Event #142, Sept 15th 2018

Event 142

The morning of parkrun event 142 started off overcast but dry with 198 parkrunners partaking in this event. Thanks to our 25 volunteers including pacers that helped you achieve PB’s this week.


Congratulation’s to all the Castletown parkrunners who volunteered over the past year. We received a certificate of appreciation in ‘recognition of the difference made to the lives of the people in Celbridge’ by Celbridge Council at their volunteer evening on Saturday, September 8th. We are delighted to be able to share this award which such a great group of people and you should all be very proud of encouraging and facilitating others to be active. parkrun would not exist without the contribution of its volunteers every week.


There has been an amazing response to the DCM bag drop from our facebook appeal with 5 people volunteering for the early shift and 11 for the not so early shift. Thanks again everyone that has put their names forward.

Eavan and Marian

Thank you to our VI guide Eleanor and Grainne it was great to see you back with us again this week. If you know of anyone with a visual impairment who would like to participate at Castletown parkrun please get in touch us as we have a few parkrunners who have trained as VI guides.


We got a chance to catch up with our parkrunners who won tickets to the All Ireland Camogie championship who reported to have enjoyed their day out in Croke Park.


Finally, remember that next week is European Week of Sport (Sept 22 through to the 30th) with its key message being #Be Active. Castletown parkrun is one of 125 registered events nationwide. I would try to encourage you all to invite and friend, colleague, or family member to come along to parkrun that weekend

See you all next week as I’ll be joining you all at the start line.

Run Director Event #142
Sheila Hynes


Event #141, 08th September 2018

The morning of parkrun event 141 started off a little wetter however 124 of you pulled off the duvet and put on your running shoes to walk, jog, skip or run this event. Thanks must be given to our 22 volunteers who came prepared for whatever the weather was going to be, in order to ensure that it all went off without a hitch.


Today we drew up some excitement with the offer of a pair of box ticket to the All Ireland Camogie championship to the person whom came in 75th position that morning. Hope you enjoyed your day out in Croke Park.


Also, we expressed good luck to one of our frequent parkrunners Seamus and look forward to his return. We also wished good luck to those doing the Berlin Marathon next weekend including our own event director Phillip Slattery. We saw some of you do runs before parkrun, and others afterwards....we'll be thinking of you next weekend...and there is a parkrun in Berlin!

Thanks to all of those that donated their old runners, we know that they will go to a good cause.

Remember that the European Week of Sport is coming up on Sept 22 through to the 30th with its key message being keep active. Castletown parkrun is one of 125 registered events nationwide. I would try to encourage you all to invite and friend, colleague, or family member to come along to parkrun that weekend

To all our regular and new parkrunners I hope that you enjoyed your morning and I will see you all in the same place at the same time next week.

Thaks again guys!!

Adrian HENRY • Aoife PLUINCÉID • Brian KIERNAN • Declan HYNES • Dwyer EAMONN • Eleanor KENNEDY • Fearghal FITZMAURICE • Finola MOORE • Fionn COLLENDER • Grace UÍ CHORRAGÁIN • John O'LONE • Kim O'LONE • Michael COMER • Neal CORRIGAN • Nicola O'LONE • Patrick CONNOLLY • Philip SLATTERY • Roisin KIERNAN • Sean HENEGHAN • Sharon ASHMORE • Sheila HYNES • Wally MOORE

Sheila Hynes
Run Director Event #141
Castletown Parkrun


Event #140, 1 September 2018.

As we start September what does it mean to us? summer is over, children go back to school, people training for the DCM start going long runs over half marathon distance. To us it means our birthday is getting closer. Roll on the 27 October, I hear on the grapevine a few regulars will be hitting milestones that day. It will also be fancy dress for added fun.

Back to event #140 at this stage we thought we had seen it all at Castletown but nope we had not. Last Saturday the start was delayed as the pre event runner took longer then expected to do the course check. Due to the lack of rain of late the ground was rock hard, imagine trying to get 6 signs into that ground.

At around 9:38 229 runners set off on their 5k aided by 17 volunteers. I spent most next 19 minutes skipping and jumping around for no real reason. I stopped a Michael Comer crossed the line as first finisher in 18:50 followed by Shane McCarthy and Kieran Brennan. We would like to thank Shane who after his run did the finish token support job and rounded up the volunteers for the next few parkruns.

Fiona Holmes was the first lady finisher followed by Cliodhna Carthy and Sandra McLaughlin.

Oran Duff completed his 10th parkrun, Andrew Hughes completed his 50th parkrun. Well done to both on reaching those milestones.

We also had Chantelle McCarthy volunteer for the 25th time. Think she is the only person who took to barcode scanning more naturally them me.

But we cannot forget the other Hi Vis Hero's this week.
Adelchi ORIFICI • Brendan MOONEY • Brian BEATTIE • Donal GILMAN • Eleanor KENNEDY • Katherine CARROLL • Kim O'LONE • Laurena QUINN • Matthew WALSH • Michael CRYAN • Orla WALSH • Owen MULVANEY • Philip SLATTERY • Shane MCCARTHY • Sharon ASHMORE • Treasa KEEGAN

UntitledWe also have nice new PB bell looking forward to hearing it ring in the future. Untitled

The greatest sin in my house is to leave the e off the end of my mothers name. Could that e be costly? If you double barrel the Anne with Marie it could be. Yea Ann-Marie's world wide have an average run time in parkrun of 31:04 but Anne-Marie's are averaging 33:31.

Think that is enough useless facts and distractions from work!

See ye all next Saturday
Philip Slattery
RD Event #140




Event #139, 25th August 2018.

Event #139, 25th August 2018.


Oh, the bells, the bells!!!!


Gosh there was a chill in the air as we arrived to unpack the gear, but very quickly the sun appeared to remind us how lovely our summer has been.

This week we were joined by a multitude of visitors amongst our 205 participants, from as near as Naas and as far away as Australia who marveled at the beauty of Castletown. We are so lucky to have these wonderful surrounding to participate in. Many thanks to the OPW staff who give us a load of help behind the scenes every week. Thank you to all our visitors who had the time for a chat and a hello, it was so nice to see you all enjoying parkrun with us.


We had visitors from Sligo.


Here's Anthony and Nigel Madden from Naas.

Several run milestones were achieved this week.


Well done to Graham Spillane who achieved 50 parkruns and was rather chuffed with himself when he crossed the finish line.  Rightly so Graham!!


And Brian celebrated his 50th milestone in the Cafe with his family. His beautiful daughters we're very proudly showing off their 50th run t-shirts.

Also achieving milestones this week were Aaron Connolly (jr 10) and Chris Walker (100 parkruns).


Welcome to all our first-timers.

We had 19 first timers at Castletown this week who all did brilliantly on their very first day, but one first timer was incredibly noisy!


We now have a cow bell!!! Just to bring extra fun to our parkrun day. Why not give the cowbell a good ring after your next parkrun... you've completed another event after all! If it's a PB... brilliant, but it doesn't have to be.  Just bring a little extra fun to your run!!


Thank you to all our volunteers.

We are incredibly grateful to the amazing crew of volunteers who gave up their run to ensure we were all kept safe and make sure it was a timed event.


Adrian MURPHY  •  Brian BEATTIE  •  Brigitte SPRINGFELD-MITCHELL  •  Conor DEVANEY  •  Conor FITZPATRICK  •  Eileen O'MAHONY  •  Eleanor KENNEDY  •  Faith VALENA  •  Gerry DUFFY  •  John O'LONE  •  Karl MITCHELL  •  Kim O'LONE  •  Lesley THOMSON  •  Mary KIERNAN  •  Naoise HENEGHAN  •  Nicola O'LONE  •  Philip SLATTERY  •  Sean HENEGHAN  •  Sharon ASHMORE  •  Sheila HYNES

A very special thanks goes to Conor Devaney who did our pre-event check and put out the signs, then he ran parkrun with his little daughter in her buggy before picking up a clip-board to see if he might fill the volunteer roster... by gum! He did an amazing job!!! The roster for next week only have a few gaps. You know what to do, if it's your turn to volunteer.

Well, I think that just about covers Event #139

I'm looking forward to next week already and to the Celbridge AC 5k this Thursday.  I hope to see some of you there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my run report.

Your Run Director for this week, Sharon Ashmore.



For all other Castletown information do check out www.parkrun.ie/castletown


Event 138 – The Final Countdown!

What better way for me to spend my final full day in Ireland, than as Run Director at Castletown? Somewhere I have spent nearly every Saturday since I moved here 17 months beforehand. I had promised to wear a pair of gold lamé shorts (the most ‘90s clothing I own) for my parkrun though 90% of people seem to think I was joking. I never joke about gold lamé. Though I can tell you this, those shorts are not designed for running – I discovered this when a rapid U turn was made on the way to parkrun because I had forgotten my hat and I had to run back to the house for it. They are much more of a casual evening wear attire.

It being my final time as RD at Castletown I felt it appropriate to bring back “parkrun in Kildare” – the pre-run briefing rap. My plea to stop filming was ignored by Sharon (she knows I secretly love the limelight). My main concern was that a friend of mine, who doesn’t parkrun, was independently sent the video without the sender knowing they knew me…I am hoping most of the 600 views are just my family watching it over and over again…

There was lots to celebrate this week with Nicola O’Lone and Orla Walsh doing their 50th parkruns.

Dwyer Eamonn also hit 50, but somehow evaded the camera!

Carla Gunning hit 25 volunteers, remember we are entirely volunteer-led and it is quite tricky for me to fly back to marshal so please consider signing up.

10 of you joined us for the first time at parkrun – we hope you enjoyed it. Just remember not every run director is as weird as me. It was pacer week and the men and women clearly did a great job as 33 of the 201 of you who joined us got a new PB!

A gentle reminder to please make way for other park users. A group of cyclists came at one point and honestly, guys, it was like you hadn’t even listened to my wrap:

“Run jog or walk, well we really don’t mind,

But we do have some rules and one is be kind

‘Cause we ain’t got exclusive rights to this site

 So make way for other users like those on bikes

Well, Castletown parkrun, we’ve had some great times! Thank you for being somewhere I can go on a Saturday morning not only for a run but for company and a chat. I’ll miss you all. Give us a shout if you are ever up Guildford way or decided to go to Bushy – that isn’t far from me either.


RD Event 138

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