Fairview parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-12 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

****Impotant notice – Cancellation of Fairview parkrun ****

Notice of cancellation

Dear all,

We are writing to inform you that we have taken the decision to cancel all events in your country due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. We will be notifying all participants directly and posting on national and global social media channels. We will also be making the cancellation itself on our systems.

If you wish to post something on your social media channels please use the following text:

“All parkrun events in Ireland have been suspended with immediate effect due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. At this stage we have cancelled events up to the end of March.

Thanks for your support,


Fairview parkrun Run Report #135 -29th of February 2020 ‘ The Leap Year Event & Les !

Fairview parkrun Run Report #135 -29th of February 2020 ' The Leap Year Event & Les !
This week at Fairview parkrun we marked a unique event for parkrun a first , a Saturday Leap Year event we will not have a leap year occuring like this for another 48 years ! With this in mind the question had to be asked of the crowd .... does everyone have their barcode ! ? -This was quickly followed by a quick invitation for anyone to ask any further questions ( emphasising the day that was in it ) alas there were no takers but there was  a nervous chuckle , watch checks and a quick tap of the ground by some of the participants,  followed  a very warm applause for Les congratulating his 50th event finished the run brief . We had lots of parkrun visitors this weekend and visitors from neighbouring parkruns including -Orna, Emily, Anthony, Lee, Callum,Ciara & Stewart, Alan, Belinda, Dan & Joanna, Ian and Declan and of course our regular participants.This week 135 people walked,ran and jogged  the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.
Our participants
Well done and congratulations to each participant including Alix Ramsier  our first male finisher over the line in (17.40), Johanna Vickers our first female finisher in (19.50) , to Margaret and PJ our tail walker and respective parkwalker leader .
Our Volunteers
Very many thanks to each of the 16 volunteers for their time and help this weekend, who made your parkwalk,parkrun and park jog happen this week , only for each of the volunteers coming forward this week the event could not have proceeded iit was very much appreciated by each participant thank you all.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Joe DELANEY • Louise BOWDEN • Shane ROE • Jane MITCHELL • Muriel WEEKES • Leonie WEEKES • Ailish LALLY • Muriel Philomena WEEKES • Emma BRODERICK • Tom MCKIERNAN • Eugene BENNETT • Margaret HANNICK • Mary Ellen HARNEDY • Michael HANNON • Joyce MURRAY • Patricia CLOSE

 Milestone event celebrations

We were delighted to congratulate Leslie Doherty on reaching his super 50th parkrun milestone at Fairview parkrun Leslie is also a regular volunteer .We wish him continued success and happy parkrunning .
Well done also to each new participant who joined us for their first parkwalk,run and jog we wish you all continued success . Emily Woods & Marguerite Bourke  marked their  10th event, Ramon Gomez marked  20th event,Niamh Kiernan marled a 30th event,Mel Lynam & Geraldine Lynn marled a 60th event,Seamus Aylward marked his 70th event and Orla Deighan marked her 150th !
News & Updates for Fairview parkrun
Everyone we cannot emphasise the importance of volunteering at Fairview parkrun , your time and help ensure the event is sustained also it facilities each of the regular volunteers to have an opportunity to also participate  . At each event the future roster is available please approach any of the volunteers or the Run Director on the day to look at the roster and consider a date that will suit you to give back . We ask that if every person gave up their own parkrun, walk or jog 1 in 10 events or once every couple of months the roster would be filled each week .Volunteering is fun training is given on the day and it is a really positive way to participate also it alleviates the pressure each week for the volunteer team on duty .
We go to Kennedys on Fairview Strand each week to process the results after the event is closed down and packed away , everyone is welcome to join us, we do not have a set time each week .
We will be celebrating International Women's Day this week , we would like to thank all of the volunteers and Gents who came forward to support the volunteer team .
Muriel will be Run Director this week
See you all for #136
Wishing you all continued success
Leonie RD#135

Fairview parkrun Run Report # 133-’ Dennis sets the pace !’-14/02/2020

Fairview parkrun Run Report # 133-' Dennis sets the pace !'

Arriving at Fairview park on Saturday morning we arrived earlier than usual to check out the course happily the course was in good condition and the event was good to go.The volunteers and participants this week were outstanding thanks to everyone for their time and help volunteering, setting up, encouraging the participants, keeping them safe around the course and closing down in weather conditions that were really remarkable.Thanks also to all of our regular participants,first time participants and visitors from neighbouring parkruns including a great team from Waterstown ( Michael,Robert and Amelia),Emma from Sheffield, Mark from Sydney , Jennifer from Darndale parkrun, Orla from Malahide parkrun , Bartek from Poland and Martina from Hartstown.Very many congratulations to Susan who celebrated and completed her 50th parkrun event and milse stone at Fairview parkrun.

Standing and balancing at the start area it was clear that  Dennis had suddenly arrived nearly late for the 930 start and even getting a welcome at the brief !As Dennis arrived he pushed  just ahead of the 81 participants growling to go at 929, on cue the bunting whistled with a further gust Dennis took the lead  swooped in and was off through the start line stepping on the  pop up banner to set the gruelling pace for the participants.As I was anchored on the main pathway for the first lap a lasting memory is of  the yellow hi viz colours dotted around the course all bravely bracing against the strength of the gales in between clapping,cheering  and of the participants turning on to the main pathway into the full strength of the wind and rain- looks of total determination, disbelief and mild amusement  facing into the first of 3 gruelling laps. it was great to see everyone through the finish funnel timed ,scanned and congratulated by our volunteers everyone soaked and windswept but delighted .

Our participants

Congratulations and well done to each participant this week including Bartek Falkowski our first male finisher (18.55), Orlaith Sweeney our first female finisher (26.19), Marguerite Smith and Patrick J Brady our respective tail walkers and park walk leaders for this week's event .

 Fairview parkrun Results Page.

Our Volunteers

Thank you all for your time and help at Fairview parkrun #133 only for the following 19 people your parkwalk and parkrun would not have been at all possible,  it was very much appreciated by all of the participants thank you all very much -

  Noel KELLY • Muriel WEEKES • Leonie WEEKES • Ailish LALLY • Marguerite SMITH • Aine NI GHLOINN • Martina CARROLL • Peter CARNEY • Muriel Philomena WEEKES • Emma BRODERICK • Caitríona NIC GÓRÁIN • Tom MCKIERNAN • Mary MANGAN • Eugene BENNETT • Mary RUSSELL • Mary Ellen HARNEDY • Joyce MURRAY • Oliver POWER • Patrick J BRADY

Milestone events at Fairview parkrun

Congratulations to Susan Moggan who celebrated her super 50th parkrun event this week , Susan is also a regular volunteer for Fairview parkrun .Conor Brennan,Bartek Falkowski marked their 10th event, Faichra Mac Aodha and Trevor Halpin marked their 20th event this week also.

News & Updates

Everyone! volunteering your help and time is absolutely essential to maintaining our event we have emailed the roster in advance of February and March please give your time to the event so others can participate.If everyone volunteered once and gave up their own parkrun event one in ten events or once every two months  the rolling roster would be full.

Please approach the run director or look at our future roster to pick your volunteer slot see link -


Leonie RD # 133 ( 13/02/2020)


Fairview parkrun Event number 132 8th February 2020- ‘Storm Ciara- but no storm in Fairview parkrun’

Fairview parkrun
Event number 132
8th February 2020- ‘Storm Ciara- but no storm in Fairview parkrun’

Before event #132 we were thinking about Storm Ciara - would she be visiting Dublin and in particular Fairview parkrun. The eager group of volunteers went down to the Fairview park wondering would she whirl around the corner to the start area of Fairview parkrun.  Leonie, Mick, Joyce, Tom and Muriel gave the park a once over as they set up the course for Fairview parkrun for event #132 but there was no sign of Storm Ciara. By 9.15 we saw visitors from other parkruns gathering at the first timers tree Martina, Rita and Aidan from Cabinteeley, Rob from Wales, Marcus and Jenny from Yorkshire, visitors from Sweden, Helen and Co from Wrexham. We also welcomed new participants to parkrun and park walk and participants for #WorldCancerDay. The people were growing as we gathered round for Muriel the run director to get the crowd of 135 participants ready for the start of the event. Tom wore the orange hi vis as the tail walker as PJ guided the park walkers as the parkwalk leader. Mary Ellen and Emma were all set at the shout of '123 go' as they began the timers to record the event. The conditions were ideal for the event, the wind was perfect, the temperatures were just right and the rain was not in sight.

Following three laps of the course supported by the marshals of the day - Patricia, Margaret, Mary, Noel, Angela and Muriel. The first male finisher crossed the line - Rob Bennett in a time of 19:32 followed by the first female finisher - Jude Lovell in a time of 24:03.  Leonie did the wonderful job of handing out the finish tokens (these are not souvenirs so please be sure to hand them back after you have caught your breath). Susan and Shane completed super scanning as all 135 participants made it over the line. After a quick post event tidy up we headed to kennedy's Food store. Here we took our seats and put in our orders. As we sipped on hot drinks waiting for our food to arrive Ailish and Eugene sorted the finish tokens and Tom and Muriel uploaded the results. The weekend specials arrived in perfect time as all the jobs were complete. As our cups were empty and our plates were cleaned, we were all happy with a successful event and the thoughts of Event 133. We were glad that Storm Ciara passed without a visit to Fairview parkrun but rumour has it her colleague Storm Dennis is touring Europe!!

Hoping to see you all at event #133 where Leonie will be the run director


Fairview parkrun Run Report #131- Week 3 of parkwalk

This week 162 people walked, ran and jogged the course  of whom 29 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.We welcomed a number of first time participants this week and parkwalkers which is great .We had visitors from Glossop -John and Sarah,Neil from Aberdeen, Ali and Seb from Maidenhead,Rose and Martin from Huddersfield,Sandra and Stephanie from Perth, Sandra from Leister and Jannis from Germany ,our regular participants and participants from neighbouring parkruns including St.Annes .

Our volunteers 

Thank you to all of the volunteers for coming forward to help during the week and for their time and help this week it was very much appreciated by every participant .This week we trialled the timer app as one of our timer watches is not working properly .We would encourage every participant to download the apps ( Barcode scanner app is also available)to facilitate a future volunteer role for  the event.We would like to thank George and Ryan this week for their role in week 3 of parkWalk .

This event was was only made possible by 16 people this week-

Shane ROE • Muriel WEEKES • Leonie WEEKES • Caoimhin O'DONNELLAN • Peter CARNEY • Muriel Philomena WEEKES • Emma BRODERICK • Tom MCKIERNAN • Margaret HANNICK • Mary RUSSELL • Mary Ellen HARNEDY • George MCSHEFFREY • Ryan MCSHEFFREY • Seamus AYLWARD • Eoghan MAGUIRE • Mary BYRNE

Our participants 

Well done and congratulations to every participant including Cristian VILCHEZ CEBALLOS (18.48) our first male finisher in  and to 

Aly VANCE (20.22)  our and to George and Ryan our tail walker and parkWalk leader  who helped and supported our participants around the course .

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fairview parkrun Results Page.

Milestone achievements 

Well done to everyone on their Milestone events -Dylan Morrissey, Denise Brady and Mayra IskHaova marking their 10th, Hugh Carberry marking number 30 and Dermot Malone marking his 40th event at Fairview parkrun. 

News & Updates 

We welcome new participants each week walkers, runners and joggers are all welcome .

If you are celebrating a milestone please let the team know we can give you a call out at the event to help celebrate .

Our volunteer roster is available each week for viewing ! , please consider coming forward to help the team, thanks to everyone this week who helped complete the roster .

☕Each week we go over to Kennedys to process the results after we close the event and return the kit to the storage area we do not have a specific time as each week the event closes at different times,if you would like to join us at Kennedys to see this process you are welcome .  

This Saturday our event #132 parkrun Ireland and the HSE are marking International Cancer Awareness and Cancer Survivorship everyone is welcome .

Wishing you all a good week 

Continued success to our participants 


RD # 131

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