Run report run no 98: 06/07/19

Our RD Mari and today’s milestone runner Mark, who is also a member of our core team and regular volunteer. Well done on doing your 50 runs Mark, we can’t wait to see you showing off your red T-shirt and here is to the next milestone! 


Mari and her team of 15 volunteers made it possible for 153 people to run, jog and walk the course Today we had ran, 43 were first timers and of those returning 24 recorded new PBs . Representatives of 12 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

With the holiday season now in full swing this week it wasn’t easy to get our volunteer roster filled. We got there in the end, also because we had people offering to help this morning. However we would really appreciate it that if you are around in the coming weeks and have not volunteered yet or fancy a running role to please not be shy and contact us as we would be delighted for you to join our volunteer team!


Run report run no 97: 29/06/19

Happy volunteers this morning at Poolbeg! The thunder came and went before 9.30 so the coast was clear (pun intended) for our parkrun to go ahead!
RD David and his team of 12 volunteers (marshals not in the pic as they were still in position) made it possible for 171 people to run, jog and walk our coastal route on what turned out to be a hot day after all.


We had 40 first timers and of those returning 15 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 17 different running and triathlon clubs took part. We had visitors from Marlay with their parkrun being cancelled due to concerts (you are always welcome guys!) as well as people who got their 5km in before heading into town for the #Pride parade. Happy pride all!
We lost 1 token today: 119. If this token accidentally went home with you in your pocket can you please return it next week? We’ll reward you with a free parkrun when you do!
We have a number of spots available for volunteers for next week so if you are around and not running but have a bit of time on Saturday morning and still get your parkrun fix you know where to find us! See you next week!


Run report run no 96: 22/06/19

Happy summer solstice! Lovely weather greeted us this morning in Poolbeg for Poolbeg parkrun no 96! See them start here: 

The sun brought out loads of visitors and first timers who all got to enjoy our scenic course. Today’s parkrun was made possible by 16 amazing volunteers and a grand total of 157 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We had 37 were first timers and of those returning 10 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 15 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

We had visitors from a lot of different UK parkruns, some of which even skipped their home parkruns birthday to visit us. Hope you enjoyed it and please spread the word!
For next week we have a few more gaps to fill on our roster. Contact us here or at if you can help out. For now: enjoy the sunshine!




Run report run no 95: 15/06/19

Trials and tribulations of our parkrun core team this morning: Rubbish left on the course-5 full bags later it was cleared. Fair play to Mark for cleaning up! Next up: puddles! Some worse and a lot deeper than we’ve seen over the winter! Some quick thinking of RD and marshals had that sorted with cutting of a corner but at the same time moving the finish chute to ensure that the course wasn’t short! And then the run still had to begin!


Ash and his team of 15 volunteers made it possible for 141 people to run, walk and jog around our scenic course. We had 22 first timers and 16 of those returning recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

We had a volunteer milestone with regular tail walker and member of the core team reaching ‘purple tshirt’ status-well dome Fiona! If purple is your colour also you know what to do...(hint)! And congrats to regular parkrunner Mary Butler who broke her own age grade record once more. Well done Mary - flying it!

We had visitors from the UK, some of which are going to Bon Jovi later and also from South Africa. Hope you enjoyed our scenic route! The weather fairy was kind and even let us have some sunshine!
See you all next week for more parkrun fun!


Run report run no 94: 08/06/19

And that was number 94! We’re getting closer and closer to Poolbeg parkrun number 100! Some numbers for you: Since we started the last weekend of August in 2017 3,185 participants have completed 11,919 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,595 km, including 2,185 new PBs . A total of 271 individuals have volunteered 1,247 times.

Speaking of volunteers-see those smiley faces of some of the volunteer from today?


Volunteering puts a smile on your face as it just makes you feel good! We were scraping the barrel this week for no particular reason but thankfully got a full complement of volunteers. Without them no parkrun so please consider volunteering in the upcoming weeks if you haven’t done so in a while! Today’s volunteers made it possible from 157 people to run, jog and walk around our lovely course. 20 of you were first timers (come back!) and of those returning 35 recorded new PBs. Representatives of 13 different running and triathlon clubs took part.

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