Run report #37, 30th July 2016.

Did you catch your Pokemon at parkrun?


Event Summary for Event 37

This weeks Castletown parkrun had it all.  We had two juniors joining the 10 club.  Katie BUTLER and Lily TUMULTY.  Lily even managed a new PB for herself.  We had a Pokemon themed pre-race briefing 21 first timers and an amazing 34 new pb’s were set and we did not even need pacers for that to happen.

Lily is photographed here with her proud family.  She was presented with her parkrun 10 club certificate by Laura McManus, a member of the Castletown parkrun core team.

As I always do when I'm Run Director, I arrived just before 9am to make sure everything would be ready for the runners to go off on time at 9.30am. As the marshals arrived they were trained in and sent off to their posts.  One of our volunteers set of for the pre-course check to make sure it was all safe for the run. This is also a nice job for a fast runner who wants to parkrun and volunteer (hint hint) Just after 9:20am Laura gave the new runners briefing once she was finished I gave the pre-run safety briefing.

One of the golden rules with parkrun no matter where run is that under 11’s must be within arms reach of their parents or a responsible adult (over 18) during their run.  You never know, if they stray they might get eaten by Pokemon along the route!!!  On a serious note... one of the reasons that parkrun remains free is that insurance is covered once your under 11's remain with you at all times.  Please help us to continue parkrun for all... keep your little people with you.  And besides... it's so much fun to run as a family.  Memories are made forever when you run together.

children at parkrun

Just after 9.30am 131 runners set off on their 5k. Just over 18 minutes later the first two finishers came toward the line neck and neck and it ended up in a photo finish. Would it be parkrun regular Conor looking for his 12th first finish or parkrun first timer Diarmuid?  Diarmuid MELDON just piped Conor at the line.  The first lady finisher, Nicola McKENNA came home a few minutes later in a time of 22:32. As we watched the rest of the parkrunners crossed the line.  Plenty of smiles and finish line fun was great to see. One first timer was telling me that he would see when he could get down next time to run, but after the run he was planning to come next week again.  That's terrific.  #loveparkrun

One of our young volunteers Zach, who volunteers regularly with his mum or dad was telling me afterwards his dad caught a ratata while our marshalling that may be the wild one we had on last week’s run report.



Unlike most Saturday’s, we had a bonus this week, as we gathered on Saturday night at the courtyard cafe for a BBQ. Our first social night out.  A great night was held by all and I may have finally found a BBQ that could actually fill me.  That's a tough challenge. It was nice seeing people out of the running gear and able to let their hair down.  Many thanks to The Courtyard Café for hosting this event on our behalf.

More photos are available on the Castletown web page... along with everything you need to know about your event.  Check it out here.


What's coming up...

It's only Monday, but we already have a full roster for this coming week.  You guys are terrific!!!  Book your space now for 13th of August 2016.

On 20th August we will have our pacing day so if anyone fancies pacing you will be getting both a running and volunteer credit.  Let us know on Saturday, on our facebook or by emailing


And Finally...

This week a reminder that the blue token collection in Tesco’s main store in Celbridge and still raising money for us so next time you buying a few items in Tesco drop the blue token in the Castletown parkrun tube.

Your Run Director for Event 37

Phillip Slattery.