few more tourists and locals alike. Photographs were taken. Naas athlete (and veteran of 233 events there) Michael King was debuting here on his 254th parkrun. This sprightly 65-69 year old snuck in a very respectable 24:24 to become one of nine runners age grading over 70% today. Here he is gliding up the home straight:

image (3)
I came second in my category and wondered who had the temerity to run in before me. Turned out to be Steve Shaughnessy in 19:59. VM60-64 and a first timer from Stockport on his 215th run he age graded over 80%. I can dream. That's the great thing about parkrun. We can run for fun - we can race ourselves - we can run with giants - we can compete - we can play. All is possible and all are welcome. What's not to like?
Directions back to the bus were gleaned and we even managed to find Cafe Java for a spot of brekkie before heading back for some more city sight seeing and ale sampling.

Out on the course there were 12 PB's: Briain Moriarty in 19:10 just missed a top three finish by one second but a pb is a pb and gives him slot 160 in the fastest 500 at Poolbeg! 28:43 for Caitríona Nic Góráin. 29:26 for Diarmuid Mckenna. 22:46 for Eamonn Halpin. 30:27 for Jean Gibbons. 19:56 for Joel Luke. 2:04 for Kathleen Clifford. 30:32 for Lara Stone. 20:47 for Matthew Kelly. 31:21 for Noelle Whelan. 20:25 for Peter Lynch. 27:41 for Tara Lavin. Well done everyone
The first three to cross the line for the men this week were Stephen Hurley - Ashley Hayes and Eugene O'Reilly and all are seasoned Poolbeg participants.
The first three females were Katie Rogers - Fiona Bane and Louise O'Reilly. Again all have previous experience and I think there's either a co-incidence or a family connection with third finish!
This week 139 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom at least 34 were first timers and nine of those were brand new to parkrun. Welcome to the family and do come back to parkrun soon. The most popular name was "Unknown" Please do remember your barcode people. It's a shame not to have your result recorded but NBNTNE. We saw representatives from 17 different clubs.
The event was made possible and enjoyable and fun by 14 volunteers We can't have parkrun without them and if you want to give something back there's plenty to do. Please just ask. parkrun will be pleased that you want to join in.
Our thanks go this week to: Mari HANSEN • Mark WILLIAMSON • Eoin MERLEHAN • Patricia FORDE • Sharon WOODS • Caroline MURPHY • Julie O'NEILL • Timothy O DONNELL • Fiona BANE • Connal PARR • David MCDERMOTT • Clodagh FAGAN • Margo LAVELLE • Kathrin KOBUS
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Poolbeg parkrun Results Page.
Two token magpies swooped in on numbers 75 and 105. If you've inadvertently wandered off with either please do your best to return. Thank you.
We really enjoyed Poolbeg and it's certainly one to be highly recommended. Wonderful course - great views - fantastic team.
Many thanks and maybe I'll see some of you again.


Run report run no 102: 03/08/19

The parkrun family is a very special family, which is was clear in Poolbeg this week with a lot of regulars making up the 14 head strong volunteer team that made today’s event possible. With a lot of people away it was only late last night that we filled our roster and could breathe a sigh of relief that our event could go ahead safe and timed. Thanks a mil to our volunteer family!! It’s the circle of parkrun :)

This week we had 125 people who got their August Bank holiday weekend off to a flying start by rubbing, jogging and walking around our scenic course. We had 20 first timers with visitors from London, Cardiff and also from Navan in the Royal County! Hope you all enjoyed yourself, sorry about there being not a lot of sea breeze to cool you down! Despite the muggy weather 29 of those returning recorded new PBs and representatives of 7 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

Regular runner and plogger Ultan reaches his 50 parkrun milestone today and he did these parkruns in 7 different countries! Well done Ultan! And well done also to Ultans dog who reached the unofficial milestone of 25 runs today!
Next weeks volunteer roster is looking healthy already but we have a few more slots to fill so contact us if you are interested in helping making Poolbeg parkrun happen! Enjoy the long weekend!


Run report run no 101: 27/07/19

Beautiful views and sunrise greeting this mornings participants in Poolbeg. It was warm but also nice running weather resulting in a lot of PBs of our regulars. 

Eamon and his team of 11 volunteers made it possible for 173 people to run, jog and walk our course. The holiday and conference season is in full flow with our first finisher visiting from Sweden for the INQUA 2019 Dublin Ireland conference. Being so close to the conference centre and a lot of other (tourist) attractions means that we get a lot of visitors which are of course always welcome!!! We had a total 36 first timers and of those returning 32 recorded new PBs with representatives of 19 different running and triathlon clubs taking part.

See you next week for more parkrun fun-start your bank holiday weekend with a bang by either participating or volunteering!!! For now: enjoy the sunshine!


Run report run no 100: 20/07/19

Wow, just wow! It’s nearly 2 years ago that a group of us came together on a Friday night in the GAA club to get a briefing before the first ever Poolbeg parkrun. None of us knew what to really expect but were hoping for people to show the next day. 67078695_685492371874035_9071697401395281920_n67094645_685497721873500_6960785481525100544_n

100 parkruns later we had our 2nd highest attendance in Poolbeg today. Thanks to all of you for showing up each week, volunteering and being supportive! And make sure to join us for our 2nd birthday in a months time!
We had loads of regulars and visitors today leading to a grand total of 231 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. We had 44 first timers and 37 of those returning recorded new PBs. Representatives of 19 different running and triathlon clubs took part.
Our friends from the Sanctuary Runners made it back to Poolbeg to join us today which was great to see. No matter where you end up there will be a parkrun near you to welcome you guys! 67276232_685497715206834_7971466766029160448_n
We had visitors from the UK and to top it all we had a very special price of art to mark the occasion! Thanks to all.

The volunteer roster was hard to fill for this week, the holiday period means that loads of people are away so if you haven’t volunteered yet and are around this is your chance!!! We need a minimum of 12 each week and many thanks to the 17 in total that made today possible! See you all next week!!!


Run report run no 99: 13/07/19

This morning 170 participants completed the course on a perfect day, with no wind and hopefully just ahead of the promised heatwave.


We were joined by lots of lovely visitors, from dawesville and torquay in Australia as well as London & a Deatheater by the name of Jon from Eastbourne (we had some extra patronuses on standby just in case).


Closer to home we had visitors from Marley & Griffeen parkruns. In total there were 47 were first timers and of those returning 16 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 19 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

Ahead of Poolbeg hitting it's own 100 milestone next week we had Siobhan and Sinead both running their 100th parkrun, congratulations ladies! Looking forward to seeing you in your black milestone T-shirt’s shortly!

Our wonderful team of 12 volunteers made for a safe run as well as some very smooth results processing while lots more wonderful people signed up to volunteer next week so the roster is almost full already- much appreciated, thank you all.


Run report run no 98: 06/07/19

Our RD Mari and today’s milestone runner Mark, who is also a member of our core team and regular volunteer. Well done on doing your 50 runs Mark, we can’t wait to see you showing off your red T-shirt and here is to the next milestone! 


Mari and her team of 15 volunteers made it possible for 153 people to run, jog and walk the course Today we had ran, 43 were first timers and of those returning 24 recorded new PBs . Representatives of 12 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

With the holiday season now in full swing this week it wasn’t easy to get our volunteer roster filled. We got there in the end, also because we had people offering to help this morning. However we would really appreciate it that if you are around in the coming weeks and have not volunteered yet or fancy a running role to please not be shy and contact us as we would be delighted for you to join our volunteer team!


Run report run no 97: 29/06/19

Happy volunteers this morning at Poolbeg! The thunder came and went before 9.30 so the coast was clear (pun intended) for our parkrun to go ahead!
RD David and his team of 12 volunteers (marshals not in the pic as they were still in position) made it possible for 171 people to run, jog and walk our coastal route on what turned out to be a hot day after all.


We had 40 first timers and of those returning 15 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 17 different running and triathlon clubs took part. We had visitors from Marlay with their parkrun being cancelled due to concerts (you are always welcome guys!) as well as people who got their 5km in before heading into town for the #Pride parade. Happy pride all!
We lost 1 token today: 119. If this token accidentally went home with you in your pocket can you please return it next week? We’ll reward you with a free parkrun when you do!
We have a number of spots available for volunteers for next week so if you are around and not running but have a bit of time on Saturday morning and still get your parkrun fix you know where to find us! See you next week!


Run report run no 96: 22/06/19

Happy summer solstice! Lovely weather greeted us this morning in Poolbeg for Poolbeg parkrun no 96! See them start here: 

The sun brought out loads of visitors and first timers who all got to enjoy our scenic course. Today’s parkrun was made possible by 16 amazing volunteers and a grand total of 157 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We had 37 were first timers and of those returning 10 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 15 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

We had visitors from a lot of different UK parkruns, some of which even skipped their home parkruns birthday to visit us. Hope you enjoyed it and please spread the word!
For next week we have a few more gaps to fill on our roster. Contact us here or at if you can help out. For now: enjoy the sunshine!




Run report run no 95: 15/06/19

Trials and tribulations of our parkrun core team this morning: Rubbish left on the course-5 full bags later it was cleared. Fair play to Mark for cleaning up! Next up: puddles! Some worse and a lot deeper than we’ve seen over the winter! Some quick thinking of RD and marshals had that sorted with cutting of a corner but at the same time moving the finish chute to ensure that the course wasn’t short! And then the run still had to begin!


Ash and his team of 15 volunteers made it possible for 141 people to run, walk and jog around our scenic course. We had 22 first timers and 16 of those returning recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

We had a volunteer milestone with regular tail walker and member of the core team reaching ‘purple tshirt’ status-well dome Fiona! If purple is your colour also you know what to do...(hint)! And congrats to regular parkrunner Mary Butler who broke her own age grade record once more. Well done Mary - flying it!

We had visitors from the UK, some of which are going to Bon Jovi later and also from South Africa. Hope you enjoyed our scenic route! The weather fairy was kind and even let us have some sunshine!
See you all next week for more parkrun fun!


Run report run no 94: 08/06/19

And that was number 94! We’re getting closer and closer to Poolbeg parkrun number 100! Some numbers for you: Since we started the last weekend of August in 2017 3,185 participants have completed 11,919 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,595 km, including 2,185 new PBs . A total of 271 individuals have volunteered 1,247 times.

Speaking of volunteers-see those smiley faces of some of the volunteer from today?


Volunteering puts a smile on your face as it just makes you feel good! We were scraping the barrel this week for no particular reason but thankfully got a full complement of volunteers. Without them no parkrun so please consider volunteering in the upcoming weeks if you haven’t done so in a while! Today’s volunteers made it possible from 157 people to run, jog and walk around our lovely course. 20 of you were first timers (come back!) and of those returning 35 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

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