Run 234 25/12/18

Run report 234 thanks to Natalie and photos thanks to Edel and Steve.

Our story starts with a familiar theme: Three wise men, coming from the distant East … Well, I’m already stretching it a bit - Kevin and Colin Gleeson and Steve all came from the East pontoon, a good start.

As it happens, we did bring Frank(incense), or rather he brought us, gold in the form of wedding rings exchanged this year, and mulled cider in the place of the traditional embalming spice - an upgrade on the original.

So far so good.

To complete our Christmas scene we need some shepherds (I am going to substitute shepherd for farmers, since I’ve granted myself quite a lot of poetic license so far). Obviously we also need some attendant bovines; Peter Killen, in his role as Run director, helpfully informed us that there could possibly be cows on the course, so that was covered

As in many school nativity plays, some participants play multiple parts - Billy Murphy was the star everyone followed, finishing first in 19.13, in following him so closely Kevin Gleeson propelled himself to a PB of 19.36. Billy was also our Christmas birthday, celebrated on Christmas Eve. Mary O’sullivan was on hand for that important role .. but, amazingly, we had no Joseph … so I will have to assume he went on some hasty paternity leave. Deirdre M O’Sullivan also brought us a very festively dressed infant - not quite new born, but near enough. Holy Family - check! Christmas story just about complete!

A little further through the field Lina Galvis/Gleeson followed her husbands footsteps to also bag a PB and Beverly Killeen, as tail walker, guided by the promise of Christmas spirit (hot whiskey) briskly marched her way to a PB too. Sadhbh Sullivan (two legs) and Jessie Glendon (four legs) got to experience our circuit for for the first time …officially.

I love the simplicity of our single circuit parkrun; guided by some stella runners we all get round in the end, back to where we started, but just a bit different for the journey. Just like at Christmas so many of us come home and come together, give thanks for the year gone and get ready for the year ahead. The simple cycle of the year, the seasons, all captured in a 5k walk/run/gathering.

And in case we weren’t Christmassy enough here we go with the annual top three Christmas Names: we have a Natalie (Nativity to you), tied second place: a Christmas Carol (Murphy) and (St.) Stephen (O’Donovan) but overall champion, naturally, Noelette. "Santa Claus" wasn’t with us this year … and so I feel the prize couldn’t have possibly gone elsewhere!

In other exciting news, Nessa has discovered “Bottom Sniffer”, dog beer apparently infused with dandelion and seaweed properties. After a few sips it soon became apparent that this non-alcoholic concoction had the same effect on Nessa as the alcoholic brand does on some humans … her behaviour changed rapidly and further consumption would definitely have invited a long afternoon nap, laughing at cracker jokes, and possibly ill-advised charades.

Thanks to all the volunteers, our Christmas angels (the last piece of the puzzle), for a very special Christmas Day parkrun including the providers of post-run snacks and hot whiskeys and Frank for speedy lift to and from the mainland. Already looking forward to the next time.