Inch Beach parkrun #13 – Not Unlucky for Some!

1 #DSC8775Inch Beach parkrun was again blessed with fine weather but I guess that was to be expected as the famous Pat Sheehy was visiting from Tralee and brought the fine weather with him as usual. Pat and Stella O’Shea were on hand to help me with set up as I was running a little late.

2 #DSC8882
Bernard Mac Bradaigh doing his usual job of marshal today arrived and when he saw that we had everything ok at the start line headed off to his post. Many familiar faces from Tralee could be seen preparing for the run, Hartstown in Dublin was represented by Kerstin Winkelkemper and further afield we had the Carter family from Southampton. Pride of place must go to the Rogers family from North Carolina in America who registered the whole family when they heard there was a parkrun happening on Inch Beach on Saturday morning.


3 #DSC8788At 9.30 after a quick description of the course to the newcomers and a few other essential parkrun rules the run was underway with over a hundred runners taking part again this week.


1b #DSC8739
Eileen Kelliher was on the timekeeping duties making sure that all runners would get a time today.


4 ffJust under 21 minutes later Alan Mulgrew was the first across the finish line, poor Alan didn’t have much time to catch his breath or celebrate his "first first finish" as he had to assume the role of barcode scanner. Sinead Healy was also on hand to do scanning when she finished her run - thank you both.


At the other end of the field was Sharon Condon, Alan’s wife who seemed to take forever to finish. I can only assume that she spent her time talking to our tail walker Stella, admiring the beautiful scenery and taking pictures of famous landmarks on inch beach. I must also mention Sophie who celebrated her 7thbirthday and finished the run with a big smile on her face.
9 #DSC8902


6 #DSC8922With the run completed Mohamed Eldahab was on hand to help with the close down and load the equipment into cars to transport back to The Strand Hotel for storage.

8 #DSC8948
Tea, coffee and scones and plenty of chat was the order of the day as Ed Sheldon and I processed the results and John Robinson sorted the tokens.

Overall a wonderful experience and I hope to be back in the next few weeks to run the course. This week eight of the ten volunteers on the roster were visiting from Tralee parkrun, we all love to do our run, but it’s unfair to expect event directors Barry and Elizabeth to be there every week volunteering along with all the work they have to do during the week. Now that we have 13 events under our belt, we hope that the community of local runners step up to volunteer, if everyone volunteered about three times a year or once every ten runs we would have no difficulty filling the roster. This is vital for the long-term sustainability of Inch Beach parkrun, especially when the tourist season finishes.

You can see the roster for the coming weeks here... you'll see it's fairly empty at the moment! Please joint the team by giving your name to the Run Director any Saturday morning or by e-mailing us All the jobs are easy and training is given on the morning of the run. It's great fun too.

Full results from Inch Beach parkrun #13 are here and you can see lots of photos on our Facebook page.

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Support your own parkrun and support The Strand Hotel because they are supporting your run. It's great to meet and chat with fellow park runners after the run, and you can see the magic of Results Processing!

Tom Crean
Run Director

(Photos: Stella O'Shea)