Event #183, 13th July 2019.

Phew its hot!!!

It was a tad hotter in the park than it looked on Saturday morning, which led to a rather large pile up of wrecked individuals very early on, so please excuse us for not having photos of the first finishers in each category.

They were...
Male First Finishers
Marc Augustin, Brendan Kearney and Darren Reilly.  It's good to see Darren back as he's been working abroad for quite some some.

Female First finishers were...
Stephanie Dormer-Lewis, Carragh Hayes, (who has just completed her leaving cert and had been missing for a few weeks, so good to see shes back with us and still on form too). And Claire Millar staggered through the finish chute muttering something about the heat.  Poor Claire, hope you're recovered now. Sometimes the benefits of doing Run Director are endless!


How on earth 34 of you managed to earn a new shiny PB in that heat is incredible.  Well done to all of you.  Brian Kiernan was one of the new PB recipients.  Wonder who he was trying to catch up to for a chat?  If you've ever ran with Brian, you'll know exactly what I mean!


Here's Darren getting his barcode scanned.


Who got to say hi to our tiny volunteer on Saturday?  She was quite the celebrity on Saturday and mommy did a brilliant job scanning and minding baby.  Multitasking at it's best!

We also had a lovely young lady helping her daddy with scanning and she sorted tokens too.  And did anyone see the mommy and son duo on marshaling?  Aren't they all brilliant!!!  I love to see the children run with their parents, but its even better to see them enjoying the volunteer roles too.  By the way... the children are usually better than the adults at the jobs... but don't tell them... they might get big heads!


We had the most amazing moms practicing resistance training wheeling buggies around our slightly challenging course, and still managing a giggle and a chat with me afterwards which was quite nice.

I didn't get a chance to say thank you to all the volunteers on Saturday, so without further ado... here's their names in lights...

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Caroline DEVANE  •  Caroline O'CONNOR  •  Catherine REILLY  •  Colm CONNOLLY  •  Conor FITZPATRICK  •  Ethan DEVANE  •  Eve CONNOLLY  •  John O'LONE  •  Karen FITZGERALD  •  Karen QUINN  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Rachael MURPHY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Stephen NEVIN


We had visitors from Canada, Kilcock and this rather noisy bunch from Marlay parkrun.  By the way lads... we're missing token 71... I'm going to yours to rob it back!!!

Did you know that YOUR barcode is unique to you?  You can run at any event in the world using your own barcode, so next time you're going on holiday, check the maps to see where you might squeeze one in.  It's always great fun to be a parkrun tourist, so do give it a try!  Check out the parkrun main page for all the latest on International and local locations.


Thank you to everyone who walked, jogged  and volunteered with us this week.  It was a great way to start the day.

If you've ran ten parkruns with us, or more, we'd be delighted if you might consider volunteering.  We've a few spaces available for this coming week and it's pacer week too, so lots and lots of jobs to choose from.  See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Castletown parkrun happen.

Your Run Director for Event 183, Sharon Ashmore.