Run 227 10/11/2018

Only 15 participants toed the line this autumn morning under the arc of a fantastic double rainbow. Sheila Walsh took on the mantle of Run Director and set us off safely into the cool morning air. Regulars Colin Gleeson and Joanne Sullivan were first male and first female and John Walsh, visitor James Tobin from Durrus AC, Supergran (naturally), and myself “did the double” and headed to Eyeries for the 5 miler.


Two of the most consistent runners agreed, in obligatory post-run discussion, that 15 participants was actually the second lowest attendance - only rivalled when stormy weather prevented the ferry from bringing visitors.This week was a good week for the regulars, however, as the field consisted mainly of those with between than 60 and 200 park runs under their belt - I was a comparative novice! In run reports we celebrate milestones, visitors and first-timers … but none of these achievements would be possible without a whole-hearted commitment to consistency. Bere Island Park Run, in an area with a small population, has run every week it was safe to do so - only (so spake the Oracle) cancelling once in March when the slopes were more suited to skiing! Thanks to volunteers from the island and the mainland that ensure that the Park Run goes ahead not just consistently, but will consistent warmth and efficiency! You should have seen the enthusiasm with which Jean sprung into action to give our (nearly first time) visitor his (nearly) first-timer briefing! One reason numbers were a bit thin on the ground this week was some of our regulars were “On Tour” Edel and Brendan had generously taken the younger members of their family on holiday to sunny Tralee where they met up with the Moriarty family. And Jacinta, Claire E and Carol H headed to Listowel for a 10k before tackling the notorious Eyeries Hills in the afternoon! Well done all for representing Bere Island Park Run, Active Islands and Beara AC on your travels. All this consistency is paying off as a few of our number crept ever-closer to their 100th, 200th and 250th milestones. But consistency is also important because it encourages us all to show up and be part of something bigger than ourselves, something we can be truly proud of, something that makes our weekends and our lives better.

Thanks to all volunteers, this and every weekend, the cosy Bakehouse and Bere Island Ferries. See you again next week when we’ll tackle the circuit again - maybe with a slightly larger gang.


Bere Island parkrun 226

There was a nice turn out this morning for parkrun no. 226. We had 9 first timers from Rugby in England, Dublin, Castlehaven and Glengarriff who were made very welcome by Run Director Gary Moriarty whom we must congratulate in completing the Dublin City Marathon recently, well done Gary! There were 3 PB’s this morning including Shane Harrington with a very impressive time of 17.46, Danny Manning who finished at 23.50 and Sinead O’Leary finishing with a time of 28.46. It’s always a great achievement to get a PB but especially to get a PB at Bere Island parkrun. The weather this morning was very mild and the rain had passed by the time we got to the start line. People were getting slightly confused this morning when we were all given directions around the town park!!! Today was sign up day for Beara AC which got 7 new members. The new tech t-shirt was on display and all the new members put in their orders. As part of the new training regime there were cold showers for everyone which didn’t impress Johnny!! Beara AC will be starting training on Bere Island next week and will also be starting Couch to 5K shortly for anyone who would like to try running as a hobby. It will all be very relaxed and you can run at your own pace for anybody who would like to try it. Next Saturday t10th is Eyeries 5 Mile road race, it’s a fantastic event which is run by the people of Eyeries. It’s a fundraiser for Berehaven Red Cross who maintain defibrillators on Bere Island and across the Beara Penninsula, please support this worthy cause.

Thanks to all the Volunteers this morning who do a great job every week, so if you would like to volunteer just message us here on Facebook or message John or Carol. Thanks to Bere Island Ferries and Bakehouse Cafe who support us ever week.
Bere Island parkrun Christmas party is on Friday 21st December, so if you would like to book a place just give your name to Edel, it’s always guaranteed to be a great night!
See you next Saturday


New Years Day parkrun

Joun us to ring in the new year in a healthy way at our New Year’s Day parkrun. This is now an annual event on the island and always attracts a nice crowd. Come along and run, walk, jog or volunteer and start a New Years resolution in the best possible way.


Christmas Day parkrun

Join us on Christmas morning to do our annual Christmas Day parkrun. It is always a fantastic event with plenty Christmas cheer. After your parkrun join us in the GAA clubhouse for some festive treats.


Run 224 20/10/18

As we leave the summer behind, and yes, this year Ireland can say loud and clear, yes we had snowy winter and scorching summer; the clouds are back, the tree leaves turn colours, B&Bs close up until the next season, the ferries change to the winter schedule, but nothing can stop fellow parkrunners to come and visit Bere Island, one Ireland’s iconic courses. This week the island run had welcomed visitors from Tramore (Cork) and Andover (UK) and Dublin.

And speaking of the visitors, coming to the start line is part of the adventure in case of this parkrun. The quest started with a ferry trip. More precisely: a not-in-the-schedule, extra leg, that’s courtesy of Bere Island Ferries, and for that, their name should be added to the volunteers list. Just like we can’t say enough thanks to Column for the shuttle bus from the ferry to the club house.

While the volunteers were finishing setting up the timer (yes, dear readers, this parkrun has a real-life, battery powered timer clock), the parkrun tourists were listening to the instructions about the course. As for one who runs parkruns in the Dublin area, it was good to see that we were speaking about only one big loop here. (No offense my beloved parks, but sometimes it feels good not to run loops.) At the start line Jacinta did the briefing, then 29 brave parkrunners and a few four legged familiars (doggies) started the course.

The course, that is breathtaking. Even on a cloudy, humid, hazy day like this, one could’ve seen enough to admit: this is one beautiful piece. It’s got a mesmerizing coastal part, then some highland-like turns, some ruins and military buildings, as well as tall trees and a little village part. (The adventure racer part of me felt like home in no time, when I was running on this route.)

A big congratulations to Kevin, who was flying and came in first place this week, and Joanne who got the first place amongst women and third place in overall. Of course big congratulations to all the runners and walkers, especially the first timers from: Karen, Máire, Steve, well done on your trial by parkrunning.

As a good parkrun habit, after the run the crowd relocated into the little coffee shop nearby and had a little chit about this, chat about that. Until the shuttle bus came and we parted as there was a ferry to catch.

Huge thanks to the full roster of volunteers who made this event to happen. I will definitely come back one day, not just for the run, but to discover the whole peninsula and the whole island.

Your guest chronicler

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