Run report run no 97: 29/06/19

Happy volunteers this morning at Poolbeg! The thunder came and went before 9.30 so the coast was clear (pun intended) for our parkrun to go ahead!
RD David and his team of 12 volunteers (marshals not in the pic as they were still in position) made it possible for 171 people to run, jog and walk our coastal route on what turned out to be a hot day after all.


We had 40 first timers and of those returning 15 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 17 different running and triathlon clubs took part. We had visitors from Marlay with their parkrun being cancelled due to concerts (you are always welcome guys!) as well as people who got their 5km in before heading into town for the #Pride parade. Happy pride all!
We lost 1 token today: 119. If this token accidentally went home with you in your pocket can you please return it next week? We’ll reward you with a free parkrun when you do!
We have a number of spots available for volunteers for next week so if you are around and not running but have a bit of time on Saturday morning and still get your parkrun fix you know where to find us! See you next week!