Fairview parkrun Event number 132 8th February 2020- ‘Storm Ciara- but no storm in Fairview parkrun’

Fairview parkrun
Event number 132
8th February 2020- ‘Storm Ciara- but no storm in Fairview parkrun’

Before event #132 we were thinking about Storm Ciara - would she be visiting Dublin and in particular Fairview parkrun. The eager group of volunteers went down to the Fairview park wondering would she whirl around the corner to the start area of Fairview parkrun.  Leonie, Mick, Joyce, Tom and Muriel gave the park a once over as they set up the course for Fairview parkrun for event #132 but there was no sign of Storm Ciara. By 9.15 we saw visitors from other parkruns gathering at the first timers tree Martina, Rita and Aidan from Cabinteeley, Rob from Wales, Marcus and Jenny from Yorkshire, visitors from Sweden, Helen and Co from Wrexham. We also welcomed new participants to parkrun and park walk and participants for #WorldCancerDay. The people were growing as we gathered round for Muriel the run director to get the crowd of 135 participants ready for the start of the event. Tom wore the orange hi vis as the tail walker as PJ guided the park walkers as the parkwalk leader. Mary Ellen and Emma were all set at the shout of '123 go' as they began the timers to record the event. The conditions were ideal for the event, the wind was perfect, the temperatures were just right and the rain was not in sight.

Following three laps of the course supported by the marshals of the day - Patricia, Margaret, Mary, Noel, Angela and Muriel. The first male finisher crossed the line - Rob Bennett in a time of 19:32 followed by the first female finisher - Jude Lovell in a time of 24:03.  Leonie did the wonderful job of handing out the finish tokens (these are not souvenirs so please be sure to hand them back after you have caught your breath). Susan and Shane completed super scanning as all 135 participants made it over the line. After a quick post event tidy up we headed to kennedy's Food store. Here we took our seats and put in our orders. As we sipped on hot drinks waiting for our food to arrive Ailish and Eugene sorted the finish tokens and Tom and Muriel uploaded the results. The weekend specials arrived in perfect time as all the jobs were complete. As our cups were empty and our plates were cleaned, we were all happy with a successful event and the thoughts of Event 133. We were glad that Storm Ciara passed without a visit to Fairview parkrun but rumour has it her colleague Storm Dennis is touring Europe!!

Hoping to see you all at event #133 where Leonie will be the run director