Run 206 16/06/2018

This weeks Run Report was written by one of our visitors Alison Curry, who has joined us before from London with her partner Ian Sloyan(family from here) and their daughters Rosa and Marley.

30 participants, supported by 13 volunteers, braved this morning’s blustery weather, and after a soggy start we were rewarded with spectacular views where the sun burst through

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Of today's walkers and runners, 5 were first timers, including the winner Richard Gibson who also celebrated his 50th parkrun. First lady finisher today was Joanna. We were delighted to welcome among the visitors Joy and Donald Bell who were marking their 51st wedding anniversary. On finishing, Donald joked that Bere Island is the only course that starts and finishes in the same place, yet seems to be uphill all the way. Joining them were Brothers Richard and Stephen Gibson from Antrim, Joanna Patterson Belfast with Thomas Chambers Bristol. We hope you all had an enjoyable Bere Island parkrun experience.

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I'm an occasional parkrunner, only hitting the 10 mark last week (3 here in Bere Island and 7 at home in London). Looking at my stats I was reminded that Bere Island was actually my first parkrun in 2016. It’s a warm and friendly event and after witnessing the prizegiving last week in the Bake House I’d love to swing it to reach a significant milestone here. Many thanks to today’s volunteers: Noelette Buckley, Dominic Hallahan, Barry Hanley, Ann Marie Harrington, Carol Murphy, Oisin Murphy, Edel Murphy, Brendan Murphy, Catherine Sullivan, Joanne Sullivan, Sheila Walsh, and John Walsh. Thanks also to Bere Island Ferries and the wonderful Bakehouse. How Edel manages to appear cool and unflustered after racing around at top speed is beyond me.

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We have just been informed that legendary wheelchair athlete Jerry Forde will be joining us next week to do our parkrun. He has 450 marathons done to date, an amazing achievement. He has kindly accepted Proinnsias' request to come visit us and so will do so between the Wexford and Kildare marathons next weekend. Please come join us in welcoming him to Bere Island.

See you next week!

Thank you Alison


Run 205 09/06/2018

Grab a cuppa, it could be a long one.

I think I'll start todays report with some numbers.

Temperature this morning was around 20* for parkrun 205which saw 107 participants finish with the help and guidance of 18 volunteers. Of the 47 registered 15 were first timers to Bere Island parkrun with 7 of those taking part in their very first parkrun. 2 walked their way the new pb's. We had participants from 5 different running clubs join us1 very special local runner completed her 100th parkrun while 1 of our visitors ran his 200th.

It was rather warm this morning (I don't want to say too hot-we might jinx the great weather we've been getting). There was some cloud cover to start with giving a nice cooling effect, but it wasn't long before the clouds separated letting the sun cast its waves of heat down on us, making for very warm running conditions. Question, Did the sun add to the misery of our hills or did it just make them more challenging? I know my answer! There have been numerous Saturdays mornings where we have felt sorry for our volunteers standing at the finish line in the wind and rain to provide us crazy runners/walkers with times, but today was one of those days you couldn't help but be jealous. Thank you to Dominic, Steve, Eugene and Sylvia for the hardship of adding to your tan while hanging around waiting for us to melt over the finish line, to Kitty and Mark for having our barcodes ready for scanning before we collapsed in a heat induced heap, and God Bless Edel who kept her beady eye on the water and cups to help bring us back to a safe and healthy state and to everyone there this morning for the company, chats and banter as the sweat rolled off our brows. Enough about the weather. I was told this morning we host a very personal parkrun, people mix and mingle, everyone is friendly and new friendships get forged. Nobody feels like a stranger. always great to hear thins like this, it makes it special for us.

We had a lot of visitors today. Ill start with the 40 or so Air Corps cadets who had been down here in the Army barracks all week on an adventure/training camp. They said this morning was the toughest of the whole lot. Fair play to ye for joining us, although 1 or 2 didn't quite make it back to the finish, they snuck off back to base while passing it. but that was still 3.5km done. photos to follow. We had an extended family of 8 Americans from Cape Cod, Florida, South Carolina and Swampscott(Mass). The Maney's and the Stewarts who's mothers(Mary and Elizabeth Harrington) were originally from Cloughland and would be aunts to our RD Dominic.  We also had John Sullivan home from San Francisco, making his annual trip to his homestaed in Ballinakilla. The Tyro family originally from new Zealand joined us from Belfast. Paul ran is 200th parkrun, his Mom Carmel did her very first, while his wife Lyndsey was first female home. Helena Broadway although originally from South Africa came over from London to run her 71st different parkrun, that's some achievement. Think we need to do a little more travelling ourselves if we want to get the parkrun bandana she was sporting around her wrist. Terry Murphy, one of the core team from River Valley parkrun in Swords was in Kerry during the week and made it his business to get to Castletownbere Friday night to be with us this morning. That will be my next parkrun when I get to Dublin, having been talking to him, he makes their run sound like ours with a very friendly atmosphere and the tea and coffee are free afterwards, an added bonus. There were also visitors from Dublin and Cork.

Gareth Murran, our first finisher this morning, while he is Dublin man, he left Killarney at 5.30am to be sure to make the ferry. Wasn't it worth his while, and not a bother on him as he blasted our hills and sprinted to finish in a very impressive 17.18. I am in awe, after my rant about the heat he made it look like childs play, fair dues.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sunglasses and outdoorImage may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, shorts and outdoor


Also a most impressive time for our first lady home, who was hot on his heels finishing just under 3 mins behind him, Lyndsey Tyro ran home in 19.58 , again I am in awe. I have to mention 4th as our very own Joanne said he "powered" past them all heading up Markies, that's no big deal I hear you say, but the reason it is a big deal in my eyes is that he was also pushing his beautiful baby in the buggy. How, I do not know and to finish in 21.06 is beyond me. Amazing running by everyone today, well done to you all.

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Congratulations and well done to Sarah Hanley, junior under 10 (daughter of Jim and Gillian) and Patrick Stephen O'Sullivan(better known as Stevie,home from south Africa) on recording new pb's. Keep it up for the summer months. We hope all our first timers, Gareth, Lyndsey, Paul, Cormac, Michael, Cian, Suzi, benedict, Claudia, Anthony, Ryan, Eoin, Helena, carmel and Terry, had a very special and enjoyable visit with us, as we do for all our visitors that came unregistered. Now you've sampled parkrun, get registered, find your nearest parkrun and make it part of your weekly routine like we all do, and most importantly enjoy it.

Noelette and Nessa, what can we say, A huge welcome to the Bere Island parkrun 100 club. Noelette completed her 100th parkrun this morning, Nessa our 4 legged regular probably has more done at this stage as she walks with anyone who will take her. Noelette  and her hubby Paul joined parkrun after moving here back in 2015 and have become regular fixtures on Saturday mornings, Paul lags behind a bit more than he should, but we wont get into that.. it could be at least a year before he completes his 100, although if I was a betting woman I would say more, sorry Paul. Anyhow they have both become a major part of the parkrun family which was very evident with the writings in the card Noelette received and the cheer she got when she received her framed photo with her run stats from Dominic as well as the beautiful customary cake from Edel. Well done Noelette, we're all very proud of your achievements, and are delighted to have another lady join to club, leaving the men for dust..

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I mentioned some of our volunteers earlier, thank you again also this week to Brendam, Ted an Noel and Ultan for marshalling the course. Photographers Ann Marie and Mark, Those who stay behind to tidy up, token sorter Joanne and all those who help out everyweek.  And to those who work behind the scenes, Carol our Volunteer coordinator who keeps the roster up to date with John as back up when she absent. Our results processors John and Ann Marie(we need to get more trained so please put your name forward) Our run report writers, who keep you up to date and try to keep you entertained while you drink copious amounts of coffee reading it(we need more writers too please to give us a break). No role for this which there should be, Ann Marie puts everything together,report and photos every week for both the facebook page and the website, (I would like some relief too if anyone is interested). We ask you again to get involved, give a little something back and take on any of the roles just once or twice a year so others can walk/run. Everything is easy, if I can do them anyone can.

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Thanks to Bere Island Ferries for looking after our mainland regulars and our visitors and the Bakehouse for refuelling us.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Cork City marathon, either as a single entry or as part of a relay team. We must get some photos of our regulars please.

Bere Island Midsummer run will be held in a months time, on 14 July so get training, if you've done the 5k regularly why not try for the 10, its only another loop:) More details to follow.

Wakey wakey,I did warn ye it was a long one, even though its a slighty shorter version than I had, Its hard to leave things out.. On a final note, enjoy the weather, have a good week wherever you are and I'm sure I'll see some of you again next week.





Run 204 02/06/2018

There was a awful lot to be excited about this week – so no slick sophistry required from me – I’m just going to crack on and give you the news in a nutshell, as it’s all amazing!

Run 204 was heralded by a close and cloudy morning and a pretty crowded ferry ... perhaps there was a celebrity in town ... a big family gathering ... or some travelling tourists ...
Off the ferry and Wonky Bear (Park Run mascot created from recycled hi-viz vests) was thrust into the arms of Suzanne for his paparazzi pics as arragned by Proinnsias, this week’s Tail Walker and bonefide bear keeper. Though there was a bit of swell on the crossing, we were informed that poor Wonky Bear had it much worse – making the journey by shoe box – we trust it was business class! If you want to keep abreast of Wonky’s travels you can follow him on Facebook ... he has a Facebook profile and therefore he certainly exists.
More excitement today was created by a migration of Moriartys, and a smaller gaggle of Glendons, who impressively boosted our numbers on this muggy morning. Garry assured me they had come “from far and wide” but one thing they have in common is a fair spring in their step as the run/jog/walk/buggy push proved no bother to them at all.
And ... in addition to all this excitement – bears on Bere Island and holiday homecomings- we had the very first outing of the Beara AC strip. The club was launched in January, we started training in April and now in June, after achieving some powerful PBs, we’ve got a strip to show off in, with Cork colours and go faster stripes! Exciting times for Beara – make sure you get on board!
Now, to the serious business. As you all well know I like nothing better than to be right ... now last week I noticed that Colin Gleeson was picking up the pace and predicted that his PB would be under threat ... I also predicted quicker times from Oisin Murphy ... and this week those predictions came true! Joy! Oisin knocked another 15 seconds off his PB finishing in 21:17 and Colin knocked 16 off his finally smashing through the 22 minute barrier ... the difference? Oisin’s previous best was a month ago and Colin’s back in November 2016. Patience (not patients) is a virtue! But it goes to show, getting faster isn’t just for teenagers – I put it down to the Beara AC kit – so did Colin!
Not too far ahead of Oisin and Colin were the first finishers – This week it was Vincent O’Sullivan who officially finished first in 19.27 ... behind a mysterious Unknown. In a dramatic twist to this week’s tale – not quite Lear, but you catch my drift- the unknown first finisher took a bit of a wrong turn and an unwitting short cut to the finish. So, unfortunately there was no time recorded, but a small bit of detective work revealed that the mystery man was Adam Baker, native of Roding Valley Park Run. Adam is from Buckhurst Hill – 5 minutes down the road from my family home in glorious Essex (the accent is unmistakeable) ... and was born in Sidcup – where Steve and I lived for 5 years ... he has also, like me, completed all six World Marathon Majors. Only about 800 people in the world have this achievement under their belt. So what are the odds two of them turning up on Bere Island? The island attracts talent, is all I can say! Unlike me, Adam was heading to South Africa – to the famous Comrades ultra marathon via the massive Durban Park Run with 2000 participants! We wish him luck on his travels.
Also this week, sorry, I did say there was a lot, Joanne finished as first female, there were seven first timers – five of whom were completing their very first Park Run- and six PBs! Welcome, congratulations, please keep coming back to see us, if only for the scones! 


Run 203 26/05/2018

This weeks full set of results
Photographs this week by Ann Marie,
Run report written by Natalie.
Last week was a bit quiet – which was marvellous- and this week we needed two busses from the ferry – which is also marvellous. As is so often the case, busy or not, we had some interesting visitors and some great achievements to report!
I find it pretty amazing that every week, doing the same activity, in the same place, with many of the same people ... there is always news, drama, gossip. Of course we must now expect that every time the run report is published we will have Brendan contacting everyone to ask them “Have you heard the news?!” if he is around that is... and Hollywood hasn’t poached him! You are going to be even busier than usual Brendan, so I hope you are up to the task!
Someone who certainly seems to have retained her mojo – no fear of her ever losing it – was this week’s perfectly presented Race Director Finola, ably assisted by a helpful prompter Joanne! We were to mind for the potholes and the ducks, welcome to the new people, isn’t it lovely weather, nearly forgot poor Jean, tail walker this week, and 3-2-1 go ... we all needed to call on our mojo for the somewhat surprising start!
In the pretty much weekly battle of youth versus ... erm ... experience, Colin Gleeson got the upper hand over Kevin Sullivan and finished first in 22:22 (4 little ducks) – Colin is on a bit of a roll and getting closer and closer to his PB – only a few seconds off this week. Breeda O’Sullivan, similarly was only seconds off her recent PB finishing as first female in 24:03. PBs over 5k are often about scraping seconds off to reach our elusive best. However, David O’Driscoll found his mojo and blew this popular wisdom out of the water by casually taking more than 2 minutes off his previous best and finishing in 24:14. I put it down to Beara AC training ... but then I would! Somehow I missed Jean’s 150th Park Run, which must have been last week – well done Jean – still 99 more until your next t-shirt- and Patrick O’Sullivan chalked up his 10th Park Run – a lovely white t-shirt on it’s way to you. Wear it with pride!
This week we had some distinguished visitors (calm down there ladies – Daniel didn’t make a return). We had seven first timers including, Aileen Galvin and Katie Robertson from team “UK Park Run Tourists”, currently based in Stirling though with a distinctly international background. I don’t know what is more impressive – that this event marked Aileen’s 148th Park Run and her 50th different Park run event including Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Poland or that she completed it having been out until 2am enjoying a bit of a reunion with cousin Suzanne O’Sullivan. Aileen and Katie informed us that if you do 20 different Park Run events you get a Park Run Tourist buff (that’s a sort of sporty bandana – to the uninitiated) ... inexplicably with a sort of cow skin pattern on it – this is how we can recognise these super-tourists in future! They also told us that Bere Island Park Run is pretty much top of the wish list for Park Run tourism. I expect that is because of the fabulous reports!! So it sounds like we’ll be rolling out the red carpet for more honoured guests in the near future ... and Brendan will be busy!
Thanks to the all the wonderful volunteers those wearing hi-viz, and those behind the scenes- those results were sharpish this week – you caught me off guard! Further thanks to the lovely Bakehouse who can now make “50th” balloons appear out of thin air, and Bere Island Ferries who will definitely, definitely not be receiving any insurance enquiries from people with camper vans thanks to the doc’s dexterous driving.
Congratulations to those regulars who were missed as they jumped on bikes to tackle 100K/140K of the Ring of Beara Cycle challenge ... and to Bere Island soccer team who were runners up in the Active Islands tournament on Sherkin Island.
Special quiz this week ... what’s amiss about some of the photos ... answers on postcards or on the Facebook Page!
Make sure you all bring your mojos next week to Park Run 204, I’m sure it will be a good one.

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Run 201 12/05/2018

This weeks full set of results.

Photos thanks to Proinnsias and Ann Marie
Run Report written by Natalie


Like many of the other participants in this week’s Park Run I was pretty tired as I arrived at the start line. Due to the Darkness into light 5k a few hours earlier, I hadn’t slept well. My body ached a bit and I felt cold, my mind wasn’t working properly, I felt sluggish, fatigued, and a bit anti-social. My body clock was confused, I didn’t know what to eat and drink I peeled myself out of bed, donned dark glasses and a down jacket and tried to manage at least pleasant, when all I wanted to do was sleep!

It struck me that I couldn’t write this report without acknowledging how akin these feelings are to those experienced by those living with depression and suicidal thoughts. Imagine these feelings going on for days, weeks , months, and not going away. Imagine experiencing these things and not being able to feel hope they will stop or that you will be able to reach out for help.

For me, fortunately these feelings had all but gone by the time I’d met up with people on the ferry, done a bit of a warm up with Angela, and felt the lovely warm sun on my face at the start, as 25 of us, colourful canine companions in tow, gathered to listen to Dominic welcome us.

Amongst our relatively small group this week we had five first timers ... four of them all the way from ... Glengarriff! Welcome to the speedy O’Sheas and we hope you join us again – you’ll be quicker next time Sean, now you know the route! And our final first timer was a lovely lady from Bedford who unlike her name – Bridget Peacock – was in no way showy about her achievements! Bridget is one of those most elusive of creatures – a 250 club member with 295 under her belt (hushed gasps!). Not only that, but Bridget is also an expert tourist, visiting over 65 Park Runs on her travels – amazing!

It was a great week to be a first timer as the fantastic weather – glorious sun, no wind, but amazingly not too hot- showed off the spectacular views the course has to offer. Oisin Murphy continued on his recent run of form and finished first by some distance in 22:02, I finished as first female (despite a shoelace tying incident – school girl error) in 24:33 and Susan Power was the only one of our number to score a PB. I will also pay tribute to three tiny, tired Chihuahuas who trotted their little legs off to complete two 5k events this morning – I will never complain about my short legs again!

Thanks to all the volunteers this week, the quite essential Bakehouse, staffed mainly by our first finisher this week, and the indefatigable Bere Island Ferries who shuttled over 40 islanders to and from the Darkness into Light event in the small hours.

A lot of the rhetoric when someone completes suicide seems to go “If only they had reached out”. Sometimes, in the midst of physical fatigue and emotional exhaustion, people can’t reach out and we must reach out to them. We are in a better position to do that if we walk, or run, alongside them, week after week, rain or shine, up and down. We are those little candles of hope, in our bright yellow t-shirts, lighting the way and surrounding people who might feel that they can only see darkness. Only a very small part of “suicide prevention” is intervening in moments of crisis, most of it is about building inclusive, resilient communities where people have the opportunity to reach out and listen to each other.

If one person reads this report through to the end and remembers its message that will be a great result.

Darkness Into Light was not the only important cause being supported this week. Seasoned Park runner, poet and tail walker this week, Proinnsias O’Keefe, is doing the Bay Run in two weeks time in support of the Cork Arc cancer house, a quite invaluable local service. Please consider sponsoring him in the weeks to come.

Thanks for listening

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