Week 1-3 – Kilkenny parkrun 11th October – 25th October 2014

Week1 - Week 3 Kilkenny parkrun began on Saturday 11th October at 9:30am in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle with 160 participating on our inaugural day. We are off to a great start  with 155 attending event no 2 and 130 for week 3.

Kilkenny parkrun was established in Kilkenny with the help from Parkrun Ireland Manager, Matt Sheilds and we are delighted to be part of the parkrun family which sees over half million people head out on Saturday mornings to run 5KM globally!

We wish to thank our funding supporters to date, HSE with the Get Ireland Active initiative, Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership (KRSP) and OPW Kilkenny for their support in using the Castle grounds to host the weekly FREE timed 5KM. In  time OPW Kilkenny will  permanently map the route for all users/visitors of the Kilkenny Castle to benefit from.

We would like to acknowledge our ‘Support Partners; Michael Dore of Café Nostalgic situated at Castle Park who provides a place to meet, either in the Castle kitchen or outside depending on the weather where you can gather and enjoy a coffee/tea and treat deal for €3 while your results are being processed! Also thanks to Peter Roberts of Padmore Barnes for the generous donation of a bag to hold the funnel stakes which helps the volunteers with the lugging of equipment.

Gráinne Kelly, Event Director said ‘On behalf of the Kilkenny parkrun Core Team, I would like to thank our Volunteers, Supporters and Participants for ensuring we can provide a well ‘run’ event on a weekly basis.  There will be occasions when we have to cancel, for prior events, or extreme bad weather etc so keep an eye on our website/facebook pages www.parkrun.ie/kilkenny, Now we have begun we will need your ongoing support to sustain this healthy, social and FREE initiative for all’

As parkrun is a non-profit organisation it relies solely on volunteers to survive. Volunteering isn’t too daunting and we only ask that you can give back some time once or twice a year to rotate cover and choose a role you’re comfortable in providing.

Taking part is easy just register online once and bring your Barcode Id along for your time to be scanned with Position Token. When results have uploaded you will receive an email giving you stats on your weekly performance , It’s just you against the clock. As parkrun is a recreational event in a relaxed and friendly environment where you can walk, jog or run your way to 5KM!

See you soon at Kilkenny parkrun in the wonderful grounds of Kilkenny Castle!

See below for more information:-

Facebook :            http://www.facebook.com/kilkennyparkrun

Register:               http://www.parkrun.ie/register/

E-mail:                   kilkennyoffice@parkrun.com

Week 1 Grainne Kelly, Run Director

Week 2 Amy Granville, Run Director

Week 3 Emma Kennedy, Run Director

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