Run report run no 90: 11/05/19

RD Mari giving encouragement and instructions to our pacer team of today. Sticking with a pacer is an ideal way to improve your times without having to watch the clock! Pacing itself is not easy as you have to make sure you keep the pace right for the time you want to finish in while encouraging those around you. Well done to both our pacers and pacees of today!



The pacers made up a team of 18 volunteers that brought this morning parkrun to you, the 173 who ran, jogged and walked the course. 29 of you were first timers of those returning 49 recorded new PB’s, that’s 1 in 3.5 of you today! Well done to all of you! Representatives of 14 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

For some of our participants today it was their 2nd 5km of the day as they were up early this morning and joined over 200000 others to walk, jog or run the annual Darkness into Light event. Well done to all of you guys!

After a couple of weeks where we lost very few tokens the amount of disappearing tokens is on the rise again. Today we lost 79 and 99. Please do not take your finish token home and if you do by accident, please bring it back the following week as hey belong to our parkrun kit and we use the same tokens every week! Each returned token gets rewarded with a free run the next time you show! Promise!

See you all next week for more parkrun fun!