Event #170, 13th April 2019.


If you've not seen the information about the parkrunner collapse at Bushy Dublin last Saturday, then please have a read of this.

Needless to say, it's a huge relief to the entire parkrun community that the participant is making a recovery.  It does highlight the importance of a number of issues...

1.  The importance of the role of marshal - eyes and ears of the participants and first port of call should an emergency occur.

2.  The importance of having an AED at our event and know how to get it moving if required ASAP.  Thankfully we have one, thanks to the fundraising efforts of our amazing parkrunners, yes, that's you!!!  Lets hope we never need to use it.

3.  It is vital that YOU record your ICE information on your barcode if you haven't already done it.  This is why your barcode is not accepted on your phone (screen locks us out of your information, besides the equipment not being able scan from phones).

Safety is always our prime concern at parkrun, the safety of parkrun and junior parkrun participants and the safety of our Volunteers.  Given this, we would like to remind all participants to fill in – and keep updated – their ‘ICE’ (‘In Case of Emergency’) information on their parkrun profile. So if an accident or an incident occurs, then the emergency services and the event team have a point of contact to let them know what is happening and potentially obtain important information about that individual.


Filling in your ICE details is a bit like buying insurance – it’s not something that you maybe want to think about too much and hopefully, it will never be used, but it’s so important and valuable for that one time when it’s needed.  Since 2014 this data has been captured at the point of registration, but it’s obviously important to ensure that it’s also kept up to date. You can log in to your parkrun profile to fill in or update your ICE at any time. https://www.parkrun.com/signin/

Or you can access your profile from your last result email from parkrun. Don't forget to print out a new sheet of parkrun barcodes with your new/updated ICE details.

Also, should you wish you can buy a parkrun wristband which has your ICE information already printed on it, making it even easier to access. And you can keep this wristband on whenever you’re out for a run, meaning that these contact details will always be instantly available if ever they’re needed. https://parkrun-barcode.com/en-IE/GetBarcode



The groundhog has long since been retired, but we were still stuck in winter.

It's looking brighter, but honestly felt like the January that just keeps giving!  With a cutting breeze going through the park, you guys still turned out with beaming smiles and fun to warm up the atmosphere.

215 of you ran, (including playful puppies - on short leads) walked and jogged the course.  22 of you were first timers and 63 achieved new PB's!  FANTASTIC!!!!!

With a lot of the core team on work duties and some with the flu, we thought we'd struggle to put the event together, but you all answered a call for help immediately.  We had helpers head straight back from Royal Canal, Kilcock inaugural parkrun to assist with close down and gear packing and other volunteers jumped in without hesitation to take gear home and sort it for the coming week.  Other volunteers jumped in and took multiple volunteer roles on the day to keep the show on the road.


Take a bow all of you!!!

Adelchi ORIFICI  •  Brendan MOONEY  •  Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Conor FITZPATRICK  •  Dee KEARNS  •  Jacqueline KEARNS  •  Jim KEARNS  •  Joann BOWES  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Lesley THOMSON  •  Liam COSTELLO  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Olive SWEETMAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Sean BOWES  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Teresa MCCARTHY


We are looking to expand our core team right now, there's a huge variety of roles available, but with some of our team heading off to other ventures now, it would be really nice if we could add to the team.  If you are a regular at Castletown, we'd love to have you on board, so do talk to a member of the team.  Being a core team member does not entail giving up your weekly run or even being called on every week but with summer holidays approaching, we really could use some extra help.  By the way, volunteering at your weekly event looks fabulous on your CV.


Easter Saturday is looking to be fantastic!  There will be chocolate.... yum!



We've a full roster and we've pacers too.  Can't wait to see you all.  Don't forget to put that selfie frame to good use.  Oh, and don't forget to slow down when you're coming into the park... ducks are nesting.


Your report writer for this week, Sharon Ashmore.

On behalf of the multitasking Run Director, Marian Fagan and her band of merry volunteers!!!!




Celbridge AC – C25K graduation at Castletown parkrun – 30th March 2019.

Celbridge AC C25K graduation report.


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.02




On 9th January this year Celbridge AC began another couch to 5k programme starting in Celbridge AC grounds and aiming to graduate at Castletown parkrun on March 30th.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(3)

For Frank McDonald and Peter Donahoe having over 50 beginners was a bit daunting considering both of them had never coached a C25K before and they had to convince their students that they knew what they were doing.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01

Frank says "From the outset we felt it was very important to explain what we're doing, why we're doing it and what is the desired effect. And within a short time our routine started to take shape and everyone started to improve and most importantly we started having the craic and our journey became very enjoyable.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(2)

It's always a very difficult time of the year for people to head out in the cold and dark to start running, but we got very lucky with the weather and every time we started training the rain would disappear or on Saturdays the sun would come out, it was a bit surreal. Hence on Saturday the parkrun conditions were perfect.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(1)

Myself and Peter have really enjoyed getting to know this latest group of runners, they were a pleasure to train and managed to laugh there way through everything we threw at them. Having watched them with pride cruise through their parkrun on Saturday we have no doubt that they will continue with their running onto the fit for life group and beyond.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.57.11

We'd like to wish them the very best of luck in their great journey ahead
And the futures so bright we'll all have to wear shades"

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.56.41



Congratulation to all the new graduates and the coaches from your Castletown parkrun family!  We are looking forward to seeing you all run around Castletown on your first solo outing next Saturday.


Clane AC couch to 5k group graduate at Castletown parkrun – 2nd March 2019.

Clane AC joined Castletown parkrun for their c25k graduation on 2nd March 2019.  

Congratulations to Clane AC c25k crew on your recent graduation.  Many thanks to Caroline for her wonderful report on the journey made by the group and where they might find themselves in the future with the help of their club and parkrun too. 

Clane Athletic club started their very first Couch to 5km programme back in January 2016. Since then we have seen 9 cycles of the programme successfully completed, with some of those members going on to do 10kms, half marathons and this year we even have a few of those original members signed up for the Dublin marathon.

Our first Couch to 5km programme for 2019 (our 10th programme so far) began on 8th January.

After Christmas is always the most popular time of the year with New Year’s resolutions still fresh and enthusiasm high, so it was no surprise that we had a group of 37 that signed up on that first night!!

2019 Clane AC c25k 1


We run our programme over 7 weeks, working off a specially tailored training programme made up by our leaders. Over the course of the 7 weeks we encountered all sorts of weather conditions but that didn’t put our members off, knowing consistency is key to success, we had great attendance, and our members soldiered on, and met every session with that ‘can do’ attitude of winners! We enjoyed lots of chats, getting to know everyone during our 40min or so twice weekly, leader led sessions.

One of the things we spoke about during our sessions with our new C25K group, was the benefit of our local parkruns. Clane AC encourage all our members, including our brand-new Couch to 5km members, to register with parkrun from Day 1.

Going to a local parkrun perfectly complements our Couch to 5km training plan. It is a safe and social way to get out and complete their Day 3 C25K session. Plus, new members get to feel what its like to run with a large group, but in a non-competitive running environment with no pressure to go faster than what they are able for.

When we spoke about a graduation run to mark the end of our programme, the leaders put out a few options for various events happening around that time for the group to choose from but Castletown parkrun, Celbridge won by a mile! Made perfect sense!

So, after a quick call to the Castletown parkrun team, the date was set for 2nd March.

The day arrived and our members were greeted with a very warm welcome and great support from the parkrun crew which was very much appreciated. It was wonderful sight to see our members being cheered along the route and coming through the finish line with big cheesy “I did it” grins on their faces. A great achievement!!

2019 Clane AC c25k 2

Afterwards, we went for tea/coffee in the Courtyard Café. We enjoyed a most wonderful chocolate biscuit cake (Thanks to Evelyn Andrews) and our members were presented with a “Certificate of Completion”.

Thanks to Castletown parkrun, Celbridge and the Courtyard café for helping to make our Clane AC Couch to 5km graduation run such a success.

2019 Clane AC c25k 3

We are looking forward to seeing the growth of attendance by our Clane AC members at parkrun and to also encourage our members to volunteer at all our local parkruns too, as without volunteers, there is no parkrun!




Introducing Castletown parkruns, Park Walk Leaders

2nd March 2019 brings a fine addition to our parkrun family with the introduction of Park Walk.

We have always welcomed walkers at parkrun and very especially at Castletown, but from this week, and for the next 6 weeks, walkers will get an extra special VIP introduction to the Castletown parkrun family.

We have three Park Walk leaders ready to greet first-timers to parkrun and to keep everyone company on the 5k journey too.

When walkers arrive at Castletown, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the Park Walk banner. You can be sure your leaders won't be far away.


Meeting point Park Walk



Let us tell you a little about your volunteer leaders...

First up is Brigitte SPRINGFIELD-MITCHELL (pictured below with her usual friendly smile and sporting the Tail Walker Hi-Viz here).


Brigitte tells us her parkrun story...
My parkrun experience started after a few drinks on New Years Eve 2017, when friends of mine (Mary and Tom Lawlor) suggested I join them on the weekly parkrun in Castletown. Having never ran in my life, I tried my best to run, but found that running was not my calling. HOWEVER... as I moved from running to walking , I realised that parkrun is not about running, but about being active as part of a community where I get to have a laugh and a chat in the beautiful surroundings of Castletown. I now walk every week and have made many new friends. For me, achieving a good time is not important, but the achievement of walking 5k is.


Next up, we have John and Kim O'LONE.


John and Kim are devoted to their families. Kim often says she's got two families of which she's very protective. Her first is her biological family. Second is her parkrun family. Suffice to say that's enthusiastic enough to ensure anyone new to parkrun and Park Walk will be very well looked after.

John says "Two and a half years, 134 runs and approximately 140 times volunteering between us both, we can honestly say we love parkrun and all it encompasses. We have met so many wonderful people and reconnected with old friends. It’s not always easy getting out of bed on Saturday morning but crossing that finishing line and heading off for a well earned coffee is a great feeling, the body has been exercised and the mind refreshed. As my (John) arthritis progresses I know I’ll never be a runner but each week I get out there and set my own pace and know I’ll never be last home there’s a ‘tail walker’ for that! 3 years ago I was overweight and wouldn’t walk 500 m to the local shop, now that’s all changed thanks to parkrun.


What do YOU need to do?




Pop your printed barcode in a zip-lock bag to water proof it, or better still, laminate it.  Soggy barcodes won't scan after parkrun and you'll need your barcode to get 10% off in the cafe afterwards.... yum!!!

Follow the instructions above and you can't go wrong!  But do give yourself plenty of travel time to arrive safely in time for the introduction and safety brief which takes place at 9.20am.  We do expect higher no's this week, so car-pool if you can.  It will be much appreciated.  (Note - parking on grass is not permitted).

Bring your best smile and you won't go wrong!  We are really looking forward to meeting new faces on Saturday.  See you all then.


NEW YEAR – There will be NO event at Castletown parkrun on New Years Day 2019

The last event at Castletown parkrun for 2018 will be on 29th December 2018.

For the eager beavers among you, New years Day is the ONLY day of the year where you can run two events and they both get counted.  Yippeeee!!!  A parkrun double!!!  Lets do it.

For full list of Christmas/New Year events check out the listings.  Please note that some events haven't confirmed yet, so the list may not be fully complete for a week or two.


Christmas – There will be NO parkrun at Castletown parkrun on Christmas Day

The last parkrun BEFORE Christmas at Castletown will be 22nd December 2018.

All participants and volunteers are invited to wear their best Christmas jumper to get us all in the festive mood!  We might even have some treats on hand for all to enjoy.

For a full list of Christmas/New Year events check out the parkrun listings.  Please note that some events haven't confirmed yet, so the list may not be fully complete for a week or two.


Le Cheile 5k Road Race – Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 8pm.


The annual Le Cheile AC 5k Road Race takes place

on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 8pm.



Le Cheile 5k 2018

This is always a fun local event in Leixlip which finishes on their track.  Refreshments post race are provided in the Club Grounds.

To enter, follow this link.

Let see how many parkrunners we can find at this not to be missed event. 


parkrunner(s) of the month – April 2018.

parkrunner(s) of the month
April 2018


The Kiernan Family

Mary and Brian (Mum and Dad) Roisin and Katelyn.


The Kiernan family rarely miss a parkrun.  Whether it's a good day or a bad day you'll see some or all of them in Castletown.  It's very inspiring to see how their family bring all the different personalities and abilities to parkrun whilst making it a really fun day for themselves and for others around them.  They are never shy from helping out at parkrun in all sorts of jobs.  It's families like the Kiernans that make parkrun what it is... an amazing and fun filled community.  They are very worthy of their place on the parkrunner of the month wall of fame.

Have a read of their story here....

Name: Brian (Service Engineer) 44, Mary (Primary School Teacher) 39, Katelyn 11 & Roisin 9

Club: Celbridge AC ( Recently as a result of parkrun)

Home parkrun: Castletown

Number of runs: Brian 38 Mary 45 Katelyn 42 Roisin 42

Favourite volunteer role:

Brian: Timekeeper-

Mary: Token Sorting - I find it very therapeutic

Katelyn: Scanning- I get to use technology !

Roisin: Tail Walker-I can still stay warm and talk with my Mammy or Daddy

How has parkrun changed your running:  We all have different things that have changed with running as a result of getting involved in parkrun, it gives us an activity which we can share as a family. It has put us on the road to running and fitness and given us the confidence to enter running events. It has given Katelyn the belief in herself and the confidence in her ability to run and it gets Roisin out of the bed to enjoy the buzz parkrun gives her. (Her words not ours)

First parkrun:  Mary started parkrun in December 2016 and brought Katelyn and Roisin with her and I decided later to help Mary by minding the girls while she started her running journey and soon after I was bitten by the parkrun bug which is very hard to shake

What do you like about parkrun:  While parkrun has many enjoyable things about it, the social aspect and camaraderie along with the breakfast in Castletown café are our favourites. It is the highlight of our weekend. We also love seeing that finish line at the end, and the cheers of encouragement are great too.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun:  It is hard to pick one but we all seem to remember when Roisin gave her impromptu interview after falling and cutting her knee which she wanted to show everyone. Katelyn was also delighted when one of their friends decided to join the parkrun experience.

We have made many wonderful friends through parkrun and the support given to us by the group has been invaluable to us as a family and we hope there will be many more parkruns to come.



If you have someone you'd like to nominate, please get in touch with the parkrun team at castletownoffice@parkrun.com 


EVENT CANCELLATION – 3rd March 2018.

Please share with fellow parkrunners....


Due to adverse weather conditions, this weeks parkrun (3rd March 2018), at Castletown House and Parklands has been cancelled.



Stay safe and warm and we'll see you all back on 10th March 2018.


parkrunner of the month for February 2018

parkrunner of the month for February 2018.


Congratulations to Dr Melanie Tuffen.


Melanie is presented with her parkrunner of the month certificate by Philip Slattery - ED Castletown parkrun.


Melanie hasn't been with us very long at Castletown parkrun, but she's certainly made an amazing impression on many of us. She says she's shy... although many of us don't believe her. Either way, she joins many other heroes on the parkrunner wall of fame. We're delighted she's enjoying parkrun with us. Congrats Melanie.

Read all about Melanie...


Name: Dr Melanie Geraldine Tuffen. However, I am a doctor of plants, so unless you have chlorophyll I can't advise you on your fungal infection. If you are a tree, please make an appointment. I have to say Dr, otherwise my mother gets upset. If somebody DARES send a letter to the house with the incorrect title, she crosses it out and inserts either "Dr" before my name or "PhD" after it before passing it on to me.

(Fun fact: Melanie means "dark", Geraldine "one who rules by the spear" and Tuffen "To spit" so technically I am "Dr Dark One Who Rules by the Spear and Spits")

Club: Celbridge AC Fit4Life

Age: 32

Home parkrun: Castletown

Occupation: My official job title is "Pest Risk Analyst". My job is to identify threats – in the form of nasty insects or deadly diseases – that could invade Ireland from another country and kill or cause extensive losses to trees or crops. By identifying threats before they arrive, I can figure out what we need to do to keep the pests out and continue to have healthy, thriving farms and forests. I am a bit over enthusiastic about plant health and will happily talk anyone's ear off about it, as people regularly discover over coffee after parkrun.

Number of runs: 28 (though there was a time during a storm when I had a bad barcode scan but honestly not upset by it don't mind at all...:p)

Favourite volunteer role: Barcode scanning. There are never any unexpected items in the bagging area, just a queue of happy people who have finished parkrun for you to congratulate. Also, always fun to see the creative places some people store their barcodes (I'll leave it up to your imagination!)

How has parkrun changed your running: There is no staying in bed on a Saturday morning. Don't feel 100%? Run/Walk. Feel great? Go for a PB. Injured? Volunteer! Visiting friends or family? Only go to the ones willing to drive you to the nearest parkrun on a Saturday morning. Even if it means having to squeeze your bum between two child seats and take the occasional kick to the head from a toddler.

First parkrun: York, 9th April 2016. I had done the NHS Couch to 5k programme and a friend from work said he would drive me over.

What do you like about parkrun: The people. I put off going for the first time to Castletown on a few occasions, because I was worried I would just kind of end up standing about by myself before and after the run. I'm actually quite shy. No really, I am. Eventually I went with the resolve to sign up to volunteer, and did, and haven't regretted it. Yet. They probably do, though. I have been to several different events now, and I can't get over how wonderful and welcoming the volunteers are, no matter where it is in the world.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun: Having only just completed a couch to 5 km, I didn't really have any proper running gear at my first parkrun. Certainly not waterproofs. As we pulled in, the Yorkshire skies darkened and heavy rain began to fall and I resolved to wear my proper raincoat which I had come in. Naturally, two minutes into the run the sun came out. and I almost died completing the course in a bloody heavy raincoat.


Do you wish to nominate a fellow parkrunner?  Drop us a line to castletownoffice@parkrun.com and tell us why they are your parkrunner of the month.

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