parkrunner of the month for March 2017

parkrunner of the month for March 2017

is Philip Reilly


Philip is a regular runner at Castletown parkrun.  He's terribly quiet, but he's always eager to help before, during or after parkrun any week.  Philip is definitely one of the solid characters that contributes to the smooth running of parkrun weekly.   You can just see Philip standing in the crowd during the announcements smiling contently.  He's a very special guy who embraces parkrun to it's roots.  We are very proud to have Philip as our parkrunner of the month for March.  Welcome to the 'Hall of Fame' Philip, it is very well deserved.




(Philip is pictured here receiving his 50th parkrun certificate by RD Philip Slattery).


Name: Philip Reilly

Club: None

Age: 62

Home parkrun: Castletown

Occupation: Office Equipment Technician

Runs: 50

Favourite Volunteer Roll: Marshal

How has your running changed?:  Initially got faster but now stuck around same time every week.

First parkrun:  7th November 2015

What do you like most about parkrun?: The finish line! Then the fact, that you have achieved another 5K run makes you feel better both mentally & physically. Highly recommended to make you feel good in yourself.

Tell us about your most memorable parkrun:  All of them! When I see people out exercising, especially families. What better way could you spend, less than 2 hours on a Saturday morning and it's completely free.

A little note from Philip:  Finally I would like to thank the team for all the work you do for us to have our parkrun every week and I would encourage all runners to volunteer to help after every ten runs to spread the load around evenly. The jobs are easy and enjoyable, so get involved.


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