Poolbeg parkrun is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run report run no 134: 07/03/20

Sometimes I just sit
and I wonder myself
what would we do
without women in the world

There would be no love
there would be no fun
it would be like life
before the parkrun

There would be no point
to get out of the bed
it would be like parkrunning
with no token in the end

We would be a bit calmer
truth to be told
but do we really like
food without salt?

They do push our buttons
But we do it too
Without them is like running
With only one shoe

We might not admit it
Or be shy to reveal
Life without women
Is Parkrun with no volunteer

We don’t need a special day
To tell them how we feel
Everyday tell them you love them
(And don’t forget to volunteer!!)

It was a special parkrun day today, celebrating the International Women’s day (IWD) (that’s tomorrow) and everyone was in a great mood. The IWD started officially back in 1911, but it was honoured on March 19th (special day for yours truly!), but transferred to March 8th in 1913. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of women, so most of the report today will be focused on women achievements in Poolbeg parkrun!

Two fun facts for today: on this day 144 years ago, a guy named Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone. He had filed the patent on February 14th, but the interesting fact is that if he had overslept that day, then the patent would have been given to Elisha Gray, who also filed a patent for the telephone a little bit later that same day! So, the telephone could have been a female invention if Elisha had gone earlier to the patent office! Who knows what happened on the Gray household that morning and delayed her…

Anyway, let’s see who survived the poem and the blabbering about the telephone …
It was a relatively warm (around 10 degrees) but very windy (again!) and cloudy day at the Poolbeg parkrun today. The course was dry since there was not much rain this week. Everyone was in a happy mood that they have survived yet another busy week and they were ready to run in their favorite parkrun course.

The participation was a bit lower than the previous times, but still 182 people run, jogged, walked, and pushed their strollers up and down the park. There were 30 first timers at Poolbeg, among which 13 were doing their first ever parkrun (welcome guys!). There were also 27 people that didn’t have their barcodes and they are unknown – remember no barcode no time! Despite the strong wind coming down the hill and all the way until the first corner, there were 36 people that improved their personal best – congratulations (and tell us how you did it!). There were also participants from 14 different clubs, with the Crusaders Athletic Club having the highest numbers again (10 runners).

Huge congratulations to Michelle D. and Donal McI (who also improved his PB) for completing their 50th milestone. Let’s see you next time with the red T-shirt. Congratulations also to Kenan for finishing first for the first time at Poolbeg!

88396016_854422734980997_5146956428044402688_n 88207416_854422738314330_2548753564767879168_n

The International Women’s Day was celebrated with a very special team of 9 female Pacers! Also, the women beat the men in the participation numbers by 79 to 76. Well done girls! Some more statistics about women and parkrun:
- Average running time of female participants today was 28min and 49 seconds (with the overall average time being 26min and 26 seconds).
- 56 women finished the parkrun with a time of less than 30 minutes and 14 with a time less than 25 minutes.
- Most female participants (15) were in the age groups 25-29 and 40-44 and there was one girl in the age group 11-14.
- The Poolbeg parkrun with the highest participation of women was the parkrun #124 with 131 females out of 274 participants (with 16 unknown)
- The Poolbeg parkrun with the lowest participation of women was the parkrun #48 with only 16 female participants out of 52 (with 11 unknown).
- Women have surpassed men in the participation numbers in only 9 Poolbeg parkruns.
- Interestingly, until now there was never a first female finisher in the 134 Poolbeg parkruns (although there were 5 unknowns).

Fiona, the run director, and her group of 24 volunteers (in total) made today’s run possible. Thank you all for the great organisation and the help today out there, despite the strong winds. Remember that this is a free event and will always depend on the volunteers to keep the good work. Please volunteer if you can for the next events. You can find more details on how to volunteer in the dedicated volunteer page on our website.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next time for Poolbeg Parkrun #135 at another special day (more details in next week’s report – (or not?)!
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Run report run no 133: 29/02/20

Today’s run report brought to you by Lynne Zabek (thanks Lynne!):

Poolbeg parkrun #133
29th February 2020

The Leap year One !!!!

We leaped across the Irish sea from Scotland to do this one.

I felt very excited walking to parkrun this am, we have been trying to bag an Irish parkrun for years. We left Scotland last night, we both volunteer at Loch Leven parkrun in Scotland (if anyone wants to visit please let us know)

We took ages deciding which Dublin parkrun we were going to do, we picked Poolbeg for the beach and scenery, it didn't disappoint, it was beautiful, and the friendliness of my Irish parkrun family didn't disappoint either.

What I wasn't expecting was to be on the scene of a love story, how utterly amazing. Huge congratulations once again to RDs Mark and Mari. Everyone loves a happy ending.

We chatted away to everyone and anyone waiting for run brief, including wee Basil the spunky Jack Russell whose wee legs go like the clappers !!!

Anyway, run brief over, and we were under starters orders !

It was a mostly tarmac 2 loop, 2 lap course, with a little elevation, 111ft to be exact.
I was thinking I must have done a mile and was surprised when I looked at my watch and had done 1.7 miles, that tells you about the course.88013850_849700785453192_6046309462996680704_n

First home was a first timer, first lady home was also a first timer ! well done Joseph O' Donoghue and Eimear O Connor.

Congratulations to John Allen on his 50th parkrun, brilliant !

Nice to see Sai Anwita Changalvala, Emer O'Sullivan, Seana Skeffington, Sarah Cummins, Tadhg Connolly, Katie Horgan, Dara Mccrea Paulo Lemos Neto, Louise Conway, Richard Lacken, Robbie Hamilton, Darren Obrien and Ronan Elwood making their parkrun debuts, welcome to the parkrun family.

272 people walked, skipped or ran this morning.
54 first timers, 34 pbs
22 different clubs took part.

And now for the important bit !! parkrun was made possible by the following high viz heroes……..
Claire BURNS, Mary BUTLER, Lisa COGAN, Olivia DARCY, John ENGLISH, Clodagh FAGAN, Anthony FALLON, Mari HANSEN, Ashley HAYES, Mark HEANEY, Kevin KENNY, Kathrin KOBUS, Eamon MACFHIONNLAOICH, Maureen MCGINLEY, David O'DONNELL, Julie O'NEILL, Tarlach QUINN, Sharon WOODS, Leonard ZABEK, Lynne ZABEK

Finally, a huge thankyou for making us feel so welcome and letting us sort your tokens.
Which reminds me,, there were four went on a wee walkabout this week, please bring them back and pop them in the box, they miss their little friends and get very lonely and sad.


Run report run no 132: 22/02/20

Another windy day today at the Poolbeg parkrun. The morning didn’t start very nicely, with the night rain continuing until 7.30 in the morning, but after that the sky cleared and in the end it was a bright and sunny morning. The course though wasn’t at the best shape, with many puddles of water and mud, making the runners thinking that they were running a steeplechase instead of the normal 5K. The runners had to slide on the mud and jump above the puddles, while many just stepped in them been used to having wet feet!

So, February 22nd today, and one of the fun facts of today is that it’s already 23 years since our neighbours in Scotland shocked the world presenting “Dolly the sheep”, the first cloned mammal (maybe if I ask them they can clone me and make me a better runner so that I can be next time the first finisher at the parkrun? But then, would I know that I’m the clone? Hmmmm….. confusing)

Coming back to the actual parkrun facts, the participation at the Poolbeg parkrun still stays at high numbers, although slightly less than 200 this time (actually 197 people ran, jogged, walked and swam through the puddles today). We had 42 first timers (welcome guys or fáilte) in Poolbeg, out of which 15 did their first ever parkrun (we hope to see you back soon!). Despite the wind and the strong gusts that were pushing us backwards, 29 determined finishers improved their Personal Best! Congratulations! There were also participants from 15 different clubs, with the Crusaders Athletic Club beating Blackrock AC this time by having one more participant!

Once again there were participants from all ages, as young as 10 years old girls and up to mid 70s. Congratulations to Little Evie who completed her first ever senior parkrun having run 6 junior parkruns until now!

We had many visitors from Sheffield, Nottingham and Glasgow. Actually, Nick from Nottingham was celebrating with 100th parkrun while three more runners completing their 50th milestone – congratulations to Esther, Darran and Paul! Let’s see you next time with the red T-shirt!.

Adam from Nottingham was celebrating his (XX – sorry private info) birthday and got a very quick but warm happy birthday song during the pre-event briefing (Adam did you know you have the same birthday with George Washington, Julius Erving and Drew Barrymore?).

Once again, the age group with the most participants was the 30-34 group with 34 participants, equal numbers between men and women. The 35-39 age group was second with 29 participants (17 men and 12 women).

Checking the time statistics today, 8 people did the 5K in less than 20 minutes, 66 more did it in less than 25 minutes, while 34 took their time finishing in more than 30 minutes (it’s a run not a race, the goal is to manage to get out of the door and finish!). Average finishing time for today was slightly above 26min37sec, which is 8 seconds faster than the global average time at Poolbeg!


Marijke, the run director, and her group of 17 volunteers (in total) made today’s run possible. Thank you all for the great organisation and the help today out there, despite the strong and cold wind. Remember that this is a free event and will always depend on the volunteers to keep the good work. Please volunteer if you can for the next events. You can find more details on how to volunteer in the dedicated volunteer page on our website.

Next week it’s going to be February 29th, the 5th Saturday of February – don’t miss it, because the next chance you will have to run a parkrun on a February 29th will be on the year 2048 (fun fact – if we used the same metric in years as we do in computers when counting the number of bytes, that year is going to be the actual Y2K – 1 K=1024 bytes).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next time for Poolbeg Parkrun #133!


Run report run no 131: 15/02/20

It was a blustery and at times wet morning inPoolbeg but if anything this morning showed how special parkrun is as there wasn’t a frown in sight and it was all smiles from all our participants as well as the volunteers! We were one of the more fortunate parkruns this weekend in that we not only could go ahead but also that we had a full volunteer roster, thanks to our friends from T3 Triathlon Club who provided us with 3 volunteers. Some of you may have seen the desperate volunteer appeal posts from our sister parkruns in Castletown parkrun Celbridge and Bushy Dublin parkrun in the last week or so. All parkruns are community based and volunteer led and while we have had record numbers of participants throughout the country, none of this would happen without the help of our volunteers. So a special thanks to all volunteers, especially on a day like today where the weather is less favourable!


This week a grand total of 204 people ran, jogged and walked our course, of whom 41 were first timers and 19 recorded new PBs which is pretty amazing considering the wind! Representatives of 21 different running and triathlon clubs took part, amongst which a group from Belpark Tri Club for whom it was the last weekend of their winter parkrun league.

We had loads of visitors from near and far, with weather refugees from other cancelled parkruns as well other Irish ones and parkruns from the UK, Scotland and Italy! Hope you had a good time all and sorry about the wind and weather in general!!!

There are a few slots to fill on our roster for next week (and the week after) so if you want to and are able to help out please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay safe and see you next week!


Run report run no 130 08/02/20

What a beautiful morning
some people would say
was at the Poolbeg parkrun
out there today

the sun was just shining
all over the place
the run is now starting
keep up a good pace!

it was actually windy
just to be fair
but after a week in an office
we could use some fresh air

some people are running
others are only walking
some take it seriously
others are just joking

some think it’s a race
most consider it a run
many people are timing it
but for everyone it’s fun

in whatever category
you find yourself in
every Saturday morning
come join us and you’ll win

there are people just laughing
some babies in tears
but the parkrun couldn’t live
without all the volunteers

if you think it’s long distance
and afraid you won’t make it
try put on some music
and slowly just take it

afterwards there is coffee
you can eat something too
don’t think it twice
come and volunteer too!

84984308_835422403547697_7887451609377013760_n 85229006_835422393547698_158133046501965824_n

Happy morning today at the Poolbeg parkrun #130. Today it’s 192 years from the birth of Julius Verne and in order to do something close to what Phileas Fogg did in Verne’s famous novel “Around the World in 80 days” and run around the earth, you’ll need to complete 8015 parkruns (what color T-shirt would you get for that milestone?). If we assume on average 26.45min (average time for Poolbeg) for each parkrun, you will need a little bit less than 149 days to go around the world! Phileas will win again!

Coming back to the parkrun news, although it’s election day, the participation in the parkrun was once again very high with 256 people running, jogging and walking out there in a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning. Out of these 256 people, there were 41 First Timers (welcome!) and as many as 51 recorded a new Personal Best. The parkrun welcomes runners from all ages and today the participants ranged from as young as 10 years old up to the high 70s!

Two of our regulars completed the milestone of 50 parkruns, so huge congratulations to Cliodhna and Ciara for getting the red T-shirt!

We welcomed visitors from many areas, including Wales (our opponents in the 6 Nations Cup game today) and other parkruns that were closed today due to yellow weather warning.

Runners from 18 different running and triathlon clubs participated in the parkrun today, including the Sanctuary Runners, 13 runners from Blackrock AC , and 12 runners from Crusaders A C Dublin.

The age group with the most participants was the 30-34 with 37 runners (17 women, 20 men) with the 35-39 age group coming second with 29 runners (13 women, 16 men). There were also 9 junior runners.

Checking some time statistics from today’s results, 10 people did the 5K in less than 20 minutes, while 44 took it casually and finished in more than 30 minutes (it’s a run not a race!).

Olivia the run director, and her group of 22 volunteers (in total) made today’s run possible. Thank you all for the great organisation and the help today out there. Remember that this is a free event and will always depend on the volunteers to keep the good work. Please volunteer if you can for the next events. You can find more details on how to volunteer in the dedicated volunteer page on our website.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next week for Poolbeg Parkrun #131!

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