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Run report #104 Marlay junior parkrun

Arriving down to the park, it was great to have the course set up by Sarah and Cathy. The first of their numerous volunteer roles they carried out this morning! Volunteers started to arrive and we caught up on the news since we'd last seen each other and tried to rescue Ryan's lego man that got stuck in our speaker a couple of weeks ago. He's still in there for the time being!
We still needed another 8 volunteers before our run could start and a huge thank you to everyone who stepped forward and helped out. A big congratulations to our wristband recipients this morning. We had Aria, Jonas and Orla receiving their half marathon wristband for their 11 runs completed. James and Finn collected their Marathon wristbands for 21 runs completed. It's always a favourite time of mine calling out all the names for the wristbands, the kids are always so proud of their achievements and rightly so.

Cathy delivered the first timers briefing before completing the course as tailwalker, Lynn briefed the marshals and Peter took the warm up before running over the start to begin the timekeeping. parkrun is such a team effort and couldn't possibly happen each week without the work and help of our volunteers.
Our high viz heroes this week were:
Brid BROGAN • Bruce THOMPSON • Carol HEALY • Caroline HYLAND • Cathy TRENAMAN • Clara GERAGHTY • Cormac O'CONNOR . Eamonn LANGAN • Ellen • Fergus O'DEA • Kelly ADMIRAND • Laura HUGHES • Lauryn • Leslie Lluyd HUGHES • Lynn FROST • Peter ADMIRAND • Safia K • Sameer RANE • Sarah TRENAMAN • Sean • Sean TWOMEY • Sonja HUGHES • Zieta O'HAGAN

In the blink of an eye the kids were off and soon on their way back after their 2km. We had 152 children running their parkrun and there were a couple of first timers and plenty of PB's. Lauryn and Safia began sorting the tokens after their run and soon Sarah, Sonja, Leslie, Sean began helping them and getting them ready for next weeks run. This is an area we really do need help in each week, so if you are waiting around for your kids to finish or want to help out with your child for a couple of minutes after your run, come over to us and join in. We'd really appreciate the help.

Time to take down the funnel and pen and pack away the gear for another week. Eamonn was on close down and transported the gear back to its home. Off to the coffee shop for myself and Sarah for the results processing
( Sarah now on her 4th volunteer role of the day!)
All done and dusted for another week and off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Volunteering is great fun and if you can help us out, email us at marlayjuniors@parkrun later on in the week and we'll sign you up! You won't regret it!
Thanks for coming out and choosing marlay junior parkrun for your sunday morning family exercise and time together.
See you next Sunday and have a great week.


Run Report #103 1st March 2020

The roster was looking pretty sparse on Friday afternoon, in total I had 2 volunteers available during Sunday’s parkrun. I shared this with my son as he shared his concerns over the wifi not working… luckily for him he got a mobile hotspot, as for me there wasn’t the same quick fix. He suggested I take on a few extra roles & he & my daughter could too. Thankfully the roster soon filled up with Elaine & Sharon’s family and friends and many others stepped forward including parents, Gaisce students and more of the core team.

Sarah & Cathy had done a great job setting up, storm Jorge had blown himself away (well almost, he’d left some wind behind!) and we had wristbands to give out. Well done to Caoimhe receiving her half marathon and Michael his full marathon wristband!

Since today was St David’s Day we thanked our volunteers in Welsh “Diolch” (pronounced deeolkh)… thank you! I was very impressed with everyone, you mastered the “ch” very well! Next St David’s Day maybe we’ll try pronouncing the longest Welsh town name “llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” ;) Or maybe we’ll leave that for a few years!!

Masie had plenty of smiles leading a lively warm up. Parkrun got started & our time keeper Eamonn’s clocked in 99 juniors, well done everybody. Thanks to our volunteers parkrun went smoothly & the engineer fixed our wifi so it all worked out ;)

Below are those high vis heroes we are grateful to. Please consider volunteering on occasions in the future, if everyone does a little bit here and there the roster will run nice and smoothly. All roles are easy to do & someone is always able to show you. Here’s our link to the roster and how to get involved.

Alan MORAN • Aoife O'NEILL • Ben LOONEY • Caroline HYLAND • Cathy TRENAMAN • Clara GERAGHTY • Darragh KELLY • Eamonn LANGAN • Elaine CASEY • Ellen FRAWLEY • Iarlaith KEANE • Jake WHELAN • Jim DELANY • Jimmy FRAWLEY • Logan KEANE • Luke KELLY • Maisie KEANE • Mary CASEY • Mary DONOHUE • Meghan FEENAN • Paul ROWAN • Robert FOX • Sameer RANE • Sarah TRENAMAN • Sharon DONOHUE • Tim WISE • Zieta O'HAGAN

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & hope to see you next week,
Run Director


Run Report 102

What a beautiful bright morning to be back for Parkrun! The sky was clear and although we had a few puddles to negotiate we had a happy and smiling 120 runners in Marlay Park. It was fantastic to see so many children (and parents) enjoying our weekly parkrun event. We had a big milestone to our 1st junior with 100 Parkruns to Isaac, we presented Isaac with a certificate and to Ava who received her marathon wristband this week also. What a fantastic achievement for both. If you haven't collected your wristband this week, please let us know. Thank you to Emily of Dublin Gazette who came to take photographs, these will be published on Thursday and we we will post the link then.

As always our run can only happen each and every week with the help of our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. Thanks to those extra marshals who stepped forward. This week's volunteer hi-vis vest hero's were:
Peter ADMIRAND, Cormac BREATNACH, Mary DONOHUE, Kirsty DALY, Ellen FRAWLEY, Luke KELLY, Jim DELANY, Robert FOX, Lynn Frost, Clara GERAGHTY, Carol HEALY, Eamonn LANGAN, Leslie Lloyd HUGHES, Cathal MCDONAGH, Catherine NULTY, Zieta O'HAGAN, Aoife O'NEILL, Valerie SHAW, Cathy TRENAMAN, Sarah TRENAMAN and Mark TONGE.

We very much appreciate the time you have given to help us out. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch by emailing We would ask that all parents click on the 'opt-in'a button in the email you receive with your child's result to help us fill in future rosters. We also ask that you like our Facebook page as we often post photos and important information.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and we will see you again next week.

Best Wishes

Sarah Trenaman, Run Director


Run Report 101

Run Report 101 (the number makes me think of highway 101 in California—and the Pacific Ocean…always good things)

To bring, or not to bring, the little ones—that is the question (for this RD). Do I leave them home with the older teenagers so I can relax—but then suffer later when they are cooped up and I still need my run, or take them with me, and basically forget about them while doing RD things? Barring any catastrophe, when park run is over, the box of taking them outside is then ticked and everyone is happy. I decided I wouldn’t wake them up, but if they got out of bed in ways they never do on school days (full of expectant joy of the day ahead), and didn’t whine, complain, or moan, but got dressed, then, I guess, fine, you can come. (Note to parents: it’s when we want them to do things that they’re the most resistant. If only we could play it with that cool indifference in those moments…)
I digress. Today was the 101st Marlay Park Junior Parkrun. We had no cupcakes or big speeches as was fitting for the big century number last week—and initially we had some pretty sleepy, tinkling music (Sarah was the course set-up extraordinaire, arriving before most of us were still sleeping or hoping the kids wouldn’t come--wait, did I write that?-- but her choice of tunes needed a little help (!). And that is why it’s great to have such a devoted group of volunteers who fill-in, step-up and just make everything run well. Different Music was chosen, and soon off we went.
Cathy gave the first-timers briefing; Carol the Marshall briefing; and Clara and Ava did the warm-up. 3 TY students continued their weekly volunteering—well done to Ellen, Luke, and Ben. Lynda was also VC and Results processor…which means Park run responsibilities bled into her home-life, too…!
168 runners is the tally for today. James earned his Marathon wristband and Lailah her half-marathon wristband. Well done!

By this point, I mostly forgot I brought my kids, but it didn’t matter. They were playing with their Lego, getting their only pair of sneakers mucky and muddy (so Monday morning might be challenging), occasionally tugging on my arms, wandering off, thinking about life. It was all good.

Before I thank all the volunteers, 2 little points:

1. We were missing 3 tokens after the run…so if you notice someone accidentally or with deep foresight and intention—walking away with the tokens, please kindly remind them to give them back. And if you accidentally now have a token, no questions asked—just bring it back and we're even-Steven.
2. It’s great that runners are riding their bikes up to Marlay and then parking them before the race (no bikes, scooters, etc. allowed on the course). If placing bikes on the fence near the ducks, please have them away from where the kids will run to protect the kids and those bikes, too.

Finally, here are all the volunteers who helped today and made the question of whether to bring the kids or not an easy one. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Volunteer roll-call (not in alphabetical order—to mix-it up and keep some of you guessing): Sharon DONOHUE, Clara GERAGHTY, Peter ADMIRAND, Rory CAHILL, Luke KELLY, Ben LOONEY, Jim DELANY, Sonja HUGHES, Leslie Lluyd HUGHES, Sameer RANE, Adam GERAGHTY, Carol HEALY, Lynn FROST, Zieta O'HAGAN, Cathy TRENAMAN, Ellen FRAWLEY, Catherine NULTY, Maisie KEANE, Robert FOX, Sarah TRENAMAN, Lynda TUOHY, & Ava CAHILL.


Run Report 19 January 2020

Well done to all 205 junior park runners on what was a cold but fresh, crisp morning in Marlay Park!

As usual, we are very grateful to those parents who stepped up this morning to volunteer as marshalls and fill the few gaps we had in the roster – thanks a million. If you can volunteer next week, please email us during the week and we will add you to the roster.

Congrats to two Daniels who reached their half marathon goal and to Ava, Matthew, Bronagh and Hannah who reached their full marathon goal. Well done!

It’s great to continue to see so many first timers – 25 today – you are all very welcome! We look forward to seeing you again next week and to welcoming many more first timers in the future.

Thanks to Clara who fulfilled many volunteer roles today (warm-up, barcode scanning, photographer and results processor!!). The full list of today’s volunteers is as follows:


See you next weekend.

All the best.

Cathal McDonagh

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