parkrunner(s) of the month – April 2018.

parkrunner(s) of the month
April 2018


The Kiernan Family

Mary and Brian (Mum and Dad) Roisin and Katelyn.


The Kiernan family rarely miss a parkrun.  Whether it's a good day or a bad day you'll see some or all of them in Castletown.  It's very inspiring to see how their family bring all the different personalities and abilities to parkrun whilst making it a really fun day for themselves and for others around them.  They are never shy from helping out at parkrun in all sorts of jobs.  It's families like the Kiernans that make parkrun what it is... an amazing and fun filled community.  They are very worthy of their place on the parkrunner of the month wall of fame.

Have a read of their story here....

Name: Brian (Service Engineer) 44, Mary (Primary School Teacher) 39, Katelyn 11 & Roisin 9

Club: Celbridge AC ( Recently as a result of parkrun)

Home parkrun: Castletown

Number of runs: Brian 38 Mary 45 Katelyn 42 Roisin 42

Favourite volunteer role:

Brian: Timekeeper-

Mary: Token Sorting - I find it very therapeutic

Katelyn: Scanning- I get to use technology !

Roisin: Tail Walker-I can still stay warm and talk with my Mammy or Daddy

How has parkrun changed your running:  We all have different things that have changed with running as a result of getting involved in parkrun, it gives us an activity which we can share as a family. It has put us on the road to running and fitness and given us the confidence to enter running events. It has given Katelyn the belief in herself and the confidence in her ability to run and it gets Roisin out of the bed to enjoy the buzz parkrun gives her. (Her words not ours)

First parkrun:  Mary started parkrun in December 2016 and brought Katelyn and Roisin with her and I decided later to help Mary by minding the girls while she started her running journey and soon after I was bitten by the parkrun bug which is very hard to shake

What do you like about parkrun:  While parkrun has many enjoyable things about it, the social aspect and camaraderie along with the breakfast in Castletown café are our favourites. It is the highlight of our weekend. We also love seeing that finish line at the end, and the cheers of encouragement are great too.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun:  It is hard to pick one but we all seem to remember when Roisin gave her impromptu interview after falling and cutting her knee which she wanted to show everyone. Katelyn was also delighted when one of their friends decided to join the parkrun experience.

We have made many wonderful friends through parkrun and the support given to us by the group has been invaluable to us as a family and we hope there will be many more parkruns to come.



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