Event # 216

This weekends event celebrated International Women's Day. Out of the 224 finishers ninety five women and girls finished.  So, along with the  men who know them  jogging and walking the course, we had 35  first timers but  zero new Personal Bests, but more about that later. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

We welcomed some of the pupils ,teachers and parents from the Salesian college and visitors from London, Cork and Hartstown. Hope you enjoyed your time at Castletown.

Well done to the ever smiling Brendan Mooney on your 25th volunteering occasion and congratulations  to junior runner Sarah Walsh on your 10th outing. Don't forget to claim those milestone Tee Shirts.

IMG_1806 IMG_1809 3

Core team member Declan Hynes ran his 200th , not an official milestone but well done  Declan.

IMG_1793 3

First 3 ladies home were Grace Buggle, Esther Bayon and Sandra McLoughlin.


The men were led home by Marcus Bishop, Alex O'Brien and unfortunately I don't have a name for third finisher.


After 215 events at Castletown #216 was the first untimed one.  Despite appeals on facebook and email the roster was still 2 volunteers short . A safe run is the priority and that requires 5 marshals and a tail walker. To credit participants 2 barcode scanners, a finish tokens person and a finish tokens support person are required. When all these rolls are filled  the timekeepers can be assigned, then there is the run director and results processor, and managing all these is the volunteer co-ordinator who also deals with communications throughout the week leading up to the event.

The event was made possible by the following volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Siobhan O'BRIEN • John REGAN • Eavan CONNOLLY • Marcus BISHOP • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Dwyer EAMONN • Brian BEATTIE • Brendan MOONEY • Kevin LAWLOR • Marc AUGUSTIN • Paul BENNETT • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Joann BOWES • Aoibhe DUNNE • Sam MURPHY • Suzanne YEATES


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Lee VAN HAEFTEN who recorded a time of 15:59 on 30th March 2019 (event number 168).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary MARTIN who recorded 93.09% (26:03) on 22nd June 2019 (event number 180).

Best regards,

John O'Lone

Run director Event #216.

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 6,202 participants have completed 42,556 parkruns covering a total distance of 212,780 km, including 7,570 new Personal Bests. A total of 809 individuals have volunteered 4,602 times.


Event #214, 15th February 2020.

The day Dennis came to parkrun!

Where to start.......

This morning saw the 214th running of Castletown parkrun and as well as tourists from Shanganagh parkrun and Griffeen Valley parkrun, we had one notable visitor (Storm Dennis), who definitely made himself known.

Did you know that your barcode is as unique as you are?  Booking a holiday?  Why not pack your barcode and check out the list of countries where parkrun exists around the globe... you never know, you might just find you've become an International parkrunner just by accident. 

Shauna Dunne (aka parkrun legend!!!) Pre-ran the course to make sure we would be safe to go, and after a relatively speedy safety brief (ok, speedy for me, as I usually go off on a few tangents), we were on our way.  136 brave runners took on the challenge, and our version of Celebrity Cyclone was under way.

Unusually, we had only 4 first timers. That said.....big shout out to these 4 warriors who chose today...the stormy day of doom....to do their first run. We promise you guys....it is usually A LOT easier than today.

One family was definitely in a celebratory mood with Joann Bowes (Fabulous Joann) reaching her 100th parkrun, and son Sean (24 minutes and dropping) celebrating his 15th birthday. A role model parkrun family if ever there was one!

214 Sean

We had a minor glitch with one of our barcode scanners misbehaving and not registering a few of our top 10 finishers before we resolved the issue.

214 happy

214 first three

First Finishers are above.

A special thanks has to go to our awesome volunteers, who really stood up to the elements today (see below). Without them, there is no parkrun. Please consider putting your name down in the coming weeks if you have run 10 or more runs.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Claire MILLAR • Marian FAGAN • Geoff HAMILTON • Laura MURRAY • Shauna DUNNE • Kevin LAWLOR • Emma O'ROURKE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Abbie O'ROURKE • Karl MITCHELL • Catherine DOWLING • Rosaleen KELLY • Derek KEARNEY • Simon LANG • Anne LANG • Rebecca LANG • Sam MURPHY

Until next week...

Karl - Run Director : Castletown #214

Results for this week can be found here.

Volunteer roster can be found here.

For all other information related to your event, look here.



Event # 212 1 February 2020

We started our February parkruns at Castletown with another lovely morning where 273 of you joined us to run, jog, walk, or some mix of all of the above, every ability level is welcome to parkrun. We had 15 first timers to parkrun, 17 first time visitors to Castletown, and an amazing 38 new PBs!

We had visitors from Griffeen, Hartstown, & Porterstown locally. Tymon & Marlay fairly locally. Wexford Racecourse, Strokestown, & Erris a bit further afield. Then we had the international tourists from Isle of Man & London. And finally, an intercontinental tourist from Australia!

We had a few milestones this weekend:

Claire Guest 50

Noel Ward 100 (a tourist to Castletown, i'm sure there is a photo somewhere, if it is sent to us we can add it in)

and Roisin Kiernan v25

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Siobhan ALLEN, Sharon ASHMORE, Conor FITZPATRICK, Gay HOARE, Brian KIERNAN, Katelyn KIERNAN, Mary KIERNAN, Roisin KIERNAN, Hazel KINSELLA, Maxwell KINSELLA, Kevin LAWLOR, Conor MCCABE, Sinead MCCABE, Karl MITCHELL, David MURPHY, Sam MURPHY, John O'LONE, Kim O'LONE, Wendy RALEIGH, Alan SCOTT, Bernie SCOTT, Philip SLATTERY, Graham SPILLANE, Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL

Why not get involved and volunteer?

Until next week, don’t forget your barcode
Conor Fitzpatrick
Run Director

Castletown parkrun #212
Castletown parkrun event statistics
Biggest Attendance: 374
Female record holder: Louise REILLY - 19:19 - Event 28 (28/05/16)
Male record holder: Lee VAN HAEFTEN - 15:59 - Event 168 (30/03/19)
Age graded record holder: Mary MARTIN - 93.09 % - 26:03 - Event 180 (22/06/19)


Event #208, 4th January 2020

What a start to the new decade!

Gosh, it was difficult to get out of bed on Saturday morning and get myself into gear for the first parkrun of the new year.  I'd gotten too used to the nice lie in associated with the extended break over the Christmas period.  Wasn't it lovely!!

The drizzy rain didn't help, but hey ho, I dragged myself around the kitchen, quickly gathered my thoughts and made sure I'd all the essentials associated with the role of Run Director for the day.

Arriving in the park, I was absolutely convinced that everyone else would be in the same frame of mind as myself and consider a lie on, instead of a parkrun.  Oh, boy was I wrong.  You all had the new year well and truly launched with a bang as we'd the largest contingency of new participants we'd had for a long time, arrive to hear Karl deliver the first timers and newcomers welcome brief in advance of the 9.30am start.

I can tell you it didn't take me long to wake up when we'd delivered the brief and saw you all disappear into the distance.  Yikes, that's a long steady stream of very colourful lycra heading away for the first loop around the wonderful grounds of Castletown.

You are all truly awesome!

2020 2

What a wonderful sight to behold.

Our amazing volunteers sprung into action to ensure that we'd have enough tokens to hand out and that we'd all be efficient at getting you all through the funnel.  Thank you all.  Everything went like clock work and no one was in the slightest put off by the larger than expected numbers who arrived for the morning.

2002 4

Your awesome volunteers were....

Andrea FLEISCHER  •  Anne LANG  •  Breda FOGARTY  •  Brendan MOONEY  •  Cliona FAGAN  •  Enda MARTIN  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kevin DALY  •  Kevin LAWLOR  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Liam FENNELLY  •  Marc AUGUSTIN  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rebecca LANG  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Siobhan O'BRIEN

Whether you joined us to share the banter with your girlie pals...

2002 5

Or you were out to share a parkrun with your family who were visiting from across the miles, like the Breakfast Club and O'Lones photographed here...


Or running your very first full 5k with your family like Dexter in the blue (Congratulations Dexter and all the Gunning family)...


Whatever your reasons, getting out is always the right reason.  353 of you gave the volunteers a reason to smile.  Thank you!

Do you think next week we'll be hosting a bigger number?  I'd put bets on it!!!!  Bring it on.

Your Run Director for for first event of the decade, Sharon.

PS...  Please allow yourself lots of time to arrive for your parkrun next week.  We expect parking to be very busy, so squeeze up and follow the instructions of the marshals on duty.  We may need a few extra volunteers to help with crowd control, scanning and handing out tokens after you've ran so feel free to dig in ... all help will be greatly appreciated.


Event #207, 28th December 2019.

parkrun day

- with apologies to U2

All is quiet for the pre run briefing
The world of parkrun gets underway
I want to run with you
But no, the RD has to look out for you
Nothing changes on parkrun day
On parkrun day

I will run with you again
I will run with you again

Under a grey and blustery sky
A crowd has gathered in black and white
The RD notes are getting blown away
The milestones says, says
Its true, its true
Wally Moore will get his 50th parkrun
We will celebrate with a sweet or two

I,I will run with you again
I,I will run with you again

Ah, the first timers are told this is parkrun day
Saturday for ever known as parkrun day
I will run with you again
I will run with you again

And so we’re told to volunteer again
because volunteers make parkrun run
I know its time to put name down again,
1 in 10 is all we need for parkrun.

Nothing changes 

On parkrun day
On parkrun day
On parkrun day

Wally's 50th

Wally and our Run Director on Wally's 50th parkrun

 Congratulations Wally Moore on your 50th parkrun milestone


Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers

Event 207 Volunteers

Event 207 Volunteers

Happy New Year to all our park runners and volunteers.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year

Sheila Hynes
Run Director
Castletown parkrun
Event #207

Castletown parkrun
Event number 207
28th December 2019

This week 161 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Siobhan O'BRIEN • Caroline DEVANE • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Brian BEATTIE • Kevin LAWLOR • Catherine COTTER-MELIA • John Paul CARNEY • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Gerry DUFFY • Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL • Aoibhe DUNNE • Filip DEGRIECK • Christopher SHERRY • Karl MITCHELL • Eamonn MORDAUNT • Caelan DEVANE • Hazel KINSELLA • Maxwell KINSELLA • Sam MURPHY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Lee VAN HAEFTEN who recorded a time of 15:59 on 30th March 2019 (event number 168).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary MARTIN who recorded 93.09% (26:03) on 22nd June 2019 (event number 180).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 5,889 participants have completed 40,197 parkruns covering a total distance of 200,985 km, including 7,297 new Personal Bests. A total of 783 individuals have volunteered 4,397 times.


Event #206, 21st December 2019.

There is magic in the air...."Ho, Ho, Ho"

Somewhere in the days before Spotify there was a song with lyrics along the lines of “three is the magic number”. This week at Castletown there was a certain amount of magic in the air, and a lot of numbers that were laying claim to the crown of the most magic number of parkrun event 206.

We had 6 pacers.


We had 13 first timers.


We had a participant from Banagher, but living in London, who was doing his 100th different parkrun.
Doing their 100th different parkrun

Doing their 100th different parkrun

We had 13 first timers.


We had 25 personal bests.


And I’m not certain, but there may have been a turtle dove or two, or perhaps a partridge in a pear tree somewhere.


We had our 145th finisher - who marked the 40,000 parkruns to be completed at Castletown.
That milestone means that we have done 200,000 km of walking, jogging and running at Castletown parkrun over the past 4 and a bit years.


Today we were aided by 30 volunteers.


Now 30 is a pretty magic number for people to pitch in and to help create the event every week.


They are the folks who are wishing you a “Merry Christmas” and a resounding “Ho, Ho, Ho” as you made your way around the course.

There was of course the magic of Santa Claus being our tail walker - and there are some amazing photos on the Facebook page that capture that.


We hope you enjoyed Event 206 on the 21st, and hope to see you all 181 of you again, and more on the 28th for Event 207!

Special Events

parkrun has some “Special Events” every year - and on the 25th, if you want to run a parkrun, Waterstown parkrun (https://www.parkrun.ie/waterstown/)  is the nearest one to Castletown.
On New Years day - possible to do 2 events in Ireland, and a visitor from Cabinteely mentioned that they are starting @9:00 am as are a few other events, and then some @ 10:30 and some @11. The full list is on the page, and you could do Griffeen @9:30, Corkagh @11:00 or the only parkrun in Kildare on New Years day is Kilcock @11.
See you all next week and enjoy the break - until this coming Saturday !!


Declan Hynes
Castletown parkrun
Run Directory Event #206



Castletown parkrun Event number 206

21st December 2019

This week 181 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 25 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Cliona FAGAN • Declan HYNES • Derek CULLEN • Mark LYNCH • Owen MULVANEY • Eleanor KENNEDY • Suzie MILLER • Finola MOORE • Caroline O'CONNOR • Laura MURRAY • Brian BEATTIE • Andrea FLEISCHER • Brendan MOONEY • Kevin DALY • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Gerry DUFFY • Niamh KILCULLEN • Tara CAMPBELL • Christopher SHERRY • Santa CLAUS • Karl MITCHELL • Sean MURRAY • Michael KILCULLEN • Anna KILCULLEN • Simon LANG • Anne LANG • Paul FITZGIBBON • Rebecca LANG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Lee VAN HAEFTEN who recorded a time of 15:59 on 30th March 2019 (event number 168).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary MARTIN who recorded 93.09% (26:03) on 22nd June 2019 (event number 180).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 5,875 participants have completed 40,036 parkruns covering a total distance of 200,180 km, including 7,278 new Personal Bests. A total of 781 individuals have volunteered 4,375 times.


Event 205- December 14th

I want to start this run report by thanking our amazing volunteers,
Sharon ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Caroline DEVANE • Liam MCNIFFE • Eleanor KENNEDY • Donal GILMAN • Aileen CARTWRIGHT • Kevin LAWLOR • Sandra MCLAUGHLIN • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Caoimhin MACCIONNAITH • Dorothy DUFFY • Karl MITCHELL • Keith HALLIGAN • Niamh O'LONE • Conor FITZPATRICK • Sam MURPHY who endured what must have been one of the coldest mornings at Castletown in quiet some time, they ensured that 159 runners, joggers and walkers got a safe timed event,I hope you all defrosted quickly enough.

We welcomed visitors from Australia , Dunshaughlin, Rathoath and my own son, John and his girlfriend Panda who are visiting us from Auckland for Christmas.


"It doesn't get this cold in Auckland"

First 3 men home were Lee Van Haeften, John Regan and Michael Comer.



First 3 women home were Deirdre O'Toole, Claire Millar and Bernie Stapleton.



14 of you recorded new PB's.

Congratulations to Cliona Fagan and Deirdre Sheehy on completing your 50th parkrun and   Donal Gilman on your 100th, well done to the 3 of you and the cakes were delicious. Don't forget to claim those milestone tee shirts, they are hard earned.

IMG_0988 IMG_0987 IMG_0986 IMG_0984

Next week is Christmas week ( as if anyone needs reminding ) so dig out those Santa hats and Christmas jumpers, its also pacer week if anyone fancies pacing with times from 20 to 40 minutes to choose from.

The volunteer roster has lots of slots waiting to be filled over the holiday period if anyone is available, check out "future roster" on the Castletown web page. See the open jobs here https://www.parkrun.ie/castletown/futureroster/

Looking forward to seeing you all next week for some festive fun especially the 14 of you who joined us for their first parkrun this week.

If you are looking to get your running fix on Christmas Day 13 venues including our friends as Waterstown will be donig an Christmas morning parkrun. For a list of the venues please follow the link https://www.parkrun.ie/special-events/

Yours in sport,

John O'Lone.

Run director event 205.


Event #204, 7th December 2019.

Our first parkrun for December 2019 started out quite windy and a bit misty but considering it is mid winter we aren't doing too bad.  166 of you ran, walked and jogged the course.  Six were 1st timers and 20 recorded new personal bests.  Well done everyone.

We had one milestone that we were aware of.  It's not an official one but pretty awesome all the same.  Eleanor was celebrating her 150th run and it was her 100th run in Castletown. It was also Eleanor's 50th time to volunteer at parkrun.  WOW!!!

Here's Eleanor enjoying parkrun, just the way she likes it!

2018-03-18_01-54-29 FB_IMG_1509198903456


Eleanor very kindly wrote us a little piece on what parkrun means to her.

Unofficial milestones and addictions.

Saturday December 7 dawned at last. It was the day of my unofficial milestone of 150 parkruns but also the day I completed 100 events at my home of Castletown. 

parkrun is an addiction that I’m proud of having.  It’s wonderful for my mental health and well being.  Going around the course whether by myself or with company gives me a great sense of achievement. That’s what parkrun is all about. It’s yourself that you’re competing against every Saturday, nobody else.

Little did I know when I showed up to my first event on 16th January 2016 in Castletown that parkrun would become such an important part of my life.  I started as a walker who had zero interest in ever even considering jogging, let alone running....but trying to better my times and so competing only against myself I started improving my times at parkrun.

parkrun has become an integral part of my weekend whether I’m running or volunteering or taking on a role which allows me to take part in the event and volunteer.  In this category I love the role of  VI guide and I’ve had the privilege of guiding 4 fantastic people around 6 different parkrun courses.

That’s the beauty of parkrun, my barcode is like a passport It has opened the world to me I’ve been lucky enough to “tourist" in Sydney, Florida, Isle of Man and Edinburgh. Because the sponsors are different in each country the scanner usually notices the difference and comments on this.

Last Saturday, there were a number of “first timers” at the briefing which I gave and I hope that they have been bitten by the parkrun bug too.  It’s great when you meet people in the village who you don’t know, but you know through parkrun and so you get to know people from your community that otherwise you’d never know to even say “hi" to in the supermarket.

Roll on my next “unofficial” milestone of 200 runs and I look forward to eventually earning my 250 t-shirt.

Yours in parkrunning, Eleanor A1936665 

Also in the crowd was Laura Murray.  She quietly kept to herself that she had completed the Clonakilty marathon the previous Saturday which brought her marathon tally to 25.  She was presented with a medal by Marathon club Ireland for this impressive achievement.  Congratulations Laura, you're just amazing!


Our first 3 men home.
No. 1 unknown. [This is why having your barcode is so important]
No. 2 Oliver Birch
No. 3 Adam Veighey [JM 11-14 age catagory]


The first 3 ladies
No. 1 Emily Birch
No. 2 Shauna Dunne
No. 3 Caroline Devane

As usual we never seem to catch the ladies for a photo. Maybe next time.

Our volunteers on Saturday were terrific and we had a few new faces in the mix. I hope you all enjoyed doing your jobs as the runners were very complimentary towards you all. Unfortunately we are finding it increasingly difficult to get volunteers recently. Our parkrun is run solely on volunteers and parkrun belongs to the community . If everyone registered to Castletown parkrun volunteered we would all only have to put our hand up less than once a year. The rule of thumb is once every 10 runs. No volunteers means no parkrun. All jobs are easy and training is on a Saturday morning at 9.00 am so nobody is put out too much.

Drop us a line at castletown@parkrun.com to put YOUR name on the roster.  You'll love it, we promise!

Your run director for this week,

Marian Fagan.


Event #203, 30 November 2019

Last Saturday saw 175 parkrunners join us for a fairly warm and dry day given the season, it showed with 24 of you setting a new PB.  We had 12 parkrunners joining us at Castletown for the first time, and 8 first timers to parkrun.

Pulse Tri Club and Rob Craig Fitness both had groups joined us too. parkrun Ireland recently surveyed those who had volunteered in the last 12 months, here's one of their findings: "90% of those that reported experiencing depression said that participating in parkrun improved their ability to manage their health condition." So why not volunteer yourself over the winter, get yourself some good karma on these dark days.

Take a look at the roster and see if anything takes your fancy. https://www.parkrun.ie/castletown/futureroster/

Full training is given each Saturday morning. Results: https://www.parkrun.ie/castletown/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=203

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: John Paul CARNEY, Mark CRONLY, Caroline DEVANE, Marian FAGAN, Aisling FEENEY, Conor FITZPATRICK, Arlene HIGGINS, Jacqueline KEARNS, Roisin KIERNAN, Brian KIERNAN, Maxwell KINSELLA, Hazel KINSELLA, Rebecca LANG, Simon LANG, Kevin LAWLOR, Suzie MILLER, Sam MURPHY, Elizabeth NICHOL, Sara NOLAN, John O'LONE, Kim O'LONE, Niamh O'SHEA, Aoife PLUINCÉID, Philip SLATTERY

Conor Fitzpatrick (RD Castletown 203)


Event #202 23 November Super Saturday

Castletown parkrun’s very own Super Saturday!!!

Even the cold, wet conditions were not enough to dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic 150 participants who braved the elements to attend Castletown’s 202nd parkrun on the 23rd of November.

The reason for the upbeat mood was because last Saturday brought with it a perfect storm (pardon the pun J) of Milestones for many of our regular gang, and with that came cake....and boy, do we like our cake!.


General Stats

We had 150 parkrunners take to the start line. A low number relative to the usual attendance, but extremely impressive seeing as the poor weather had actually resulted in a number of other parkruns having to be cancelled. We had 18 First Timers (and yes, they decided to pick one of the wettest days of the year to make their debuts. This bodes well for them, as runners to tend to be a bit strange anyway) and 10 PBs.

Amanda Lacey above on her Debut as a first timer at Castletown (on the right) with this weeks RD

Amanda Lacey above on her Debut as a first timer at Castletown (on the right) with this weeks RD


Katelyn Kiernan                - 100 parkruns (Jr)

Roisin Kiernan                   - 100 parkruns (Jr)

Caoimhin MacCionnaith - 100 parkruns

Dorothy Duffy                   - 50 parkruns

Olive Sweetman               - 50 parkruns

Gearoid Barron                 - 10 parkruns (Jr)

Below are some photos of our Milestone runners. We did not get everyone but if you give us a shout next week, we will get your photo to include in next week’s run report.

parkrun 2parkrun 4 parkrun 6 parkrun 3parkrun 7

NOTE : Not sure who these runners belong to, but I can be fairly sure it is their first outing in Castletown. They may not be so shiny and white next week.

First Across the line

1. Gary Eoin McDonald (Far Right above). First across the line in a PB. Well done!
2. Sheila O’Byrne (2nd from the Right). Almost made the top spot, with her fastest run in Castletown since August 2017. Go Girl!!!
3. Sean Vallely (2nd from Left). Strong run after a 4 week break from Castletown. He must have been tapering for this one!!!
4. Sean Heneghan (Far Left). This run brought Sean’s average time for 2019 below the 22 minute mark.

parkrun 8

We had 23 Volunteer Heros this week. Thanks a million for giving of your time on such a wet morning. (In particular, Tara Campbell’s partner in crime pictured below)

parkrun 9

Anne LANG  •  Caroline DEVANE  •  Cliona FAGAN  •  Finola MOORE  •  Francis MC CARRON  •  Grace PIERCE  •  Hazel KINSELLA  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Katherine CARROLL  •  Kevin LAWLOR  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Maxwell KINSELLA  •  Michael COMER  •  Patricia QUINN  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rebecca LANG  •  Sam MURPHY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Simon LANG  •  Tara CAMPBELL

We always need volunteers to help us run a safe event. Please consider putting your name down if you have completed 10 parkruns or have not volunteered for a while. All roles are taught on the day and we always get the feedback when we are wrapping up after the parkruns that the volunteers really enjoyed it!!

Until next week,

Karl Mitchell (Castletown Event#202 RD).

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