Run report run no 109: 27/09/19

It was run in the park vs parkrun today with a lot of our regulars opting for the half in the park meaning. This meant that not only our numbers were slightly lower than in recent times but that especially our volunteer roster suffered massively.
RD Tara was inventive and recruited the whole family to help out and that included flying in troops from overseas! This mean that after head aches about volunteers during the week we in the end were able to deliver a safe and timed event this morning.

A total of 131 people ran, jogged and walked the course which was looking very inviting in the Indian summer sunshine that we are currently experiencing. We had 25 were first timers and of those returning 18 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 18 different running and triathlon clubs took part.
With clearly a lot of our regulars aiming for the marathon, if you are doing your long runs on Sundays why not volunteer with us on Saturdays? No parkrun FOMO and our volunteer coordinator will be very happy having to do less begging! See you next week for the 110th version of Poolbeg parkrun!


Run report run no 108: 14/09/19

As one of our visitors put it today: that was a cracking morning! And it really was, September sunshine with the chill of the morning and no wind made it perfect conditions for our runners, joggers and walkers.


We had loads of visitors, both from the UK or other Irish parkruns, some en route to the parkrun conference and some just checking us out!


Who could blame them for visiting the most scenic Dublin parkrun? One of the visitors even volunteered, now that's parkrun spirit!


We had a grand total of 176 people running, walking and jogging today, made possible by RD Olivia and her team of 14 volunteers. 31 Of you were first timers and of those returning 30 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 14 different running and triathlon clubs took part.And guess what: No tokens were lost! All in all a great morning was had at Poolbeg this morning so!


Run report run no 107: 07/09/19

A lovely sunny morning greeted us in Poolbeg this morning! We had loads going on: The first day of the 2nd installment of the 6 week parkwalk programme, visitors from London, Wales (good luck later guys!), Spain and various other Irish parkruns and a milestone run for one of our regulars Josie.


Well done to all! The parkwalk programme will run for another 5 Saturdays so please join us next week if you didn't make this week!


Franky and his team of 15 volunteers (we filled the last volunteer slot late last night, thanks all) made it possible for 163 people to run, jog and walk the course. We had 34 first timers and of those returning 31 recorded new PBs. Representatives of a grand total of 18 different running and triathlon clubs took part.


Our volunteer roster for next week is looking healthy already which will please our volunteer coordinator. Lets try and continue that trend as it makes the work behind the scenes a lot easier! Many hands make light work and many hands make parkrun possible!
See you next week for more parkrun fun!


Run report run no 106: 31/08/19

We always say that our parkrun takes in Sean Moore park as well as the Irishtown nature reserve but we recently discovered that the top of Sean Moore park is called Sean O’Casey park so we actually have 3 parks in our run route.


Wonder if we are the only parkrun that has that many? All 3 parks looked good in this mornings sunshine and welcomed 172 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. We had 34 were first timers and of those returning 26 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 14 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

After both his father and his sister reaching milestone runs in the last months this week it was Luke Clarke’s turn to reach 50 runs! Amazing work Luke, here is to the next 50!


Todays event wouldn’t have been possible without our RD Ashley and his team of 16 volunteers. Volunteers make parkrun so please put down your name for a slot in the near future if you haven’t volunteered yet or not in the last months! A little help goes a long way! See you next week for more parkrun fun!


Run report run no 105: 24/08/19

Lá Breithe Shona dhuit!


Today was the second birthday of the Poolbeg parkrun.


It is amazing to think that much time has flown already and how the event has slowly but steadily grown to nearly double the size. We had 177 runners, joggers, and walkers, and 17 volunteers join us today on what where favourable Indian Summer type conditions with a light breeze off the sea to keep us cool. Participants also got to enjoy the fruits of some serious cake baking PB efforts from our regulars post exertion to celebrate the anniversary and also Fiona Bane’s 100th parkrun and 50th run at Poolbeg (We look forward to seeing your new black t-shirt). 

Picture 1

We had several tourists from England, Scotland, and other parts of Ireland join us this morning. Of the 177 runners, there were 41 people running at Poolbeg for the first time, 17 different clubs were represented, 14 recorded their first ever parkrun, and 12 got a PB. Well done to all!

Picture 2

The event was made possible by 14 fabulous volunteers. If you would like to be fabulous then we would love to have you volunteer at one of the events. Rolls are not challenging and involve simple things such as pushing a button, scanning a barcode, standing and pointing, and walking. Approach us at an event or contact us through the event website or Facebook and we can arrange this.


Token #46 wandered off after today's run - probably distracted by the cake, I know I was - if you come across him, could you please bring him back so we can reunite him with his pals.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Poolbeg parkrun Results Page.



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