Event #208, 4th January 2020

What a start to the new decade!

Gosh, it was difficult to get out of bed on Saturday morning and get myself into gear for the first parkrun of the new year.  I'd gotten too used to the nice lie in associated with the extended break over the Christmas period.  Wasn't it lovely!!

The drizzy rain didn't help, but hey ho, I dragged myself around the kitchen, quickly gathered my thoughts and made sure I'd all the essentials associated with the role of Run Director for the day.

Arriving in the park, I was absolutely convinced that everyone else would be in the same frame of mind as myself and consider a lie on, instead of a parkrun.  Oh, boy was I wrong.  You all had the new year well and truly launched with a bang as we'd the largest contingency of new participants we'd had for a long time, arrive to hear Karl deliver the first timers and newcomers welcome brief in advance of the 9.30am start.

I can tell you it didn't take me long to wake up when we'd delivered the brief and saw you all disappear into the distance.  Yikes, that's a long steady stream of very colourful lycra heading away for the first loop around the wonderful grounds of Castletown.

You are all truly awesome!

2020 2

What a wonderful sight to behold.

Our amazing volunteers sprung into action to ensure that we'd have enough tokens to hand out and that we'd all be efficient at getting you all through the funnel.  Thank you all.  Everything went like clock work and no one was in the slightest put off by the larger than expected numbers who arrived for the morning.

2002 4

Your awesome volunteers were....

Andrea FLEISCHER  •  Anne LANG  •  Breda FOGARTY  •  Brendan MOONEY  •  Cliona FAGAN  •  Enda MARTIN  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kevin DALY  •  Kevin LAWLOR  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Liam FENNELLY  •  Marc AUGUSTIN  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rebecca LANG  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Siobhan O'BRIEN

Whether you joined us to share the banter with your girlie pals...

2002 5

Or you were out to share a parkrun with your family who were visiting from across the miles, like the Breakfast Club and O'Lones photographed here...


Or running your very first full 5k with your family like Dexter in the blue (Congratulations Dexter and all the Gunning family)...


Whatever your reasons, getting out is always the right reason.  353 of you gave the volunteers a reason to smile.  Thank you!

Do you think next week we'll be hosting a bigger number?  I'd put bets on it!!!!  Bring it on.

Your Run Director for for first event of the decade, Sharon.

PS...  Please allow yourself lots of time to arrive for your parkrun next week.  We expect parking to be very busy, so squeeze up and follow the instructions of the marshals on duty.  We may need a few extra volunteers to help with crowd control, scanning and handing out tokens after you've ran so feel free to dig in ... all help will be greatly appreciated.