Run 240 26/01/2019

System failures, thingamejigs, 5 in a row and communal showers! There was a lot going on in the clubhouse this morning. I have warned before when I’m down as report writer what is said pre or post run in public in the kitchen can be used against you in Bere Island parkrun run report.

It was a very wet wet wet morning, nobody was singing in the rain, unless they were stone mad, mind u I often do, but that’s beside the point. In the words of Vladimir Nabokov “Don’t be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards”. Bear that in mind the next time we have a bad morning. Another cold wet windy morning, fresh and wintery, blows all the cobwebs away! And yet 22 gathered to run or walk the 5k loop. With Edel in charge, keeping her mighty crew of volunteers on their toes, they all did yet another sterling job. Whatever you might say about us to be running or walking around in the rain, these poor souls have to stand in position in the rain and wind until the tail walker crosses the finish line, which this week was Thom Kleiss, in a respectable time of 50 mins, also securing the only  pb of the day, well done Thom. This week’s other volunteers included Noelette, Finola, Colin, Eugene, Sylvia, Dominic, Mike, Ann Marie, Thom, Carol, Olan, Edel, Brendan, Mags, Joanne, Michael and Sheila. Well done and thank you all. Were always looking for volunteers, from the post of run director to run report writer and every post in between so please get in touch, offer your help once in a while, so we can keep Bere Island parkrun running smoothly.

First finisher was Michael O’Sullivan who trotted home in 25.13, followed, hot on his heels with only 4 seconds between them, was first lady Joanne Sullivan, home in 25.17. And so when Michael finished he went on barcode duty which is where the System failure came in, nothing serious or nothing that can’t be fixed(in case you get put off from trying that particular role) but he scanned his own in the wrong order, and all he was worried about was Joanne being given his first position. I might have made a few bob if I had a bidding war between them. But all is well that ends well, the order is above board and correct. Well done to both finishers today.

As most of you are aware we have books with our barcodes in to keep them there safe, but Carol usually brings her own with her. This morning she had left it in her bag. She told Michael she didn’t have her thingamajig with her, I think there’s still a blank look on his face! So not only did she forget to bring it with her, she actually forgot what it’s called. Moral of the story DONT FORGET YOUR BARCODE…

Johnny has surprised most of us by coming in for the last 5 weeks. He promised last week he would be in this week to do what Kerry couldn’t by completing 5 in a row. Such was everyone’s shock and delight to see him conquer his dream, not only did he get a cheer fit for any all-Ireland final at the start line but he was also given a slice of cake as a way to celebrate his success in the Bakehouse under the watchful eye of former Cork player and selector Ciaran O’Sullivan. Well done Johnny, here’s to the next 5!

So the Communal showers, I’m not entirely sure how to word this, but here goes. We’ve been having a few issues with hot water for the showers, Finola blames Brendan, Brendan blames Finola, everyone blames everyone else, today it was taken a step further, when someone had the audacity to blame our oil man, simply because he was there and had to have a cold shower, they’re simply taking the HEAT off themselves ;);). Any way I’m not sure if it’s the way there isn’t enough hot water or none at all but there was a bit of a discussion as to how to fix it. This discussion was between 2 ladies, I might add, who I won’t name to save their embarrassment, so it might surprise you all to know there were suggesting communal or unisex showers, to save the hot water, perhaps what they meant was everyone under the same shower, which would be all well and good but we decided the biggest problem would be filling the role of security or chaperones. Filling that role wouldn’t be a problem perhaps; the problem would be too many volunteers for the role. So Noelette and Joanne while it may help with the water problem, we might just put your idea on file in a filing cabinet for the time being!

I’m sure our visitors today think we’re a crazy bunch of people, but we hope you enjoyed the craic, and will come back to us again and bring friends. David and Sharon Schindler joined us from Portrush parkrun in Antrim, while Chris Rafferty joined us from Cabinteely parkrun in Dublin, who I’ve just noticed was only 1 second behind our Joanne. I wonder was there a bit of chivalry there on his part???

Thanks again to all our volunteers, roster still has empty spaces for next week, so why not put your name forward for one of the many roles. Thanks to Brendan and his crew in the Bakehouse, he kept the show going until Edel finished her role as Run Director, and thanks to Bere Island ferries for the transport both on sea and on land.

So parkrun 240 completed, Join us next week for our next instalement.