Run report run no 132: 22/02/20

Another windy day today at the Poolbeg parkrun. The morning didn’t start very nicely, with the night rain continuing until 7.30 in the morning, but after that the sky cleared and in the end it was a bright and sunny morning. The course though wasn’t at the best shape, with many puddles of water and mud, making the runners thinking that they were running a steeplechase instead of the normal 5K. The runners had to slide on the mud and jump above the puddles, while many just stepped in them been used to having wet feet!

So, February 22nd today, and one of the fun facts of today is that it’s already 23 years since our neighbours in Scotland shocked the world presenting “Dolly the sheep”, the first cloned mammal (maybe if I ask them they can clone me and make me a better runner so that I can be next time the first finisher at the parkrun? But then, would I know that I’m the clone? Hmmmm….. confusing)

Coming back to the actual parkrun facts, the participation at the Poolbeg parkrun still stays at high numbers, although slightly less than 200 this time (actually 197 people ran, jogged, walked and swam through the puddles today). We had 42 first timers (welcome guys or fáilte) in Poolbeg, out of which 15 did their first ever parkrun (we hope to see you back soon!). Despite the wind and the strong gusts that were pushing us backwards, 29 determined finishers improved their Personal Best! Congratulations! There were also participants from 15 different clubs, with the Crusaders Athletic Club beating Blackrock AC this time by having one more participant!

Once again there were participants from all ages, as young as 10 years old girls and up to mid 70s. Congratulations to Little Evie who completed her first ever senior parkrun having run 6 junior parkruns until now!

We had many visitors from Sheffield, Nottingham and Glasgow. Actually, Nick from Nottingham was celebrating with 100th parkrun while three more runners completing their 50th milestone – congratulations to Esther, Darran and Paul! Let’s see you next time with the red T-shirt!.

Adam from Nottingham was celebrating his (XX – sorry private info) birthday and got a very quick but warm happy birthday song during the pre-event briefing (Adam did you know you have the same birthday with George Washington, Julius Erving and Drew Barrymore?).

Once again, the age group with the most participants was the 30-34 group with 34 participants, equal numbers between men and women. The 35-39 age group was second with 29 participants (17 men and 12 women).

Checking the time statistics today, 8 people did the 5K in less than 20 minutes, 66 more did it in less than 25 minutes, while 34 took their time finishing in more than 30 minutes (it’s a run not a race, the goal is to manage to get out of the door and finish!). Average finishing time for today was slightly above 26min37sec, which is 8 seconds faster than the global average time at Poolbeg!


Marijke, the run director, and her group of 17 volunteers (in total) made today’s run possible. Thank you all for the great organisation and the help today out there, despite the strong and cold wind. Remember that this is a free event and will always depend on the volunteers to keep the good work. Please volunteer if you can for the next events. You can find more details on how to volunteer in the dedicated volunteer page on our website.

Next week it’s going to be February 29th, the 5th Saturday of February – don’t miss it, because the next chance you will have to run a parkrun on a February 29th will be on the year 2048 (fun fact – if we used the same metric in years as we do in computers when counting the number of bytes, that year is going to be the actual Y2K – 1 K=1024 bytes).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next time for Poolbeg Parkrun #133!