Run report run no 94: 08/06/19

And that was number 94! We’re getting closer and closer to Poolbeg parkrun number 100! Some numbers for you: Since we started the last weekend of August in 2017 3,185 participants have completed 11,919 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,595 km, including 2,185 new PBs . A total of 271 individuals have volunteered 1,247 times.

Speaking of volunteers-see those smiley faces of some of the volunteer from today?


Volunteering puts a smile on your face as it just makes you feel good! We were scraping the barrel this week for no particular reason but thankfully got a full complement of volunteers. Without them no parkrun so please consider volunteering in the upcoming weeks if you haven’t done so in a while! Today’s volunteers made it possible from 157 people to run, jog and walk around our lovely course. 20 of you were first timers (come back!) and of those returning 35 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.


Run report run no 93: 01/06/19

A dull-ish morning with no wind greeted us this morning in Poolbeg! Numbers were slightly down due to the bank holiday but the cheers and applause for regular runner and volunteer Ken who celebrated his 50 parkrun milestone weren’t any less! His daughter Ava Rose got to 50 a few weeks ago and his son Luke ran a PB this week so well done to team Clarke!


A total of 139 people ran, jogged and walked the course today, of whom 21 were first timers and 25 recorded new PBs. The cast of the King and I came back for their last run in Dublin before moving to their next location in Sunderland, thanks for joining us guys and the next time you are back in Dublin, for a play or anything else, drop in to say hi!!! We had representatives of 15 different running and triathlon clubs taking part.

The Women’s Mini Marathon is on tomorrow which meant we were not short if volunteers today with a grand total of 16. However this is not the case each week so please consider volunteering in the coming weeks! And best of luck to all those participating tomorrow!!!

There were a few technical glitches when we processed results-please contact us with your barcode and a proof of your time if your result isn’t there or completely out and we’ll try to fix it!
Enjoy the long weekend and see you next week, same time, same place!


Run report run no 92: 25/05/19

Loads of visitors today at Poolbeg parkrun, including ones from the park where parkrun started: Bushy :) . We also had people from Fareham, Lisburn and a few other parkruns from both the UK and Ireland, with a crew from ‘The King and I’ joining us as well for their morning run. And we had a visit from the guy (or girl) above who then spectated from a safe place up one of the palm trees

In total we had 167 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, made possible by 12 high viz heroes. 29 of you were first timers and of those returning 34 recorded new PBs. Well done to all of you! Representatives of 17 different running and triathlon clubs took part. We lost token 90 so if it went home with you in error please bring it back next week!

The roster for next week is looking fuller than those in recent weeks already, but if you happen to do the large parkrun (aka the Womens Mini Marathon) with 30.000 others next Sunday why not help us out on Saturday and spare the legs!


Run report run no 91: 18/05/19


The volunteer team that made this weeks run possible and the view of our turn around marshal spot. Not bad!!!

We had another RD debutante in Tara and she and her team of 13 volunteers made it possible for 170 people to run, jog and walk the course. We had 26 were first timers today which included visitors Nottingham, Marlay and Bushy Dublin 


Run report run no 90: 11/05/19

RD Mari giving encouragement and instructions to our pacer team of today. Sticking with a pacer is an ideal way to improve your times without having to watch the clock! Pacing itself is not easy as you have to make sure you keep the pace right for the time you want to finish in while encouraging those around you. Well done to both our pacers and pacees of today!



The pacers made up a team of 18 volunteers that brought this morning parkrun to you, the 173 who ran, jogged and walked the course. 29 of you were first timers of those returning 49 recorded new PB’s, that’s 1 in 3.5 of you today! Well done to all of you! Representatives of 14 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

For some of our participants today it was their 2nd 5km of the day as they were up early this morning and joined over 200000 others to walk, jog or run the annual Darkness into Light event. Well done to all of you guys!

After a couple of weeks where we lost very few tokens the amount of disappearing tokens is on the rise again. Today we lost 79 and 99. Please do not take your finish token home and if you do by accident, please bring it back the following week as hey belong to our parkrun kit and we use the same tokens every week! Each returned token gets rewarded with a free run the next time you show! Promise!

See you all next week for more parkrun fun!

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