Run 193 17/03/2018

What a day!

It was a clear, cold St Patrick’s day that saw 52 of the seriously bewildered with special guests from among the great and the good. I woke up with the head cold that must have sent to me by telepathy from Joanne


Run 191 24/02/2018

Run Report (191) 24 February 2018

Run report written by Cian Murphy

It was cold and breezy morning at the Parkrun. For the mainlanders that travelled in it was an eventful journey to say the least. From Carol announcing she was a pheasant plucker (at least that’s what I heard) to a near misses, it had it all. Our first time photographer John Galvin insisted a “Bus Selfie” was taken, and hopes this will become a weekly thing.

24 cold people took to the start line, and after a brief safety talk and countdown from Barry Hanley we got underway. There was a strong headwind heading up the first few hills but it soon died down.

The first person across the line was Garry Moriarty in an impressive time of 21.49 followed closely by Colin Gleeson. In the tough head wind there was an impressive 5 new Personal Bests set. Well done to Sandra, Ann, Anne Marie and Cian who set new PBs. And thank you to Rozalyn who was this week’s tail walker.

Following the run we all went back to the bake house for the much anticipated and quite-frankly famous scones. Edel and Brendan were playing away from home this weekend, completing the Berlin Parkrun. The bake house was left in the ever capable hands of Michelagh and Breandan. The Post run discussion took place as well as some very interesting parenting advice.

Being a person new to running, the Parkrun is slowly becoming one of the highlights of the week. It’s a reason to get up and get out on a Saturday morning. From the very first run you feel very much part of the ever growing community. I would encourage anyone to take part, its not only a great way of keeping fit, but getting out in the fresh air makes a huge difference to your mental health. As the milestone of 200th Parkruns looms, I would encourage anyone to hop on the ferry at 9am next Saturday.

Thanks to Colum and Johnny for the Ferry, Doc the Bus Driver, and Michelagh and Breandan for the refreshments in the cafe.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday morning for run 192!


Run 190 17/02/2018

Well done to all our juniors today for volunteering at our parkrun and showing us all how it is done. You are a great example to all and you make everyone at our parkrun very proud. Breandan got the run off to a quick start after his safety briefing and Dominic looked very relaxed. It is great to see such confident young people. Thanks also goes to Dominic and Eugene for Marshalling the course and making sure everyone was safe. Thanks also to Proinnsias for helping the tail walker on the day Michelagh and for taking a lot of fantastic photos. One thing I noticed today in the photos is that there is no sign of a phone in anyone’s hand except for Proinnsias. (Which is hidden behind the lens) Too often we see people both adults and children with their heads stuck in their phones, so parkrun on a Saturday morning is some valuable time away from electronic devices and the internet. It is time to talk to your neighbours and friends, to encourage your fellow parkrunners, to welcome the first timers, to congratulate the PB’er’s, to walk your dog, to run walk or jog. It is time to have a laugh, a chat and a joke. Today we were delighted to welcome Carole from team tourism who came to experience parkrun Bere Island style. Carole’s expertise is developing great experiences that tourists need for their holidays. If you could offer busy people an experience where there are no phones for a while, that you can speak to other like minded people in a relaxed a friendly place with great views, great and some exercise for body and mind I would think they would pay a lot of money for it, but at parkrun, as we know, it is and always will be free. We can’t wait to hear how her experience with us went. Well done to everyone for taking part to Colin on his 7th first finish, to Ann, Siobhan, Trena, Anna, Brian, Clodagh, Aisling, Danny and Dominic for doing parkrun for the first time and to Pat, Cian, Patricia and Anne Marie for achieving a PB. Well done to you all. Thanks to Colum and Johnny for the Ferry, Colin for the bus and Edel and Brendan for the refreshments in the cafe. Roll on next week. Same time same place.



Run 189 10/02/2018

For the visiting mainlanders the road to Park Run started with a steady period in reverse - a calculated manoeuvre to get the bus off the pier. There was a bit of backseat driving and few people (and dogs) holding their breath, but we made it safely in the end.

A select group of 30 participants and four canine companions assembled at the start line, casually regarded by the chickens who are more confident every week!  Dominic paid tribute to the results processors John, Ann Marie and finally Aoife (her name was on the tip of his tongue). He was right to mention these unsung heroes of Park Run volunteering who don’t wear high viz or get to air their opinions in the report, so their hard work is often overlooked. He also reminded us it was Michelagh’s birthday (the big 1-4) - she expressed her gratitude from under a pile of coats.

5k-a day in January is still bearing fruit as it seems to have generated a hateful of PBs this week, all the way through the field. Ciarán O’SULLIVAN, first finisher in 20.28, nicked a PB by a single second, William O’Driscoll only just managed to hold off Cian Murphy - they both finished in 29.47, nipping under 30 minutes for the first time - a real milestone. Sandra Galvin improved her time from a fortnight ago, just behind first timer Aidan Cotter, and Anne Marie Harrington strode out to a faster time to make it a very brisk event altogether.

Oh! And how could I forget Joseph Blake - who was delighted this week, not with his PB, but because he beat Granny! I’d say, to be fair this is because Granny let you past her on this occasion, Joey. Granny, using some choice language, blamed the hapless chickens - definitely not the ducks - the language may have rhymed with ducks. Joanne Sullivan finished as first lady for the 123rd time … her reward was listening to Granny’s complaints about the chickens.

For those of us further into our running careers, after this rush of improvement as we start doing Park Run, it can feel a bit like we, just like the bus today, are going steadily backwards. Needless to say there is also a bit of backseat driving - from others, and our own inner voice - “Come on!” “Why can’t you go a bit faster?” How can we find those extra few seconds?

The answer, as ever, is simple in theory, tough in practice. Early doors improvements in general fitness and familiarity with the course are enough to see steady gains. As we progress we need to train more specifically and have real focus on the task in hand. We might do well to look in our mirrors, so to speak, to try to remember what we did and how we felt when we got our last PB. We also need to look forward, to the future, and make sure we set realistic goals. But, when we get to the start line we need to commit and be in the moment. Start with purpose and go quickly off the line. We would still aim to accelerate in the second half, however, starting with purpose will give you the best chance of a PB.  In order to do this you should warm up - it doesn’t have to be long, it can even be on the spot, but you need to get your heart rate up and blood pumping to the big muscles that propel you round the course if you want to start with intent. Also, remember some of what looks like going backwards is a calculated manoeuvre to help us move forward or change direction - if we’re recovering from injury or illness or aiming at other fitness goals then a period of slower results might be natural.

With new website tools at my disposal courtesy of Park Run, I am able to bring you more fascinating facts of the week … there were some excellent achievements from the youngest to … err… not the youngest, that nearly passed us by because they were not PBs … but I can report that Kevin Sullivan chalked up the best age graded result this week (71.25%) and Phyllis O’Sullivan smashed (we’re talking over 9 minutes) the VF75-79 event record in a very neat time of 44.00. Congratulations both - proof that at any age we can always compete, with others and ourselves, and come out on top.

Back in the bakehouse Michelagh had a well-earned slice of cake (not for sharing despite Ciarán’s encouragement) and a day off from waitressing duties, to finally recover from the revelry of the famous disco. She doesn’t have long to rest, mind you, as next week is another of our "Junior Takeovers" and she will no doubt be roped into volunteering again. The young people of this Park Run are a credit to themselves, their parents and Bere Island and I have no doubt they will do a fantastic job of organising Park Run event number 190 with very little adult help. Thanks to the Bakehouse, Bere Island Ferries and the brilliant volunteers in all roles. We’ll see you next week to see what our talented Juniors have in store.

Natalie (aka whats her name;)


Run 188 03/02/2018

Today we enjoyed what will surely go down in history as an iconic moment in Irish sport … and Johnny Sexton kicked a drop goal in the 82nd minute to scrape a win for Ireland in their first game of the Six Nations. Yes, of course I am referring only to the 188th running of the Bere Island Park Run.

This week was one of ups and downs - (as it always is on our favourite circuit), and one of sunshine and showers. The breeze still blew strong and icy as we turned for home, but the views were clear and a few of us at least, managed to scurry home before the showers started.

With news that the Spice Girls are to reunite it has been a bit of a week for Girl Power with 18 of the 26 participants this week being female! We’ll come back to this Girl Power in just a second, but we must quickly mention the flying lads out front - Ciarán Óg O’Sullivan sailed home to finish first in 23:09, he was increasingly chased home by Oisin Murphy in second.

I finished as first female this week in 24:17 followed by 15 other speedy ladies in a beautiful continuum. In the midst of this gaggle of goddesses representing a pretty wide range of age categories a Park Run experience were three women who deserve a particular special mention and got their just desserts in the bake house for their trouble! Yes, as usual that strawberry and cream sponge was dolled out in abundance for Breeda O’Sullivan and Claire Elphick - celebrating their 50th Park Runs and Catherine Sullivan, celebrating moving up an age category. Also amongst our gang of galloping girls was first timer … wait for it … Susan (girl) POWER. The reports write themselves, what can I say!? And finally our last amazing woman of the day with the only PB was Anne Marie Harrington who knocked a whopping 3 minutes off her previous week. Well done Anne Marie, keep on running

Dominic earned his money this week doing all these Bakehouse announcements and a veritable summary of the month of January (!) A great group of motivated people - mostly women again, it has to be said,- managed the 5k-a-day challenge, spurred on by the pinging pressure of the Whatsapp group. We were also blessed with the company of composer Ian Wilson who had risen before the sun to visit us and attempt to extract the essence of Park Run from Finola and Dominic … when I met him he was taking on board some sustenance in the form of a scone and tea … as if preparing for the long haul … we salute your dedication to your craft and can’t wait to hear Park Run captured in song.

Speaking of “the long haul” I will be tapping into my inner girl power to lift me round an attempt to run 100 miles in 24 hours to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. This is the grand finale of my marathon tour of the UK and the island of Ireland. The Park Run community have already been very good to me, donating very generously, but a few people asked if I would put up the link to my fundraising page again - so here it is

Many thanks to Bere Island Ferries, the very busy Bakehouse, the very careful bus driver and all the amazing volunteers. A special commendation must be given to Carol Hurley who multi-tasked as photographer and token guardian … her eagle eye also picked out the famous “Number 11” token, missing in action only a fortnight ago. Yet another example of a woman with many talents.
This report is dedicated to the memory of Jenkins Glendon who brought a lot of joy to Bere Island Park Run. Park Run isn’t known for being a team sport - but Jenkins and Jean were a familiar team that epitomised the joy of running with our four-legged friends. We hope Jenkins is skipping through some puddles in whatever is next for canine souls.

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