Event #116 17th March 2018 ” St. Patrick’s Day”

Event #116, 17th March 2018

"St Patrick's Day".

It was hard to believe it was the middle of March and a national holiday from the minute I stepped out of the door.  The cold and wintry conditions were not going to make this day feel pleasant for anyone.  As I packed my car with the gear and a few green bits for the day that was in it I thought we could end up standing in Castletown with no participants and I wouldn't have blamed them!

However our parkrunners are made of sterner stuff and 196 hardy souls braved the elements for this special day.  St.  Patrick's day would not fall on a parkrun day again till 2029!  In fact we had 28 first timers with us today.  If you can manage to start on a day like this you can do anything!  Well done!

Lots of you also got your green on and joined in the spirit of our great day!


Our first three male finishers were, 1. Unknown  2.  Gregory McMahon  20.23  3.  Mark Raleigh 21.13

Our first three females home were, 1. Caroline Brogan 25.03  2. Aine O' Connell 25.27  3.  Cathy Walsh 26.09

A huge thank you to all eighteen volunteers.  It was a terrible day to be standing but everyone did it with smiles and cheers.  I think everyone was grateful to you all!  Don't forget if you have done ten runs its time to get your volunteering stint in.   email us on castletownhelpers@parkrun.com to book your place.  On Saturday, for instance,  we had Dimitri standing at the first bridge.  He has only done two parkruns and put his hand up.  " Be like Dimitri"


So that's it for another week, hopefully spring is around the corner.  Don't forget to keep an eye on our facebook page as changes are afoot this week.  Change is as good as a rest and its good to shake things up once in a while!

Your Run Director for Event 116

Marian Fagan


Event #115, 10th March 2018.

Event #115, 10th March 2018.
Back in Action!!!


A guest run report from visitor to Castletown parkrun - Siobhan Kearney, Event Director of Tralee parkrun.

1 CT house
It has been on my to do list for a long time now and when the opportunity arose to train as Guide Runners taking place after Castletown parkrun a group of us from Tralee parkrun and Tralee junior parkrun were delighted to do the run and for five of us to take part in the VI training afterwards.

2 Puddles
As the weather Gods had played havoc with parkruns all over the county last weekend and the The Beast From The East had left its mark it looked like touch and go up until Friday morning. No pbs and some patches of frost were the warnings from the Castletown parkrun facebook page... we were all set to go!

3 garry etc
Upon arriving at the car park we met Tralee parkrunners Garry and Claire Moriarty who were visiting family for the weekend and just had to get their Saturday morning 5k in. Also milling around was Karl Johnson whose home parkrun is Tralee but has recently adopted Castletown for his weekly 5k fix.

We also renewed acquaintances with some more parkrun friends including Ed McGrane and Sharon Ashmore who we know from our parkrun travels.. it's a very small parkrun world.

5 tourists
Meetings and greetings over we were welcomed by today's RD Philip at the brefing along with lots of other parkrun tourists from Griffeen, Sligo, Knocknacarra (volunteer Padraig Fahy), Gorey, St Anne's and Tolka Valley parkruns.

8 Brendan POTM
A big well done to Castletown parkrunner of the month who is Brendan Mooney and a special mention goes out to Damien McDonald, who ran his 50th today and joins the parkrun 50 club, and to Mikela Cooney who ran her 10th and now joins the junior 10 club.

10 start
230 people lined up for the start of parkrun #115 many cabin-fevered and parkrun-deprived having missed the fix last week, in the majestic grounds of Castletown House.

As always a huge thank you to the team who volunteered and ensured Saturday's parkrun went ahead safely and smoothly. They were:
Sharon ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Conor MCGLYNN • Michael COMER • Carmel DUNNE • Marian FAGAN • Sarah GRIFFIN • Siobhan KEARNEY • Tony HIGGINS • Laurena QUINN • Eleanor KENNEDY • Conor DEVANEY • Trisha MURPHY • Paul FOY • Melanie TUFFEN • Orla WALSH • John O'LONE • Nicola O'LONE • Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL • Theresa CORBETT • Bozena KELLEHER • Callum JACKSON • Ewan JACKSON

If you would like to take your turn and volunteer in the future please contact the core team by emailing here: castletownhelpers@parkrun.com or by giving us your name any Saturday morning.

11 puddles
The run got underway and we all took off ploughing through muddy patches and jumping over puddles. The two laps that complete Castletown parkrun were tougher than usual, I was reassured by the regulars, as conditions were difficult after the recent snow (note to self: wear old runners or wellie boots  and be prepared for mud bath next time !) .

First man home was Gavin Kelly and first lady home was junior runner Caragh Hayes.

12 groups
Well done to everyone who took walked, jogged, and ran including those from Celbridge OT, Ardclough C25K and Acefit C25K who all graduated today.

NIK_1752 GUIDE Training
After our run we headed to the Courtyard Café in Castetown House for a hot cuppa before our training which was facilitated by Joan Ryan and Karen Kealy. Our trip to Castletown was well worth the early morning start from The Kingdom. Many thanks to Philip, Sharon and everyone for looking after us and to Joan and Karen for sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise on guide training with us. Special thanks also to the talented flap jack chef. They were welcome and tasty!

Finally don’t forget that this Saturday will be St. Patrick's Day and Castletown parkrun is going green so pull out your favourite green running gear and join us for this special affair.

Until next time, happy running and mind the puddles!

Siobhan Kearney, (and photos kindly added by Tony Higgins)
Tralee parkrun.

13 tree

We love this parkrun tree at the start / finish area of Castletown.


EVENT CANCELLATION – 3rd March 2018.

Please share with fellow parkrunners....


Due to adverse weather conditions, this weeks parkrun (3rd March 2018), at Castletown House and Parklands has been cancelled.



Stay safe and warm and we'll see you all back on 10th March 2018.


Event #114, 24th February 2018.

Castletown parkrun
Event number 114
24th February 2018

This week 251 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.  We were back to freezing weather this weekend after a false sense of security with a 'spring' morning last week.  I've never seen the volunteers rattle with the cold like this weekend, but you all did a fantastic job all the same.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Alicia ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Sheila HYNES • Marian FAGAN • Sarah GRIFFIN • Thomas GEOGHEGAN • Thomas MCKEON • John DIXON • John MULVEY • Sandra MCLAUGHLIN • Carla GUNNING • Joan E. RYAN • Melanie TUFFEN • Zach GUNNING • Sean HENEGHAN • John Paul CARNEY • Eileen O'MAHONY • Fearghal FITZMAURICE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Pat KEANE • David HEPPLE • Dexter GUNNING


A very special thank you goes to David Hepple, a TY Student from Salesians College, who has volunteered over the last 3 months as part of the Gaisce Bronze Award - photographed above with Run Director, Sharon Ashmore.


The 'before' photo of a very proud Celbridge AC couch to 5k crew, with their two coaches, Kevin Ecock - far left and Alan Creighton - far right.
Well done to all the graduates this week, from Celbridge AC, couch to 5k and the 2018 Operation Transformation gang.  Don't stop running now... this is only the beginning for you all.  Keep your journey alive.  Take it from me, you've a solid foundation of fitness now.  You'll earn countless benefits to your health, both physical and mental and you are guaranteed friends for life.

Evanne and Katelyn Burke O'Brian and a very proud mum, Mairead Burke.

This was Evanne's first every parkrun and she's only 5 years old.  She was beaming with pride when I spoke to her after parkrun on Saturday.  Aren't they all amazing!


Joan Ryan, VI guide and Karen Kealy, VI runner on route around Castletown parkrun. 

Did you catch a glimpse of this amazing duo on the route?  Joan Ryan was participating as a VI guide to Karen Kealy.  Karen normally participates at Carlow parkrun, but was on a bit of tourism this week, and what do ya know... she got a 5k PB.

Joan Ryan actually stayed around well after parkrun was packed away and trained up the core team on how to assist a parkrun participant who may be visually impaired.  It was a very rewarding training experience for all the team.

We noticed quite a few parkrunners this week with scanning issues on worn out paper barcodes.  Did you know there are more permanent options available?
parkrun wristbands and tags
The paper barcodes will always be acceptable, but it would help the scanning volunteers if it was printed in hi-quality and laminated or even covered in sellotape or stored in a zip-lock bag.

The tags as photographed above are very reasonably priced and can be attached to your run bag or your key ring.  The wristbands you can wear all the time.  These are particularly useful if you do suffer with a medical condition.  Your ICE is available immediately too!

Don't forget, if you have ran, walked or jogged 10 parkruns, then it's your turn to volunteer.  (Rule of thumb 1 in 10).  Check out the volunteer roster for availability and drop us an email to castletownhelpers@parkrun.com.

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.  Photos from this weeks event can be found on Castletown parkrun Photos Page.

Your Run Director for 24th February 2018, Sharon Ashmore.


Event #113, 17th February 2018.

Castletown parkrun
Event number 113
17th February 2018

This week 247 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 29 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.  The weather was perfect to give that added 'spring' in our step.  Lets hope that the spring season may finally be making an appearance.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

volunteers week 113

Sharon ASHMORE • Alicia ASHMORE • Philip SLATTERY • Breda FOGARTY • Thomas QUINN • Eavan CONNOLLY • Claire MILLAR • Marian FAGAN • Sarah DEVANEY • Tom COPPINGER • Haj SLATTERY • Conor DEVANEY • Sandra MCLAUGHLIN • Ronan SHANAHAN • Marella CAHILL • Melanie TUFFEN • Catherine COTTER-MELIA • Kim O'LONE • Finn SLATTERY • Zara SLATTERY • Gerry DUFFY • Bozena KELLEHER • Aoife PLUINCÉID • Brian O'GORMAN • David HEPPLE

There's was lots of help for all of you this week to those PB's as it was pacer week.  It did get a tad busy on the finish chute for a while but a hero jumped straight into action after his run and assisted runners through.  It's the little things that make it all so much easier for the team to manage weekly.  We'd encourage lots more to try this out, even if it's only for a few minutes, we'd be delighted with the help.  You will get your volunteer credit and it does take the pressure off the core team too.
important notice

We had a lot to do this week as we now have to marshal the carpark due to the amount of late comers to parkrun.  We really need your help with this.  The brief takes place around 9.20am.  The event starts at 9.30am.  There was a constant stream of traffic heading into the carpark at 9.25am.  Unfortunately it's been left up to us to ensure nobody parks on the grass verges and that consideration is given to other park users.  Please, please, please set your alarm clocks a little earlier so you have time to park properly.  You could also carpool, walk, jog or cycle up to the event.  

The volunteers at parkrun are simply amazing and are on the ground preparing for parkrun before 9am every Saturday.  Not to mention the amount of background work that goes into preparing for each week, but we do need more help from you, the parkrunner.  We had a bit of a fright on Saturday when we got a call to say a member of the team had hit black ice on the way to parkrun and their car ended up in a ditch.  Thankfully they are fine and well, which is more than can be said for their car, but get this, their family still managed to get parkrun equipment to us in advance of the event.

Over the next few parkrun events we will welcome a number of graduating c25k groups.  This will be an amazing time for all concerned and we are very lucky to be able to share the day with the groups too.  We would welcome volunteers to step up now... there's still a fair few gaps on the roster for the coming weeks.  Remember how far you have all come and where you started.  Why not show them how welcome they are.  Drop us a line to castletownhelpers@parkrun.com.  You know the drill, full training is given and all the jobs are really easy.

If you know of someone thinking about joining you at parkrun, but they're just not sure yet, why not encourage them to come.  You know it's free, non-competitive, fun and you can participate at your own speed and in your own way.  parkrun is not about the first finisher... it's about every one of you!  We will stay at the finish chute for as long as it takes anybody to complete the 5k.  Nobody ever comes last.  We have a tail walker to ensure that everybody get's home safely.  Just do it!!!!  Help them to make the first steps.  Find out how to get involved here.

All parkrunners must follow this parkrun code, this ensures you are all looked after and stay safe and that your volunteers can run the event smoothly.  It couldn't be easier, so tag someone and bring them along.  We have a separate welcome and introduction to parkrun which takes place at around 9.20am.  We show you how to use your barcode and what to do when you complete your parkrun.

parkrun code of conduct


Congratulations goes to Thomas Lawlor who completed his 50th parkrun this week at Castletown parkrun.


If you are celebrating something, be sure to let us know.  Whether it be an engagement, birthday, milestone or divorce... we'd love to announce it for you.  Drop us a line or let us know in advance of parkrun.

And finally...

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Heywood RICHARDSON who recorded a time of 16:27 on 6th January 2018 (event number 107).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gary CONDON who recorded 84.06% (16:44) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 3,660 participants have completed 19,866 parkruns covering a total distance of 99,330 km, including 4,191 new Personal Bests.

Thank you for taking the time to join us at Castletown this week, we're looking forward to next week already.

Your Run Director for this week, Dr Melanie Tuffen and Your Run Report Writer, Sharon Ashmore.

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