event #191, 7 September 2019.

Last Saturday saw Castletown host its 191st parkrun and if the results are anything to go by, conditions were absolutely perfect for park running.

Although it was a quiet week for first timers, with 7 folks completing their first parkrun, the trend in parkrun tourism continues with a further 9 regulars from other park runs completing their first run at Castletown. These included visitors from Lough Key in Roscommon and Poppintree in Dublin.

In total, we had 224 runners, with an impressive 48 of those getting PBs on the day.

We had one special Milestone this week which has to impress even the most hardened of runners. Ewan Jackson (below), who is 11 years old, not only reached his 50th Parkrun, but along the way has completed a further 27 Junior Parkruns. With 77 runs by the age of 11, and still going strong, it’s hard to imagine the numbers Ewan will manage to reach in time.


First Finishers - Mens
1. Michael Carton (Note : Only Michael’s 8th Parkrun, and his 3rd time crossing the line 1st)
2. John Regan (Consistency knows no bounds, as John has done 63 Parkruns…and his average finishing position is 2.67)
3. Eamonn Spillane (42 runs completed and this is Eamonn’s 3rd PB in 3 weeks)


First Finishers - Ladies
1. Aoife Ni Mhaoileoinn (28th Parkrun, but Aoife’s first time running in Castletown)
2. Shauna Dunne (9th PB in 15 runs at Castletown).
3. Fiona McHugh (Also a PB at Castletown for Fiona).

Below is a selection of Photos from the ladies crossing the finish line





As always, these events can only happen due to the ongoing support from our parkrun Heros.  This week we were supported by the following volunteers who did an excellent job in making the event a success.

Anne GOUGH  •  Breige WALDRON  •  Brian KIERNAN  •  Brid CONNOLLY  •  Caroline DEVANE  •  Caroline O'CONNOR  •  Catherine REILLY  •  Cian DEVANE  •  Ethan DEVANE  •  Fearghal FITZMAURICE  •  Finola MOORE  •  Gerry DUFFY  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Katelyn KIERNAN  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Mary KIERNAN  •  Pauline O'SULLIVAN  •  Roisin KIERNAN  •  Sara NOLAN  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Sheila HYNES


event #190, 31st August 2019.

A beautiful fresh Autumn morning saw a decent crowd of 256 gather at Castletown for event #190, including 31 first timers and 14 for their second parkrun.   37 new personal bests where recorded. We welcomed visitors from the UK, Carlow and also the mighty gang from Waterstown Warriors.  Hope you all enjoyed what Castletown has to offer. I always fell quiet nervous as I take to the steps to give the pre-run brief but this week as I looked around and saw the camaraderie and friendly faces of everyone greeting each other I actually relaxed and saw one big parkrun family!


Highlight of the day was celebrating Finola Moore's 50th run, Marian Fagan's 100th run and Sharon Ashmore volunteering for the 250th time. Well done girls.



The men where led home by the serial Unknown (for the third week in a row), Michael Comer second and Ciaran O'Shaughnessy third.


First Lady was Cliodhna Carthy, followed by Fiona McHugh and Eileen Connolly.


This week there where 27 unknowns so DFYB ! and make sure it's in good condition and 'scanable ' if there is such a word.

As mentioned at the run brief we welcome TY students who are doing the Gaisce award program, they can do the volunteering module at parkrun over a period of weeks. Talk to event director Philip for more details.

Following on from the success of Park walk last Spring it is being repeated from next weekend nationwide and lasts for 6 weeks.

Thanks as always to the amazing volunteers who ensured you had a safe, timed and free 5k, and don't be shy if you haven't volunteered yet, give it a go you'll love it and we need you.

Until next time,

John O'Lone.



Event #189, 24th August 2019.

We got the most wonderful surprise on Saturday morning when summer returned.  Phew it was hot on base and that was before 9 am.  The volunteers were all delighted not to be running.

With a 10 mile race happening in the Phoenix park and lots of people still recovering from the amazing 5k hosted by Celbridge AC this week, we expected our participant numbers to be quite low, but nope, we'd 234 of you eager to get going.  Thankfully there was a nice breeze along the river to give a little time to recover before heading back across the little wooden bridge and back to the sun and heat.

We had 23 amazing first timers and incredibly 20 of you recorded personal bests.

One incredible lady was so excited to be celebrating her 50th parkrun that she shot off like a bullet and finished as first lady!  Congratulations to Aisling Byrne of Celbridge AC.



For a full list of results check our the listings at www.parkrun.ie/parkrun/castletown/results.

We struggled terribly this week to fill our volunteer roster, so a special thank you goes to the people who volunteered (many of them for the first time), enabling all of you to enjoy a timed parkrun.

Alida BOSCH  •  Conor CAMPION  •  Doreen POLLARD  •  Elaine DOUGLAS  •  Ger DOOLEY  •  Hailey MCKENNA  •  Ivan YU  •  John REGAN  •  Kay MACKEN  •  Marc AUGUSTIN  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Nicole BOSCH  •  Olive SWEETMAN  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Robbie REIDY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Sheila HYNES  •  Tara CAMPBELL  •  Vanessa MCKENNA

If you think you could help out even for a short time during an event, please do get in contact with our team at castletown@parkrun.com.  Without volunteers we simply can't host an event.  We are looking for additional help with background work too as some of our team are going on holidays soon.  You'll learn lots and the experience is great if you may be job hunting or just wishing to get involved in something different.  Why don't you talk to ED Philip next time you're at parkrun.  We'd be delighted with the extra hands.

We are very grateful to all of you for another amazing event this week.  Wonder what's instore next week....!

Your Run Director for this week,

Marian Fagan.


#Event 188, 17th August 2019.

Last Saturday saw Castletown host its 188th parkrun as we gradually come towards the end of the holiday season.

With parkrun Tourism on the rise, we were lucky enough to have visitors running in Castletown from a number of other parkruns, including Ballymena, Naas, Skerries, Dunboyne, Germany and had a bubbly group of 6 ladies from Ardgillan with their 4 legged friend.



In all, we had 16 1st timers parkrunners and 16 parkrun tourists running for the first time in Castletown, so in all we had 32 running Castletown for their first time.

In total, 213 runners braved the wind, with 22 of those getting PBs aided by our excellent volunteering Pacers who always help folks who are trying to give it that extra push.


First Finishers - Mens

1. Edwin Koenck

2. Michael Comer

3. Ryan Van Haeften



First Finishers – Ladies

1. Sheila O’Byrne (Crossing the line first for the 3rd time in 4 weeks!!!)


2. Aisling Byrne (1 More run before she gets her 50 Runs T-Shirt!!!)


3. Tersa Doherty (First time running in Castletown!!!)


As always, these events can only happen due to the ongoing support from our parkrun Heros.  This week we were supported by the following volunteers who did an excellent job in making the event a success.

Anne LANG  •  Brian BEATTIE  •  Caroline MULLALLY  •  Catherine COTTER-MELIA  •  Eavan CONNOLLY  •  Finola MOORE  •  Gay HOARE  •  Hazel TIMMINS  •  Jo CORRIGAN  •  John DIXON  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kevin ECOCK  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Marc AUGUSTIN  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Matthew HOGAN  •  Paddy MCDONNELL  •  Ro CHARLTON  •  Ronan LEAHY  •  Sean VALLELY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Thomas QUINN

We looking forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks,

Yours in Running,

Karl Mitchell

Castletown parkrun #188 RD




#Event 187, 10th August 2019.

While nearly every parkrun in Ireland received a fair share of rain we were spared.  The wind whipped around the route to provide extra resistance training.  Sometimes it's nicer to volunteer... just saying!

We had so much happening this week, hope I can remember it all!

We welcomed visitors from St Annes, Poolbeg, Brickfields and London Valentines parkruns.  We hope you enjoyed your day with us.

We had a wonderful family join us for the first time (some for the second time), but I really enjoyed a chat with them afterwards at the finish line and young Penny even got to press the big button to process the results.


Gremlins unfortunately got to work in cyberspace giving me a rather large headache, but thankfully Philip was on hand to sort it all out in the blink of an eye.  Gosh, the poor guy couldn't even get a day off after a visit to Poolbeg parkrun.  Sorry Philip and thanks for coming to my rescue.

We had lots of milestones to celebrate this week.

Paul Foy received his v25 certificate (25 times volunteering).


Conor Fitzpatrick also received his v25 certificate


Alan Kavanagh completed his 50th parkrun.  He's pictured below with his daughter Laura.  Laura is doing remarkably well at running this year after only completing her couch to 5k programme.  Well done to both of you.


We'd a very proud mommy showing of Ciara's jr 10 milestone certificate.  Well done Ciara.


Our first three male finishers this week were:  Cian O'Shaughnessy, Liam King and Ryan Van Haeften.


First three ladies were:  Sheila O'Byrne, Eileen Hoare and Shauna Dunne.


We welcomed 16 first-timers and 18 of you recorded new Personal Bests.  That's impressive stuff guys!!!

While 188 of you ran, walked or jogged the route 20 volunteers enjoyed a fair bit of fun behind the scenes.  Gosh, we really enjoyed ourselves!  Give it a go guys, you dunno what you're missing.






Thank you to all of this weeks amazing volunteers:

Brian MC  •  Emily ROCHE  •  Enda MARTIN  •  Fidelma CRONIN  •  Fiona BARR  •  Fiona MCHENRY  •  Grace PIERCE  •  Jenny SMYTH  •  John O'LONE  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Nicola ROCHE  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rachael BARR  •  Sean CORRIGAN  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Penny Lavin  •   Simon LANG  •  Tom COPPINGER  •  Zoe BARR

How do you volunteer?  Check out our volunteering page and don't hesitate, pop us a line now!

This weeks results are listed here.

In other news... Celbridge AC are hosting their annual 5k race on 22nd August 2019.  There's a very nice piece of bling to be earned.


Hop on over to their Facebook page for full details.  Entries can be made via Pop up Races link.  It's always a great night, and you'll see lots of your parkrun buddies there too.

What's not to like.

Anyway, that's it for this week.

Your Run Director, Sharon.


Event #186, 3 August 2019

My job is great it kills the time between parkruns.

Anyone looking at our facebook prior to last weeks event would have sense a Cilia Black theme running though the week. Thats what our comms person gets for watching blind date reruns.

We had 187 runners take part this week. This included 14 first timers and 9 clubs were represented.

The first 3 males were all familar faces to us at parkrun with Liam King being first finisher, Ciaran O'Shaughnessy and John Regan making up the top 3.

1st men

Clidhna Carthy was the first lady over the line for the 5th time in 6 outings. Fiona Groark and Michelle McCabe completed the top 3 ladies. Michelle was a little fast so i was unable to get her in the photo.

1st women

Since we started in Castletown way way back in 2015 our runners have run over 180,000km or run for 2 years 48 days 4 hours 20 minutes and 51 seconds.

It was good to even after 26 of ye got personal best ye still had the energy to spend the afternoon dancing to Nathan Carter and Michael English. Next time they visit Celbridge we will try to encourage them to get their parkrun fix in before hand.

Until Saturday Thanks for everything

RD for event #186


Event #185, July 27th 2019

There's a story at every parkrun.

This week's one is about volunteers and unsung heroics...and the need for more songs for our Hi-Viz heros!

Volunteers @ event 185

Volunteers @ event #185

We had marshals who arrived back home on a delayed plane after 2 am and made it to the start @ 9am.

We had marshals who were on their 100th official volunteer role. (They've done many more!)

We had marshals who had no sleep since 9am the day before.

We had marshals who responded to the call on a Friday for more volunteers.

We had marshals who were to be token sorting, and ended up on Finish Token support.

And at the end of the day we all had a safe and free weekly timed 5km.

I can't thank enough the first timers, visitors and the volunteers (on the day and behind the scenes).

Joan and Ed

Joan and Ed @ Event #185

You make it all worthwhile.

Catherine #100

Catherine #100 @Event #185

All that most parkruns ask is that you try to volunteer about 1 in 10 events.

Pick a weekend that might suit you and drop a note to castletown@parkrun.com

Declan Hynes

Run Director, Event #185
Castletown parkrun

{ And don't forget your barcode....."wags finger at attendees!" }

This week 204 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Mark RALEIGH • Sharon ASHMORE • Caroline DEVANE • Sean CORRIGAN • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Lorraine LEE • Ethan DEVANE • Colette REILLY • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Gerry DUFFY • Doireann FREENEY • Derek KEARNEY • Fionn KEARNEY • Conor FITZPATRICK • Simon LANG • John FREENEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Lee VAN HAEFTEN who recorded a time of 15:59 on 30th March 2019 (event number 168).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary MARTIN who recorded 93.09% (26:03) on 22nd June 2019 (event number 180).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 5,478 participants have completed 35,983 parkruns covering a total distance of 179,915 km, including 6,744 new Personal Bests. A total of 720 individuals have volunteered 3,933 times.


Event # 184

50. 50. 50.

50 years since Apollo 11 landed humans on the Moon.


50 years since Sharon Ashmore, Castletown parkrun's first event director graced Earth with her presence ."Happy Birthday Sharon" and thanks for the sweet treats.



50 parkruns for Cara Moriarty, well done young lady ,don't forget to claim your milestone tee shirt.



A fine summer morning greeted 193 runners, joggers and walkers to Event 184 with visitors travelling from  Darlington, Kilkenny and Cabinteely. 12 joined us for their first parkrun, and thanks to our pacers, 30 of you recorded new personal bests.

First 3 men home were Michael Hannon, Michael Comer and Trevor McDonald (new pb)


The two Michaels going head to head on the first lap.


Aisling Byrne was first lady ,first timer Claire McDonald was second, and third was Shauna Dunne.


Thanks as always to our volunteers  and OPW staff who each week enable us to hold a safe timed and free 5k. Don't forget to put your name forward to volunteer if you haven't done so in a while.



John O'Lone,

run director.

PS, Don't forget your bar code.


Event #183, 13th July 2019.

Phew its hot!!!

It was a tad hotter in the park than it looked on Saturday morning, which led to a rather large pile up of wrecked individuals very early on, so please excuse us for not having photos of the first finishers in each category.

They were...
Male First Finishers
Marc Augustin, Brendan Kearney and Darren Reilly.  It's good to see Darren back as he's been working abroad for quite some some.

Female First finishers were...
Stephanie Dormer-Lewis, Carragh Hayes, (who has just completed her leaving cert and had been missing for a few weeks, so good to see shes back with us and still on form too). And Claire Millar staggered through the finish chute muttering something about the heat.  Poor Claire, hope you're recovered now. Sometimes the benefits of doing Run Director are endless!


How on earth 34 of you managed to earn a new shiny PB in that heat is incredible.  Well done to all of you.  Brian Kiernan was one of the new PB recipients.  Wonder who he was trying to catch up to for a chat?  If you've ever ran with Brian, you'll know exactly what I mean!


Here's Darren getting his barcode scanned.


Who got to say hi to our tiny volunteer on Saturday?  She was quite the celebrity on Saturday and mommy did a brilliant job scanning and minding baby.  Multitasking at it's best!

We also had a lovely young lady helping her daddy with scanning and she sorted tokens too.  And did anyone see the mommy and son duo on marshaling?  Aren't they all brilliant!!!  I love to see the children run with their parents, but its even better to see them enjoying the volunteer roles too.  By the way... the children are usually better than the adults at the jobs... but don't tell them... they might get big heads!


We had the most amazing moms practicing resistance training wheeling buggies around our slightly challenging course, and still managing a giggle and a chat with me afterwards which was quite nice.

I didn't get a chance to say thank you to all the volunteers on Saturday, so without further ado... here's their names in lights...

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Caroline DEVANE  •  Caroline O'CONNOR  •  Catherine REILLY  •  Colm CONNOLLY  •  Conor FITZPATRICK  •  Ethan DEVANE  •  Eve CONNOLLY  •  John O'LONE  •  Karen FITZGERALD  •  Karen QUINN  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rachael MURPHY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Stephen NEVIN


We had visitors from Canada, Kilcock and this rather noisy bunch from Marlay parkrun.  By the way lads... we're missing token 71... I'm going to yours to rob it back!!!

Did you know that YOUR barcode is unique to you?  You can run at any event in the world using your own barcode, so next time you're going on holiday, check the maps to see where you might squeeze one in.  It's always great fun to be a parkrun tourist, so do give it a try!  Check out the parkrun main page for all the latest on International and local locations.


Thank you to everyone who walked, jogged  and volunteered with us this week.  It was a great way to start the day.

If you've ran ten parkruns with us, or more, we'd be delighted if you might consider volunteering.  We've a few spaces available for this coming week and it's pacer week too, so lots and lots of jobs to choose from.  See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Castletown parkrun happen.

Your Run Director for Event 183, Sharon Ashmore.





Event #182, 6 July 2019.

Event 182 of castletown was a mixed bag particularly weather wise. It was dry but look like the skys could open at any moment.

We had tourist from as close as Lucan and as far away as Canada.

176 of ye decided that regardless of it the sky's opened or not that you were parkrunning. This included 16 first timers and 24 people were rewarded with PB's for coming out

Shortly after 9.30 ye set off to get your parkrun fix. It must have been a fast course as the first 3 finishers all ran pb's.


Castletown regualar Michael Comer was first finsher in a photo finish with tourist Joe McCracken. Marc Augustin made up the first 3 men. Above is a photo of the first two. Marc was AWOL when I went to take the photo.


Cliodhna Carthy was first lady over the line for the 2nd week in a row. Patricia Mcloughlin and Caroline McCarthy made up the top 3 ladies. In a rare treat I did manage to capture all 3 of them for a photo.

On the milestone side of things we have one barkwalker doing their 100th parkrun. Well done to Chino picture here with the 2 humans that he looks after. Think this photo sums up what parkrun is all about.

Thats all for this week see ye all on Saturday for Event #183

Philip Slattery
RD event 182