Event 133, 14th July 2018

Saturday was yet again an absolute scorcher of a day! How lucky are we this summer, parkrun days are so attractive with all this sun and blue sky! This made my return to the role of Run director much easier. It has been about three months or more since I was involved so I was so looking forward to this morning. Hopefully I will get back to covering the course soon.

The sun brought out 215 of you, 18 of which were first timers so congratulations to you all!

The first 3 men home came in in just under the 20 minute mark.
1. Micheal Comer 18.52
2. Trevor McDonald 19.40 (first timer)
3. Tommy Grealy 19.50

The first 3 women home weren't too far behind,
1. Claire Mulligan 22.27
2. Linda Phelan 22.50
3. Lorraine Gleeson 23.43

We had a few visitors, one of which was a familiar face from Operation Transformation this year David Cryan. Himself and his pal Seamus are on a tour of parkruns. I know they both loved Castletown and hopefully will be back to tackle that uphill again!


We had some amazing photos taken by volunteer Shane McCarthy who double jobbed on the day as he was also a marshall. You can view them on our flickr page. Here is a small collection showing Castletown in all its sunny splendour.


Next Saturday 21st July is Le Cheile AC takeover day. Le Cheile have arranged the day which includes providing all the volunteers for the event. Well done to them and I am sure they will have an absolute ball. It is also pacer day and Le Cheile should have a great contingent of pacers to help you achieve that time you are chasing!

I hope you all had a great day and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Run director
Marian Fagan


Event #132, 7th July 2018.

It was another hot parkrun morning, the parkrun weather fairy is certainly doing her job lately. It always a good sign in Ireland when you have to warn people to bring water with them.

There is an old saying if it looks like you have everything covered, you have missed something. parkrun seems to be the exception to this rule, by 9.15 we had the start and finish area set up, the course checked, and the marshals in position.

We appear to have had only one tourist with us this week who came from Waterstown parkrun. Shortly after 9.30! 155 runners, joggers and walkers set of for Castletown parkrun #132. This included 13 first timers. In that heat 11 people managed to get a PB.

Just under 19 and a half minutes later Castetown regular Michael Comer was first finisher joined seconds later by club teammate John Small. Ryan Van Haeften completed the top 3. The first female was Alicia Ashmore another Castetown regualar who can at times be seen jumping in to help the scanner once her run is finished. Eileen McGuire and Emily Ryan making up the top 3 ladies.

Last week we put a Micheal O Muircheartaigh quote on our facebook page "its not the prizes you win but the friendships you begin, Its not the medals you wear but the great time you share". While we can be certain it was GAA he was talking about, this quote can fit very nicely into parkrun as well.  Come along alone to parkrun weather you are a walker, jogger or runner!! all speeds are allowed. Health and fitness normally gets people to their first parkrun, the friends that are made is what keeps people coming back.

This week you were helped along the course by Brendan MOONEY • Brian O'GORMAN • David CADWALLADER • Davy DUNNE • Finola MOORE • Frances MELBOURNE • Jennifer RABE • John O'LONE • Kim O'LONE • Marian FAGAN • Mary KIERNAN • Michelle GOODBURN • Nick RABE • Paul FOY • Philip REILLY • Philip SLATTERY • Sharon ASHMORE • Tom COPPINGER

Below is a sample of the volunteers.


If only we all looked this relaxed and happy after crossing the finish line:


To see the rest of this weeks  photos please check out our Flickr page.

I'll be off touring to Dundalk parkrun this weekend but leave you in more than capable hands of Marian Fagan.

Till next time

Philip Slattery

RD event #132


Event #131, 30th June 2018.

Event #131, 30th June 2018.


Water, sunscreen and rainbows were the order of the day at Castletown parkrun 131.

165 early risers “enjoyed” getting their parkrun fix with temperature in the mid twenties, and doesn’t that beat the many wet and windy mornings we have all experienced down through the years!

Run times were generally down for most, but a few still managed personal bests.

Brian McCormick, Brian Ruddy and Alan Maher were the first 3 men home and Katie McElroy, Alicia Ashmore and Sandra Mc Laughlin were the first 3 women.

IMG_6731 2IMG_6734

We had the pleasure of hosting Padraig Brogan and family from Erris Co Mayo (Europe’s most westerly parkrun), Ruth, Susan and Catherine from Poppintree and Liam from Carlow.

Phillip Reilly joined the “100 milestone” club and Gerry Duffy, Brian McCormick and Roisin Kiernan reached their “50th milestone”, special congratulations to Roisin considering she is a JW10 runner, well done young lady. There was a lot of cake enjoyed at the post event breakfast!


And speaking of breakfast, our very own ‘breakfast club’ brought great colour to today’s run as they celebrated Pride Week. Guys you all looked amazing with rainbow tutu’s T-shirts and face paints. IMG_6743

And finally ,special thanks as always to our volunteers who again made my job plain sailing, you guys rock.

Have a good week,
John O’Lone.


Full details of results, volunteer rosters and your photos can be found at www.parkrun.ie/castletown.



Event #130, June 23rd 2018

Do dogs talk when they bark?

Every parkrun has a story, and Event 130 must have had more than most.
When we work through the more than 290 participants, each and every one of you have your own story to tell….as indeed do the marshals who joined us today.

This week there was so much going on, there would have to be video replays, a commentary panel, possibly a VAR and an awful lot more in order to fully capture the spirit, adventure, joy, colour, happiness and everything else that was captured during the event in Castletown. We'll do something a little bit different and omit the photos from the Run Report this week....humour me on it.

We had 53 first timers - and I hate to break it to you - but it is not always that colourful, that noisy each week! But it is that much fun each and every week!!
 This week was indeed special - and all the more so thanks to the simply fantastic atmosphere that was brought to our little corner of the country by the Polish Irish Friendship parkrun.

While we had a few folks from River Valley, and a few from Hartstown there was a spread of food, colour, folk dancing and Caring in the Community that was generated by the Celebration that is the annual Polish Irish festival. While well supported by the Embassy, it was even more important this year, with the 100th anniversary of independence, so we are gratified that the guys included Castletown as part of their celebrations.

I have to say a particular thanks to the volunteers this week - without you we would not be able to facilitate our event each and every week, and it is through the concept of giving back every 10 runs and volunteering in some capacity that makes it possible to have an event in the first instance.

Now, the apologies.

Yes - I should have spelled the word “Poland” rather than “Iceland” at the start of the event. I have an excuse in that I shuffled around the planned dates that I was to be the RD - I should have been RD on the 2nd week of the month - June 09th, and it would have been at the start of the World Cup and Iceland would have been appropriate. However with the change of dates, I did not change the few words, and only as I unfurled the notes did I realise the error. Apologies for that.

Second apology - the certificates - all 4 of the people that I called out this week were at the event, however it was only Conor that I caught at the end and managed to give a certificate to.

We had Gemma Dunne - who has done all of her 50 parkruns in Castletown, and Brian McCormick also celebrating 50 parkruns.
While we had a junior park runner (Conor) not make himself known at the start, he was there, and we managed to present him with his certificate at the end, we missed out on Brenda.

Gemma, Brian and Brenda will have to ask the RD at the next parkrun that they attend to get their certificate and a photo with the Run Director.

I’ll have to admit that this is not the first time that this has happened, and that can take weeks and weeks for me to catch up with the people who did not get their certificate - so please make yourselves knows to the RD before (or after) any event at all. You have reached the milestone, you deserve the recognition!

A big congrats to a large contingent from 6th Class in Clane who did the 5km as part of a couch to 5km effort - and it was really great to see you run in groups around the course, and particularly inspiring to see the mutual support and encouragement that you provided to each and everyone of your colleagues. It was, in the words of one observer... “truly the spirit of parkrun” - and was genuinely moving to see in action.

You should all be very proud of your achievements and how you manage to reach the goal that you set yourselves. We hope to see you all again soon at parkrun - and bring your parents along next time - and have them do the 5km with you!

Ríain Hudson did his second parkrun, in a very fine time, and though we did not manage to announce it at the start, we’re delighted to take the opportunity now to acknowledge it!

We did manage to acknowledge Kim O’Lon’e birthday milestone, and if I had not been over time in the briefing, we would have managed to sing “Happy Birthday” - and no doubt among the more than 290 participants we would have managed to find someone with a fine voice to lead us - perhaps even a future star of the X-Factor. Alas it is not me, so next time we’ll find an RD who has a singing voice to lead us all!

A final word of thanks to Teresa McCarthy, for reaching her 150th parkrun. While it is not an official milestone, the combination of that number of parkruns along with 64 volunteer efforts is something to be admired and emulated by us all.

Now, if you’ve managed to read this far you are likely to have been somewhat intrigued by the sub-heading which talked about dogs and barking.

Well, we’ll share a little story that happened just before the start of Event #130.

I had briefed all of the marshals and was about to set them away to points around the course, when the elder of two sisters (some of our youngest marshals on the day) stepped forward to announce that her sister had a question.
Her younger sibling stepped forward and as she started to speak, I wondered what the question could be?

“Do I need a token?”

“How long will this take?”

“How come you have a different Hi-viz jacket?”

All sorts of possible questions that are regularly known to many a Run Director - I had the answers at my fingertips.

I had that false confidence of adulthood.

I knelt down, fully confident that I would be able to answer the Marshal’s question.

After all, I reasoned, I had the full collective wisdom of the Castletown Run Directors manual within easy reach.
Yes, dear reader, I had my two co-Event Directors within earshot if needed.
I had you, all three hundred and more of you both participants and supporters.
We had full internet connectivity.
We had the support of both the OPW, the Kildare Sports Partnership, the VHI and parkrun Ireland.

We had the facebook page with all our our supporters and full access to google if needed.

We had a parkrun wiki that holds all of the known knowledge of parkrun.

There was nothing, nothing dear reader, that was parkrun related that I would feel unable to answer.

At the point that they had my full attention, our youngest volunteer on the day asked a question on the topic that troubled them most.

“Emm……Do dogs talk when they bark?”

So, dear reader, if I seemed somewhat distracted during the briefing, it was surely because of this, a parkrun question that may never be answered.

If you have an answer, or indeed a similar question that you want to cause some amusement to yourself, or puzzlement to any of the Run Directors or volunteers any time - then feel free to ask anyone in a Hi-Viz that question any Saturday.

Declan Hynes
Run Director Event #130
Castletown parkrun Celbridge

This week 295 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Sharon ASHMORE • Siobhan O'BRIEN • Sheila HYNES • Declan HYNES • Paul HAWKINS • Donal GILMAN • Sara NOLAN • Carla GUNNING • Mary KIERNAN • Roisin KIERNAN • Melanie TUFFEN • Zach GUNNING • Sean HENEGHAN • Aisling BYRNE • Kim O'LONE • John O'LONE • Nicola O'LONE • Marie Béatrice ARMSTRONG • Mark BYRNE • Simon CORBETT • Tomasz RACZYNSKI • Dexter GUNNING • Jean DUNNE • Niamh O'LONE • Robert ARMSTRONG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Louise REILLY who recorded a time of 19:19 on 28th May 2016 (event number 28).
The male record is held by Heywood RICHARDSON who recorded a time of 16:27 on 6th January 2018 (event number 107).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gary CONDON who recorded 84.06% (16:44) on 20th August 2016 (event number 40).

Castletown parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 4,179 participants have completed 23,933 parkruns covering a total distance of 119,665 km, including 4,825 new Personal Bests.


Event 129 – 16th June 2018 Clane AC Takeover!

After weeks of amazing hot, sunny weather, we woke up on Saturday 16th June to a duller, cooler day….and the unspeakable happened…it started to rain, and not just a light shower, it was bucketing down. OH NO!!!!

 But, today was parkrun day, and a bit of rain was not going to put off any die-hard parkrun regulars! This was also the third Saturday of the month, and at Castletown parkrun Celbridge, that means its pacer day.

In addition to this, Clane Athletic Club were going to be attempting their first ‘take over day’. (The ‘take over day’ means all the volunteer roles are filled by a local club or interested group and it gives the regular, dedicated parkrun volunteers and some of the core team the opportunity to take a well-deserved day off! It’s a great idea!)

Thankfully, by 8:30am though, that speck of blue in the sky in the far distance was gradually getting bigger, and by the time the 197 walkers & runners lined up at the start line at 9:30am, the sky was back to its usual dry, hot and sunny demeanour that we had grown used to… All was well again!


Clane AC had provided pacers from 20 mins all the way through to 40 mins, so there was plenty of choice for all the park runners this week and we are delighted to report that there were 42 new personal bests (PB’s) achieved at this event.

We also had two very special parkrun milestones to celebrate:
Congratulations to Sheila Hynes who completed her 100th parkrun!!!! Amazing!
We also had one of our junior runners complete her 50th parkrun also – Wow! 50!!! Congratulations!!

We welcomed two parkrun tourists, Fiona & Dermot Symes, all the way from Australia!!! Thanks for coming out to Castletown parkrun Celbridge. It was lovely to chat to you and perhaps we will see you again someday? Thanks for buying some of the Clane AC merchandise too…may you wear it well! Perhaps you will pop up some photos of you wearing your Clane AC T-shirts and neck scarfs?

 There was a sea of Clane AC Orange & Black this week at parkrun as an astonishing 37 volunteers turned up to make the event happen. Thank you so much to each and every one of you.

Although, on this occasion, the volunteers mostly comprised of members from Clane AC adult running club and Clane AC juvenile club, we must give a special thanks to Sheila Hynes, John O’Lone, Philp Slattery and Melanie Tuffen from the Castletown core team, who were also there as usual,working like beavers in the background, making sure the Clane AC volunteers knew exactly what they should be doing and where! Thank you so much for your unwavering patience and guidance!


Some extra special thanks must go to Michael Kilbride from Clane AC, who supplied the event with 250 bottles of water which was welcomed by all our runners and walkers at the finish line, as it turned out to be quite a sunny, hot & humid morning in the end. Thank you, Michael, who is pictured below with Claire Twohig from Clane AC.

All that is left to say is a massive thank you to Castletown Parkrun Celbridge for allowing Clane Athletic Club to take over the event…it was an extremely positive and beneficial experience for all our members, and we do hope we will be invited back again soon,

All the best, until next time!

Caroline Mullally

Clane Athletic Club

Full results for this event and a complete event history can be found on the Castletown parkrun results page at: http://www.parkrun.ie/castletown/results/latestresults/

We are very grateful to the 37 volunteers who made this event happen:

George ALTON, Michael ANDREWS, Tracey BURKE, Evanne BURKE O'BRIAIN, Katelyn BURKE O'BRIAIN, Meghan CONNOLLY, John COOMEY, Michelle CULLINAN, Mark DENNENY, Patricia DESMOND, Jack FADDEN, Laura FERGUSON, John FINN, Veronica FLYNN, Colette HAWKINS, Paul HAWKINS, Sheila HYNES, James LAWLESS, James LEEMING, Melissa LYONS, Christy MALONEY, Caroline MULLALLY, Gordon MULLALLY, Lauren MULLALLY, Heather MULLALLY, Catriona O'HARA, Kim O'LONE, Oisin OBRIAIN, Kevin REGAN, Philip SLATTERY, Melanie TUFFEN, Claire TWOHIG, Michael KILBRIDE, Anna HAWKINS, Julia HAWKINS, Anna CARBURY, Agnes O’BRIEN

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