Event #214, 15th February 2020.

The day Dennis came to parkrun!

Where to start.......

This morning saw the 214th running of Castletown parkrun and as well as tourists from Shanganagh parkrun and Griffeen Valley parkrun, we had one notable visitor (Storm Dennis), who definitely made himself known.

Did you know that your barcode is as unique as you are?  Booking a holiday?  Why not pack your barcode and check out the list of countries where parkrun exists around the globe... you never know, you might just find you've become an International parkrunner just by accident. 

Shauna Dunne (aka parkrun legend!!!) Pre-ran the course to make sure we would be safe to go, and after a relatively speedy safety brief (ok, speedy for me, as I usually go off on a few tangents), we were on our way.  136 brave runners took on the challenge, and our version of Celebrity Cyclone was under way.

Unusually, we had only 4 first timers. That said.....big shout out to these 4 warriors who chose today...the stormy day of doom....to do their first run. We promise you guys....it is usually A LOT easier than today.

One family was definitely in a celebratory mood with Joann Bowes (Fabulous Joann) reaching her 100th parkrun, and son Sean (24 minutes and dropping) celebrating his 15th birthday. A role model parkrun family if ever there was one!

214 Sean

We had a minor glitch with one of our barcode scanners misbehaving and not registering a few of our top 10 finishers before we resolved the issue.

214 happy

214 first three

First Finishers are above.

A special thanks has to go to our awesome volunteers, who really stood up to the elements today (see below). Without them, there is no parkrun. Please consider putting your name down in the coming weeks if you have run 10 or more runs.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Claire MILLAR • Marian FAGAN • Geoff HAMILTON • Laura MURRAY • Shauna DUNNE • Kevin LAWLOR • Emma O'ROURKE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Abbie O'ROURKE • Karl MITCHELL • Catherine DOWLING • Rosaleen KELLY • Derek KEARNEY • Simon LANG • Anne LANG • Rebecca LANG • Sam MURPHY

Until next week...

Karl - Run Director : Castletown #214

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