Run 167 23/09/2017

Well today was a bit of a mixed bag. Weather wise, although the rain very kindly held off until we had all finished, the wind wasn't so gracious. It was fairly blustery while we were gathered to listen to our surprisingly quick Run Director's prerun briefing(sorry Dominic, couldn't resist), mind you there were only 14 of us brave enough to take on the elements, 2 of whom were visitors so there wasn't too much to be said. That blustery wind got a bit more dramatic running over Lonehart when we found ourselves exposed to the South/South West gale blowing straight across, but that was probably the worst of it until the climb up Humphries bought us into the open windy elements once again. Unfortunately the back road was still off the cards this morning so we had to go down the Village road and around the Lodge twice. Any of you that have visited us know that we take pride in the fact we have one complete 5k loop so having to go around the Lodge twice is rather frustrating for us, plus the fact half the village hill before the shop has to be done twice adding to the misery. But hopefully the County Council will come in this week to fix the back road so we get back to normal.

I watched a certain 100 club t shirt run up Markies hill off into the distance so I'm not surprised that while Joanne now has 110 first finishes under her belt, today was the second time she was first runner home having crossed the finish line in 25.00, followed 42 seconds later by Michael M O'Sullivan, home in 25.42. There was a 4 minute break until our third runner, visitor Dave Oldfield, ran home in 29.53(he did get a little lost along the way, so our apologies for speaking in Bere Island tongue i.e back road,village road, around lodge, rather then explaining with proper directions)..tail walker Catherine was back in 47.32 so a good 5k all round for everyone. Peter Killen was our only participant to record a new pb, so very well done to you, while we had 2 first timers, Dave Oldfield joined us from Sussex in England and Debbie Kenny(nee MacCarthy) joined us from Castletownbere or perhaps closer to home Cloughland. Well done to you all today.

Our Volunteers, as  ever, did a superb job (some still are ;) ;) ). Run Director Dominic had 12 volunteers on the rota with him today, with some doing the parkrun too. Juniors Olan and Ultan were on time keeping duty, Juniors Sean and Breandan were on Barcode scanning and our 2nd visitor Robin Counsell (originally from London but now living in Spain) was handing out the finish tokens. Also on the Rota today were Joanne, Sheila, Ann Marie, Billy, Catherine, Finola, Brendan and Carol. Well done to you all. All positions for next week are empty so if you fancy trying something new/different leave us a private message, post in the comment under the rota or get in touch with Carol or John. All roles are easy and explained in detail if you haven't done one before.

Thank you to Colum and Bere island ferries for bringing those in from the mainland today and to pat for driving them east, and west after the customary tea/coffee scones and cake in the Bakehouse, thank you Edel!

Best of luck to all those taking part in the Cork City Women's Mini Marathon tomorrow.


Run 166 16/09/2017

This morning was as close to perfect running conditions as we could hope for, cool, dry and calm. We had 35 runners and walkers from Wimbledon Windmilers, Manchester, Roscommon, Galway, Skibbereen and Glengarrif, as well as the usual suspects from Castletown and Bere Island. First home was Conor Delaney in 20.59, closely followed by Bernadette Maher Allan in 22.14!
We had a slightly different route today as the back road is out of action, we came down through the village and around the lodge twice before heading to the finish. There was some healthy rivalry in play with Colin chasing Kevin (unsuccessfully) around the lodge. I managed to pass Ann Marie for all of 20 seconds until she flew past me on Humphries hill. The barcode scanning was slow going today, apparently due to the equipment, nothing to do with the operator, isn't that right Carol!
Brendan and Edel abandoned us today to enjoy their winning trip to the All Ireland, stopping off at Glengarrif park run on the way. Thanks to all at the bake house for the free scones, cakes and coffee, we promise we won't tell.
A huge thanks as always to the volunteers who keep everything running smoothly. I was delighted to "volunteer " to do the report. So until next time good running, see you all next week.



Run 165 09/09/2017

Bere Island parkrun 165

On what started as a blusterly morning of wind and rain,we thought the autumn season was over but by 9.30 am the sky cleared and 25 participants made their way from as far as China and Canada.

Our New Run Director  today is  Prionnsias o Keefe who  was under pressure as Dominic gave his instructions before he left.

Our numbers were down this weekend as the Bere Island Team went To inisboffin for the All Islands All Ireland and we wish them the very best.

All the holiday visitors are gone including our little piggies who went to the market.

What started as a slow start prionnsias reading the instructions(From Dominic) and his wonderful team of volunteers were on hand as always and a big Thank You to prionnsias Finola, Michael, Christine, carol ,olan, ultan Declan joanne, edel, laura, Sheila ,john, Pauline and frank.

Everything went like clock work and its great to see new volunteers helping out,

Well done to Mike Broderick who came first and Ashley Wood first lady in

Congratulations to David o Driscoll who got a new pb

Thanks to colum and bereisland ferries for the trip and thanks to bere island bakehouse for the treats

From olan murphy


Run 164 02/09/2017

Bere Island Park Run 164 was, quite literally, the calm between storms. This canter around our customary circuit took place in the lull between a busy summer season, which culminated last week in our 3rd Anniversary Celebrations, and an actual storm, that gathered pace as the day progressed and still lashes as I write this.

Numbers were fewer this week - but there are some great stories to come out of this, more intimate gathering and they are suitably tempestuous tales of long journeys, honoured heroes and the usurping of hereditary crowns. It could be a Shakespeare play, but we take all this drama in our stride on the Island. Take shelter from the storm and hear my tale dripping with paternal pathos … and randomly featuring a couple of Polish guys, mostly as a dramatic device …if you’re all sitting comfortably … I will begin ….

“On a small but beautiful island, surrounded by shining sea, a curious ritual battle does take place each weekend. Participants come from far and wide to take on the challenge of merciless hills, fearing neither the storm nor the potentially perilous bus ride, nor even the veritable soliloquy of the the "safety briefing”. On the occasion of the 164th event 45 heroic humans some with courageous canine companions took to the trails to do battle with a non-competitive running circuit. (That is absolutely, 100%, not competitive with anyone at all, especially if you happen to be in the same family). Those deserving of praise merely to make the start line were men, no, heroes, “hunting for hills”: Artur Los and Slawormir Glaz - needless to say they quite easily found the hills once they got here - but most impressively these travellers had risen from their beds before the clock had struck 2 in the morning to partake in the ancient island ritual and promptly begin their journey back home sustained only with carrot cake and coffee!

Before the absolutely non-competitive battle did commence, we honoured hero Hallahan, who had so selflessly, honoured others at the grand annual feast day, and we thought also deserved a bit of honouring himself. He seemed quite moved, to receive his token from young Olan Murphy, surely next in line to the Race Director role.

At the front - and alas, the back, of this gladiatorial contest (obviously only against oneself) there are two familial stories to be (briefly) spun. The first is that of the Broderick clan: Dad Mike was first finisher in 20:24, elder son Con came in next in 21.23 and hot on their heels younger son Darragh stormed home in 23.57 to complete a fairytale of family dominance. The only interlopers between the brothers Broderick were “the mysterious unknown” (Peter Crosby of Liverpool) and the fast-finishing Kevin Gleeson, son of the injured Colin who today volunteered to be Tail Walker due to injury.  The second, somewhat sadder, story goes like this - Father introduces Son to Park run, broadly believing that Son has not the skill or the experience to surpass him. Father and Son gallop the course together, with Son both growing in confidence and humouring his wise and speedy Father, always lurking a few seconds behind. Then, the Father is injured - the only reason given being “the aches and pains of old age”- the injured Father assumes the mantel of gallant Tail Walker (generously nicking the role from noble lady Claire Elphick at the 11th hour). “Son", says, the Father, "I bless your merry romping around the Park run, you have done me most proud … however, don’t be a cheeky so-and-so and go faster than my PB, which really is quite handy". The magic PB time 22.08 … Kevin Gleeson’s time … 22.07. Thus the family spell was broken and the driving of the minibus was more erratic than usual … and there did spring up a great and mighty storm …”

Hope you enjoyed my Park Run parable! All that is left to say is a huge welcome to the First timers from Dublin/Poland, Liverpool and Armagh, congratulations to those who achieved PBs Kevin Gleeson and Jacqueline Glisson, Donal O’Sullivan and Kitty Murphy-Walker and as always many thanks to the brilliant volunteers, quite a few of whom stepped up at the last minute, to make this edition possible. Thank you to Bere Island Ferries, the human parking sensor on the bus - that was a close one!, and the Bakehouse - providers of restorative refreshment (never has carrot cake been more needed)!

Oh - and thank you also to those who supported our Open Meeting for the soft launch of Beara AC - keep in touch with the new athletics club for the Beara Peninsula by following us on Facebook - joining the group/liking the Beara AC page. We hope to launch officially in 2018 but we’re going to need some help to get there - mostly in the form of people interested in trying their hand at coaching and leading or taking a place on a small founding committee.


Run 163 26/08/2017

Anniversaries are special in life,personal or on occasions like our Parkrun. 26th August 2017 marks our Third since 30th August 2014 when 31 souls completed Rerrin Loop for 1st Island Parkrun. On that day we had lots of volunteers trying to learn from Matt Shields and his troupes "Parkrun" duties. From those humble beginnings we have created our own special "Bere Island" welcome and established the Island Parkrun as a to do "Run". Congrats to all Core Group and Volunteers for above achievement. Special mention to Colum for Ferry and Bus to suit 9.30am start. Ferry and Bus drive have turned out to be a highlite on way to start line for our weekly visitors. "Bakehouse" is special to our post Parkrun and it's thanks to Edel and Brendan for Coffee,Tea, Scone's etc. The buzz and banter is mighty for 90 mins every Saturday for both visitors and locals. Clubhouse facilities are courtesy of our local "Bere Island Club" I would like to thank them for there generosity as it helps make "Island Parkrun " Since 01/06/2017 we have had 5 Parkruns of over 100 plus and you go back 10 weeks since our last sub 50 Parkrun. For population less than 180 it's a great achievement and credit to all for making effort to partake in our weekly Parkrun. We look forward to another great year of Parkrunning on Island and it's my wish we'll all meet again healthy and full of running,jogging,walking on 25/08/2018 for our Fourth Anniversary. ps. No apologises for Mum's/Dad's with buggies,Gran's/Grandad's with buggies,Dogs on leashes, very young to "Glam Granny" XXXX Years of age clocking 30mins average weekly-scary .(I bottled it there as I need to surive,"Life") That's what makes our Parkrun all inclusive.!!   Deep Breath now guys we haven't even started our Parkrun yet !!.   Third Anniversary started after last Saturday's Parkrun,will we,won't we,do this or that !!Let's bring and share,so off we went,balloons at the ready,courtesy of Annie on Friday at 7.00pm we were to assemble to start preparations.Up went the flags around clubhouse,balloon blowing and mess room ready for last minute set up on Saturday at 08.30am for 9.30am Parkrun,5,4,3,2,1 GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks Seani ,Olan, Kevin,Ultan ,Darragh ,Coimhe, Sheila,Joanne,John,Annie,Catherine,Carmel, Finola. 8.30am Saturday _  Clubhouse_start pre event setup. 8.45am  _ Ekke arrives with apologies from Maeve(unwell) and our first food tray,lends helping hand  with fixing balloons on gates and posts. 8.55am _ Joanne,Seani,Keven followed by Olan,Ultan _ Balloon hanging now in full motion. 9.00am Walshes arrive,John sets up music,Sheila hits kitchen with Joanne away we go _ Parkrun Party 2017 begins. More bodies arrive by minute now and helping hands are busy setting up tables and food as it arrives. Pre event chatter and banter now in full flow as we await Parkrun Bus from west end _ 9.25am the "Doc" arrives _ full bus,Hi Ya,Hello,Hows it Going,lovely morning,bit misty as they head to dressing rooms. 9.35am Last minute locals and visitors now arriving for 9.30am start,obviously aware that we are on Island time and all necessary(ladies don't like carrying too much water) must be attended to before we head to Start Line for Pre Run Brief. 9.38am last lady out of rest room and we head to start line. 9.45am Quite please,repeated,repeated then aloud shut up ! not Dominic. All welcome to regulars and visitors_this week Manchester,London,Cork. 9.50am as light mist came down and Pre Run Safety done_countdown_ 5,4,3,2,1 and our 163 Parkrun on our Third Anniversary begins. The mist eased as participants passed Wedge Tomb headed for Lenorad's,now feeling effect of first challenge on our 5k loop and on wards to LongJonnies and passing Lonehort Harbour getting second wind before crossing in front of cutting and heading west looking forwards to climb up Humphreys. Now's when you know you went off to quickly as you die on that climb to Army Camp. Past Camp now downhill towards back road past Proinnsias's on towards Lodge. Momentum now with you and gallop to finish line is on_then that climb to Dessie's forgot/wasn't aware,legs drained again but after Albert's bollard it's downhill for home,last drive now,what's that incline I see_piggery,smell,ducks,chicken's,legs feel that strain again as last effort for that finish is full on,voices I  hear,Eugene,Paula,Sylvia,click,click,smile say's Prionnsias. !! Dusted,now for that Wailing Wall,deep breathing,slowly to scanning,water,recover.!! Now the banter again as we all get our wind back.Volunteers now out numbered by participants,let Party Begin. 103 Participants today completed our 5k Loop joined by three Canines !! That's number 6th over 100 participants since June week end 2017. First past line today was our visitor from Manchester Tommy Ogden in 19.13 followed by Aaron Hanly in 19.46,then PB for Killian Walsh in 19.49,then Mike Broderick in 20.37,second PB today goes to Niall McSweeney from eagle club in 21.28. We had 10 PB'S today,other 8 Kevin Gleeson,Ned Murphy,Hugh McSweeney,Ava Hillard,Murry Sherwood,Paul Smyth,Jacqueline Glisson,Dympa Daly,Our own Joanne Sullivan was first lady,Darragh Broderick was first Junior. Jacinta Dennison was our Tailwalker today. Well done to all,many thanks to Volunteers this week Eugene,Paula,Sylvia,Christine,Ultan,Mike,Joanne,John,Sheila,Edel,Brendan,Noelette,Finola,Proinnsias,AnnMarie. 11.00am _The music,food,coffee,tea's,minerals,the banter was in full flow now and all having good time.Plenty of everything on hand thanks to all and confirms Bring&Share results in great atmosphere and buzz _ Party Time. Birthday Cake  " Annie " special ,many thanks,really appreciate as one busy woman. No Parkrun certs this year as tables ended earlier this year. We now have 2 Junior,7 Senior all ladies with over 100 Parkruns. We have 3 Senior men with 100 Parkruns. 100 Parkruns a great achievement and to mark same have done our own "100 " Cert. Thanks to Redmond&Mairead. Today Annie,Joanne,Finola,Jean,Edel,Sheila,Carol,Laura,Michelagh,John,Brendan,Gary,were presented with Certs. To mark Eugene & Sylvia's contribution to our Parkrun over last three years we also presented them with a special Cert. On behalf of myself I would like to thank John for his kind words and appreciate goodwill shown. No thanks required as Parkrun has also being good for myself and full of enjoyment. 11.20am Presentations over,Doc rounds up bus passengers and heads west,be back next week !! Tidy up begins !! Great day had by all. 12.00pm lock up begins..

Yours in "Parkrun"


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