Event #204, 7th December 2019.

Our first parkrun for December 2019 started out quite windy and a bit misty but considering it is mid winter we aren't doing too bad.  166 of you ran, walked and jogged the course.  Six were 1st timers and 20 recorded new personal bests.  Well done everyone.

We had one milestone that we were aware of.  It's not an official one but pretty awesome all the same.  Eleanor was celebrating her 150th run and it was her 100th run in Castletown. It was also Eleanor's 50th time to volunteer at parkrun.  WOW!!!

Here's Eleanor enjoying parkrun, just the way she likes it!

2018-03-18_01-54-29 FB_IMG_1509198903456


Eleanor very kindly wrote us a little piece on what parkrun means to her.

Unofficial milestones and addictions.

Saturday December 7 dawned at last. It was the day of my unofficial milestone of 150 parkruns but also the day I completed 100 events at my home of Castletown. 

parkrun is an addiction that I’m proud of having.  It’s wonderful for my mental health and well being.  Going around the course whether by myself or with company gives me a great sense of achievement. That’s what parkrun is all about. It’s yourself that you’re competing against every Saturday, nobody else.

Little did I know when I showed up to my first event on 16th January 2016 in Castletown that parkrun would become such an important part of my life.  I started as a walker who had zero interest in ever even considering jogging, let alone running....but trying to better my times and so competing only against myself I started improving my times at parkrun.

parkrun has become an integral part of my weekend whether I’m running or volunteering or taking on a role which allows me to take part in the event and volunteer.  In this category I love the role of  VI guide and I’ve had the privilege of guiding 4 fantastic people around 6 different parkrun courses.

That’s the beauty of parkrun, my barcode is like a passport It has opened the world to me I’ve been lucky enough to “tourist" in Sydney, Florida, Isle of Man and Edinburgh. Because the sponsors are different in each country the scanner usually notices the difference and comments on this.

Last Saturday, there were a number of “first timers” at the briefing which I gave and I hope that they have been bitten by the parkrun bug too.  It’s great when you meet people in the village who you don’t know, but you know through parkrun and so you get to know people from your community that otherwise you’d never know to even say “hi" to in the supermarket.

Roll on my next “unofficial” milestone of 200 runs and I look forward to eventually earning my 250 t-shirt.

Yours in parkrunning, Eleanor A1936665 

Also in the crowd was Laura Murray.  She quietly kept to herself that she had completed the Clonakilty marathon the previous Saturday which brought her marathon tally to 25.  She was presented with a medal by Marathon club Ireland for this impressive achievement.  Congratulations Laura, you're just amazing!


Our first 3 men home.
No. 1 unknown. [This is why having your barcode is so important]
No. 2 Oliver Birch
No. 3 Adam Veighey [JM 11-14 age catagory]


The first 3 ladies
No. 1 Emily Birch
No. 2 Shauna Dunne
No. 3 Caroline Devane

As usual we never seem to catch the ladies for a photo. Maybe next time.

Our volunteers on Saturday were terrific and we had a few new faces in the mix. I hope you all enjoyed doing your jobs as the runners were very complimentary towards you all. Unfortunately we are finding it increasingly difficult to get volunteers recently. Our parkrun is run solely on volunteers and parkrun belongs to the community . If everyone registered to Castletown parkrun volunteered we would all only have to put our hand up less than once a year. The rule of thumb is once every 10 runs. No volunteers means no parkrun. All jobs are easy and training is on a Saturday morning at 9.00 am so nobody is put out too much.

Drop us a line at castletown@parkrun.com to put YOUR name on the roster.  You'll love it, we promise!

Your run director for this week,

Marian Fagan.