Run report run no 101: 27/07/19

Beautiful views and sunrise greeting this mornings participants in Poolbeg. It was warm but also nice running weather resulting in a lot of PBs of our regulars. 

Eamon and his team of 11 volunteers made it possible for 173 people to run, jog and walk our course. The holiday and conference season is in full flow with our first finisher visiting from Sweden for the INQUA 2019 Dublin Ireland conference. Being so close to the conference centre and a lot of other (tourist) attractions means that we get a lot of visitors which are of course always welcome!!! We had a total 36 first timers and of those returning 32 recorded new PBs with representatives of 19 different running and triathlon clubs taking part.

See you next week for more parkrun fun-start your bank holiday weekend with a bang by either participating or volunteering!!! For now: enjoy the sunshine!