Event #159

Saturday morning was another fine cold winters day that saw 349 people (second largest attendance at Castletown parkrun ) toe the line for event #159. We welcomed 39 first timers and only one tourist (that made themselves known to me) Nick Di Mascio, all the way from Perth, Australia.

Well done to the 44 of you that achieved personal bests and congratulations to our 5 regulars who reached  milestones, Sean Heneghan and Paul Foy on 100 runs, and Sarah Griffin and Simon Corbett on 50 runs and Emily Roache who completed the junior 10 milestone. don't forget to claim your milestone tee shirts guys.
Paul and Sean with 100 certs

Sarah getting her 50 cert

First 3 men home where Barney Kelly, Colm Fitzgerald and Ryan Van Haeften.
first 3 male finishers


Alicia Ashmore, Eileen Hoare and Grace Flynn where the first 3 women over the line.
First 3 lady finishers

As always , special thanks to all the amazing volunteers (28 this week) who make this event happen, especially our own "lock hards", the car park crew .Thanks also to Oran Hayes, one of our transition year volunteers on completing his required number of weeks for his Gaisce award, all our TY volunteers have been a great help since October, thank you all.

For anyone who would be interested in being a  visually impaired guide at parkrun there will be a training session after parkrun on the 2nd of Feb'.

Thats it for this report, see you all on Saturday,

John O'Lone.

Run director ,Event 159


Event #158, Jan 12th 2019

Too much to say, too much to tell.

So, we had a blow-out 2nd parkrun of 2019 with the most number of parkrunners attending ever, and all of the results are here.
It is amazing to think that we had 54 new participants, and that there were parkrun events in Castletown when we had much fewer participants than that in total.
I’ve a couple of key things to mention that were missed in the briefing:

I had planned to say that everyone at the event could have one item from the VHI goodies, however there was an exception I had planned to announce Marian Fagan was the only person who would be allowed a choice of two goodies.

As you know each week we thank the volunteers, and it is for very good reason, we simply cannot do it without them. Some are wearing hi-viz and doing jobs on the day, and some are giving of their precious time during the week to keep the show on the road, manage the volunteer roster, answer queries and in general make the event happen. This is all so that someone doesn’t have to worry when it comes to Saturday and they have to stand up here and shout loudly at a crowd in a field on a Saturday morning.The person who we’d like to acknowledge in some small way, has volunteered on 100 separate occasions in the overall 158 events at Castletown - and who is a key reason why we are able to be here today in such numbers, is Marian Fagan.


Thank you for all that you do for parkrun, it wouldn't be here without you, wouldn't be as much fun without you, and wouldn't be the same without you!


You may have noticed that we’ve not had to put out too many calls for volunteers over the past number of weeks - primarily because we have had 4 outstanding young men who have come along as part of their Gaisce participation and volunteered at parkrun. They are coming close to the end of their award efforts, and we hope that they’ll continue to participate in parkrun in the future - so please make sure to say thanks to them!

If you’ve someone who does parkrun already, so that they have a sense of what is involved, and want to do their Gaisce community, then let the team know. (Contact details at the bottom of the parkrun course page).

Returning tokens:
  • When you are at the end of the event - you’ll get scanned - had back the token - last week numbers 140 and 180 were not there and a volunteer has to spend time creating new ones. We also had a number 27 token returned very quietly by someone.
  • That’s okay - I’ve taken a token home by accident - and when I returned it to the Run Director at Griffeen they theatrically turned to the entire assembled crowd and thanked me for doing it - though I did wish that the ground would swallow me up...even though he was kidding! [And making a point for everyone else!!! ]
  • I will not do that to you - don’t worry - return it to a team member quietly, return it to the token box, give it to the scanner, but please return them.

There's a fantastic set of photos on the Castletown parkrun Facebook Page, taken by the young marshal at position 2 (the one where you turn left from the avenue down to the lake. There's several other contributors as well, and each of them get a volunteer credit - and we can't do this at all without  the volunteers.

Now, the Run Report might be a concept that is new to people, and while we used to go and use Flickr for the photographs, today will be the first time that I try to use Facebook in order to embed the pictures, so please be patient with the editing and the layout!

Thanks to all of the volunteers this week - those who jumped in after running to help with scanning, assisting with the huge crowd, and to the marshals who stood around at the start of the event, probably wondering what the delay was!

We almost didn't get to start our event on Saturday as you all know.  Please carpool or park safely at various locations near to Castletown and walk or jog to the start.  Or even cycle.  It's the perfect way to warm up for your parkrun.  Access for emergency services (which we hope we might never need) has to be considered at all times.  We would be grateful if you could park in the car park or only on one side of the Avenue.  Parking on grass verges is not allowed.  Thank you all for your consideration.

Hope to run among you on Saturday @Event 159

Declan Hynes
Run Director, Event #158
Castletown parkrun

Castletown parkrun
Event number 158
12th January 2019

This week 374 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Alicia ASHMORE • Edward MCGRANE • Gay HOARE • Philip SLATTERY • Eavan CONNOLLY • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Marian FAGAN • Sarah DEVANEY • Alan MAHER • Roisin RYAN • Conor DEVANEY • Oran HAYES • Lesley THOMSON • Orla WALSH • Harry BEATTIE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL • Callum JACKSON • Sue SMITH • Lucas SMITH • Erin SMITH • Derek KEARNEY • Conor FITZPATRICK • James QUIGLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Heywood RICHARDSON who recorded a time of 16:27 on 6th January 2018 (event number 107).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gary CONDON who recorded 84.06% (16:44) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 4,812 participants have completed 29,826 parkruns covering a total distance of 149,130 km, including 5,718 new Personal Bests. A total of 625 individuals have volunteered 3,329 times.


Event # 157- 5 January 2019

Wow, what a start to 2019, 335 of you toed the line for the first parkrun or the year in near perfect winter conditions. 39 were first timers and 35 people achieved new personal bests, not bad considering the Christmas excesses if your anything like me.

We had visitors from Scotland, Stockholm,Lusk, Oldbridge, Tolka Valley and our own Brigitte Springfeld-Mitchell's parents all the way from Austria, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

John Regan, James Keane and Colm Fitzgerald were the first registered over the line.
first 3 male finishers

Laura Kelly (first timer), Tara Campbell (and Kenzie) and Ruby Kelly (new pb) led home the women.
First 3 Female finishers
Well done to Shane McLoughlin on completing 50 parkruns, don't forget to claim you milestone tee shirt Shane.

With larger numbers expected over the next number of weeks and the car park being full by 9.20 it would be great if people could possibly car pool, walk or cycle.


- you must be in time for the safety briefing as there may be hazards or diversions on the course due to weather conditions etc.

-Dont forget your barcode, no barcode no result no exception.

-children under 11 must be within arms reach of a parent or responsible guardian from start to finish.

-We share the park with other park users.

-Dogs must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times during the  run.

-Return your finish token before you go home.

As always  special thanks to our own 'Gilets Jaunes' (hi viz heroes ) who never protest but  week after week ensure we have a safe and fun event.

If you haven't volunteered in a while or at all give it a go, its fun and full training is given.

So until next week,

your run director for event# 157


Event #156, 29th December 2018

Event 156, December 29th, 2018

This event was the last Castletown parkrun for 2018 and the conditions on the course were very good post the slight drizzle at 9 AM which quickly to moved off well before the 9:30 AM start.

"YES!!! I got you all ready to go for 9:30 AM - so finally, finally, finally, my 2018 New Year's Resolution as RD has been achieved - and just in the nick of time!!"

We had Deborah McArdle join us as a VI guide for Robert. We are delighted that you both joined us this week and look forward to having Robert join us again. If you or anyone you know that is visually impaired and would like to participate in Castletown parkrun with a guide please let us know at: castletownhelpers@parkrun.com. This week saw a few parkrun tourists and new parkrunners join in for the last parkrun of the year.

The Castletown core team hope that you all enjoyed the parkrun over the last year and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Remember that parkrun depends on volunteers so please don’t be shy and join in the fun! Even our four legged friends can join in on the action. There are many roles to choose from and full training is provided. So aim to get closer to your V25 milestone t-shirt this year as well!

V25 Milestone Club

Happy New Year and All the Best for 2019!
Sheila Hynes
Run Director Event #156
Castletown parkrun

Castletown parkrun
Event number 156
29th December 2018

This week 179 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Gay HOARE • Philip SLATTERY • Teresa MCCARTHY • Clare HEALY • Sheila HYNES • Deborah MCARDLE • Willie HEALY • Brian BEATTIE • Shane MCCARTHY • Paul FOY • Lesley THOMSON • Susan REILLY • Harry BEATTIE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Sinead CLARKE • Tara CAMPBELL • Karl MITCHELL • Katerina HEALY • Kieran FINNEGAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Heywood RICHARDSON who recorded a time of 16:27 on 6th January 2018 (event number 107).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gary CONDON who recorded 84.06% (16:44) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 4,721 participants have completed 29,117 parkruns covering a total distance of 145,585 km, including 5,644 new Personal Bests. A total of 616 individuals have volunteered 3,281 times.


Event #155, 21st December 2018

'Twas the parkrun before Christmas when all through the crowd

All were listening quietly, not a word said out loud.

The barcodes were present and stored with care

No barcode, no time, now excuses - Beware!

Under 11s were nestled withing reach of a grown up,

In hopes that our parkrun insurance was sewn up.

All our hi vis heroes, in warm woolen caps,

Were just settling in to cheer on the two laps.


When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But Santa and Mrs Claus in their red running gear.

DSC01927They had just the one reindeer, Rudolph, on a short lead

And were ready to parkrun, each at their own speed.

"Watch out for hazards!" was the crucial last call,

"Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"   DSC01792

Santa took off with the others, thanking marshals as he went,

He really is a polite kind of gent.

And the Clauses always volunteer after doing 10 runs

So that others can also join in on the fun.

So with two laps completed and 5k now done,

Santa went through the finish chute to complete his parkrun.

With his barcode scanned and his token returned,

He'd wait for his email-had a PB been earned?

But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he jogged out of view,

Happy parkrun to all and a merry Christmas too!


Well done to the runners, walkers and joggers who completed our Christmas parkrun at Castletown. It may not have been the record-breaking two thousand plus who were at Bushy parkrun in London on Christmas Day, but it was an impressive turnout and there was a great buzz about the place. It was a deceptively chilly morning when our 230 took off, with Santa and Mrs Claus fulfilling tail walker duties. At the finish the atmosphere was festive and there was an assortment of tasty treats on offer, some Christmas tunes playing and even dancing volunteers (great moves, ladies!).

We had 2 milestones to celebrate this week with both Laura Murrary and Conor Devaney completing their 100th parkruns with us at Castletown. Congratulations to you both and well earned. Cheering on Conor's milestone and sharing in the celebrations was his daughter Nya, who celebrated her 2nd birthday as well at the weekend. Nya is a regular at parkrun with her mum and dad and has a smile for one and all each week. Birthday greetings are also due to parkrun's own Ed McGrane, another well-loved member of the Castletown regular crowd. We hope you enjoyed your slice of birthday/milestone cake and some chats in the cafe afterwards-it was a busy morning!

Just a quick reminder that we're still a few hands short for next Saturday's parkrun. If you haven't volunteered in a while, it might be a good opportunity to finish your parkrun year on a great note and give something back. Remember, parkrun is entirely volunteer run-without your help, there is no parkrun!

Big thanks to all of our hi vis heroes this week who braved the cold with admirable enthusiasm and helped to make this week's event so enjoyable for everyone.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and joyous New Year. May all your parkrun wishes for 2019 come true!

All the best,

Nicki, run director, Event 155

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