Run 232 15/12/2018

We had it all this morning, we had wind, we had rain (although maybe not as much as we had been expecting if you saw all the rain gear), we had an epileptic Octopus, we had a Fat Alcoholic, we had a geriatric sidekick but most importantly we had fun, we had laughs, we had mighty company, and we had all this at Bere Island parkrun. Most of you reading this (I’m being hopeful that’s a few at least), know our run, ye know the hills,(the 50000 ups, a slight exaggeration of course, and the 1 down), the bends, the worst patches where the wind hits you hard so u try to sprint but fail miserably, well today was a bit of a shock to the system.  There were a few of us happy to do tail walker, and tried everything to convince Joanne to run, cause trying to keep her pace at walking is as hard as trying to keep her pace at running, but no, she wasn’t having any of it and happily plodded along with the rest of the walkers. Before the rain had cleared a window for us Dominic, who stood in as Run Director for Aoife today, gave the pre run briefing in the clubhouse kitchen. Out off we headed for the start line, some of like we were heading into a battlefield of rain, but it took a little break for the 45 mins or so we needed. Dominic was in such a hurry to let us off I didn’t even get time to take to start line before he counted down and the Doc shouted at everyone not to run me down, phew, it was a close call.. I gathered my composure, fell in with my sidekick and ran. Markie’s hill, grand, I can’t breathe but grand, Kelly’s height a little better, I can breathe, John Murphy’s no bother when we decided to walk it from Vincie’s small gate(was supposed to be the big one but we were brave enough to venture further. Plodding along nicely, passed the half way mark, great, but yet to face into Humphries hill, everyone’s favourite! But it too was fine once the decision was made to walk. So yes, we’re going great guns, thought passing the barracks might be breezy but it was ok. Wahoo, delighted we’re on the beautiful back road only downhill in sight, worst of the run is over, run like you were when you were a child, like a floppy doll going downhill, Yippee…….  All of a sudden coming around Ned Murphy’s bend, BANG, SLAP, WALLOP. What is happening you might ask, well the wind that blew there would knock the feathers off a duck (unfortunately not a few lb off the fat alcoholic but can’t have everything). As Miley used to say in Glenroe “well Holy God”, Talk about a shock to the system, the last place you would expect to be hit by a hurricane, it didn’t last long but it took all the enjoyment out of the lovely back road. But it was just a matter of taking a deep breath and carrying on regardless, into the village hill which seemed a little tougher this week but that might just have been because more effort had to go in to the back road, and finally my least favourite hill of the all, the piggery, you think you’re finished and this little (unpolite word I shan’t type) of a hill appears, to thwart the effort you had just put in for 35 mins, or 20 in some cases. But I still loved every minute of it, once it was done J. So the rain and wind aside I know you all want to hear about the Epileptic Octopus, SO, Dominic did his countdown, everyone took off, and next thing he’s shouting, roaring or bellowing, we thought it was the clocks hadn’t started, so those of us behind shouted at those in front to get word up the line, Apparently our very favourite glamorous Granny, was very un-glamorous, flaying her arms around, in the good Doc’s words like an epileptic octopus. And so the run came to a standstill, but it was all in vain, Joanne was shouting at us to keep going, a little confusion needless to say. We don’t actually know why, but I think it was our big clock Dominic was shouting at, he might want to be told the clock can’t hear so he doesn’t need to shout so loud it stops us in our track. But as I said earlier it’s all part of the fun and games we have at Bere Island parkrun, Who would ever have thought 1 man roaring could stop 13 people in their tracks.

And so down to business, 13 took to the road in an array of running gear, from shorts and t shirts, to heavy jackets and rain legs, we should get points for wearing them running. Anyway 13 lined up to run with 5 staying behind so we could have our times. First finisher was Kevin Gleeson , who despite the confusion romped home in 20.02, only 17 secs off his pb, oops, would he have made it only for the octopus?? Tune in next week to see! First Lady home was Suzanne O’Sullivan, home in 29.59. Well done to you both. We had no new pb’s recorded and no first timers visiting, which might be a first time! Everyone was registered and scanned which was great for doing the results, it’s great to see full pages! Dominic and his crew pf volunteers on the ground did a great job, Eugene and Sylvia looking spectacular in matching attire were on the clocks, Claire handed out the finish tokens, Michael was marshal, Joanne was tailwalker, Kevin did the scanning when he got in. Carol put all the volunteers together, Annie like staying in the background, with results, photos and idiotic reporting this week. And in fairness everyone there always helps with the close down after, including all mentioned above along with Finola, Catherine, Jean, Paul.  A wonderful crew here at Bere Island parkrun. How lucky we are!!  Next week is our Junior week, so we want all our under 18 to volunteer next Saturday along with Aoife, Niamh Kevin Sean, who have already secured their roles.

Thank you to Eileen and Finola who ran the Bakehouse in Edel’s absence. The tea and scones hit the spot. Our Christmas party will be in the Bakehouse on Wednesday night at 7pm, we hope you will join us for some fun and cheer and if u haven’t given your name to Edel u might want to get on that ASAP. It’s always a great social night.

Joanne has been helping us out with running techniques on Tuesday nights, which speaking for myself are a huge benefit, I had kind lost myself and got into a slump, but with Joanne and her whistle I have found myself again. Thanks Joanne. Tuesday nights in the village at 7…

We will be hosting a Christmas Day parkrun this year and a New Year’s Day parkrun next year. End on a high or make Bere Island parkrun part of your New Year’s Resolution.

On a final the fat Alcoholic and the geriatric sidekick, well I’m going to let ye ponder on that, all I can say it’s a good job we’re friends!

See ye Wednesday night and again on Saturday as usual with bells on!!

Annie x

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