Event #158, Jan 12th 2019

Too much to say, too much to tell.

So, we had a blow-out 2nd parkrun of 2019 with the most number of parkrunners attending ever, and all of the results are here.
It is amazing to think that we had 54 new participants, and that there were parkrun events in Castletown when we had much fewer participants than that in total.
I’ve a couple of key things to mention that were missed in the briefing:

I had planned to say that everyone at the event could have one item from the VHI goodies, however there was an exception I had planned to announce Marian Fagan was the only person who would be allowed a choice of two goodies.

As you know each week we thank the volunteers, and it is for very good reason, we simply cannot do it without them. Some are wearing hi-viz and doing jobs on the day, and some are giving of their precious time during the week to keep the show on the road, manage the volunteer roster, answer queries and in general make the event happen. This is all so that someone doesn’t have to worry when it comes to Saturday and they have to stand up here and shout loudly at a crowd in a field on a Saturday morning.The person who we’d like to acknowledge in some small way, has volunteered on 100 separate occasions in the overall 158 events at Castletown - and who is a key reason why we are able to be here today in such numbers, is Marian Fagan.


Thank you for all that you do for parkrun, it wouldn't be here without you, wouldn't be as much fun without you, and wouldn't be the same without you!


You may have noticed that we’ve not had to put out too many calls for volunteers over the past number of weeks - primarily because we have had 4 outstanding young men who have come along as part of their Gaisce participation and volunteered at parkrun. They are coming close to the end of their award efforts, and we hope that they’ll continue to participate in parkrun in the future - so please make sure to say thanks to them!

If you’ve someone who does parkrun already, so that they have a sense of what is involved, and want to do their Gaisce community, then let the team know. (Contact details at the bottom of the parkrun course page).

Returning tokens:
  • When you are at the end of the event - you’ll get scanned - had back the token - last week numbers 140 and 180 were not there and a volunteer has to spend time creating new ones. We also had a number 27 token returned very quietly by someone.
  • That’s okay - I’ve taken a token home by accident - and when I returned it to the Run Director at Griffeen they theatrically turned to the entire assembled crowd and thanked me for doing it - though I did wish that the ground would swallow me up...even though he was kidding! [And making a point for everyone else!!! ]
  • I will not do that to you - don’t worry - return it to a team member quietly, return it to the token box, give it to the scanner, but please return them.

There's a fantastic set of photos on the Castletown parkrun Facebook Page, taken by the young marshal at position 2 (the one where you turn left from the avenue down to the lake. There's several other contributors as well, and each of them get a volunteer credit - and we can't do this at all without  the volunteers.

Now, the Run Report might be a concept that is new to people, and while we used to go and use Flickr for the photographs, today will be the first time that I try to use Facebook in order to embed the pictures, so please be patient with the editing and the layout!

Thanks to all of the volunteers this week - those who jumped in after running to help with scanning, assisting with the huge crowd, and to the marshals who stood around at the start of the event, probably wondering what the delay was!

We almost didn't get to start our event on Saturday as you all know.  Please carpool or park safely at various locations near to Castletown and walk or jog to the start.  Or even cycle.  It's the perfect way to warm up for your parkrun.  Access for emergency services (which we hope we might never need) has to be considered at all times.  We would be grateful if you could park in the car park or only on one side of the Avenue.  Parking on grass verges is not allowed.  Thank you all for your consideration.

Hope to run among you on Saturday @Event 159

Declan Hynes
Run Director, Event #158
Castletown parkrun

Castletown parkrun
Event number 158
12th January 2019

This week 374 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Alicia ASHMORE • Edward MCGRANE • Gay HOARE • Philip SLATTERY • Eavan CONNOLLY • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Marian FAGAN • Sarah DEVANEY • Alan MAHER • Roisin RYAN • Conor DEVANEY • Oran HAYES • Lesley THOMSON • Orla WALSH • Harry BEATTIE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL • Callum JACKSON • Sue SMITH • Lucas SMITH • Erin SMITH • Derek KEARNEY • Conor FITZPATRICK • James QUIGLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Heywood RICHARDSON who recorded a time of 16:27 on 6th January 2018 (event number 107).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gary CONDON who recorded 84.06% (16:44) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 4,812 participants have completed 29,826 parkruns covering a total distance of 149,130 km, including 5,718 new Personal Bests. A total of 625 individuals have volunteered 3,329 times.