Bushy parkrun, Dublin is cancelled on 2021-05-22 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Cancellation – Saturday 29th February

parkrun is canelled on 29th February.

Storm Jorge (Hor-hay) is forecast to be at its fiercest between 9;00am-11:00am on Saturday. There is also extensive tree cutting taking place in preparation for the construction of the Dodder Greenway bridge in to the park. Accordingly for safety reasons we must cancel this week.

We do hope to be back next week.


The ‘Dennis was blown away parkrunday’ Run Report – Event #157, Feb 15th 2020

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to the volunteers and event team: Gerard MANGAN • Regina COPPINGER • Niall COPPINGER • Marie COSGRAVE • Ray MOLONEY • Camilla TUFFY • Aine MCPARLAND • Claire PeggyCURRAN • Brian MCCANN • Martina COPPINGER • Camilla REDMOND • Noel AHERN • Declan COPPINGER • Erwan KINSELLA • Lisa SHEPPARD • Mary MAGUIRE • Sinead


You’ll have to read the report to see why I started with that!

Note for diaries: 3rd birthday this coming Saturday – I understand that there will be cake, and awards!

Almost as soon as Karen suggested that we have a weekend in Dublin I was onto the parkrun.ie site to see which parkrun we should do. Bushy stood out immediately, mainly because in my 250 runs I still hadn’t made it the 30ish miles across London from Bexley for the Bushy pilgrimage! Also we’d decided to stay quite central in Dublin and it looked fairly easy to get to Bushy by public transport – this turned out to be the case with the bus taking about 30 minutes.

Off we set at 8am (yes, allowing plenty of contingency for the 9:30 start) to get the bus, arriving at a very windy and cold Rathfarnham shopping centre at 8:30. It wasn’t until this point that I even considered checking that the event was on which was a rookie error with storm Dennis trying to wreak havoc everywhere (I’m fortunate that I can only remember my home event being cancelled once in the 8 years since it started). Fortunately a quick check on Facebook revealed that the event was on despite there being trees across the course on Friday. Thanks to the event team for checking this out, keeping us all informed of progress and ensuring that the event could go on safely.

We received a fantastic warm Irish welcome from volunteers and other runners and had a lovely chat with other tourists from England, who were kind enough to store our tops in their backpacks to avoid them being blown away while we ran (thanks Mel and Claire, great to meet you both).

At the briefing we were told there was a slight change to the course to avoid the mud, but we didn’t realise that we would be walking on water (stupid GPS!)

It was so windy, with some rain added into the mix, it seemed that even most of the ducks had abandoned the lake but the volunteers were fantastic, clapping, cheering and encouraging us round the course all with huge smiles – thanks so much to you all. It was also great to receive encouragement from the faster runners as they lapped us and made their way home after finishing. I was surprised how smoothly we got started with 266 runners on such a narrow path but everyone was sensible and considerate to others. It’s quite a flat course so should be one for PBs, although the narrowness of the paths and the conditions this week would have countered that so congratulations to the 35 of you that got PBs, that’s some achievement. It would of course be remiss of me not to congratulate Karen on her first non-stop parkrun and a parkrun PB – perhaps if we tour often enough I might eventually get another PB!! On the flip side – 42 Unknowns out of 266 runners? That’s a lot of forgotten barcodes – come on everyone that’s all we need to remember as runners!

Looking through the results there were clearly a few other tourists there and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Congratulations to Anna Merrigan, Walter Mee and Stephen Gallagher on completing your 50th runs.

We were so pleased that we didn’t get drenched while running so had the opportunity to stop for a drink afterwards and a further chat with some of the volunteers about Dennis and all things parkrun – did I say that you were amazing?! Thanks so much to you all for the great welcome and a fantastic event.

I see that next week is your 3rd birthday – sorry we can’t join you again, hope you have a great time and eat plenty of cake on our behalf!

This week 266 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bushy parkrun, Dublin Results Page.

The male record is held by Robert MURPHY who recorded a time of 15:52 on 2nd June 2018 (event number 66).

The female record is held by Catherina MCKIERNAN who recorded a time of 18:11 on 6th July 2019 (event number 124).

The Age Grade course record is held by Judith LLOYD who recorded 91.65% (25:33) on 25th May 2019 (event number 118).

Bushy parkrun, Dublin started on 25th February 2017. Since then 6,024 participants have completed 27,259 parkrunscovering a total distance of 136,295 km, including 4,422 new Personal Bests. A total of 421 individuals have volunteered 3,004 times.

Andy Holman A257524


New Year’s Day – Double Delight

Great news. We are holding a New Year's Day event again this year. Again, we are collaborating with our good friends Tymon parkrun to give you the option of DOUBLE DELIGHT parkrun.

NYD is the only day of the year where parkrunners are permitted to run two separate events and to receive official results from both. To facilitate this our event will commence at the usual 9;30 time and Tymon starts at 11;00. Of course you can participate at either if you only want to run one. You would of course be more than welcome to volunteer at the other!

What a way to kick start your 2020 resolutions.



The ‘LANDING THE PHOENIX AT BUSHY DUBLIN’ Run Report – Event #136, 28th September 2019

So the alarm went off this morning at 345am... most normal sane people would be getting up for work. But not us. Not me. This was the call to get to the airport to make the trip to the Emerald Isle.parkrun time.Most of you know by now that parkrun originated in Bushy - London. So it would be rude not to visit its younger sibling here in Dublin. 0655am flight for the quick hop across the pond - we found ourselves (me and 13 of my running butties) in a minibus trundling down the M50 towards your location!!
Parking in the centre of the shopping centre - we aren’t far, was the instruction via email from today’s event director Niall.... we navigated ourselves and spotted the parkrun flag - the relief...
Short walk down the river path to be met by a small and perfectly formed group of volunteers.
Fun brief delivered
“Don’t fall in the river”
“Don’t fall in the lake”
“Dont fall in the pond”
So the course is a short run out on concrete path - then two laps of the lake and the pond. Little bit of trail through the woods before completing your second loop... then back to the start.
Honestly it was fantastic, not just because I was part of a club trip but the atmosphere was relaxed and the volunteers were amazing. Relaxed welcoming and fun..
This week 139 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 21 volunteers: Dom CLARKE • Evonne HOGAN • Niall COPPINGER • Camilla TUFFY • Aine MCPARLAND • Brian MCCANN • Martina COPPINGER • Colm O'GORMAN • Camilla REDMOND • Karl JOHNSON • Cian BUCKLEY • Noel AHERN • Declan COPPINGER • Christine KINSELLA • Erwan KINSELLA • Mary MAGUIRE • Anna MERRIGAN • Cora KILLEEN • John PHELAN • Dave KELLY • M. OCONNELL Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bushy parkrun, Dublin Results Page.
Thanks again for an amazing warm welcome we all really enjoyed our experience of your parkrun.
Until we meet again - happy parkrunning
Karl Johnson A2301276

The ‘JEFFING BUSHY IN A JIFFY’ run report – Event #135 – 21st September 2019

My son & I visited Bushy Dublin this weekend – my main motivation being that I had previously run at Bushy London and felt it only right to complete its “twin” in Dublin.   Unlike some of our previous counterparts, we opted to arrive in Dublin on Friday evening – the traffic was horrific of course, but we made it in plenty of time to drive over to check out the location for this morning’s event; though it felt a little odd to start at 9.30 as opposed to our usual 9am in the UK.
We were graced with lovely weather as we joined 171 other runners (my son dislikes running and had been pressganged into being event photographer).  Today’s participants included a visitor from Australia; two from South Africa and ourselves from the UK.   This was my first event in Ireland, although I have run in 8 other countries.
I complete all my tourist events (56 different events to date) on a series of run/walk intervals – the method I follow is known as Jeffing as it is named after an Olympian called Jeff Galloway who developed the technique.   I had my trusty interval timer set at 45.30 (run for 45 seconds and walk to recover for 30 seconds; and repeat).    Jeffing is not running until you are too tired to run any further.   Jeffing is always done on timed intervals and Jeff recommends no more than 30 seconds walk intervals (he has found no benefit either in terms of endurance or injury prevention from longer walk intervals).  Pesonally, although I can run straight, I don’t enjoy it as much as Jeffing and it isn’t a stepping-stone to what some people would consider “proper” running.    Generally, the comments I receive are along the lines of “keep going” – I’ll generally respond that “I’m on a plan” or “I’m running intervals”.
The intervals give me sufficient time to take in the sights of the course – and Bushy Dublin does not disappoint; a river, a lake with assorted birdlife, woodland, bridges and a little grass (along with a cheeky little elevation).   Out for a kilometre before turning into the park and running around the lake and up through the woods in a figure of eight which is completed twice before heading back down to the finish.
I finished in a fairly respectable 31.30 which wasn’t a PB but it did bag me 2nd in age – which for a VW55-59 isn’t too shabby at all.    I had a chat with a lady who asked me what interval I was running today and was quite impressed with my turn of speed.
Statistics today – all three first finishers scored themselves new pbs – Congratulations to Kevin Donagher (17.46), Oliver Warren (18.43) & Thomas Grall (19.05).   First young person home was Erwan Kinsalla in an impressive 21.32 and first lady was Clara Kinsalla in 21.56 – must be good running genes in the Kinsalla family…   There were 15 genuine first timers this morning – welcome to the parkrun family.   Final finisher today was our high-viz hero Mary Maguire tailwalking on her 96th event; not long till she gets to wear that coveted black shirt.
Another lovely thing about being a visitor is the opportunity to hang out and chat with the locals and the event team.   Breakfast at Partners in the shopping centre across the road was well worth the wait.   This week’s high viz heros (and some of our breakfast buddies) were:  Noel AhernCian BuckleyStephenie Anne BuckleyRonan BuckleyCillian BuckleyDeclan CoppingerRegina CoppingerMartina CoppingerNiall Coppinger,  Gerard ManganBrian McCannAine McParlandBernie MoranSarah O’Dowd, Camilla RedmondDavid Reidy,  Fearghal Rooney, & Andrew Sparks.
If you would like to know more about in Jeffing – please visit the Jeff Galloway website www.jeffgalloway.com for more information.
Sandra Rhodes A1629957
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