Event #171, 20th April 2019.

Don't you just love the crazy Irish weather, last week we were frozen waiting to start our parkrun, this week Med' like sunshine had us reaching for sunscreen and H2O, what a great way to start the long Easter weekend. Castletown is really looking beautiful at this time of year, its a credit to the OPW staff.IMG_8816

277 toed the start line of which 22 where first timers, 54 achieved new personal bests thanks no doubt to our amazing pacers (we have pacers on the third Saturday of the month), well done all .First 3 men home where Gary Farrell, Michael Comer (new pb) and James Keane. The ladies  where led home by Meghan Mooey (new pb), Jacqueline Kearns and Stephanie Dormer-Lewis.

IMG_8815 2

The Easter Bunny was exceptionally generous this year, he even arrived driving a Kabouta he had so much chocolate to give away! He barely escaped from the clutches of co-event directors Sharon and Philip.

IMG_8820 2

As always, big thank you goes out to the life blood of parkrun, the volunteers. 28 of you made my job of run director a doozy. Special thanks to our photographer Jill Barrett who captured those Kodak moments, check them out on Castletown's facebook page,

Don't forget to volunteer if you've ran 10 times or so, all jobs are easy and fun and full training is given ( you cant break parkrun ).

Until next time,

John O'Lone.



Event #170, 13th April 2019.


If you've not seen the information about the parkrunner collapse at Bushy Dublin last Saturday, then please have a read of this.

Needless to say, it's a huge relief to the entire parkrun community that the participant is making a recovery.  It does highlight the importance of a number of issues...

1.  The importance of the role of marshal - eyes and ears of the participants and first port of call should an emergency occur.

2.  The importance of having an AED at our event and know how to get it moving if required ASAP.  Thankfully we have one, thanks to the fundraising efforts of our amazing parkrunners, yes, that's you!!!  Lets hope we never need to use it.

3.  It is vital that YOU record your ICE information on your barcode if you haven't already done it.  This is why your barcode is not accepted on your phone (screen locks us out of your information, besides the equipment not being able scan from phones).

Safety is always our prime concern at parkrun, the safety of parkrun and junior parkrun participants and the safety of our Volunteers.  Given this, we would like to remind all participants to fill in – and keep updated – their ‘ICE’ (‘In Case of Emergency’) information on their parkrun profile. So if an accident or an incident occurs, then the emergency services and the event team have a point of contact to let them know what is happening and potentially obtain important information about that individual.


Filling in your ICE details is a bit like buying insurance – it’s not something that you maybe want to think about too much and hopefully, it will never be used, but it’s so important and valuable for that one time when it’s needed.  Since 2014 this data has been captured at the point of registration, but it’s obviously important to ensure that it’s also kept up to date. You can log in to your parkrun profile to fill in or update your ICE at any time. https://www.parkrun.com/signin/

Or you can access your profile from your last result email from parkrun. Don't forget to print out a new sheet of parkrun barcodes with your new/updated ICE details.

Also, should you wish you can buy a parkrun wristband which has your ICE information already printed on it, making it even easier to access. And you can keep this wristband on whenever you’re out for a run, meaning that these contact details will always be instantly available if ever they’re needed. https://parkrun-barcode.com/en-IE/GetBarcode



The groundhog has long since been retired, but we were still stuck in winter.

It's looking brighter, but honestly felt like the January that just keeps giving!  With a cutting breeze going through the park, you guys still turned out with beaming smiles and fun to warm up the atmosphere.

215 of you ran, (including playful puppies - on short leads) walked and jogged the course.  22 of you were first timers and 63 achieved new PB's!  FANTASTIC!!!!!

With a lot of the core team on work duties and some with the flu, we thought we'd struggle to put the event together, but you all answered a call for help immediately.  We had helpers head straight back from Royal Canal, Kilcock inaugural parkrun to assist with close down and gear packing and other volunteers jumped in without hesitation to take gear home and sort it for the coming week.  Other volunteers jumped in and took multiple volunteer roles on the day to keep the show on the road.


Take a bow all of you!!!

Adelchi ORIFICI  •  Brendan MOONEY  •  Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Conor FITZPATRICK  •  Dee KEARNS  •  Jacqueline KEARNS  •  Jim KEARNS  •  Joann BOWES  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Laura MURRAY  •  Lesley THOMSON  •  Liam COSTELLO  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Olive SWEETMAN  •  Paul FOY  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Sean BOWES  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Teresa MCCARTHY


We are looking to expand our core team right now, there's a huge variety of roles available, but with some of our team heading off to other ventures now, it would be really nice if we could add to the team.  If you are a regular at Castletown, we'd love to have you on board, so do talk to a member of the team.  Being a core team member does not entail giving up your weekly run or even being called on every week but with summer holidays approaching, we really could use some extra help.  By the way, volunteering at your weekly event looks fabulous on your CV.


Easter Saturday is looking to be fantastic!  There will be chocolate.... yum!



We've a full roster and we've pacers too.  Can't wait to see you all.  Don't forget to put that selfie frame to good use.  Oh, and don't forget to slow down when you're coming into the park... ducks are nesting.


Your report writer for this week, Sharon Ashmore.

On behalf of the multitasking Run Director, Marian Fagan and her band of merry volunteers!!!!




Event #169, 6th April 2019.

As it was Grand National weekend we added some water jumps into the course so the parkrunners could release their inner Tiger Roll. With 49 PB's on the day it appears some of you did just that.

With 233 of ye joining us on the morning including 25 first timers it was going to be a good morning it was a little colder then the week but it takes more then that to scare ye off.
We started bang on 9.30 which caught a few people off guard as they arrived a minute or two later. This is one reason we advise people to arrive early the other is to hear the run briefing in case there are any issues on the day.

Little over 17 minutes after the off Samuel Allen crossed as the first finisher, Michael Hannon finished a little under 2 minutes later. Geariod Keane made up the top 3 and he was shocked when he found out.


Hilary Daly crossed as the first lady and judging by her progress the ladies course may be under threat by the year end. Eileen Connolly was 2nd lady with Castletown regular Caitriona Flynn coming 3rd.


Sean Bowe and Bernie Scott both junior ran their 50th parkrun on Saturday well done guys.

Last weekend saw two interesting things with parkrun.

We got our first event Japan in Tokyo. Since Castletown started our parkrunners have run a total  163,655km. To put it another way we have completed 8 rounds trips to Tokyo and we are currently in Tokyo halfway to completing trip number 9.

Last weekend also saw a jumping competition between parkrun Sweden and  parkrun Norway and below is the winning jump from Orebro parkrun.


We expect a few familiar faces to be missing this Saturday as Kilcock parkrun launches. Good luck to John and his team from the Castletown Core Team.

Until the Saturday I leave you with this advice I saw at the Maynooth 10k.


Philip Slattery
RD for event 169


Event #168, 30th March 2019.


327 eager participants waited for the off on Saturday morning.  That's a lot of you walking, jogging or running your way to a healthier way of living.  53 of you were first-timers.  Welcome aboard!  A large percentage of our first-timers were the crew who graduated from couch to 5k from Celbridge AC and didn't they all do well.  If you've not read their coaches report, feel free to check it out here.


The couch to 5k group received massive support and encouragement from the Fit4Life crew of Celbridge AC who took on a lot of the volunteer roles on Saturday.  True comradeship was very evident and provided a fab buzz on the day.


Just like every week, our hiviz heroes played a blinder.  They really deserve their name in lights...

Arlene HIGGINS  •  Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Carol SKELLY  •  Caroline DEVANE  •  Declan HYNES  •  Dermot QUINN  •  Ethan DEVANE  •  Fiona BARR  •  Jim KEARNS  •  John DIXON  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Luke LYNAM  •  Maire RYAN  •  Marc AUGUSTIN  •  Marian FAGAN  •  Michelle GOODBURN  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Sara NOLAN  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Simon LANG  •  Suzanne DIXON

Yet again, we had quite a few first time volunteers who had great fun when they realised just how easy the jobs actually are.  It's just brilliant to be Run Director and witness the atmosphere as everyone works together to create a spectacular event.  Thank you everyone, you're just brilliant.


If you're getting the urge to take your turn at volunteering then check out the volunteer page and pop us an email or give your name to the person with the clipboard next Saturday.  (There's still one marshal job left for this week, so get in quick!!).

To add to the fun on Saturday our course record was literally blown out of the water!  With a previous attempt at our birthday event in October, Lee VAN HAEFTEN was one second away from the record, however on this occasion he firmly blew it away taking it to a new time of 15.59 mins.  Incredible running Lee!

There were actually 70 new PBs on Saturday.  Well done to each one of you!  You are all amazing.

Fiona SPILLANE tried to sneak in unnoticed on Saturday morning to celebrate her 100th parkrun, but the Fiona fan club had other ideas so she was pinned up and sent on her way giggling around the two laps to enjoy her parkrun properly.  Nice one guys!


This week was the forth week of the Park Walk initiative and we welcomed more new walkers to this weeks event.  We will always keep you safe and welcome you back followed by our tail walker.  Its great to see our average times getting slower.  True to say parkrun welcomes everyone, no matter what ability.  I managed to have a chat with a young man who started walking with us some weeks ago.  He was absolutely delighted to share his love of the Park Walk programme and how welcoming it is, no matter which parkrun you attend.  He was also very happy to share the news that he's lost an incredible 2 stone since he started.  Wow!!!!  The programme will finish next week, but we will continue to welcome walkers as we have done in the past, so if you know someone a little to shy to take the first step, you not encourage them.


As this weekend we celebrate World Day for Physical Activity, there's no reason to wait!

If you have any stories or celebrations to share, drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you at Castletown@parkrun.com.  Make sure to stay in touch on our FB and Twitter pages, you'll find lots of useful information and photo albums too.

One little reminder:-  Please be mindful when parking in Castletown.  Please don't park on grass verges or block the doors of the containers in the carpark.  These units do get used during the day.  If you have to drive, try picking up your mates along the way, sure it's more fun with your friends and please please move up a few extra inches closer to the car beside you.  We're trying to fit everyone in.

Thank you everyone!

Your Run Director for #Event 168, Sharon Ashmore.




Celbridge AC – C25K graduation at Castletown parkrun – 30th March 2019.

Celbridge AC C25K graduation report.


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.02




On 9th January this year Celbridge AC began another couch to 5k programme starting in Celbridge AC grounds and aiming to graduate at Castletown parkrun on March 30th.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(3)

For Frank McDonald and Peter Donahoe having over 50 beginners was a bit daunting considering both of them had never coached a C25K before and they had to convince their students that they knew what they were doing.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01

Frank says "From the outset we felt it was very important to explain what we're doing, why we're doing it and what is the desired effect. And within a short time our routine started to take shape and everyone started to improve and most importantly we started having the craic and our journey became very enjoyable.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(2)

It's always a very difficult time of the year for people to head out in the cold and dark to start running, but we got very lucky with the weather and every time we started training the rain would disappear or on Saturdays the sun would come out, it was a bit surreal. Hence on Saturday the parkrun conditions were perfect.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.59.01(1)

Myself and Peter have really enjoyed getting to know this latest group of runners, they were a pleasure to train and managed to laugh there way through everything we threw at them. Having watched them with pride cruise through their parkrun on Saturday we have no doubt that they will continue with their running onto the fit for life group and beyond.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.57.11

We'd like to wish them the very best of luck in their great journey ahead
And the futures so bright we'll all have to wear shades"

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 00.56.41



Congratulation to all the new graduates and the coaches from your Castletown parkrun family!  We are looking forward to seeing you all run around Castletown on your first solo outing next Saturday.

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