Event #167, 23rd March 2019.

We have so much to be thankful for


We were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning with little or no wind, which made for a wonderful change to our normal damp and blowy Saturdays.  When you're Run Director, the last thing you want is chasing bits of paper and clipboards up and down Castletown before you've even got the event started.  Although it's actually quite funny to see everyone jump into action trying to catch the items as they take flight, but I certainly can't argue that's its much more pleasant to be organised in plenty of time to say go.

While last weeks volunteers still managed to cheer and clap everyone around the course, I think the participants found it rather challenging.  Sometimes it is actually better to volunteer on the wet days.  This week everyone seemed to be in fine spirits.  I noticed something that I'd not noticed before, but there was a wonderful sense of community spirit from lots of runners and walkers as they past by base on their first lap.  Maybe we've all been too damp in recent weeks to notice, but the appreciation that volunteers were shown as they cheered participants around was very uplifting.  Some people shouted a friendly 'thank you' and continued their journey and others clapped as they went past.

We had a few very nervous first-time volunteers arrive for training, but by the end of the run they were all buzzing.  I heard a little comment from one saying they'd no idea what they were so nervous about coming down to parkrun that morning, it was such great fun.  As Run Director on the day, it's just the best feeling to be able to witness so many special moments, so thank you everyone for that. #feelinggrateful

Special congratulations go to Brian Beattie on his 100th parkrun and Jim Kearns on his 50th parkrun.

Brian and Jim

And Mary Kiernan on her v25 occassion.  Thank you Mary, for all you  and your family do at parkrun.

Mark Kiernan V25

We had fun with double trouble in a buggy.  (The kiddies were pretending to have a nap).

Event 167 1

And two very charming young ladies posed for us at the finish line in the selfie frame.

event #167


This weeks hi-viz heroes were:-

Carol LEEMAN  •  Catherine COTTER-MELIA  •  Deirdre CLAYTON  •  Fiona MURPHY  •  Gerry EGAN  •  Grace UÍ CHORRAGÁIN  •  Jesse FARRELL  •  John O'LONE  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Lara KEEGAN  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Lisa KEEGAN  •  Luke LYNAM  •  Miriam CAGIGAL  •  Neal CORRIGAN  •  Nicola O'LONE  •  Patrick DUNNE  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Stuart VAN DER BLIAKE  •  Theresa CORBETT

thank you

As we look forward to next week, its great to see the roster for next week full already.  You are the best!  Lets keep the momentum going, so why not pop us a line and book your volunteer spot for the coming weeks.

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful day!

Your Run Director for #Event 167

Sharon Ashmore.