Run report run no 130 08/02/20

What a beautiful morning
some people would say
was at the Poolbeg parkrun
out there today

the sun was just shining
all over the place
the run is now starting
keep up a good pace!

it was actually windy
just to be fair
but after a week in an office
we could use some fresh air

some people are running
others are only walking
some take it seriously
others are just joking

some think it’s a race
most consider it a run
many people are timing it
but for everyone it’s fun

in whatever category
you find yourself in
every Saturday morning
come join us and you’ll win

there are people just laughing
some babies in tears
but the parkrun couldn’t live
without all the volunteers

if you think it’s long distance
and afraid you won’t make it
try put on some music
and slowly just take it

afterwards there is coffee
you can eat something too
don’t think it twice
come and volunteer too!

84984308_835422403547697_7887451609377013760_n 85229006_835422393547698_158133046501965824_n

Happy morning today at the Poolbeg parkrun #130. Today it’s 192 years from the birth of Julius Verne and in order to do something close to what Phileas Fogg did in Verne’s famous novel “Around the World in 80 days” and run around the earth, you’ll need to complete 8015 parkruns (what color T-shirt would you get for that milestone?). If we assume on average 26.45min (average time for Poolbeg) for each parkrun, you will need a little bit less than 149 days to go around the world! Phileas will win again!

Coming back to the parkrun news, although it’s election day, the participation in the parkrun was once again very high with 256 people running, jogging and walking out there in a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning. Out of these 256 people, there were 41 First Timers (welcome!) and as many as 51 recorded a new Personal Best. The parkrun welcomes runners from all ages and today the participants ranged from as young as 10 years old up to the high 70s!

Two of our regulars completed the milestone of 50 parkruns, so huge congratulations to Cliodhna and Ciara for getting the red T-shirt!

We welcomed visitors from many areas, including Wales (our opponents in the 6 Nations Cup game today) and other parkruns that were closed today due to yellow weather warning.

Runners from 18 different running and triathlon clubs participated in the parkrun today, including the Sanctuary Runners, 13 runners from Blackrock AC , and 12 runners from Crusaders A C Dublin.

The age group with the most participants was the 30-34 with 37 runners (17 women, 20 men) with the 35-39 age group coming second with 29 runners (13 women, 16 men). There were also 9 junior runners.

Checking some time statistics from today’s results, 10 people did the 5K in less than 20 minutes, while 44 took it casually and finished in more than 30 minutes (it’s a run not a race!).

Olivia the run director, and her group of 22 volunteers (in total) made today’s run possible. Thank you all for the great organisation and the help today out there. Remember that this is a free event and will always depend on the volunteers to keep the good work. Please volunteer if you can for the next events. You can find more details on how to volunteer in the dedicated volunteer page on our website.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next week for Poolbeg Parkrun #131!