Event 138 – The Final Countdown!

What better way for me to spend my final full day in Ireland, than as Run Director at Castletown? Somewhere I have spent nearly every Saturday since I moved here 17 months beforehand. I had promised to wear a pair of gold lamé shorts (the most ‘90s clothing I own) for my parkrun though 90% of people seem to think I was joking. I never joke about gold lamé. Though I can tell you this, those shorts are not designed for running – I discovered this when a rapid U turn was made on the way to parkrun because I had forgotten my hat and I had to run back to the house for it. They are much more of a casual evening wear attire.

It being my final time as RD at Castletown I felt it appropriate to bring back “parkrun in Kildare” – the pre-run briefing rap. My plea to stop filming was ignored by Sharon (she knows I secretly love the limelight). My main concern was that a friend of mine, who doesn’t parkrun, was independently sent the video without the sender knowing they knew me…I am hoping most of the 600 views are just my family watching it over and over again…

There was lots to celebrate this week with Nicola O’Lone and Orla Walsh doing their 50th parkruns.

Dwyer Eamonn also hit 50, but somehow evaded the camera!

Carla Gunning hit 25 volunteers, remember we are entirely volunteer-led and it is quite tricky for me to fly back to marshal so please consider signing up.

10 of you joined us for the first time at parkrun – we hope you enjoyed it. Just remember not every run director is as weird as me. It was pacer week and the men and women clearly did a great job as 33 of the 201 of you who joined us got a new PB!

A gentle reminder to please make way for other park users. A group of cyclists came at one point and honestly, guys, it was like you hadn’t even listened to my wrap:

“Run jog or walk, well we really don’t mind,

But we do have some rules and one is be kind

‘Cause we ain’t got exclusive rights to this site

 So make way for other users like those on bikes

Well, Castletown parkrun, we’ve had some great times! Thank you for being somewhere I can go on a Saturday morning not only for a run but for company and a chat. I’ll miss you all. Give us a shout if you are ever up Guildford way or decided to go to Bushy – that isn’t far from me either.


RD Event 138